Prophecy of the Wolf

The Spirit of Woden –


Thus rode once more the One-Eyed God,

Awakened on the downland sod,

The Helmed Waendel rides once more,

His armies wait from shore to shore.

Wotan’s Spirit moving West

Into the Islands of the Blest,

Wyrd now spins the Web of Fate,

Woden fans the fires of hate!

The Hooded One shall rise again,

He shall flex his might and main;

Weaving spells to wake his Folk,

The English Folk that bear the yolk.

Now shall awake The Hooded Man,

Son of Woden – Son of Man;

The English Hero, strong and brave,

Shall wake the spirits from the grave.

Now rise the Army of the Dead,

With Woden leading at their head;

The One-Eyed Hunter God awakes

The Island of the Mighty shakes!

The Spirit of the Wolf returns,

Rise flames of war, the land it burns;

The ancient games, filled with laughter?

They’ll call this one the Games of Slaughter!

Folk-bands of English Youth shall roam,

Across this land from foam to foam;

Lead by the Wanderer once more,

As in the ancient days of yore.

The English Youth once more shall rise,

Again the Wolf-Hook banner flies;

The symbol of the English fight,

Shall put our enemies to flight.

By Fire and Sword this land shall burn,

The banner of the Wolf return;

The Greater One shall now be born,

To lead the way to a New Dawn!

Wulf Woden-Ing



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