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Here is a blog to peruse, some good work here, from what I have seen.

We display the holy signs, the quiet whispers of the “secretly speaking ones”, our forgotten hieroglyphs, the most ancient of all alphabets, and the Aryan Alphabet from which all other decayed letters of alphabets are fallen from. We have no greater weapon than the skaldic mysteries we find in the Runes, as part of our inheritance, our great Spiritual Inheritance. High German is decayed language, fallen from Primal Runes, like an inverted tree, for it is not an evolution but a de-evolution, like a tree that has been uprooted, and stands somehow with its roots up in the air and its decaying word-leaves on the ground. Yiddish is hideously decayed German, like the latter Hebrew is appallingly decayed Arabic. Stupidly, Rabbis erroneously believe that Hebrew is the first language, they have scraps of yellow parchment in Tel Aviv as proof, and they also believe like any Jew you would meet in any city ghetto that their own words create reality, they believe that if they speak or write the word that it is the reality of things and the truth, hence the Jewish god speaks in the Universe with his word, which according to them is a Hebrew word, and seeming that Hebrew is only decayed Arabic, this speaking in of Creation by a Ghetto Jew, cannot be true, but a Jew will believe anything that comes out of his own mouth and so will most Gentiles. In this situation perhaps one can better understand the words of the Kristos: “Many will be the last, who are the first, and many the first, who are the last” (Mark 10:29-31)

Perhaps I can add that it is no coincidence that when we talk of Runes we talk of Ruins! And there is Power in the Runes or Ruins, as I have said. And I will nail that to the church door for real next time, that will disturb the ceremonial mummery! Perhaps something a little more stringent is required to end this priestly mischief, something a little more narrowly binding, rigorously exacting, and I don’t mean the contraction of fiat supply as in an austerity measure, but I mean by contracting the hot-air being expelled by certain mouths, whether Jewish and Gentile makes no difference, when the power of decayed words and speech is removed by contraction of the supply, which in fact is the Fiat, then no doubt we will see a reduction in the linguistic quantative easing, a reduction in the power. And that will be Force, but a different kind of Force.

7 responses to “Volkisch Runology

  • oregoncoug

    There is no civilization other than ours anymore and most of the political and material work has already been done by the generations of our fathers and grandfathers. Jewry is tearing itself to shreds and in truth the future belongs to us more than ever. In more and more respects even the disintegrating present world is basically what we are making it to be.

    Hence the main work facing the younger generation is the spiritual and religious mastery of Force. This is Nordic-Balto-Slav Germanic Runology with a vengeance! A Pan-European Yoga or Gymnastics of Aryan Conquest.

    It is the Fuhrer with His forerunner Wagner and His herald Serrano who can teach us how to have the holy arrogance to claim our entire White European heritage and ancestry without timid squeamishness about this or that aspect of it. That total European Spirit is the Higher Paganism, the Higher Heathenism, and also the absolutely not Judaic and Aryan Kristianity of our actual mainstream White European Protestant and Catholic forebears.

    Therefore Martin Luther is our man together with Abbot Dunstan of Glastonbury and the greatest Aryan Spanish religious guides such as John of the Cross, Theresa of Avila and even the exceedingly brilliant Ignatius of Loyola. The Catholics Dante and Shakespeare are our men together with the Protestants William Tyndale and John Dee.

    The Struggle of our Folk has been seamless and unbroken. The essential is that we have unbounded arrogant confidence and holy pride in our White European blood for the maximum attainment of Runic Force.

    Not politics, not geo-politics, but Runology will achieve the Liberation of Europe and the Americas by the younger generation.


    • BlutSun

      You are a master of the written word, Oregoncoug. Each post is a most noble battle cry, always full of wisdom. It is amazing really that my drawings as a young boy have always been “runic” far before I had a conception of them. It is because they live in us and in our blood. Drawing, carving, and studying their geometric perfection invokes an ancient calling. It is interesting that we posted at nearly the same time. As for learning the runes there is no better source document than the Huld Manuscript from Iceland which reveal that, when Wotan sacrificed himself to his Self, he gathered many more runes than in the traditional futhark. Odin’s mistress Huld practiced the Seiðr, the sorcery which included use of the Staves. Ynglinga Saga tells us Wotan had his original dwelling near a lake in Sweden.

      • the55club

        “As for learning the runes there is no better source document than the Huld Manuscript from Iceland”

        You have already been given a diamond in the word ‘ARMANEN’ and yet you insist in playing in a pile of coal.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Manuscript”, kind of defeats the whole purpose. Yes, the55club is right, and Blutsun is like a petulent child who insists on putting lumps of coal in his mouth, when he has been told not to….You know how little children go round and want to stick everything in their mouth, that is what little Blutsun does. And the amusement is wearing off, for me.

    • BlutSun

      I notice you deleted my breakthrough on Moloch-Melccha-Mlehk. You can not be expected to understand the importance this information which has remained in darkness for thousands of years.

    • the55club

      “Re-read my post. I said source document specifically and on purpose”
      Young man, the Huld(a) Manuscript is a BOOK written in the 19th century, in which, the Author compiled older Runic spells. Much has happened since then. You are spewing your nonsense on a site that is dedicated to the Birth of a very ancient and yet, entirely new Religion. It is the Path of the Hero and the Man of Destiny; Re-invented and paved by the Idealism of our Fuhrer. The elements of ‘spell casting books’ melt away before the Man of Destiny.
      Our greatest Rune Wisdom comes from within and the BEST BOOK on Rune Wisdom is the Havamal. The Man to Come is singing the Song of the High One. And when we say ARMANEN – we are speaking of the last 100 years of Wotan’s Awakening, in which, Adolf Hitler is His Avatar.
      It is a glorious tale of Providence – that does not fit under your arm with Meister List. Strange, that I should have to tell you that. You should not argue with those who are trying to help you. It shows your error.
      Now, say what you will, but I am entirely too busy for this sort of silliness. Good Luck. – Joe Sevnson

  • aufihrhelden

    This website and Hermitage Helm Corpus contain The Greatest Truths of History And The World along with Der Ring des Nibelungen and Mein Kampf.

    Yes, in this world, it is always stringent, narrowly binding and rigorously exacting things which are required because International Jewry and Its Helpers thrive in the grey areas and they have to thrive in the grey areas because they are too stupid to apply real specific intellect. Pathetic tactics such as false flag attacks and mass media lies thrive on ‘grey area’ lethargy. Morons.

    A material reduction in either ‘linguistic quantitative easing’ or ‘fiat quantitative easing’ involves killing bankers, killing the Federal Reserve and smashing their computers. But ultimately it involves killing Jews and their Gentile Helpers.

    But whenever you wish to kill something that is congenitally evil there can be no half measures or they will kill you ; remember that the English people take sadistic pleasure in their pursuits of murder, war, rape and child molestation. They love to watch it and read it in their Jewish mass media. The handful of people in Britain who are not of such ilk would no doubt gladly die if it meant the annihilation of the other sixty-odd million.

    ‘If its first language is English then kill it’ – when that cry resounds around Europe and the world then truth will have become victorious and without its most fervent Helpers, the evil of International Jewry will disappear like morning mist under the sun. Those few truthful ones caught in any crossfire will not mind because it would result in Paradise for the rest of the world.

    Heil Hitler !

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