Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. Book Release.

It is year 125 of the Hitlerian Era, the 20th of April, Fuhrertag, the Day of the Führer, commemorating his earthly incarnation 125 years ago in Braunau am Inn, in the Holy Land of Germany. This day coincides with Ostara, as it is chosen as the day of the book release of the Fifth Gospel, the true Gospel in fact, the Aryan Gospel of the Ultimate Avatar, Adolf Hitler. This is The Resurrection; unleashed with Green Thunderbolts from the summit of the Mountain of Doom! With this the West is given the Gospel and the fountains of untold knowledge are opened to the few who are ready, those prepared from birth to enter into the way of Immortality. We must always remember that we are returning to our Immortality, and everything we do is done under Eternal Signs, we are going backwards to the point of our error, our error and fall into this Maya of delusion, which has trapped us with word and image and the illusions of the mind, and thus our freedom will be obtained via a return to the point where word and image trapped us, there we will come to geo-genesis in the valley of error, and we will find retracing the errors, the origin and we will unravel the Mystery of Mysteries and recover our Immortality, our Holy Grail, and transform our spirits by the elevation of our minds. Just as the great delusion has been fabricated in words and images, it is only by words and images that we can return to the point of error and with our minds we will understand the earthly created error of our ways and we shall be released from the error. This is the diamond-hard path and impossible way that has been determined, and the Guides have been appointed, Aryan Navigators of Worlds without End have come to guide us.

Our Führer is elevated above Death, destroying Death by Death, overcoming the world and the tombs, becoming Lord of the Eternal Infinite by His own Hand! And here our Aryan Folk can understand that with the Green Thunderbolt from the Mountain of Doom, all is transfigured, beyond everything that has come before by a Magick of the Highest Order, a compendium of the opus alchimicum from the highest Runelauteren. Here on Ostara the West receives the translation, the true and unabridged translation of Miguel Serrano’s Aryan Gospel of the Ultimate Avatar, released on this day of His birth in commemoration. For the Germanic Diaspora of Ostara, who have spread to the four corners of the earth, we salute you and offer you guidence Home…Ressurrected Heroes of ancient Fury, Fight now without God, for we have won the metaphysical war, and the portals are penetrated by the keys we have won. The Avatar has released His Einherier, this is the new Twilight of the Gods where Gods are killed and their lifeless bodies are stacked high, this is the beginning of Ragnarok where the Gods of Man are judged and found guilty. We will destroy earthly matters with our minds!

“It sates itself on the Blood of Life

Of the destiny of men,

turns to bloody shambles the godly homes,

paints with blood-red gore.

Black now is the Sun, Black Sunlight,

In the summers that come,

all-weather is treacherous.

Do you still seek to know? And What?”

Here is no mercy, here is a wild age, an axe age, a fire age, an Age of Destruction! A Battle of Doomed Gods, wicked conjurers, evil genius of illusions, you are now broken and powerless. Break the spell of the earth, break the spell of the heavens, you shall not conjure it, no more, cruel agony perpetrated from behind veils of illusion, be undone, rent and torn.

For the Escape out of the Eternal Return and to order the Unabridged English Translation of Miguel Serrano’s Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, go to Hermitage Helm Corpus. This magnificent work of Esoteric Hitlerism is presented in the only way it could be; in a deluxe hardcover of green linen with gold foil intaglio titles in letters and runes, with the highest standard paper and binding of archival quality, the book is also complete with a comprehensive index, glossary and commentary notes by Franz Berg and Karl Young.

Deepest gratitude to Franz Berg for his superb translation of this most important of works, I would also like to express gratitude to Norman Lowell for his inspired foreword, Steve Hirst for his comprehensive index, and Marko Neumann and George Elliot for their proof-reading skills.

Here I also fulfill my promise I made to the Spirit of Serrano at his gravestone in Santiago.

Heil Miguel Serrano!

Heil Hitler!

Heil the Einherier!


8 responses to “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. Book Release.

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler’s Fiftieth Birthday :

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler’s Hundredth Birthday :

  • aufihrhelden

    Adolf Hitler’s One Hundred and Twenty-Fifth Birthday :

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay :

    ‘… and we will find retracing the errors, the origin …’

    That is to say, Adolf Hitler, The Man Against Time.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot

    I just placed the magnificent Zeitgeist Edition of ULTIMATE AVATAR on my library shelf, it is by far the biggest book in my entire library. What can I say…It is Ultimate Victory, and I survey the world from the summit of Mount Doom, like surveying the field of battle, a field where gods and men are strewn and laying wasted, lifeless, a field of total destruction. The cries I hear are the vanquished, the gods and men, trillions once strong, now reduced to just a squeak, which is all they could muster in the end, a whimper, a squeak, that need not be answered. That is all there was in the end, just a pathetic squeak from a dying species. A squeak not deserving an answer, a squeak in vain. All of the vast trillions, and they only mustered a squeak, a whimper, that was all, nothing more, a little whimper in protest, all too late….No answer was there to the ULTIMATE AVATAR, no answer to the Eternal lightning strike against a mortal world.

    This I did for Mein Fuhrer, in loyalty, and in my Duty done, which is honor, and thus I will be judged, from nothing and with nothing, by Duty be Done, for the ULTIMATE AVATAR, and The Man To Come, Heil Hitler!

  • delendaestziobot

    The Book is even more powerful than I could have imagined, like Notung has been reforged from raging blood fires, in this form it has taken on such might, it is immense, prodigious, vast. The Ring now destroyed, a weapon is forged, but it is like no weapon ever made, because it is not earthly, it is otherwordly. This weapon won, calls the noblest of heroes, only the strongest can come near, only the mightiest can hear, only masters of other realities and worlds can carry such a weapon.

  • Eric

    How do I go about obtaining a copy?

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