Kalki the Avenger

“Hate is our prayer, Revenge is our promise”  – Mantra of the Werwolf.

“Tradition has not given us the date of the last return of Him Who comes back, nor has it given us means of calculating it. Tradition is neither history or astrology. Yet according to the signs I have mentioned, the last embodiment of the Forces ‘against Time’ in our Time-cycle – Kalki – must appear soon. He will come when all will seem irretrievably lost: when nothing will be left of the real Chosen Race – the natural Aryan aristocracy – but a silent, unnoticed, yet conscious, unwavering and active handful of men and women of the type I have described at the end of the last chapter of this book.. Now everything does actually seem lost without hope…And the few men who are already more than men – the toughest votaries of the perennial faith of Light and Life in its most recent form, are waiting; waiting to recognise their own beloved Leader, Adolf Hitler, in irresistible apocalyptic Warrior Who is to avenge him and his people, their comrades and their themselves. The Divine Warrior who is bound to come soon.” – Savitri Devi – The Lightning and the Sun.

According to Savitri Devi, the Divine Warrior appears at the fullness of untruth and iniquity, the Divine Warrior born of Aryan Race is infinitely more merciless and ruthless than Adolf Hitler. Kalki leads the Ultimate Battalion at the junction of Ages, Wotanic Warriors transformed by Death, Without Death, Immortals with avartaristic bodily vehicles prepared somewhere else but crystalized here in the slave prisons of the Demiurge, this Avatar body will be destroyed because it is hated, because it has infiltrated the world of the Demiurge, in order to embark on Combat against the Demiurge and Its legions of genetic biological automatons.

“Immortality is neither democratic nor collective. Only those of divine origin can reach it consciously, in aristocratic Combat, in a very hard War in which very few will prove victorious.”   – Miguel Serrano – Manu


13 responses to “Kalki the Avenger

  • oregoncoug

    Roman Christianity and Roman Europe served for two thousand years as the Obstacle (Katechon) against the Judaic Ziobot hordes. In the fullness of time the Ragnorok came and the inferior blood of Animal-Man was then washed away from the newborn Sons of Adolf Hitler during the Darkest Age that rapidly followed. In 1954 Our Beloved Fuhrer was seen by the Last Pope, the saintly Pius XII, ascending to the stars.

    Historic Roman Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, has become Esoteric Hitlerism. Roman Europe has become the Fourth Reich, Imperium Europa. The First Aryan Christ, the Suffering God Jesus meek and mild, has become the Avenging Judge of His Second Coming, the Fighting Aryan God cruel and proud. Roman Christianity, still tainted with the impurities of the Old Testament and race-mixed Rome, has become Aryan Kristianity in the eternal racial purity and true A-Mor of Richard Wagner and Miguel Serrano.

    Little Baby Jesus has become the Anthropos, Kalki, the Ultimate Holy Terror of nightmare.

    Heil Hitler!

  • Hosner

    Excuse me, but as a student of Don Miguel Serrano’s Holy Books I still can’t understand the above words, try as I might. I thank you for responding to my previous question but the fact that you didn’t leave me with a chance of replying left me with a feeling that you were speaking “ex-cathedra” as it were. Just as in the case of the above sentence which reads: “Historic Roman Christianity, both Protestant and Catholic, has become Esoteric Hitlerism.”
    Not for me it has not, just as Orthodox Christianity hasn’t either.
    Even as you mentioned R. Wagner and A. Hitler, saying “their notions must be upheld” so will I mention Don Miguel Serrano: do you think He’d agree with your statements?
    Just because you have authority, which I acknowledge, it doesen’t mean that you, or anyone else, can add to the Mythos, at least not fundamentally. Or am I missing something? I am not trying to oppose your ex-cathedra with mine, I just want to realize the level you are proclaiming from. I can understand the fact that you perceive the whole WW2 to have been a fight for the “best of both worlds” – I just can’t include Christianity in my notion of Good, and I am experiencing difficulties when trying to understand how any Esoteric Hitlerist can.
    I realize you somehow find institutions of Christianity of value. So can I, in part, but I consider that to be an accident, whereas essentialy I find Christianity to (have) be(en) a Jewish Trojan horse, an enemy.
    I still appreciate the Psalms, at least some of them, and I admit their style is rather unique when considered as poetry, but to equal Christianity in toto with Esoteric Hitlerism? I spent time in a Christian Orthodox monastery, even preparing to become a monk, however briefly, I am not a hater without a clue, not in this case. It is just that I can’t say I found truth there. Whereas on the other hand – there is supreme beauty in living for true holiness. There is supreme force in males sharing that manner of existence. But isn’t this what we are already doing? With the world as our monastery? Forgive me, but I find little use in Christians who are not Esoteric Hitlerists. I completely understand that you understand and appreciate them – but do they understand you? So what sort of sentiment is that? A love lost, nothing else. Don’t we have our own Psalms? Can we not write our own? Of course we can, our inspiration is far more real than that of some “David.” Who never even existed. Same as everything when it comes to Juden. Just a mass of filthy, resentful, bearded rabbis who hate the world and find ecstasy in grovelling before the demiurgic worm.
    What I can not understand, however, is your invoking Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler in connection with Christianity. I’d even dare say that Wagner’s true religion was “Parsifalism,” not Christianity, whereas Hitler and Serrano both despised Christianity, at least to my knowledge, so I truly can’t understand anyone’s statements to the contrary.
    By way of concluding let me just add and admit that in my previous comment on Siddarreich I have gone too far with my words as far the Lady was concerned, even if she wore a Christian garb. At first my ego was protesting but I soon realized that Club 55 was right and I thank him for pointing this out to me. Heil Hitler!

    • Rohan

      I think your words “At least to my knowledge” says it all.

      • Hosner

        My knowledge is expanding slowly but I am more than willing to be enlightened. My previous comments made it clear that I was still a beginner in comparison to most, if not all, Kameraden who frequent Siddharreich. Perhaps you could point me to some sources, I’d be much obliged? I am in the process of reading Mein Kampf but that is not the only source for Hitler’s views. As to Wagner, I sincerely don’t know how to approach him and his immense opus because, frankly, it feels rather intimidating, I don’t even know if I have the predisposition to begin developing an appreciation for him. But I know my Serrano. HH

    • The 55 Club

      My dear Kamerad, in one Wagner statement can the whole problem be summed up:

      “That the God of our Savior should have been identified with the tribal god of israel, is one of the most terrible confusions in all world history.” – Richard Wagner

      (A quote taken from The Complete Armanen.)

  • delendaestziobot

    Wagner considered the state religion of Christianity to have reached its end in its Dogma….He then considered a new Religion, which was a primal Germanic religion which can be read, seen and heard in his Operas, which were a spiritual and religious Reformation…

    “It lives, but only at its primal source and sole true dwelling place, within the deepest, holiest inner chamber of the Individual; there whither never yet has surged a conflict of the rationalist and supranaturalist, the Clergy and the State. For this is the essence of true Religion: that, away from the cheating show of the day-tide world, it shines in the night of a man’s inmost heart, with a light not of the world-sun’s light and visible nowhence save from out of the depth.” – Richard Wagner

    Wagner echoing Esoteric Hitlerism’s “Black Sun”.

  • delendaestziobot

    Michael A Luna,

    Yes, the children of Israel are the Vine…Descendants of the Vine, branches of the Vine, and so on…the Weavers Guild were responsible for the weaving of the Text…The Jews were known for their vocations in textiles, but their vocations in Viticulture are not so well known, because those Jews would have become “Christians”, to work in the Vineyards of the Lords…Trump’s family would have come from the original Vineyards from the Rhine and Moselle valleys in Germany, being Jews they later wore the mask of Christianity…The true Spirit of the Vine being Yeast – Yeast-us – In German Y is J, so that would be Jeast-us, in the Jewish accent – “Jesus”, and the Cross beam of the Vine is Kruez, so Christ….All languages derive from German. All humans come from Germany….The humans have hidden their tracks very well though and it is all very convoluted.

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