The Oath to God

“WE SWEAR TO YOU, ADOLF HITLER, AS FUHRER AND CHANCELLOR OF THE GERMAN REICH, LOYALTY AND COURAGE. We promise YOU and the superiors designated by YOU obedience unto death. So help us GOD!”


The Soldiers of the Order of the Reich swear allegiance to Adolf Hitler unto Death, as the name above all names, in the name of God, as to say He is God, God-Man, on Earth. No other name is given to swear by other than Adolf Hitler.

Heil Hitler!

14 responses to “The Oath to God

  • aufihrhelden

    Alte Kameraden :

    • Hosner

      Having found out that they supposedly exist on the Internet, I was eagerly seeking after the writings of Carlos Salas Rogat, Don Miguel Serrano’s own Maestro, when I came across some rather perplexing statements. Written by various people, they are published on the following blog address:

      Apparently, the reason Don Miguel Serrano insisted on keeping secret the identity of his Maestro had less to do with filial veneration and more with the fact that he wished to distance himself from Mr. Rogat, since his (only) book, La Voz del Senor, published in four volumes, turned out to be a sort of Freemasonic compendium with a Theosophic twist, praising the likes of Master Koot-Hoomi and Saint Germain as reliable spiritual teachers. There is also a short text about the alleged feud between Miguel Serrano and Nimrod Rosario. And another that states Serrano was actually expulsed from the Brahmanic Order after realizing his Master wasn’t what he thought he was.
      It is difficult to form a truly objective picture as to the truth of the entries; most of the articles are pro-Serrano but not all. It was most refreshing, however, to have come across the words of a disciple of Serrano’s mentioning Miss Sabela Quintela and vehemently recognizing her for what she is, a Bruja.
      It is interesting to note, however, and typical of Don Miguel Serrano, that he didn’t denounce his Maestro. He distanced himself from him as a way to ensure, perhaps, he could remain loyal to him, even if his (now former) Maestro soon began writing rather disloyal things about Serrano, in verse form, no less, quoted in said article. We know that Don Miguel had but praise for his teacher. No matter how bitter his disillusionment, he remained loyal right unto the end. Because his honor is loyalty.

  • aufihrhelden

    God Man :

  • Hosner

    I decided to post here my thoughts on the articles mentioned above for a reason. The fact that it was Don Serrano’s Maestro who introduced him, as he himself writes, to the greatness and cosmic significance of the person of Adolf Hitler, gives one reason to be suspicious of the blogs (I found at least two) carrying such dubious information. How could a person that was able to communicate with Adolf Hitler Himself on the Astral level be a proponent of such poisonous collective hallucinations as Freemasonry?

  • delendaestziobot

    I cannot recall Serrano ever revealing who his “Master” was? There is some speculation from translators and other followers of Serrano that his “Master” was a “Rogas” chap…. I have not had time to investigate this…But I would assume it is false…

    “Nimrod Rosario” chap appears to be a fake personage appearing in 2009….

    Problems arising here because Serrano never stated who “Master” was? Ummm… So speculations arise and fraud… Certainly the Oath is to Adolf Hitler….Not to “Master”….So…One cannot serve two masters….Choose whom you serve in other words, I would submit….One can use a literary device to convey a message…Perhaps this was Serrano’s intention, certainly a sub-plot emerges with this…Is there a Wolf in the EH chicken coop….? Am I that Wolf?

    • Hosner

      I think it is the Enemy, trying to confuse us and make us doubt, however slightly, ourselves and, if it were possible, our beloved Maestro.
      As if anything they did could ever change the Eternal Words Of Truth he wrote.
      Our Oath is to the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler!
      As to the name of this Rogas person, I went with the first endnote from the recent HHC edition of “The Golden Cord,” on page 256, where he is listed as Carlos Salas Rogat.
      The South American public (allegedly) knew him under his Sri Raaknahaif pseudonym.

      • delendaestziobot

        Yes, that is Jason’s endnote… I will revise it for the next edition when I have time…Was Carlos Salas Rogat Don Miguel’s Master? Sure would be problems if that is the case…But I don’t see any evidence that it is the case…But I don’t know because Serrano never wrote who his “master” was, if he even had one…But we will never really know, so one could just say it is Carlos Salas Rogat and that would be as much speculation as any other speculation…What a mess…

      • Hosner

        Adolf Hitler was the only Maestro Don Miguel Fernandez Serrano has ever had.
        Salve Serrano!
        Heil Hitler!
        Sieg Heil!

  • delendaestziobot

    Well then it cant be the Rogas chap then…He might of met with a Rogas chap, but I don’t know if that was his “Master”…

  • delendaestziobot

    This is rather funny, because if the South American public knows that Miguel Serrano’s “Master” was the Rogat chap, and even a smackie punk from South Carolina knows that it was Rogat, then why would Serrano need to hide that? LOL….Would be a bit silly, I mean, Serrano having to hide the identity of his beloved Master and yet everyone knows who it is!!!!

  • delendaestziobot

    So Serrano is not allowed to reveal the identity of his Master from the Tibetan-Hindustan-Indian-Yogi-Himalayan-Shamballa-Nazis under oath and pain of death….But everyone knows who it is and Serrano gets his photo taken with him just for good measure…LOL…Wow…Some secret there…

  • delendaestziobot

    I would assume Serrano’s “Master” was Serrano’s literary alter-ego woven in as sub-plot in his books…..That is my opinion.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      I must agree with you re: Serrano’s “Master” being an alter-ego, because it is clear that he differentiates between the Fuhrer and his Master (see UA on Operation Barbarossa). I also find it incredibly ludicrous to believe that the “South American public” (whatever in God’s name that means!) has some terrific understanding of all this. The Noble Savage narrative again in action, what a joke!

      • delendaestziobot

        Ja, I think Serrano’s double image photographs are a bit of a clue about this… Ummm, yea so, we will be doing a new version of The Golden Cord, with new notes, when I get the time, and a new translation is now being worked on….Jason’s translation was just a rough draft.

        So I will reveal more about the “Master” when I get round to the 2nd edition of “The Golden Cord”…

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