Ignition – “to set on fire”, derived from Latin ignitio – a burning. To burn like fire, our blood burns, it is fiery, oh yes, FIERY, Man on Fire, Burning Man, you will see. Ingnitus, in Sanskrit it is ignis, also Anglonized into igneous from the old enghle, and from here we come to English, from ingle, ingel, engel, angel, angelus, quite feminine in a sense, as in light from a star, which is why England is “little white sister”.

“We are Nazis. Ig-nazis. From fiery. Nazi is an initiation word, with a vocation always represented by the Sieg Rune, We are also barbarians and pagans.” Miguel Serrano – Manu “For The Man To Come”. Page 205.

Here is something a young non-German speaking initiate can try at home; pronounce “Nation” in German. Like this: NAH-TSEE-ohn… It is pronounced tsion in German rather than shon in English. The term “Nazi”  stems from this abbreviated pronunciation of Nation, derived retrospectively from the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei – The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, which was the German political party from 1920 – 1945. From 1920 – 1945 in Germany it was not common to abbreviate the name of a political party, only rarely as was the case with Goebbels’ “Nazi-Sozi”. This was because in Germany at that time Germans thought of themselves as Germans naturally, and not as an abbreviated word derived from a political party. And when Dr Joseph Goebbels produced Nazi-Sozi it was propaganda aimed with non-German speaking folks in mind, and that is why that document has a question and answer format. A member of the NSDAP at that time would refer to a fellow member as a German and not as a “Nazi”, obviously.

There is something mysterious and unintelligible about this word Nazi. Nazi is a magik word for the Germanic Diaspora who do not have German as their first language – something felt with the beating heart and not reasoned by the intellect. One feels himself/herself in the heart’s hot blood to be a Nazi. This is something that has developed most strongly after 1945, post Ragnarök, after the Apocalypse when Germany was reduced to a pile of smoking rubble and ashes. Nazism developed underground outside of Germany, the Hitlerian movement became something spiritual, magikal, it was no longer political, not exoterically political but spiritually Esoteric and more than just religion, but a Kosmic will, a total Cosmogony. Etymologically the term Nazi was in part derived from the German pronunciation of Nationalsozialistische as in NAH-TSEE, the first two syllables of the German word. Obviously the most memorable for someone who does not have German as their first language. One would not say a “Sozi”, because that is not defining, as there was the Sozialdemokratishe Partei, and one would not want to get confused with affiliation with them, so Nazi is the defining part of this linguistic expression that we are discussing and is relevant to us. This is why George Lincoln Rockwell would call his party the American Nazi Party or why Colin Jordan would refer to “Universal Nazism”, because this is the more Universal term, that is how it has evolved linguistically. If one looks at more etymological roots it is intriguing, for Nation is derived from Natal in Latin. Natalis – presiding over birth as in nativity from natus – birth, so nat-ion, nat-ive, nat-ture. Nation = Race of people, natio = race.

Post 1945 and now the 21st Century, in a spiritual, kosmic, universal sense, nationalist does not and cannot describe us as Hitlerists, as disciples of Adolf Hitler. in this our Hitlerian era the nations of old are all dead, non-existent, and socialist does not describe us either, so we are only National Socialists retrospectively, only in acknowledging our fundamental roots are we National Socialists, in reality in this day and age we cannot be described accurately as National Socialists, German National Socialism is our Provenance, part of our fundamental roots. In our present time, post Ragnarök we are not Nationalists or Socialists, we are Nazis, and also neo-Nazis because we are something new, a new Nazi as part of a New Race – for we post 1945 were born without a race, without a people, without a nation, without a fatherland, nor a motherland, without any land at all, and therefore we had no social life, and no common good, or common community from which a social life can be developed. See Third Reich Pilgrim where this post-existential philosophy is expostulated in textual and graphical detail. The political National Socialist Party ended in 1945. The remnants of the Hitlerian movement went underground and National Socialism, fundamentally German in origin transformed into something else, those who held to this something else, themselves often only to themselves because there were at certain times and places only isolated individuals left on the face of the Earth, they referred to themselves as Nazis, they felt in their beating hearts that they were Nazi, even if it was only secretly spoken to the glistening tears falling from the gathering sphere, something unintelligible, out of the polar zone, a natal mystery conceived within the Green Thunderbolt beyond the Black Sun. Once a Nazi, Eternal Nazi, this cannot be undone.

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  • Sid

    Interesting article and an enjoyable read. Those professing Nazism and described as Nazis cannot merely rest in that fact. There are many waiting on a unifying force. We must, at some point soon, reconstitute and resemble the original NSDAP and “accomplish” not just “acknowledge” and speculate. Once again, we must physically assemble under the sacred banner, Der Blut Fahne. May that day come soon!

    Toward the New Dawn,


  • BlutSun

    Yes, the ignition — I feel it. Let us burst alight in the ignition of illumination.

    The Germanic Ingvaeones tribe: the Sons of Ing. Ing/Ignitus: to set alight. Ing is the Vedic god of fire, Agni. Agni-Igni are the same. The Ingvaeones are the sons of Agni, the Sons of Fire.

    “The name Irminones or Hermiones comes from Tacitus’s Germania (98 AD), where he categorized them as one of the tribes of descended from Mannus, and noted that they lived in the interior of Germany. Other Germanic groups of tribes were the Ingvaeones, living on the coast, and Istvaeones, who accounted for the rest.”

    Descended from Mannus — that is, Manu, the progenitor of the Solar Dynasty.

    Germanic tribe Istaevones are the sons of Ikshvaku.

    Ikshvaku as a race came out of “Manu Riksa”

    Riksha is Rishi. The 7 Rishis are the 7 stars of Ursa Major which forms a Swastika at the North Pole by rotation around the Pole Star. Rksha is Sanskrit for Bear and the sound Rk is the source of Arctic.

    “In Hindu astronomy, the Saptarṣi (seven rishis) form the constellation of Ursa Major,[11] which are distinct from Dhruva (Polaris).”

    Artur is a cognate to the common male given name Arthur, meaning “bear-like,”

    Arthur went to Avalon to recover from his wounds, the Land of Apples/Hesperides/Eden etc.


    “According to Indian tradition, the word was derived from the two meanings of the root rsh. Sanskrit grammarians[1] derive this word from the second root which means “to go, to move”.[2][3] gives this particular meaning and derivation, and Monier-Williams[4] also gives the same, with some qualification.”

    Arx is a Latin word meaning “citadel”. In the ancient city of Rome, the arx was located on the northern spur of the Capitoline

    An acropolis (Greek: Ακρόπολις; akros, akron,[1] highest, topmost, outermost + polis, city; plural: acropoleis or acropolises) is a settlement, especially a citadel, built upon an area of elevated ground—frequently a hill with precipitous sides, chosen for purposes of defense. In many parts of the world, acropoleis became the nuclei of large cities of classical antiquity, such as ancient Rome, which in more recent times grew up on the surrounding lower ground, such as modern Rome.

    The word acropolis literally means in Greek “upper city,”

    The Castle on the Hill, the Castle at the Pole, Hyperborea — Arktos.

    It is also Arcadia and the Ark.


  • Der Bestehende

    Gut verfasster Artikel. Lässt sich gut lesen und ist präzise anstatt unnötig ausschweifend.

    Was mich jedoch sehr verwundert, ist der Fakt das die erfundenen Runen von Guido von List immer noch als wahrhaftiges Erbe der Vorfahren wahrgenommen wird. Runen verformen und verändern im Sinne ein Sigil zu kreieren ist das Eine, ob man dieser Tätigkeit Glauben schenkt sei jetzt mal dahin gestellt. Mystizismus war und ist seit jeher ein Werkzeug des Tyrannen ( Oder besser gesagt dessen der seinen Willen und seine Agenda durchsetzen will ohne Rücksicht.

    Was kannst du dazu äußern?

  • clemsonjohnson

    Reblogged this on American national socialist and commented:
    Though I have serious doubts about the belief that Goebbels actually used the term Nazi, that is beside the point, and really not important, or only relevant when one is attempting to educate the sheeple on WW2 truth. When speaking with Kameraden , the Hitlerists, we do our selves better service by claiming ownership with thoughts such as are written here. Seig Heil!

    • delendaestziobot

      I don’t believe that one can educate the sheeple. They are the rainbow coloured hordes of the Demiurge….They hate “Nazis” and always will, and we are Nazis….But whatever you call yourself, it will not make any difference to the masses today – the Ziomass of robotic golems will hate you anyway. Which is good, one wants to be hated by the Ziomass.

      If the masses had any belief in National Socialism they would have supported George Lincoln Rockwell, instead they murdered him….Any man who thinks that they can educate or help the masses will be sadly mistaken….

  • delendaestziobot

    English, I know only a little German.

    • Der Bestehende

      Ah ok, good to know. I wondered because you didn’t replied to my former comment/reply which was written in german.

      I am German and lived in a building that was build by the Wehrmacht, that was used by the US Army after WWII, that is shaped like the SIG rune.

      “Ziomass” is that a actual word or a a wordplay on zion and mass, to give the herd of brainwashed sheeps a name?

      Thanks for posting the VÖLKERSCHLACHTSDENKMAL video, since I can view it on while being on your blog but not when I am on Youtube itself, which is ridiculous that that clip is blocked in my country. To read “Blocked in Germany” after clicking on a clip that contains music and pictures that originated in Germany shows how Doppelmoral is presented in the management (or their moral codex) of YouTube.

      Well written article by the way!


      Der Bestehende

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