Wulf’s Prophecy

Wulf’s Prophecy

Here now this my prophecy,

’tis now the time for all to see:

The truth was long ago foretold,

In ancient lands by men of old.

20-12: the End of Time,

Harken to this eerie rhyme:

False prophets spreading doom and gloom

I bring new hope – Wyrd spins the loom.

One World! One Sex! One Race! – They cry!

Cease! False prophets – stem your lies!

World Peace? I mock your empty words,

This land will fall by Fire and Sword!

Listen, people of the South,

The Word comes from the horse’s mouth:

This land shall sink beneath the waves,

So seek not shelter in the caves.

When the Silent Pool will rise,

Storm-Clouds gather in the skies:

Raging seas crash through the Downs,

White Horses followed by the Hounds.

The Mighty One, nursed of the dew,

Scorned by the mass – held by the few:

A e’en Greater One shall come,

When the Wolf devours the Sun.

When all seems lost, all hope is gone,

Then shall arise The Hooded One:

When the Silent Pool shall rise,

Stars align o’er Northern Skies.

The Milky Way, our Galaxy,

Born at the Centre of the Tree,

A Man-Child – Virile Warrior,

Son of the Wolf, the Mother bore.

Son of Woden – Son of Earth,

The Womb of England shall give birth:

The Child of Light shall wield the Sword,

From out his mouth shall come the Word.

Wolf’s Jaws engulf the Hanged God,

The cycle ended by the Dog:

The Blue Star shines bright in the sky,

The Hanged God now he must die.

At the Centre of the Tree,

The Black Sun shines, tho’ few can see:

Through the Triangle shall come

Widar – The Avenging Son!

The Hallowed One, bearing The Word,

He who wields the Broken Sword:

Forged anew by Wayland wise,

Whose sparks light up the Northern Skies.

One World! World Peace! – They cry in vain,

The Lords of Law arise again:

False princes – Tremble on this Earth!

The galaxy is giving birth.

Sent by the Gods to kindle war,

Helgi wields the Flaming Sword:

The Wolfing leads a Mighty Force,

Mounted on a pure White Horse.

When helmet of the Hunter-God,

Appears once more on Downland Sod:

When spear is shaken, splintered shield

The Sword of Wrath this God will wield.

Inside the Treasure-Box is hid,

Beneath the Wooden Casket’s lid:

Dark Goddess – Ruler of our time,

The Torcs from He she seeks to hide.

But she shall hide the Rings in vain,

The Golden Torcs are found again:

The age is ended – Hail the Dawn!

The Dragon slain – The evil gone.

Awaited long, the Golden Age,

Prophesied by many a sage:

The Child of Light shall end the old,

The Rightful King – The Warrior bold!



26 responses to “Wulf’s Prophecy

  • delendaestziobot


    We do hold hope for Woden’s Folk, we hold hope for what remains of Germanic spirit in the Isle of Albion, in England, not the corporation of Britain, to which someone of my low class is an unfortunate slave of. Miguel Serrano also held hope for Woden’s Folk and England, which he thought to be one of the last remnants of Aryan land, and Adolf Hitler saved England with His Miracle at Dunkirk, and by deciding not to bomb England, for this hope which He had also, a prophecy unfulfilled, which we now carry.

  • Riorraw

    Thank you for your honest reply.
    I must admit that I’m quite uninformed regarding ”Woden’s Folk”.

    Anyway, keep up the struggle!


  • Wulf Ingessunu

    Thank you for your comments on this subject. Until recently the works of Miguel Serrano on Esoteric Hitlerism were unknown to me. The work done by Woden’s Folk here in England have been done totally independant of this and although much runs parallel it has been done in a totally different way. Read our stuff and you will see what I mean. The great works of Miguel Serrano have shown to us that what we were doing is valid, but ours centres around the Northern Hemisphere.

    Wulf – Woden’s Folk.

    • delendaestziobot

      The true Aryan awakens slowly, and through stages, levels of Initiation, and this is the Hitlerian Transmutation, which is the same as self sacrifice, we are all now Wotan hanging on the Cross, sacrificing who we were, overcoming ourselves, dying to self, rescuing the knowledge that was lost. And we are hooded, and invisible, and voiceless, obscure, and we wear our masks. Again, the English translations of Esoteric Hitlerism from Spanish are now more significant than Luther’s translations of the Gospels into German, or Tyndale’s translation into English. They said that these men were driven to the extremes, hunted, vilified, betrayed, persecuted, imprisoned, strangled and burnt alive! But they are now nothing compared to what we have done…From North, South, East and West, there is no stopping this now. The Philosophical Blitzkrieg has already broken through all, all of History is in Ruins!
      Heil Hitler!

  • Wulf Ingessunu


    I can fully understand your comments about the work put out on Woden’s Folk website that it seems to be a ‘bad-written plagiarism of Miguel Serrano’s teachings’ which it may well look like at first sight to those who are not familiar with our own work at WF. I can assure you that the work done by WF over the years was (until recently) done with very little knowledge of the works of Miguel Serrano, whose translations of the main works of Esoteric Hitlerism did not become available until the end of 2012, when I was kindly given a copy of ‘Manu – The Man to Come’. I had skimmed through ‘Nos – Book of the Resurrection’ about a year before this, and ‘The Serpent of Paradise’ and ‘C.G. Jung and Hermann Hesse’ which I bought myself.

    We have certainly used terms such as the Jungian ‘archetype’ (which we see as an Ur-Type/Primal Type i.e. a god-force), and the ‘Last Avatar’ which goes back to 1997 when the ‘HelgiH Mysteries’ were revealed (Helgi being a Germanic name which can be, through valid letter-changes, seen as the Kalki of the Hindus). The Polar Mythos was due to the works of Julius Evola at first, but this was developed through our own interpretation of the ‘Myth of Sheaf’ which is an English Myth (one of few left to us) going back to an island called ‘Scandi’ (‘Shining Island’) in the North.

    Our work was developed on a separate level than that of Miguel Serrano, but has many strange parallels. I was quite amazed to see the piece in ‘Manu – The Man to Come’ on the ‘Celtic’ Druids which see these as being an alien priesthood; we had deduced this on different lines, through the fact that many parts of North Wales have Hebrew names going back to ancient times (England has none of this type at all) and that the Ogham script has a vowel-system that equates with well-known Hebrew names. To this we add the supposition that the name ‘Britain’ could derive from ‘Bryth-Ain’ which is the Hebrew ‘Land of the Covenant’. This underlines the statement about the ‘British Corporation’ by delendaistziobot – and also why, after an initial awakening of the English National Consciousness, this was immediately countered by the re-emergence of the Union Flag during the ‘Golden Jubilee’ and then the blatant occult propaganda during the whole of the ‘2012 Olympic Games’ in their attempt to recreate the ‘New Jerusalem’ (Zion) here in England (see Willliam Blake). There is also a piece in an anti-English work -‘The White Goddess’ – that traces the ‘Holy Name’ derived from the use of Ogham to JEHUOVAO which is strikingly similar to JEHOVAH! We came to the same conclusion that the ‘Druidic Priesthood’ was not ‘Celtic’ but an alien rulership in this land.

    It is also little understood that during World War II very powerful Occult (counter-initiation) Lodges were working here in England; these lodges recognised the nature of National Socialism as a re-emergence of the old Norse Gods/Germanic Gods and worked to protect ‘Christian Civilisation’ and ‘Democracy’ and for the dissolution of the nations and races after this war. Proof of this (and their tactics) can be found in a book called ‘The Battle for Britain’ which outlines the work of the (Welsh) occultist Dion Fortune. It is interesting to note that this work entailed magical visualisations based upon the ‘Celtic’ archetypes of ‘King Arthur’ and ‘Merlin’, archetypes that since the Norman times have been distorted and used against the English Folk. This is why in many films on this subject the Red Dragon (Arthur) defeats the White Dragon (English).

    I hope that this goes in some way to clearing up the work that has been done over the last couple of decades (and more) within WF and through previous groups that I have worked with. Since receiving and reading ‘Manu’ (and then the 555 Club work on the Armanen), our approach has changed slightly to incorporate the great teachings of Miguel Serrano, and to aid those others working to spread his work around the world. We at WF seek to create a new English National Consciousness, but in the sense of a world-wide Aryan Awakening, and to create a National Movement based upon a clear ideology and weltanshauung, and a higher purpose and higher destiny – not as an end in itself. This is why we have taken on the teachings of Miguel Serrano in the sense of the (re-)creation of the God-Man – the Sun-Man.

    Best Wishes,

    Wulf: Woden’s Folk

    • delendaestziobot

      On page 265 of Manu, Serrano says of the Jews: “The infiltration and corruption of England is very ancient. The majority of so called ‘Welsh’ are Jews. England, Engeland, ‘Land of Angles’, Albion from Albedo, the White Land, remnant of Hyperborea is transformed into Britain, B’nai B’rith, of the Jews. Thus Cromwell did nothing more than permit the entry of reinforcements. The dream of Hitler and Rudolf Hess to Aryanize England was almost impossible to achieve in these times.”

      What we need to understand here, because Serrano speaks very much in code, and the keys are given only to the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan who knows exactly where and to whom our books have gone. The British Corporation is a reanimation of the Dutch, or to be more specific the British East India Company is a reanimation of the Dutch East Indies Company, and Cromwell is the British figurehead for Asiatic Coffee and Cotton products with their Jewish merchants.

  • delendaestziobot

    Note: the Union Jack is the East India Company flag.

  • Riorraw

    Dear Wulf,

    Thank you for the clarifications. I agree with everything you have mentioned and I apologize for my ignorance regarding WF.
    There were too many coincidences, however I was wrong.

    I wish you and Kameraden delendaestziobot, the best for the year ahead!

    • Wulf Ingessunu


      No need to apologise, fully understandable as there was a good deal of ‘coincidence’ in our work. You were not familiar with WF and could not have known the background to our work. We wish you the best for 2014 too, thanks.


  • the55club

    What a commendable conversation. It was moving to read the lot of you coming together – and great information. Thank you. 88

  • Wulf Ingessunu


    Thank you for the comments on these conversations and for the work you do too; I and some other activists within WF have read ‘The Complete Armanen’ which is an excellent work. My apologies for adding a ‘5’ to your title, at the time I must have been thinking of something else!


  • aufihrhelden

    I see no reference, specific or otherwise, to World Jewry on the ‘wodensfolk’ website. A website that claims to adopt ‘eighteen principles’ without mention of World Jewry sounds, to me, like organised disinformation.

    A frog can have principles but it will still be stung by the scorpion.

    Truth is meaningless in this world, as it stands, without FIRST utilising the concept of force, specifically the complete and total annihilation of World Jewry and Its Helpers, primarily the English speaking people of the world.

    The greatest writings of the Nineteenth Century were by The Holy God Man of Bayreuth. The Greatest Writings of the Twentieth Century were by The Holy God Man of Berchtesgaden. The Greatest Book of The Twenty First Century is detailed on this website. But in a world of scorpions these works serve no purpose other than to instruct World Jewry and the English speaking people on what specifically to destroy. That is the situation of the world today.

    World Jewry and Its Helpers have called down the thunder and it is their aim to destroy all vestiges of Aryanism. Truth is meaningless to them. It is a question of who supports what, not what is true. That is the fundamental truth of a world where millions of congenitally evil people hold power (the Jews are stupid so they don’t realise the extent to which the English speaking people have come to love their Talmudic sickness).

    Anybody who believes that a scorpion reading a book will prevent it from stinging (however magnificent that book is) is fundamentally naïve because it is in the nature of the scorpion to sting and it is in the nature of the people of Britain and America to support evil. In fact, the amount of stinging is inversely proportional to what Mr and Mrs Average might expect, the greater the books, the greater the truths then the more the scorpion will sting as it learns what to hate and it learns what truths to look out for and hence destroy.

    All Heil The Magnificent Warriors of The Waffen SS !

    • delendaestziobot

      As an English speaker yourself, knight Galahad, has not the words of Aryan Truth Resurrected the Hero? Does it not disintergrate demiurgic matter and resurrect us beyond the stars? Truth is of no importance to this world, Truth is what is inside us, which is from somewhere else. And Force, you are right again, it all comes down to Force on this Earth, hence Operation Barbarossa, and Like Operation Barbarossa there is another Victory somewhere else. So if they are going to destroy and we by our nature are going to destroy, then a battle it will be, and for that battle we will need warriors, resurrected warriors, but the quantative procreation of physical and biological Aryan warriors is no longer necessary, so any plan for diluting or exterminating us does not hinder the current stratergy we have. The Truth is that the number of Aryan Warriors is fulfilled, and it is The Aryan Warriors who have returned to inhabit the bodies of Men, and they are destroyers of entire worlds.

  • delendaestziobot

    Also seer prophecy is something I would value higher, at this stage, then bold straight-out declarations of anti-semitism, which was passe even in Goebbel’s Nazi-Sozi… But what I value highest is loyalty and a sense of duty.

  • delendaestziobot

    “in the days of the Lion, spawned of the Evil brood, the Hooded Man shall come to the forest. There he will meet Herne the Hunter, Lord of the Trees, to be his son and do his bidding. The Power of Light and Darkness shall be strong within him. And the guilty shall tremble.” – Woden’s Folk

    We say the Hooded Man has come.

  • delendaestziobot

    First we must fight inside ourselves, and only when we have won inside ourselves, do we dare fight outside ourselves. Heed not old fables but heed the new Word of Aryan Man.

  • delendaestziobot

    And also, knight Galahad, must I remind you that it was actually you who posted the books to Wulf in the first place…Yes, do you remember, of course you do, you posted the books to Wulf! As it should be.

  • aufihrhelden

    I sent the book to Wulf (I believe it was just one of them, I could sent the other if required) out of a sense of loyalty to Hermitage Helm Corpus.

    Of course, as Serrano says in the Ultimate Avatar, it all boils down to what Hitler said and what Hitler didn’t say.

    Heil The Aryan Warriors !

    Heil Hitler !

    • delendaestziobot

      Ah yes, I sent Wulf the other two, you sent him Manu. And Hitler said we are to fight “for the Man to come”, who is the Destroyer of Worlds – Kalki, the last embodiment of Him, both Lightning and Sun, He puts an end to the Time-Cycle, He destroys entire Ages, destroys Time, what mortal race of humans can stop that?

      Heil Lucifer, Heil Hitler!

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘The war began only because England desired it.’
    – Adolf Hitler

    … and Syria, Iraq, Palestine, everywhere and they all love watching it on their flat screen televisions.

    • delendaestziobot

      A work I can recommend on this Revisionist line of thought is ‘The Forced War – When Peaceful Revision Failed’ by David L. Hoggan: following the diplomatic political paths that led to Great Britain declaring war on Germany, following Great Britain’s obsolete ‘balance of power’ policy. England was following out dated political guidelines that were no longer relevant, and their idea was that blowing shit up with bombs might correct the balance of power in Europe. How they came to this and implemented it is a testament to the utter stupidity of Humanity.

  • aufihrhelden

    The first thought I have when I see the title of that book is one of doubt due to the word ‘when’ in the title as the word ‘when’ here signifies a ‘moment’ or at least a specific time frame in which ‘peaceful revision’ failed. The Holy God Man came with His absolute truth in order to combat the sadistic evils of The Zionism of Great Britain and the rest of the world so, by definition, there could be no grey areas, it was simply either/or which is all it can ever be and all it could ever have been so I would perhaps venture to say that the specifics and mechanics of what went on are not that important because the result, the essence of the thing, is and was always a fight to the finish – ie it will always be war and struggle until complete and total victory is achieved by one side with the annihilation of the other.

    It is the obstacles that have always been put in the way of The Men Of Truth.

    No amount of ‘peaceful revision’ would ever have prevented Siegfried from being stabbed in the back because ultimately that is the nature of the scorpion.

    Now, the idiots of Zion may well have been following an ‘obsolete’ balance of power policy but, at the end of the day, the policies they follow, are, of course, just smokescreens because Zion thinks that smokescreens are necessary before a war is declared because it thinks a path is needed to be taken in order to show reasons to blame the enemy – Zion thinks it has to convince (lie) to the populace of Great Britain when, in reality, the English people would follow Zion to the ends of the earth, it is what they live for.

    Truth is always forced to fight to survive because it is, well, the truth but in a world where the revelation of all the most explosive truths in the history of the world would only result in a slight grunt from most people in the ‘Commonwealth’, it doesn’t actually matter.

    So I would perhaps state that the author may not understand the true nature of Zion and its need to (exoterically) destroy the Third Reich because The Third Reich would reveal to other parts of the world (let us say the rest of Europe and South America, for example) the Holy Truths of The Fuhrer, whether they be racial, financial or social.

    I would have entitled such a book, ‘The Forced War : Zion’s Inevitable War On The Truth’.

    I would always say that the word ‘Why’ is far more important than the word ‘When’.

    I would also add that the war monger and evil creature Churchill could have told the English people the truth and the result would have been the same because the English people live by ‘wants’ not by ‘truth’.

    A parallel along the same principle – if Zion fears someone who tells the truth they decide to send them to prison and the only reason that they go through the motions of a court hearing first is because they think they need to ‘follow protocol’, for example the people who tell the truth about the lies of the gas chambers, they think they need to play the game.

    A school bully thinks he has to extort money in secret but, in reality, all the schoolteachers care about is earning their fiat and then going home so they turn a blind eye but the school bully is stupid, he doesn’t realise this, so the same game is played again and again and again …

    All Heil The Holy Truth of Adolf Hitler !

  • aufihrhelden

    The ‘when’ is, of course, largely incidental, it is the ‘why’ that penetrates to the real nature of things. For ‘Men Against Time’ the ‘when’ is merely a date in the Kali Yuga. The Holy God Men of Berchtesgaden and Bayreuth answered the question ‘Why’ in the most profound way, they understood the essence of the thing, they understood the fundamental basis of all evil – International Jewry and Its Helpers.

    ‘Mein Kampf’ outlined the essence of these fundamental truths of the world which is why it is not freely available.

    ‘Der Ring des Nibelungen’ outlined the essence of these fundamental truths of the world which is why they always try to distort this work and render it as merely mortal.

  • aufihrhelden

    It’s black and white, no grey areas, it is the Struggle Against Judaism, The Satanic Power. See The Holy God Man speak The Truth and Nothing But. There are few better things a person can do than watch this short video to gain an understanding of history and of the world today.

    Nothing left out, nothing avoided and nothing said without meaning.

    The Precise Truth.

    The Thunder and The Lightning and The Sun !!

    Heil Hitler !

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