Ehren = Aryan

I will make this as simple as I can, and blog posts should be simple. The word “Aryan” comes from the German word Ehren, meaning to Honour in English. Even the lawyers for the British and Dutch East India Company have explained that in a round about way. The transformation via Etymology; from German the Ehre became pronounced in English Aria or Arieh, etc. The Sanskrit language was a marketing campaign financed by the British and Dutch East India Company from the late 18th Century. No need to go into details, you can backfill as you please, because the known source for all Sanskrit manuscripts is the East India Company.

So for the Esoteric Hitlerist the linguistic foundation for the racial term “Aryan” is the German word for Honour – Ehre. It is not “Indo-Germanic” or “Indo-European”, these words are coined words from marketing agents, sponsored scholars and lawyers from the East India Company which wanted to sell their cheaply made goods in Germany and Europe. The word “Aryan” is in reality purely German in origin, the attempt to transfer German mythology and linguistics to India was an expensive marketing campaign designed by the East India Company, it was very successful…


One could say Ehrean, perhaps that might clear some things up, because I don’t want to see the same mistake being made over and over again, because the word has already been Anglocized and then East Indocized. I must say, it was a bit rich claiming that Sanskrit was thousands of years old, and that the Rig Veda written on palm leaves by corporate hired guns in the 18th Century was the oldest mythological poem, but then again one would have to be rich to claim such absurdities as being true, and get away with it.

“Ehrean”, I says, to be precise, but I might use “Aryan” as well when I feel like it. It means Honor and Loyalty is our Honor, therefore we are Ehrean or Aryan.



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  • CC

    Forgive my ignorance. Since I am not well versed on linguistics this draws some questions. Do you still consider Hindustani to be connected to the European languages? And moreover, what is your opinion of the “Aryan Invasion” through the Khyber pass and the caste system? It seems your claim overturns much we think we know about Indian History.

    • delendaestziobot

      You are forgiven, because what I am writing here has never been stated openly before, and I only just discovered it not too long ago, before then I was ignorant myself.
      Perhaps I will start with stating, that I have known now for a few years, that all languages are derived from German. So all languages are descended from European languages, and all European languages are descended from German. Starting from this correct Linguistic basis, one is able to understand much more about languages. All previous public studies have been designed to obscure this Truth, the participants in this fraud are either knowing or unknowing. What we must grasp is this truth, that is being newly revealed to us.
      I would say that this new revelation vindicates Houston Stewart Chamberlain and the Wagnerians, that the Teuton is the originator of all civilization and history of man. One can see Chamberlain struggling to come to terms with this all through Foundations of the 19th Century, but still unable to finalize his thesis with any conviction due to the huge fraudulent forces that he could not intellectually overcome that were arrayed against him, in other words he opened the books and believed instead of not believing.
      He believed the Corporate Lawyer and Judge Sir William Jones had “discovered” the Sanskrit language at the end of the 18th Century, he looked up to these intellectual giants of Corpoartions and believed what they wrote, but what they wrote was lies. Lies formulated as an expensive marketing campaign. Sampurnanand Sanskrit University was built and paid for by the British East India Company! To help promote enthusiasm for cheap Indian manufactured products, essentially an advertising institution. It was the lawyer and high court Judge Sir William Jones who invented this “Aryan Invasion” myth. It is always the same narrative that they have been spinning for centuries, they dont even bother to change it. It was Sir William Jones the Judge of the Supreme Court of Bengal who wrote ‘Language and Wisdom of the Hindus’, the Indians did not write it, Sir William Jones did! And it was Jones who promoted the theory that India was the ancestral home of the European peoples, and this was in opposition to another Company which controlled the Suez Canal, and promoted the theory that the ancestral home of the European peoples was West of the Suez Canal in North Africa. Which was opposed to another Company which controlled the Iraqi oil fields and promoted the theory that, south of those oil fields was the cradle of civilization and the ancestral home of the European peoples. And the motive behind this was purely material and mercantile.

      Now, according to the Esoteric Hitlerist, the Aryan peoples, and the European peoples originated in Europe and primarily in Germany, and before that the North Pole, Hyperborea, and the interior of the earth.

      “The Eddas tell something strange about a King Mannus, true father of the Teutschen or Teutons, who in turn are the ancestors of the white Aryan peoples. This king came from the interior of the Earth, the Hollow Earth.” – Miguel Serrano – Adolf Hitler, The Ultimate Avatar.

      Aryan – Erhen – Erhman – IrMan – Armanen – HerMan – GerMan

  • delendaestziobot

    The lie comes in like this: “Aryan is a Indian word”, “Sanskrit is the oldest language”, “The word Aryan comes from a Sanskrit word”, “The Rig Vedas are the oldest of the world myths”, etc, that is how the lie is coming in and presenting itself.

  • cain

    Good day Karl

    I knew it through Prodosh Aich, Lies With Long Legs (Lügen mit langen Beinen)
    It’s online, he raised this same points, although obviously not as wisely, (he is jew-blind)

  • cain

    In France and Spain there’s movement attacking invented Latin as the source of the romance languages, it still doesn’t go as far as you, but it’s something, check Ives Cortes for example.

    Did you check this claim?

  • delendaestziobot

    Thanks for your links Cain, have you read my book?

  • aufihrhelden

    All the world’s media, educational systems and governments were designed to try and conceal the vast superiority of Ehrean Man, that is, as stated, what would be the land of modern day Germany except that modern day Germany is just a corporation of The Jews and a vast dilution has taken place with the Lies of The Holocaust one of the main weapons they use but, even so, there is a huge difference between the people of Germany and the monkeys of Great Britain, for example.

    It is the nature of the people and the intellect of the people and the superiority of such which manifests itself in the German people even in the diluted form of today.

    Adolf Hitler gave them the truths. Adolf Hitler understood the world. Adolf Hitler is a Holy God Man.

    Perhaps Houston Stewart Chamberlain could have overcome them intellectually but he just did not possess their fraudulent resources. In this respect, a King who understood came to the rescue of the Holy God Man, Richard Wagner.

    Richard Wagner gave them the truths. Richard Wagner understood worlds. Richard Wagner is a Holy God Man.

    It is The True Nature and The Great Intellect and The Superior Physicality of The Ehrean Man that International Jewry and Its Helpers despise because it makes them feel so inadequate.

    Such is the Nature of things and people should always ask, ‘What is the Nature of things ?’

    All Heil The Ehrean Siegfried !

  • aufihrhelden

    Due to all the crimes committed against the German People over the centuries by the rest of the world, The German People have the right to Rule The World.

  • delendaestziobot

    All Heil the Ehrean Siegfried!

    In the Nietzsche contra Wagner war, it is settled, Wagner is victorious, and Houston Stewart Chamberlain hated Nietzsche as well.

    “I believe only in French culture….I do not even take the German kind into consideration…The few instances of higher culture in Germany were all French in their origin.” – Ecce Homo – Nietzsche

    And it appears that there may be other problems with Nietzsche as well, not just his anti-German anti-Wagner stance.

    I remember when I was in Germany, on a train, and I felt a great hatred come over me for Nietzsche, I felt there to be so many inconsistancies in his work that I felt extreme hatred for him, he vexed me. But I knew it was something I had struggled with all my life, I had been struggling with the ghost of Nietzsche all my life, and especially when I first read Ecce Homo when I was 15.

  • delendaestziobot

    “The opening up of India was solely the work of Capitalists.” – Foundations of the 19th Century. Vol. II.

    I remember a Simpsons episode where a supermarket chain store makes a false idol and buries it in the proposed carparking lot, and then sponsors an archaelogical dig with the Springfield school children, Lisa “discovers” the false idol, that the Supermarket had deliberately buried and claims it is an ancient alien artifact of great importance, the residents of Springfield begin to worship the idol, and Homer even makes money charging his work mates to come and see the “holy relic”, the commercial agents of the supermarket then create an entire apocalyptic narrative around the idol, which they had made, and finally at the end of the episode the idol becomes the storefront logo and mascot for the supermarket chain. And that is much like India….And alot of other places….Sad but true, as they say.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Great Dilutors and Plagiarists and Thieves who dedicate their existence to the destruction of German Culture and German Greatness and German Achievement would have you believe that the work of The Great Titan Richard Wagner is merely a ‘different’ kind of art to a negro with a guitar. The commercial agents of the ‘music’ industry instruct the ‘Freemen’ and the ‘right-on’ types and the ‘liberal’ types that it is ‘cool’ and ‘mature’ to admire degenerate noise produced by a Jew sponsored animal man.

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, that is what Indian mythology essentially is, German Myth and Culture that has been transcribed to India by German, British, Dutch and French lawyers and schoolmen, bought and paid for by the East India Company. For example India itself named after Indra is a character fashioned on the Germanic Thor, and Indra’s artisan is Twashtri who makes Indra’s thunder hammer, that is the same as the Germanic Mimer the Smith. Manu is taken from the Germanic Mannus, Yama from Ymir and so on and so forth. The same lawyers and bookworms then, although admitting to the obvious similarities, then switch the dates around, putting India first and making Germany a late starter who had to adopt more sophisticated civilized theological systems from the “Ancient East”. I would like to find out exactly how much in Cotton fraudulent notes these White Traitors were paid by the East India Company to perform these plagiaristic fraudulent jobs.

  • delendaestziobot

    So, now I will make it public; Deutsche Ahnenerbe has been resurrected, it is now the ‘Hermitage of Investigations into the Astral Origins of Germania’…Ancestral – the root being Astral…It is as Serrano said; the “Ancestral Star”, which is to say “Astral”. And no amount of cotton notes can buy that!

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘But the chief attention of the initiates of the Ahnenerbe, of the sages of Esoteric Hitlerism, had been rather to focus on decrypting the Treasure, the Stone, discovered in Montsegur, in the caves of Sabarth, where Otto Rahn had been the first to find it. In the Gralsburg of Berchtesgaden they deciphered it ; the science of Hyperborea has been reclaimed. Making possible the construction of the vimanas anew. The anti-gravitational science of orichalcum, of which Plato speaks, has been rediscovered. After this all else is meaningless. I have spoken with some ex-combatants of the SS who were on the Russian front and through the final offensive in the Ardennes who saw mysterious weapons in action that disintegrated enemy airplanes in full flight, lightning that left only a space where a tank had been before, or that paralysed the enemy without killing them. They were used only once and then disappeared.’

    p182, ‘Adolf Hitler – The Ultimate Avatar’

  • delendaestziobot

    Deutsches Ahnenerbe had 100 plus departments, and it was sponsored by the largest corporations in Germany at the time. And it showed exactly nothing…And yet the Third Reich Pilgrim has done what Deutsches Ahnenerbe has not done, and that is to release to the general public the Truth of the origins of Germany, therefore the true Deutsches Ahnenerbe is now revealed through Hermitage Helm Corpus. I now rightful claim to the title of SS Deutsches Ahnenerbe. Anyone who has read Third Reich Pilgrim will agree that I am the rightful heir.

  • delendaestziobot

    I claim the Deutsches Ahnenerbe title, the Astral origins of Germania are revealed through the Third Reich Pilgrim. It is expected that very few will understand this, it is expected that silence will be the Judgment. Music is not required. Human voices are not required, only silence will meet the Truth.

  • delendaestziobot

    All phonetic Alphabets are derived from the Germanic phonetic Alphabet, Sanskrit is derived from the original Germanic phonetic Alphabet, as is Greek, Hebrew, French, Spanish, English, Latin, etc. Chinese and Japanese also postdate the phonetic Alphabets of Europe, and the Chinese and Japanese have a very naive hieroglyphic system based on pictograms which represent visually other things and ideas, so that would be Mimesis, and the Chinese and Japanese struggle with anything other than visualized Mimesis and pictograms for written language, they struggle with phonetic Alphabets, and very much resent having to learn it, its like water torture for them….They dont have numbers either or a system of mathematics, they just use the international numbers system which is also Germanic in origin. And the numbers system is not an advance in anything, like written language it is the disintergration of the senses of Man, for example Numbers are the dimensions of Tactility that have become abstracted and disslocated from Man’s sense of Sight and Touch, therefore is represents a diminishing of Man’s powers and holistic sensory nature. This is something I will be investigating some more with Deutsches Ahnenerbe in Third Reich Pilgrim Part II.

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