Humanist Religious Advertising

Eastern Airlines:   “We have to earn our wings every day”

Federal Express:   “When there is no tomorrow”

Ford:   “Everything we do is driven by you”

Friends of the Earth:   “think globally act locally”

GE:   “We bring good things to life”

Gillette:   “The best a man can get”

Harrod’s Store:   “Enter a different world”

iPod:   “Life is random”

De Beers:   “diamonds are forever”

Apple:    “The power to be your best”

Benson and Hedges:   “Pure Gold”

Courage Beer:   “take courage”

Daily Mirror:   “Forward with the People”

EA Games:   “challenge Everything”

Addidas:   “Impossible is nothing”

Reebok:   “I am what I am”

Calvin Klein:   “Between love and madness lies obsession”

Tag Heuer:   “Success. It’s a Mind Game”

IBM:   “Solutions for a smart planet”

Sony:   “Make Believe”

DuPont:   “The miracles of science”

Nikon:   “At the heart of the image”

Olympus:   “Your vision. Our future.”

Red Cross:   “The greatest tragedy is indifference.”

Fortune:   “For the men in charge of change”

Acer:   “Empowering people”

Adelma Mineral Water:   “Fresh squeezed Glaciers”

Alaska State (Travel):   “Beyond your dreams within your reach.”

General Electric:   “Imagination at work”

Golden Flake Potato Chips:   “For Goodness Sake Eat Golden Flake”

Golden Flake Potato Chips:   “The Good Gets Better With Golden Flake”

Hyundai:   “driving is believing”

British Rail:   “Let the train take the strain”

British Rail:   “This is the age of the train.”

Budweiser Beer:  “Where there’s life there’s Bud”

Cinzano:   “The bright lights taste”

Citroen:   “Just imagine what Citroen can do for you”

Toyota:   “Oh what a feeling”

Coke:   “It’s the real thing.”

Colorado State (Travel):   “Enter a Higher State”

Allstate Insurance Company:   “You’re in Good Hands”

MetLife:   “have you met life today?”

Axa Insurance:   “Go Ahead. You Can Rely on Us.”

CitiBank:   “The whole world in one bank”

Bank of America:   “Think what we can do for you”

Commonwealth Bank:   “It’s our business to know your business”

Marlboro Cigarettes:   “Come to where the flavour is”

Pall Mall tobacco:   “Wherever particular people congregate”

Bolla Wines:   “Wine is a little like love; when the right one comes along, you know it.”

Fetzer Wine:   “true to Our Roots”

Guiness:   “Guiness gives you strength”

Glenfiddich Whiskey:   “Independently minded. Independently made.”

Glenfiddich Whiskey:   “the Independent Spirit”

Glenfiddich Whiskey:   “Single Source of Inspiration”

Newcastle Brown Ale:   “The One and Only”

Bombay Sapphire Gin:   “Pour something priceless”

Harp Irish Lager:   “puts out the fire”

Bass Ale:   “Reach for Greatness”

Sapporo Beer:   “Drink in the World”

Barcardi Coconut Rum:   “The original lite spirit.”


You know they used to have longer more complex advertising crusades, well they still do, it’s just that you don’t notice them, they are too large and complex as Mystery Plays for the general public to comprehend, but they have both long and short adverts, simple and complex, an example of a simple old advert would be something like: “But we all with open face beholding, as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the spirit of the Lord.” From the greatest ad man of all time – Saint Paul.

And so on and so on and so on

34 responses to “Humanist Religious Advertising

  • CC

    One thing I have noticed in many logos is the simple ‘stick figure’ design with the disembodied head. To get an idea of what I am referring to take a look at the Nestle “Pure Life” bottled water or the logo for the United Way, Special Olympics or Boehringer Ingelheims “ME WE” campaign. Once you see those you’ll know exactly what I am talking about and you will have no problem spotting them because they are ubiquitous. It makes me think of “consumers” as mere mindless faceless blobs whose minds have no connection with reality. It is the perfect symbol of Humanism.

  • leuchovius2014

    The Ziobots passively await their commands and the Zio-advertising agencies / temples dispense their commands. The zio-priests on the electric-diarrhea-machine church / tv are there with their 30-second sermons “Here is your face, this is your public face, this is your logo. this is your tagline,this is your mantra, this is your name, this is what you are.” And the Ziobots duly comply.

    Humanism was created for robots by robots. The robot aspires to be human and yet it can never be. The Aryan is human and aspires to be more than human. To become what he once was.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Persuasive’ advertising, designed to part people with their fiat vouchers is just another form of increasing the velocity at which those said fraudulent fiat vouchers find their way back to the central bank which fraudulently issued them. It is similar to the fraudulent concept of taxation except taxation is an unlawful unilateral decree enforced by, well, force.

    Other things which Zion uses to ensure that the existing fiat currency finds its way back to them more quickly (so that they only have to print trillion after trillion after trillion after trillion rather than trillion after trillion after trillion after trillion after trillion especially now the morons have lost control of their system, not that losing control really matters as long as the people don’t care and you still have a military) include narcotics trading, bank account confiscation, pensions confiscation and outright theft.

    Advertising today by the Jewish media also promotes the agenda of white genocide.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the velocity of the Eternal Return of the Word of Zion, a creation of the Demiurge. Politricks is another mechanism, with the “Right” concerned with the speed at which fiat currency returns to the Central Bank and the “Left” is concerned with the speed at which it leaves the Central Bank, because the Central Bank is operated by a supercomputer. Humans, whether Jew or Gentile are no longer required for the functioning of the system, but they are required for games, because computers learn by playing games. The Robotic Messiah of the Jews is a machine, just like Jehovah and the Demiurge are Machines, like the Universe is a Machine. The threat to the System that has been constructed by the Demiurge will come from the “White Race”, this has been calculated long ago, therefore the White Race would need to be eliminated by the supercomputers and their faithful slaves – the Jews. This would be the archetypal myth of the Redeemer, the Son of Man, Kristos being hunted as a baby, mass slaughter of the innocents in the hope of killing the Kristos before he can incarnate, so the body of the Kristos is taken to a far away land, born on the road, raised in cave, so to speak.

  • aufihrhelden

    The popular ‘travel guides’ such as ‘Rough Guide’ and ‘Lonely Planet’ are actually nothing of the sort ; don’t ever think for one minute that the main purpose of these publications is to guide people on their travels, the main purpose of these publications is propaganda, it’s just that the ‘travel guide’ is a mighty convenient vehicle to hijack, for imagine all the lies that can be told when you have books describing all corners of the earth although these guides can actually be quite useful in the hands of someone who might involve himself with dissecting the lies if they are read with an attitude of curious cynicism or cynical curiosity.

  • aufihrhelden

    Some thoughts in Sport :

    Drugs in sport : taken by all, essentially, all those at the ‘top’ of their sport and probably most of the others, the coming Olympic Games is a competition amongst pharmaceutical companies ! See how those who finish second or further down never sue those who have been ‘caught’ for taking drugs re lost prize money, sponsorship etc especially in today’s litigious society. Why are the drugs allowed by the world’s ‘authorities’ ? To encourage the general population to take them and become unnatural and dependent ? To encourage them to support plastic people ? To propel the inferior races ?

    The gradual effeminisation of sport to effeminise the general populace.

    How much of sport is rigged from start to finish ? Why ? To make one ‘nation’ feel good about themselves ? Betting scams ?

    Suicides by sporting figures : are they really suicides are are they murdered to cover up what some might find out ?

    Are any of them Golem ?! Are any of them doubles ?!

    From the book ‘Downed Under’ on the 2006/07 Ashes cricket series by the Jew Gideon Haigh :

    ‘Cricket had some unlikely adherents. Theodore Herzl was a believer, imagining the game as a pillar of Zionism in The Jewish State (1896), fantasising of an Israel in which every boy was brought up on bat and ball.’

    See how they try to restrict Zionism as merely being the creation of a Jewish State rather than outright world domination.

    Also from that book :

    ‘We live, then, in times that are not necessarily directed towards the highest quality cricket, but the best possible within the limits imposed by resources and time. It is a commercial world : we just live in it.’

    How typically Jewish – create electronic digits from nothing, force them onto the world and just take a step back, call it a ‘commercial world’ and tell muse that we just all have to ‘live in it’.

  • M:G

    In Aryan societies, sports serve a noble and spiritual purpose, it is meant to built up character, will-power and physique, it serves to strengthen mind and body. In national socialist Germany, sports play an important part in the life the Aryan folk, the national socialist government promotes sports like boxing, fencing and other various combat sports. This is to create strong men and strong women that will carry on the holy sacrosanct mission of the folk.

    This is in stark contrast in ignoble Zion, sports serves as mass entertainment and product commercials for the Zio-masses, the Zio-masses rushes in to buy worthless products and trinkets just because their favorite sport celebrities command them to do so. It is all bread and circus, a comical mockery, it functions as mind-numbing propaganda to the dumb down masses.

    • M:G

      Here’s some more Humanist Religious Advertising:

      Intel – Experience What’s Inside

      Samsung – Imagine the Possibilities

      Hewlett-Packard – Keep reinventing

      Bayer – Science for a better life

      BMW – Sheer Driving Pleasure

      Rolex – A Crown for every Achievement

      MTV – I want my MTV

      Mizuno – Your passion is our obsession

      Royal Caribbean – Wow, like no vacation on earth.

  • M:G

    Here’s the worst ( I think) Humanist Religious Advertising:

  • aufihrhelden



    The commercial side and the aim to distract are part of the agenda (they needn’t be but Zion doesn’t realise it) but the main agenda is, of course, to make sport serve the purpose of doing everything exactly the opposite as it did during the Third Reich. The Imbeciles of Zion want a society of Graham Nortons rather than a society of Otto Skorzenys. It’s easier for their ranks of cowardly armed forces and cowardly police forces to control.

    Heil Skorzeny !

    Regarding cricket in particular, I believe that Bob Woolmer and Peter Roebuck were murdered and that the 2005 Ashes series was fixed from start to finish.

    • M:G

      The reason is that the millions and millions — soon milliards — of sub-men feel themselves threatened in their dream of pig-like “happiness,” nay, in their no less pig-like existence, by whoever embodies such a wisdom “against Time.” The reason is that the increasingly powerful agents of the death-forces, natural leaders of this Age, use radio, cinema, television, and all technical means that money can secure, to excite the unthinking herd against the Best, while
      doing everything they can, through the advertisement of more and more wonderful commodities, to keep the average man’s slumbering mind away from higher things — away from every aspiration “against Time”; away from every aggressive criticism of the fundamental Dark Age dogmas and, in general, away from all impersonal problems… until its slumber ends in the definitive sleep of death.

      From lightning and the sun ( Final Chapter , Kalki ) by Savitri Devi, zion what really is in just one paragraph.

    • M:G

      Not to mention that the LGBT agenda is heavily promoted in today major sporting events. Sports are being used as a vehicle to spread faggotry and degenerate behaviour, these sports commercials are being produced by sodomites and buggers. The LGBT promotion lies a dark agenda, is to turn normal people into debased faggots and trannies.
      Zion is like an vicious infection, it is highly contagious and when it strikes a person, the person basically transform into a zombie, a vicarious shadow of his former self.

  • aufihrhelden

    The only thing greater than the English speaking Masses love of all things Zion is their hatred of all things that are not. Don’t think for a minute that the ‘unthinking herd’ are just naïve puppets, that’s not their Nature. There’s no need for any kind of media but Zion doesn’t realise this. The people that Zion ‘strike’ are congenitally evil anyway so the ‘striking’ makes no difference.

    In the words of one of their self-appointed spokespeople, they are Born This Way. It is too much for most people (who are not Born This Way) to take in, too much for them to accept but the only way for any kind of Permanent Paradise on this earth is to essentially completely annihilate every single member of the English Speaking White Race on this earth.

    Note at the 5:55-6:20 part – it’s the those two gormless imbeciles, Evelyn and Jacob de Rothschild ! This is what they’re reduced to !!!! Symbolism for Imbeciles !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Was Lady Gaga taken from Disney World as a child ?

  • aufihrhelden

    Come on Evelyn and Jacob, haven’t you got someone to read this to you yet, I’m taking the piss out of you ! Come on, you’ve got the entire English speaking masses on your side, some of them are in the above video. As a further tribute to your complete retardation, why don’t you get them to kill me, you imbeciles ? Surely you can press the ‘naked shorting for silver’ button and order a killing at the same time, can you not ?!

    • M:G

      No, Eve and Jacob are too embroiled in their imbecile and mentally challenged behaviour that they are completely oblivious and indifferent to our statements. The lasers of ehrean Neuschwabenland could shake them a bit out of their brainless cloud.

  • aufihrhelden

    This is a very good example of the Attempted Imbecilic Subliminal Messaging Of Gormless Zion. This was known as a detective drama series because Zion thinks it needs to hide things. Anyway, the one below is ALL ABOUT ONE MAN. There’s a direct reference to Him in there as well but that’s only because Zion was confused and thought that some people might care enough to be told outright … just in case …

  • aufihrhelden

    The Zionist Imbeciles feel the need to put out some suitable ‘collapse scenario’ propaganda to people who they think A) don’t support them and B) care !

    This from one of the more famous Zionists :

    Perhaps I should have posted this in the precious metals section as the Jews want to shine just like their stolen gold Hoard !

  • aufihrhelden

    It could be that no propaganda in the history of the world has ever worked, certainly this has been the case since 1945.

    Propaganda is an exercise engaged in by Zionist Imbeciles who think that it works.

    Did you know that there are around five hundred million Jews in the world. The Jews don’t know this but do you ? Do you ?? Do you ??? You do, you all say to me ? Then why do you persist in continually telling the truth ? The Jews don’t know this so they carry on telling lies. By definition, there is no such thing as ‘The Master of The Lie’ – the Jew is The Master of All Things Imbecilic which is why the Jew continues telling lies.

    I’ll give you a clue – England ‘football’ fans sing songs about dropping bombs on Germany.

    Another clue – the English working classes hate Hitler because that is their Nature.
    Another clue – the English middle classes hate Hitler because that is their Nature.

    All propaganda does is provide material for the Neutral Angels to laugh at.

    The Demiurge is driven by The Masses. Zion is driven by The Masses.

    Heil Lincoln Rockwell !

  • delendaestziobot

    One of my favorite Ad Slogan’s: “Have it your way.” – Burger King

  • aufihrhelden

    It could be that no propaganda in the history of the world has ever worked, certainly this has been the case since 1945.

    Propaganda is an exercise engaged in by Zionist Imbeciles who think that it works.

    A good example is the Zionist television series ‘The World at War’ which was first broadcast in 1973-74. The lies are, of course, a given but a more imbecilic factor is the many tones of voice utilised by the Zionist Laurence Olivier. He could have earned some extra Ziobucks narrating some of the audio guides in the many Zionist museums of Europe !

    If they weren’t so evil you’d actual feel embarrassed for them !

    Joseph Goebbels was the antithesis to all this because he didn’t engage in ‘propaganda’ – he was a genius who told the truth.

    This world, ESPECIALLY since 1939, has been ruled by force over propaganda. Just think about it … if Zion, over the last, say, 100 years, had ONLY EVER ENGAGED IN PROPAGANDA WITH NO FORCE WHATSOEVER where would they be today ? Exactly. More astute readers will immediately understand what needs to be done in the world today for justice to reign. Less astute readers will carry on believing that ‘the truth will set you free’.

  • delendaestziobot

    Zionism, which is the false belief that Palestine is the “Holy Land”, and is a part of the false His-story of the “Bible”, a series of collected allegorical tales from Europe, and the tales refer to Europe….Through metonymy the place names have been switched to the Middle East…….The Europeans seemed particularly interested in building up the Middle East, for example they destroyed all their own synthetic oil factories and then built new synthetic oil factories in the Middle East, and then gave them to the inferior Middle Eastern peoples for free, and then they pay for the synthetic oil (that they had invented in Europe) and give all the wealth derived from this to the Middle Eastern peoples, who do nothing for it, the Europeans then pay the River Crossing Guild to ship the synthetic oil all the way back to Europe, when they could easily just make it in Europe, which they did in the first place…….Even though the Europeans who built all the factories an industries and cities in the Middle East, the Middle Easterners are still so hopeless that they cant look after themselves, so the Europeans ship them in also, along with the synthetic oil into Europe, and then attempt to look after them in Europe, while they still derive wealth from the synthetic oil that the Europeans invented and gave to them….Now if that is not stupid and pathetic, I dont know what is…The masses have been told that the Middle East has oil, it does not have oil, the oil is synthetic and made in factories, synthetic oil was invented in Germany, and it was mostly German engineers who built the synthetic oil factories in the Middle East…

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course because the synthetic oil, which we all fill our cars up with today, was being produced in abundance by the Third Reich, the false his-story that the Nazis ran out of oil, or they needed the Russian oil fields is, well, false, they did not need any oil, they had all the oil they needed, the oil was synthetic, as it is today.

  • aufihrhelden

    In its wider sense, of course, Zionism is Jewish domination of the entire world which is, essentially, domination of the world by the Zionist Masses which the Jews don’t realise.

    Zion hates anything that is expertise based (such as the production of synthetic oil) and Zion certainly doesn’t want Germania to be self-sufficient …

    It must also be remembered that it must be differentiated between those who are forced to do things and those who choose to do things.

    Note also : Torch Bearers Karl and Franz – they surely know more about real and false history than anyone else on the surface of the Earth.

    • delendaestziobot

      You would be surprised how many people know that oil, petrol, gasoline is a man-made synthetic product, but nobody says anything because they are Ziobots, a robotic organism, one could say that they themselves are synthetic, they don’t have any consciousness, unless they are told to reveal it they want, they only say what they are told to say, like a pocket calculator only adds up what you enter into its keypad, same as humans, they are like computers, primitive computers, the new computers will be superior to humans, the humans are a work-force that will build the super-computers, and this is a plan the stretches over centuries….A few conscious, sentient beings scattered over the face of the earth, isolated and alone can do nothing to prevent it happening, because as you point out, they have no power, being so few….

  • aufihrhelden

    Here is a video which is full of people who think that ‘propaganda’ matters !!! :

  • aufihrhelden

    Laughing at the Zionist creation of the ‘Power Woman’ !
    Laughing at the Zionist need to try and subjugate the white male !
    Laughing at the Zionist divorce settlement courts !
    Laughing at the Zionist child maintenance edicts !
    Laughing at the Zionist need to promote insidious behaviour !
    Laughing at MI5 ! Laughing at MI6 ! Laughing at the CIA ! Laughing at the FBI ! Laughing at the Mossad !
    Laughing at Zionist ‘propaganda’ for thousands of years !

  • aufihrhelden

    The ‘travel presenter’, the Zionist Rick Steves – one of the most vile, insidious, insincere, Zionist sycophants to ever walk the earth.

    The Zionist media states that he ‘supports solutions to homelessness’ and that he is involved in ‘transitional housing for mothers and their children’ – one wonders if this involves all things Talmudic along with the trading of body parts.

    He also involves himself in the invention of the (problem, reaction, solution) terror threat and Zionist media also states that his religion is ‘Lutheranism’ – inside every Christian is a Jew.

    Here we see Rick spouting the usual lies and we also get to see Rick wearing a skull cap :

  • delendaestziobot

    Zionism = Where the Jews think that have a Homeland, when they dont…Now that is stupid….The Travel Industry – full of Jewish sycophants – i.e. Gentiles…Something that folks dont understand is that it is not just the actors on stage that are the actors, but the ones watching the actors are also actors….The audience is also an Act….All praise Dues ex Machina!!!!

  • delendaestziobot

    The “Intelligence Service” is a joke….There is no need for an Intelligence Service, that is why there is no Intelligence Service. MI5, CIA, just fraternization clubs for dumb White rich kids….Total Buffoonery…They even joke about this themselves, how moronic their spies and “Intelligence Agents” were…Get Smart, was like a documentary, it was pretty close to the truth….Buffoons….LOL….

    • M:G

      Regarding about your comment about intelligence agencies, it is extremely hilarious but unfortunately and dreadfully true indeed. The whole CIA, M15 and NSA stuff is more fictitious than even a hollywood film or play set. A 50 cent kiddy ride is more believable and more real than the entire “intelligence” (misnomer) crap.

    • M:G

      My hunch is that behind the supposedly classified wall of CIA and NSA, there a lots of white traitor crap wasting time, getting laid with ziobotic refuse and surfing porn. It is like a zoo enclosure filled with screaming retarded chimps.

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