The Heroine Sylvia Stolz

The Heroine Sylvia Stolz    by Kamerad Steve

An analogy; an intelligent and spirited woman is playing World Jewry at chess, she is moving her pieces with lightning skill and precision and World Jewry doesn’t know what day it is, World Jewry is being made to look like a fool, World Jewry is starting to sweat profusely, World Jewry is becoming angrier and angrier because World Jewry believes that it is “Chosen” to win this game of Chess. World Jewry is starting to cast furtive glances towards its Ziobot Helpers in order for them to step in immediately and end this unacceptable charade of this intelligent and spirited woman running rings around them in public spectacle. So, before this Aryan Heroine is able to move in for check mate, the Ziobot Helpers do indeed move in and arrest her on the spot and send her to prison so she is no longer able to play…

It is the aim of World Jewry to rule the world but World Jewry does not command sufficient intellectual capacity in order to fulfill its insidious agenda therefore the methods they employ are based on lies and murder and lies and intimidation and lies and force and lies and false rhetoric and lies and logical fallacy. The majority of World Jewry’s time and energy (mostly involving the direction of other people’s time and energy) goes into dumbing down the masses because, although the masses are stupid, they are still more intelligent than World Jewry, so World Jewry must concentrate on providing distractions for the masses, everything they do must be focused on lowering the powers of reasoning and logic of those they see as the “opposition”; such tactics are commonly used by those who are highly conscious of their own inadequacies and lack of ability to forward their own agenda on a level playing field. Such unadmirable traits can be found in World Jewry.

Suffice to say that, whenever the true facts of “The Holocaust” are raised, World Jewry just relies on the same old methods of blanket, all-encompassing “rulings” to compensate for their lack of brain power. They don’t possess the wit for a fair exchange of facts and information so they just resort to the tactics of a ten-year old child and deny any exchange of such. “Hate Laws” regarding “Hate Speech” are nothing but a front to ensure that Truths are rarely spoken. They also state that Sylvia Stolz was guilty of “inciting the public” – what they really mean by this term is that they believe that it is the duty of “the public” to bow down before World Jewry.

It is the Ziobots who make themselves look ridiculous with their absurd arguments and their absurd, invented, criminal procedures for which there is no evidence or justification for whatsoever. The Ziobots know that their stance is one of absolute criminality through and through. The Ziobot Judge labels The Heroine’s Truth as a “conspiracy theory” (the old fallback tactic of the cretins) which is “eccentric and groundless” (“eccentric being a word used by Ziobots to describe people with character and intellect and a mind of their own, i.e. far too much for the Ziobots to cope with, and “groundless” being a term which you must invert to see who really commands The Grounds of Truth). The Heroine would have made them look ridiculous.

“If my actions bring a little more light into this dark hour for Germany, then I will gladly go to prison! It does not bother me that I am officially ridiculed and insulted by this despicable court and atrocious government…My high and mighty judges, you are convicting yourselves, not me.”   –   Sylvia Stolz

This statement reveals how Sylvia Stolz moves closer and closer to perdition in the sense of her losing her freedom (notwithstanding the fact that the whole world is nothing more than an open-air prison anyway, she would be substituting this life inside an actual building with actual walls and bars and she would have understood this) yet it also reveals how she moves further and further away from perdition in the spiritual and truthful sense – Be True To Thyself. You see also how World Jewry, not being able to compete with The Heroine on a level playing field, resort to such pathetic tactics such as ridicule and insults which is rendered even more ludicrous due to the fact that there is nothing to ridicule and nothing to insult! Despicable and atrocious indeed. May God speed the day when Sylvia Stolz is convicting them in The Court of Truth.

No level playing field remember, no level playing field under any circumstances, truthful historical research must never be allowed, the mindless cretins just cannot cope with that – so they removed her from the case! She’s making them look foolish, she’s running rings around them and they just cannot cope so they order her to be removed from the case! They say that she tried to “sabotage proceedings” which is actually quite an accurate description in that their criminal, contrived proceedings were indeed sabotaged by her truth. Yet, at a later hearing, she turns up anyway! And describes the court as a tool of foreign domination and the Jews as the enemy of the people! Heil The Truth! And the consequences be damned. More truth, more truth, Zion cannot cope with, so what do they do? They remove her from court. She was physically removed from the court room by two female police officers. She knows that it is acts such as this that make more of a lasting impression regarding the eventual triumph of truth and of justice. One must cause trouble! One must cause trouble for them. Sylvia Stolz knows that the whole judicial system is rigged from start to finish and from top to bottom so she speaks the truth outright and ignores their insidious and criminal procedures; and speak the truth she did, despite all their efforts to stop her, she just spoke the truth, as much as she could, stating that it is presently nothing but a Talmudic Inquisition where anyone who brings real attention to the real nature of Judaism (i.e. its inherent evil nature) can be punished, that, despite Judaism being the root cause of the situation the world is in today, people are not allowed to criticise the Jews. Sylvia Stolz states that Germany stands under the yoke of World Jewry and that following World War II, the real criminals took control of the world and that National Socialism stands for what is good and enduring in The German Spirit. Truth! Truth! Heil Sylvia Stolz!

“And you, my high and mighty judges, will never again experience an inner peace…Your depiction of National Socialism as a criminal system will see to that. You are willing accomplices to the brainwashing and degradation of the German People…Adolf Hitler accurately recognised the Jewish Problem, the malevolent power of the Jews in certain respects…Yes, I share the values of National Socialism!”   –   Sylvia Stolz

I doubt whether these creature masquerading as judges would ever concern themselves with inner peace as far as their own lack of morality is concerned as hatred of things pure and true inherently possesses no morality whatsoever, however they may find it hard to come by an inner peace of a different kind come The Rise of the Fourth Reich…They may find themselves on secure ground now as they dispense their lies and false procedures in their safe and comfortable courtrooms. For now. They are currently willing accomplices because, for the moment, power lies with them. For the moment – and, for the moment, Sylvia Stolz is victimized and imprisoned for speaking the truth about the real nature of the Jews and the truth of the God Man. For the moment.

The “Holocaust Cudgel” as the Heroine referred to it, has done its job here, the Lies have done their job here.

“What about you? Are you Germans? German stands for honour and steadfastness! Think of Deutsche Treue! Nobody can call what is going on in this courtroom as ‘honourable’. In this court, the only ‘justice’ is inspired by the Talmud!”   –   Sylvia Stolz

In The Master of Bayreuth’s Die Walkure, Brunnhilde sacrifices her own immortality in an effort to save Siegmund…and a final word: Stolz, in German means – proud.

Sylvia Stolz – Aryan Heroine, Heil the Daughter of Truth!

22 responses to “The Heroine Sylvia Stolz

  • delendaestziobot

    German does indeed stand for Honour. The root being Ehe, which also means law and court, as well as marriage, marriage being the basis of a Folk, and marraige is a legal lawful arrangement. Guido von List said that marriage is the raw-root of the Aryans. It is known that all law is based on marriage, and the law proceeds from marriage.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Lies of The Holocaust tell us as much about the nature of those who accept the lies as it does about those who create the lies.

    • delendaestziobot

      The Lies of all History tell us more, the Lies of the Holocaust are just a small bit-part in the entire Sham that is Humanity. Humanity is a sham and a fraud, the Lies of the Holocaust make a up just a small act in the long running Sham. Every human has lies to tell, words are merely used to disguise their thoughts, and to lie, which they can do as easy as a dog lies in a bed, it comes so completely naturally for them that to do anything else but lie would be unnatural. My father told me stories of the war when I was young, his stories were all lies, complete bullshit, that is because he is a human being, he is not Jewish, but his lies were no different to those of a Jew, my father even told me he was shot by a Nazi! Complete bullshit! But he is human you see, so an actor in the Sham that is Humanity. My father hated Jews, but not because they told lies, no, because they had ziobux, so he hated them, but he was a liar just like them. In WWII, it is a fact, that the soldiers were not allowed to tell the truth, they had to lie, soldiers, officers mainly, had to enter into a log book fanciful events, they did this with the aid of alcohol, which was liberally administered just prior to entries in the log books, the soldiers and officers had to make up stories of what they would have liked to had happen that day if they were involved in combat, those stories were then collected and published as the actual events of the war, war diaries and such. There is actually an official term for this which I cannot remember at the moment, but it is all recorded as fact even by the military establishment, but nobody says anything about it, because that would be telling the truth, and who is capable of doing such a thing, not humans, that is for certain.

      • CC

        Interesting. Why don’t you believe what your father told you? Can you paint a better picture of what it was like on the ground during the war, especially on the western front?

  • delendaestziobot

    Why don’t you believe what I told you? I told you my father was not shot by a Nazi, because there were no German soldiers in the town where he claimed he was shot, and he claimed he was shot three times in the leg, later I demanded to see the bullet wounds, which I could not see, he then admitted to making the story up to seek sympathy, and that he told the story to me because he had told the same story to others and did not want to appear dishonest by not telling the same story, and that telling stories like that was what folks did in those days!!! Imagine that, what scoundrel. I suppose you believe the lies of your father to…Your second question is irrelevant.

    I just checked my research notes and the name of the game in military jargon is “Line Shooting”, I have the exact military definition for it as well, all part of the fine art of shooting the line, of course these things are not talked about frequently so it’s obscure. Soldiers “eye-witness” accounts of war are based on the “line log-book” enteries, which a soldier would make enteries in; boastful remarks that had to appear realistic enough to be believed, but how he would like the day’s events to have been if he had of seen action. These enteries were done, and still are done usually after liberal doses of alcohol. Later after the “war” the soldiers stick to those stories because they are the stories that are published and the public and their families believe, also their pensions are dependent on them towing the party line, if you know what I mean. “Line Shooting” it was called, this is the source for most war-time stories and eye-witness accounts.

    Would you like to discuss such things CC, or do you intend on playing the role of a cyberspace gadfly?

    • CC

      I am sorry if I came across as dismissive or like a gadfly. I have dealt with gadflys and I know how annoying they can be.

      As for my parents, sadly my father, being a “baby boomer”, didn’t have very many stories to tell. But one of my grandfathers served in the Pacific on a transport vessel. Since you shared your father’s war story, I will share one of my grandfather’s stories(because I think you or others may enjoy it): I was told that he cut off the head of a Japanese corpse he found on some island, I guess after a battle. He boiled the skin off of it. Fearing getting in trouble for carrying a skull around he threw it overboard, but only after taking some of the teeth out, which he brought home with him. He was only 18 or so but in the decades following the war it was said he would sometimes take the teeth out and share the story with his children. I was told he always felt ashamed of what he did to that man’s corpse.

      • delendaestziobot

        Your grandfather is lying, often old people make up stories even though the story puts them in a bad light, again this is sympathy seeking, “I did terrible things, war makes one do terrible things”. Truth be known your grandfather did nothing but drive some transport vehicle round, when he came back he had to have some story to tell about a war that never happened, that story is a recycled story probably told by a few old truck drivers, and transport vessel crewmen, the story got somewhat distorted. It could not have been on “an island” because there were no Japanese soldiers on any island, not even the main Japanese islands; Japan had no army, or navy or airforce, only a uniformed ceremonial guard, but no actual organized fighting military force, so your grandfather could not have cut the head of a Japanese soldier on some small island in the Pacific because there was none there, just more transport operators like himself, who were made to make up stories and enter them into log books called Line Shooting log-books.
        In fact maybe your story of your grandfather’s story is not even true, you are probably just being a gadfly. You see my little Gadfly there was no War with the Japanese, because the Japanese had no army or navy or airforce and sure as hell had no oil or ammunition, because they were totally reliant on American oil and ammunition. Because the Japanese had no military, it was necessary for America and the All-Lies to invent a Japanese military, so that they could use their oil and ammunition, and drop bombs from aircraft, on Japanese civilians.

      • CC

        That was the story I was told but as I consider your points, which are logical, it does make me wonder if his story was fabricated.

        Of course this brings to mind many more questions, especially about what really happened in Europe, but I am not here to bother you with endless questions! So thank you for answering the ones that I did ask.

  • delendaestziobot

    Old humans who participated in the theaters of war are more likely to suffer from bouts of cryptomnesia, especially at family gatherings long after the war years, and when they are on a returned servicesmen pension.
    Did you read my book, CC? I exlain all this in my book.

    Old humans in general are much more likely to lie, than young ones, they are much more proficient at it as well, their lies are more complex and detailed and therefore believable, they have had more time to practice their lies than young ones…Humans over the age of 65 make the best bullshit artists!

  • aufihrhelden

    More omniscience.

    It is very rare for an English speaking person to accept such truths as ‘CC’ appears to have done – usually their vile and insidious nature compels them not to.

    The Jews also like to use their media and entertainment industry to portray the ‘Evil Japanese’, a good example being ‘Bridge Over The River Kwai’.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, so many movies and books portraying the “Evil Japanese” myth, this myth is very popular in movies, for example the latest offering; ‘Railway Man’ featuring a A-listed rent-boy actor pretending to be a prisoner of war, suffering tortures by the Japanese, this is given also a false historical background as well, with the Rape of Nanking and other ficticious “Japanese atrocities”, these lies are something that the Japanese Ehrean folks should be starting to counter strongly, if they have any sense or will left. In Australia for example the Yanks bombed Darwin and then blamed it on the Japs, the whole of Australia believes that the Japs attacked Australia, and the hatred is fanned time and time again, the Kokoda Trail mythology as another example…And all this while the Japanese continue to be Australia’s largest trading partner, no different to how the British portrayed the Germans during the World Wars, while all along Germany was Britains largest trading partner! Which is an absurd situation, but life is absurd, so such absurdity is normal for life.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, the same pathetic tactics, just like the evil cowards of the RAF bombing Britain and then blaming the Germans, as described in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’. All these years, year after year after year, all these years, year after year after year yet the stupid cretins still don’t realise that the reason they get away with everything is that most of the masses are evil anyway and the rest don’t care.

    • delendaestziobot

      Hence it is the End of History as Kamerad OC has pointed to. And therefore the Judgment and the Lord really did come like a thief in the night, and the Judgment really was Eternal, and the Silence is deafening.
      The Yanks invaded the Dutch colony of Japan in 1852, after several bombings by the US “black ships”, the Dutch colony of Japan was made a US colony, and Japan is still a US colony today…..Killing of sea life being the main commodity of interest in that his-story….Whales, seals, and anything else that lives in the sea, was the prime interest for Ursa Major and Company, and Japan was the marine processing plant, and it still is…

  • aufihrhelden

    Sylvia Stolz :

  • aufihrhelden

    In the above video, Sylvia Stolz makes a complete mockery of the Zionist ‘legal’ system which is used to ‘defend’ the Lies of The Holocaust. Of course, she is ‘not allowed’ to discuss the actual facts of the thing because, by ‘law’ intelligent people are not allowed to think or speak on such matters so she thinks and speaks from a different perspective so the hatred of the cretins rises even more.

  • aufihrhelden

    Brunnhilde to Wotan : If fettering sleep is to bind me fast, as easy prey to the basest of cowards, this one thing alone you must grant me that holy fear entreats of you ! Shield me with hideous terrors that only a fearlessly free-born hero shall find me here on the fell !

  • linemann

    ‘Stolz’ is German for ‘pride’, or ‘proudly’ when used an adjective.
    Very fitiing.

  • aufihrhelden

    When The Spirit of Germany left in 1945, it didn’t leave entirely …

    All Heil Sylvia Stolz !

    • delendaestziobot

      Sylvia Stolz born 1963, one of the dead of the German Volk that has returned to earth. It is a fulfilment of Prophecy; the innocent Germans who died in the real holocaust of Germany, return to earth post 1945 for revenge, judgment, and ultimately punishment of the real criminals – The All Lies. This is the Archetypal undercurrent that is sweeping the earth, and has been since 1945. They wanted a Psycho War, now they got one, the ‘Psychological Warfare Division of the Supreme Allied Expeditionary Force’ began a Psycho War on the German people after 1945, it continues to this day. We have our own Ghost Divisions, and a most terrible Polter-geist has come. We can now say we are the geisttotend ‘Poltergeist Division of the Supreme Ehrean Metempsychosis Force’….

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