Aryan Law Thing

24 February 2014

Dear Mr Clegg

I am writing to you regarding the most serious and biggest fraud in all history. I am enclosing documents and evidence pertaining to the fact that all fiat “currency” and especially all manner of instruments in the form of debt are fraudulent when made such as all debt in the form of sovereign debt, mortgages and credit cards.

The following documents and evidence which all make up the fundamental process of Commercial Law (in fact this process is the cornerstone of Commercial Law) are enclosed and all involve Yorkshire Building Society and Paragon Personal Finance Limited (the same documents were sent to each organization):

    –   Notice of Conditional Acceptance dated 25 August 2009;

    –   Notice of Dishonour And Opportunity To Cure dated 1 September 2009;

    –   Notice of Dishonour dated 11 September 2009;

    –   Notice of Lien Interest dated 14 October 2009;

    –   Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien dated 26 March 2010;

    –   Notice of Default dated 9 April 2010;

    –   Affidavit of Service and Non-Response dated 14 June 2010;

    –   Certificate of Non-Response dated 21 June 2010;

    –   Notice of Exemplary Charges dated 31 October 2011;

    –   Statutory Demand dated 9 January 2012.

I also enclose a Skeleton Argument relating to Paragon Personal Finance dated 28 September 2012.

A list of the breach of Acts by both Yorkshire Building Society and Paragon Personal Finance are also enclosed.

The process of Commercial Law outlined above is NOT a matter of judgement and the judges who took it upon themselves to make their “judgements” for and on behalf of the banks (copies of these judgements are also enclosed) had NO RIGHT TO DO SO. An un-rebutted affidavit stands as truth in commerce and is acted upon as the judgement in commerce. It is fatal offence for any person, even a judge, to impair or to expunge, without a Counter-Affidavit, and Affidavit or any commercial process based upon an Affidavit; these so-called judges all knowingly committed this fatal offence as they are nothing but pathetic minions working on behalf of the fraudulent international banks. A remedy will one day be created involving truthful retribution for all those who engage in obstruction of truth.

I enclose details of the most important court hearing in history (and therefore the most suppressed court hearing in history), ‘Montgomery vs Daly’, which lays out the fraudulent system perfectly.

All those who knowingly violate the above procedures of truth and justice are committing an offence of such magnitude that those who are the victims of such crime have the God-given right to use all any measure to ensure that one day justice is seen to be done.

Now, when you read this letter (and even if you don’t it will be deemed in the future that you had because the letter will be hand delivered to your office with the strict instructions that it is forwarded to you personally and immediately) I imagine that your reaction will be of rage and envy because I believe you to be a Zionist and that is the way Zionists react when they are confronted by their intellectual and truthful superiors. In fact every time I see your smug face it makes my skin crawl, in fact I do not believe you are who you say you are. In your latest letter you even talk about delivering a “fairer tax” – taxation, however, is a unilaterally enforced debt (that is to say it not bilateral and therefore fraudulent) and a means to ensure that the fraudulent fiat “currency” that is created finds its way back to its criminal creators with a greater velocity than otherwise would be the case.

If I stated that I believe that the inadequate cretins of Zion were hell-bent on the genocide of The Aryan Race how would you react to that? How would you react? Inadequately?

You also state on your website that you have an “international outlook” – is that a pathetic code for being a Zionist?

I have a copy of an article by the Zionist media organization, ‘Reuters’ dated 11 March 2011 which includes statements from yourself such as the following:

“I’m like everybody else – you want to wring the neck of these wretched people who behaved so irresponsibly and we’re now having to bail them out.”

So, because the Zionists, who are in layman’s terms, thick as pig shit (TAPS, that’s a good acronym, don’t you think?) have made such a mess of their system of fraudulently creating credit from thin air, which they use to enslave the world, you believe that this criminal system should remain and that it should be supported by the very people who it attempts to enslave. Your sick depravity is displayed there for all to see. In the same article, you also state that Britain needed “to look at the basic structure of Banking.” What you really mean is that you really have no intention of really “looking at it” because if you really did “look at it” you would know that the whole banking structure is nothing but a gigantic fraud. What you really mean is that any so-called changes would be merely cosmetic and the substance of this giant fraud would not be addressed at all.

Your deliberate evasion and your servile servitude of Zion is exactly the same behaviour as that of the so-called judges who presided over the supported court hearings of which I was present – one of them stated that he did not understand commercial law and that he was not aware of an Affidavit of Obligation, another stated that I should ask for a doctor’s note (as clearly I was not in my right mind challenging mass fraud) and this judge also stated that I had “completely invented” this process which is based on the Commercial Laws of England! Another judge stated that he could not possibly challenge (by “challenge” he meant by acting according to the law) the entire commercial structure of England – oh, so if the fraud becomes so huge, that’s perfectly alright then? How sick. Another stated that “the matter for the creation of credit is not a matter for the courts but for the financial regulators.”  – So this judge acknowledges this mass fraud but then washes his hands of it and says it’s got nothing to do with him! Pass it on to crooked regulators! How depraved.

So far, in the years of this process, I’ve come across nothing but cowards, morons and servile puppets of Zion who have tried to hide, ignore and deny the law, lawful process, truth and justice. I imagine that all those who engage in such obstruction will one day hang for treason.

Again, this is not a case of you having to be ‘persuaded’ by this process nor is it a matter of any kind of judgement on your part as I have provided you with the facts and the evidence which clearly demonstrate that the whole world’s financial system is nothing but one great fraud – it is YOUR DUTY to act accordingly. If you do not act accordingly then The God of Truth and Justice will one day wield the Sword of Justice down upon yourself.

As part of this worldwide fraud involves the eviction of myself from the property given on this letter and as the criminal eviction date is imminent, you will not merely reply in writing to myself as it may not be received and also a letter from yourself would serve no purpose as the facts are all very clear. You will, however, take the following action:

Upon receiving this information you will reproduce all of it on your website along with a statement condemning all forms of debt from the US Treasury Bond to the credit card bill for a meal at a restaurant as being fraudulent when made. You will also make a statement in The Houses of Parliament to that effect. I will be at your office at 12:00 on Monday 3 March 2014 – you will also be there (the utter magnitude of this issue renders totally irrelevant any other arrangements you have made) whereupon you will deliver to myself the monies lawfully outlined in the enclosed Statutory Demand.

Failure to carry out the above instructions will prove once and for all that you are a Zionist and that all your efforts and duties are carried out in total servitude to The Protocols of The Elders of Zion.

I have provided you with the information in the enclosed documents. You have a choice to make between Good and Evil. Think very hard regarding the consequences – then choose.

All tortured creatures who can find neither justice nor help by themselves will one day receive both from us.

Steve Hirst


The Choice is given even in their own human terms, so they can understand it, there will be no pleading later that the prosecution spoke in alien terms and therefore was not comprehensible, neither can ziobotic humanity not attend trial or claim not to understand the judgement being handed down or the prosecution case, or claim to be unfit to stand trial in the first place. Because all lawful terms have been given according to the definitions of humanity itself, that which they have spoken and written is that which will ultimately judge them, so it is expected that they will be condemned not only by their own actions but also their own words, both spoken or written. In this article we have refered you to your own “international outlook” for reference, and we do not mean Pussy Riot vs Putin, but we do mean Montgomery vs Daly, let this be the reference for Mr Clegg. I can only give this advice to Mr Clegg; that he put in an early guilty plea, before handing over what is owed to Mr Hirst.

4 responses to “Aryan Law Thing

  • delendaestziobot

    It appears Mr Clegg has decided not attend his Thing hearing, this will be taken as a guilty plea without remorse, and without remorse shown, no mercy can be offered. This Aryan Thing rules that Mr Hirst has acted according to the unwritten rules of the Thing which rightfully holds that the life value of the folk is above the law, and that law is only law when it defends the health and life value of the folk. In this expression of divine Aryan Justice, Mr Clegg is found guilty on all charges, and Mr Hirst is found to be in the Right on all accounts which he has dutifully brought to the attention of his folk, whom are present to witness such matter, and have witnessed such matter. We the Aryan folk also hold that the mechanical and biological use of sterile and abstract sets of laws dictated by the dead letter of the law is a crime against one and all of our folk, and so we also hold this charge against Mr Clegg and all others whom knowingly or unknowingly serve the established, traditional, dead letter of the human law as oppossed to the Reich of our Aryan Thing!

    Heil Hitler!

  • aufihrhelden

    The vile Mr Clegg did indeed choose not to attend the hearing as he is, of course, a criminal and a cretin and an animal-man.

    This process of commercial law is actually, to a certain extent, coherent with natural justice and therefore the well-being of the folk as it lays out all the criminal acts of the accused but it also allows the accused to respond within a given time frame to the charges. It is designed to bring matters to a head and to see that justice is swiftly served. It is a bilateral process rather than a unilaterally imposed dictate.If the process were used in relation to defective motor cars or structurally unsound buildings for example then due process would most likely be followed in court but when it is used against The Greatest Fraud Of All Time then Zion makes sure that all its puppet judges and politicians act ‘accordingly’ (criminally).

    So the vile Mr Clegg even acts against The Commercial Laws of England as well as against the life value of the folk.

    It is asserted in this process that Mr Clegg is involved in aiding and abetting the fraudulent creation of debt from thin air. Mr Clegg was invited to respond but refused. The Thingstatte of The Folk decrees that Mr Clegg be subjected to death by hanging.

  • aufihrhelden

    As well as sending the police around to my property and to threaten me with an ‘arrest or worse …’ if I pursued this matter, Zion has recently tried to have my ‘mental health’ ‘assessed’.

    You see, Zion can never in a million years compete truthfully, factually or intellectually so they have to stoop to such methods (actually they don’t because the masses don’t care but Zion is too stupid to realise that.

    Zionists such as Clegg are all retarded and that is their greatest strength because they just stoop down straight to the lowest common denominator, although, of course and by definition, they don’t even realise what the lowest common denominator is !

  • aufihrhelden

    The criminal Talmudic Nick Clegg has been earning £35,000 for giving speeches. One wonders if these speeches contain hints and tips as to how to get away with murder, rape and child abuse although, of course, there is no need to as, essentially speaking, the entire B’nai B’rith population engage in such anyway … Stupid Criminal Bastard.

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