Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition

Passages quoted from Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition by Savitri Devi, Chapter 10 of Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman. Translated by R.G. Fowler.

“The fools scorn Me when I take on human form;

My essence, supreme source of beings, escapes them.” –  Bhagavad Gita 9, verse 2.

“There were, naturally, levels among the elect. (Curiously, the name of this elite of physical health and beauty, warlike courage and, more or less, secret knowledge, which the broad public only knows by its initials SS, means, as I mentioned above “protection levels”). I have, I believe, also mentioned these levels in alluding to the Ordensburgen (Order Castles), in which took place the military training and the political and, to a certain extent, metaphysical education, of the SS, and especially of their cadres – because the Hitlerian Weltanschauung is inseparable from the metaphysics that underlies it. That is so true that a critic of National Socialism and the work of Rene Guenon could say that the latter was “Hitlerism minus the armoured divisions”, without the initiate of Cairo ever writing one single word on “politics”.

All the candidates – I should say “the novices” – of the SS, were not trained and educated in the same Ordensburg, and all of the same Ordensburg did not receive – especially at the higher levels – the same teaching. That depended on the tasks for which they were judged most apt, even within the elite. Because it consisted of several organizations, from the most visible, the Waffen (Armed) SS – the most famous also, because of the superhuman heroism of which it gave proof of so many times during the Second World War – up to the most secret, the Ahnenerbe (Ancestral Heritage), founded in 1935, and all the more difficult to know because since so many documents that refered to it (also secret, which goes without saying) were destroyed, “before the arrival of the Allies in Germany,” and that “the members of this organization who survived the collapse of the Third Reich”….”concealed with a strange resolution.”

It is at least logical to think that it was probably the Ahnenerbe which, in the “Black Order” of Adolf Hitler, was the great agent of tradition – and more specifically, certain sections of the Ahnenerbe, because it comprised many of them, including “fifty-two scientific sections” i.e. dealing with objective research, through not necessarily in the spirit and employing the methods used in the applied sciences. According to the declarations of Wolfram Sievers before the tribunal of the victors in Nuremberg, to whom one owes this detail, the same Institute “carried out or attempted to carry out more than one hundred missions of research of great extent.” The nature of some of this research reveals a very clear interest in esoteric questions. Thus they studied the symbolism of such things as the Harp of Ireland to the question of survival of the true Rosicrucian brotherhood – in other words, of initiatory groups still having the complete tradition of the Templars (of which the Rosicrusian brotherhood would have received the heritage). Thus they reconsidered the Bible and the Kabbalah, while trying to draw the hidden meaning from them – contemplating in particular what role the symbolism of numbers plays in one and the other. Thus they further studied the physical and mental structure of human specimens of various races – that of the Nordic with the very special care that one can guess – in order to ensure the value of the concepts of heredity and race, so fundamental to Hitlerism. Thus they devoted systematic and sustained efforts to all research aimed at revealing to the Germans the glory of their own antiquity, historic and pre-historic and of their Middle Ages – and to highlight the importance of the corresponding sites…..

…..And the examples show sufficiently that it was not only about “culture”, or about the national culture of Germans in general, but about secret knowledge, and, for the initiates of the Order of the SS and in particular Ahnenerbe, of secret knowledge of the great cosmic truths, apprehended through traditional symbolism such as the German people knew it, and such as a quiet minority preserved it.

….The National Socialist party can be dissolved; the name of the Führer can be proscribed, the faithful hunted down, forced into silence, dispersed. But Hitlerism, nourished from the source of super-human knowledge, cannot die.

It also remains true that the men of Ahnenerbe were not all, after 1945, hung as “war criminals” or killed with a bullet in the dungeons or in the concentration camps of the Allies. Some even have enjoyed a strange immunity, as if a magic circle had surrounded them and protected them before the “judges” of the Nuremberg Tribunals.

….One cannot but wonder how many old SS members like Hielscher of some section of the Ahnenerbe – this guardian of profound orthodoxy of Hitlerism i.e. of the esoteric knowledge that constitutes the base of it – escaped the revenge of the Allies and live today still on the surface of the earth, it does not matter where. There is perhaps in Germany even that one circle that one does not know because they carry the Tarnhelm of divine Siegfried: the helmet that allows the warrior appear in whatever form he pleases and even make himself invisible. It would be more interesting to know how many young men less than twenty five years old are already affiliated, in absolute secrecy, with the fraternity of the knights of the Black Order, whose “honor is loyalty” and are preparing under the direction of the elders, to climb the levels of initiation – or are, perhaps the first climbers of it.”

10 responses to “Hitlerian Esotericism and the Tradition

  • delendaestziobot

    Deutsche Ahnenerbe was resurrected by me in 2011, as the Third Reich Pilgrim, where I, minus the fifty-two scientific sections of the former Ahnenerbe, and minus the resources of the the former Ahnenerbe, in fact I had nothing but a backpack, but I resurrected Ahnenerbe and transformed it into the new Deutsche Ahnenerbe – “Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania”. Revealing more than had ever previously been revealed about the true history of the Holy Land of Germany….

  • oregoncoug

    The auctores of our Ehrean pedagogy must be Wagner and Serrano together with the sacred books Mein Kampf and the Aeneid of Virgil. Only they will give the omnipotent form required for our education to triumph over the surrounding Judaic Darkness. The heart and soul of our education must be the Ehrean Bible and Rune Kabbalah as embodied in the Armanen Runelore and the Pagan and Kristian Nordic Roman worship of the Roman liturgy of 1962 inspired by the decisive actions of the Führer among his German Bishops from 1943 onwards. Our Ahnenerbe schools must exist within the sounds of German music and Old Roman Chant together with the visual arts of Arno Breker and his heirs among the contemporary Magic Realists.

    Above all, the geomantic location of our Ehrean education must be on the blood-drenched soil of the Holy Land of Germany. We must struggle and fight until the Sons of Adolf Hitler receive the noble education that the Ehrean God-Man fully intends for them. And then we shall take the government of Europe and the Americas and cast everything that stands in our way to the flames. Henceforth we are Christianity.

    So it is written. So it is done.

    Heil Hitler!

    • Hosner

      Kamerad Oregoncoug! You have me at a loss, I must admit. Try as I may, I just can’t understand your constant mentioning of Christianity. This time you even spelled it using the letters -Ch and not -K, as is the usual variant with Don Serrano. I do apologise in advance in case you feel this is not the proper place to address the question; if you decide you’d rather answer me in private I’d be just as obliged. My facebook account is no more but I have an e-mail address. And please, do not think that I am bringing this up in a light or disrespectful spirit. I admire your work and cherish your presence and I know very well that your word carries considerable weight – which is precisely my problem. Didn’t Don Serrano say that Christianity and Esoteric Hitlerism are utterly incompatible? In a cultural sense the Aryan elements are many and they are firmly embedded in said religon. But is that reason enough to “succumb to the temptation” and simply reclaim it as a whole, perhaps by saying that Christianity is okay if one just takes enough care to surgically remove the rotten Jewish elements, a profound education and true wisdom being more than neccessary for a successful performance of the operation? Judging by your writings you are more than qualified in the above sense, it gives one comfort to know that one can rely on the knowledge of such a learned Kamerad. And I did learn a lot by watching the videos on your YT channel, I must add, but, much to my horror, I found there sermons emanating from the mouth of Jesuit priests as well. True, reading Don Serrano’s work I did come upon a sentence that included a Jesuit reference – and not in a negative way, but that, I guess, is just an example of him writing from a cultural perspective? The Jews stole “their” Jesus and much else, in fact, everything of value, from Germanic mythology and sold it back to unsuspecting Goyim. We are Esoteric Kristians, the essence of the myth of Kristos speaking about the need and value of self-sacrifice as a condition for resurrection and eternal life. But these are simply psychological facts of life in the world we live in. Why bring in Cistercian monks or St. Bernard or the Jesuits which, in my humble opinion, are the very essence of Jewish satanism? Yes, they may have a “disciplined” order but they are worms of the filthiest kind, are they not? It is enough to read their oath in order to realize the plain truth of the above statement. Nor do I give much credence to those who claim that Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler built the Black Order of SS with Loyola’s organization on his mind as a kind of template. The person(a) of Adolf Hitler sufficed for the mobiilization of all loyalty that needed instilling in the members – and the practical but idealist German genius took care of the rest. Why invoke Jesuits? Professional poisoners and notorious executioners? Forgive me, but to me even the Kristos spelled with a -K is a problem, but I do accept it since I have no other option given the fact that it came “in the package,” so to speak. But other than being a code word for Wotan and Odin – it is just one big Jewish tohuvebohu, desolation and emptiness, courtesy of the Demiurge. To my mind, it just serves to add confusion. If I didn’t know better I’d say we employ the name because we feel the need for “holy validation.” What gives me peace of mind is the fact that the name Lucifer appears right next to it. Which is truly holy. As is Wotan’s. But of course that is not the Lucifer of masonic lodges or Albert Pike’s or Vatican’s. I saw this picture recently where a right hand holding a dagger is shown, dressed in an uniform with a Swastika on the lower part of the sleeve. It is shown in the act of stabbing “The Holy Bible” through and through. I don’t like imposing my sentiments on anyone but in this case I simply must add that I wouldn’t particularly care even for the artifacts if I were given the opportunity of levelling the accurssed Vatican with the ground. I guess that makes me a Barbarian. So be it. As long as they all rot in hell with their Jewish tekton, Paul of Tarsus and Gamaliel and the Lubavich Rebbe included. Thorow in Bob Dylan and even Leonard Cohen while I am at it. And that filthy honorary Jew of the very worst kind, Quentin Tarantino. May they all rot in Virgin Mary’s lap in downtown Jerusalem, city of Satan’s peace. I say this in complete calm and even without hate. I am just full of disgust. Perreant!

      • oregoncoug

        I certainly have a definite view on this quite deadly topic. That view may or may not be acceptable to many Kamaraden, but the classic teachings of Richard Wagner and the Führer about historic Christianity must be upheld. Let there be no confusion on this score: the Truth in this matter is anything but easy to grasp and would have to be a hard Truth, considering the many most fatal of spiritual poisons being dealt with here. I have no intention of pretending this topic is anything but the harshest and most truly tatal topic there is.

        I must proceed. Great historical successes have great consequences. In the larger picture of history, what is the real cause of the recent collapse and death of historic Christianity? That Great Apostasy of the Christians has been the strangest death known to recorded history. What is the real reason that wyrdest of events has occurred? The recent death of Western Civilisation is no small matter.

        In the historic Second World War Germany was defeated, but Nazism was not defeated. More to the point, there was also very much a great race war within the larger Great War, a race war between Nordics and Juden on the Eastern Front that culminated in the swamps, ghettos and work camps of Poland in the extremely fateful year 1944. That war, the essential race war within the Great War, was very much won by the Germans and lost by the Eternal Enemy of the Reich and White Race. Hence the endless trauma and drama of the Juden about those events that are so uniquely falsified as the infamous so-called “Holocaust of the Juden”. What the Anti-Race does not say is that their necessary racial composition was indeed most gloriously slaughtered by the Nazis during that great racial contest in the East of Holy Europa. Not in cowardly fashion with some absurd shame in secret shower rooms or any such ignoble method, but in perfectly honest hand-to-hand combat and heroic battle throughout the blood-drenched Poland of 1944. The Germanic and White Race then defeated the Judaic Anti-Race fair and square, and therefore permanently as well.

        In recorded history there has been nothing so hideous and horrendously agonising as the death of Christianity and Western Civilisation since the Ragnarok of ’45. And there has been nothing that has given the Juden so much pleasure and delight either. Not a pleasant time, that End of the Age of Pisces, the darkest depths of Kaliyuga, the horrific Age of Lead. The Dark Age it’s been our luck to live in.

        Yet as ever the Juden are badly mistaken. We Nazis know that everything that merely exists deserves to perish, and will be made to perish, by us if by no one else. A little jew always crawled around in the historic Christianity and Western Civilisation eager to get out. Judaic death was within them. They had to die; they have died. The Divine Justice is always achieved, no matter the horror required. Auschwitz meant the death of historic Christianity and Western Civilisation.

        Auschwitz is glorious.

        And that was then, but this is now. Now the little jew squirming to get out from the historic Christians and their Western Civilisation will never crawl out. Never. Never at all. The spectre of Christian betrayal, apostasy and treason is gone, gone once and forever. Because the great victory that Poland in 1944 means for us now remains with us forever. The great spiritual purity that Auschwitz has wrought is everywhere around us, forevermore. And deep within, the Juden know this.

        Great victories have great consequences. Historic Christianity is dead; long live Aryan and Ehrean Kristianity! And that is a renewed resurrected religion, not a literally new religion — because we already have more than enough Divine Revelation. Within a hair’s breadth of too much of it. The last thing we need is more Divine Revelation. The Old Religion has quite enough of that, thank you very much.

        Therefore Kristianity is the resurrection of the totally deceased historic Christian revealed religion, with its vast immeasurable inheritance of White European Paganism intact. Therefore as Kristians we are Pagans, and resurrected Christians as well. Not actual historic Christians, mind you very carefully. Resurrected simple innocent (and wise serpentine) Christians as Wagner and the Führer have directed us to be. Not anything other than that, but exactly that. Resurrected through the Black Sun Void of Esoteric National Socialism!!!

        Our entire past inheritance, and future posterity, belong to us, and justly to us alone. We have fought for it and won it in absolutely pure and honest total war. The shattered Anti-Race and their dead historic Christians lost the great race war on the Eastern Front, culminating in the Ultimate Race War in Poland in 1944. The work done in and around Auschwitz has, as promised over the gates there, made us free.

        In more strictly religious terms, this means that the Nazi goal to destroy the Roman Papacy has been crowned with success. No doubt a Judaic farce of a ludicrous Marxist Ex-Papacy continues in the Rome on the Tiber sewer. But that is merely a proof of our success in destroying historic Christianity with its Roman Papacy and all its evil Judaising works.

        The historic Papacy is dead dead, therefore historic Christianity is dead dead. A resurrected Kristianity (or simple Christianity to the uninitiated) takes the place of what is now forever dead and gone. The Piscean caterpillar is dead so that the Aquarian butterfly might live. Western Civilisation is reborn, but as a Fourth and Fifth Reich, as Imperium Europa, as the Ultimate Golden Age of the White Race.

        Our Old Religion and Civilisation is dead and resurrected as Aryan and Ehrean Kristianity. The forms have changed, the Roman Papacy is gone, while the content remains, with no need for more Revelation. That the Age of Pisces has already provided us with, to the bursting and almost more.

        And therefore the Nazis rightly enjoy the best of everything. As our heroism has justly entitled us. A New Age dawns as Zion sinks down ever deeper into those Polish swamps where our fathers won the Great Race War back in the most glorious of years that was 1944

        It is all a question of transubstantiation, of the alchemic magic that is Esoteric Hitlerism and Aryan Kristianity. As is said:

        Worlds without end.

        Heil Hitler!

        Sieg Heil!.

      • The 55 Club

        “Forgive me, but to me even the Kristos spelled with a -K is a problem, but I do accept it since I have no other option given the fact that it came “in the package,” so to speak. But other than being a code word for Wotan and Odin – it is just one big Jewish tohuvebohu, desolation and emptiness, courtesy of the Demiurge.”

        Have you not heard of Vishnu? The Anointed One by any name is He who first cared.

        “May they all rot in Virgin Mary’s lap in downtown Jerusalem, city of Satan’s peace.”

        It is not wise or good to insult the Lady by any name. You make me wonder.

        Good Luck. 88

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler – The Man Who Will Never Die :

  • morpheus

    A question from a layman: In his writings, Serrano mentions the hidden mentors of The SS; obviously some kind of secret esoteric order.
    Now – when looking at the SS/Ahnenerbe machine, it looks so big, so thorough, that I find it hard to believe just the Thule bunch, and/or Wiligut and Himmler himself could forge this huge structure together.
    The secret advicer narrative seems plausible.
    Is it possible that this occult order is still lurching in the shadows with new generations of initiates, just waiting for the right moment to come forward and support and inspire whoever they find worthy for the holy task of a new hyperborean awakening? Can we hope for this?

    • delendaestziobot

      In Third Reich Pilgrim I say that Thule is the club for the upper management of the media company Eher Verlag. It would be something similar to if we controlled today a major media company, if we had our own television channel and news service, with a few radio stations and major newspaper and several magazines, and movies, and etc, etc….There is no comparison. As Marshall McLuhan would define as the medium is more powerful then the message, same as what Hitler would say, if you don’t control the medium your message will never have much of an effect. But that does not really apply anymore because we are dealing with matters that are not applicable to general humanity and the masses, they are irrelevant, obsolete, the message is only destined to be received by a few, an extremely small fraction, the precious blood hidden amongst the dross heap of biological junk. Also in Third Reich Pilgrim I describe how the real masters are not allowed to be seen by the slaves.

  • delendaestziobot

    An initiate Saddharka is as a ratio about 1 in 10 million, for a each Saddharka it is by my experience a fact that only 1 in every 10 will make it to be a Siddhar, the rest will fail, unable to endure the Etherealization of the Green Thunderbolts that strike us through day in and day out. I don’t see laymen, I only see Saddharka and Siddhar, and then for those rarest of the rare, those few who are like snow leopards of the Himalayas they are so rare, even rarer than that – Torch Bearers.

  • aufihrhelden

    Such beauty, it is beyond words but one should always question the real motives of the ‘British Broadcasting Corporation’ :

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