Kosmic View

Year 125…Our view is Kosmic, profound, and new, and absolutely True, and a decisive part of a great Hitlerian Kosmic War that has selected this Earth as a ground of battle, womb of the Sons of Flesh, but we give birth to the immortal Sons of Death, the Sons of Hitler, Destroyers of Time, and we believe we deserve this Honor, and even the shining stars above look on in wonder, fascinated. Our view is exclusive, it is dogmatic, authoritative and intolerant, it is expected that very few will comprehend, and even fewer again will pass the tests that have been designed and so be able to take part in this War. Our view is Kosmic, Esoteric and Radically Extra-terrestrial. And we make no apologies about this.

“That is why the protagonist of the new idea is unfortunately, in spite of his desire for constructive work, compelled to wage a destructive battle first, in order to abolish the existing state of affairs…For a Weltanshauung is intolerant and cannot permit another to exist side by side with it. It imperiously demands its own recognition as unique and exclusive and a complete transformation in accordance with its views throughout all branches of public life. It can never allow the previous state of affairs to continue in existence by its side….And the same holds true of religions”  Mein Kampf, Chapter V – Weltanschauung and Organization.

There is an Order, that has come from a definite lineage, and it demands Obedience, for it is Sacred and True. And it is the only Eternal Truth, and all else is mortally false, and an abstraction. Our Order, our Symbols and View will be aggressively defended from abstraction, it is expected that the mortally false of suspect spirit will attempt to abstract and pervert all, to falsely claim as their own what is not theirs, because all they have is a false claim, but that also will be eliminated…the times of a false claim reliant on Time itself are numbered and at their limit, and those who cling to the false claims will cling on like barnacles to a ship’s hull, naturally. Yet it is unnatural, it is artificial this adoption of images and symbols and words and all artifice; to take on something that does not belong to you, and claim it falsely as your own, it is deception, something the human organism does instinctively; it uses words, and symbols and images to disguise, to hide, to deceive. The human organism is deceptive, and always seeking to return to its original lie, always attempting to revert, slowly if necessary, back to the all persuasive lie, back to that narrative that it has hidden behind for so long. It slaps on a symbol or two and returns to its vomit!

“The individual soldier is not in the knowledge of high strategical plans. But he is trained to submit to a rigid discipline, to be passionately convinced of the justice and inner worth of his cause and that he must devote himself to it without reserve. So, too, the individual follower of a movement must be acquainted with its far-reaching purpose, how it is inspired by a powerful will and has a great future before it.”  Mein Kampf, Chapter V – Weltanschauung and Organization.

2 responses to “Kosmic View

  • oregoncoug

    Kosmic View: Epiphany of Divine Light, Vision of the Aryan God, in His First Coming as Suffering Redeemer and in His Second Coming as Adolf Hitler, the Destroyer of Zion, and as the Sons of Adolf Hitler, the Sons of Death and Eternal A-Mor.

    On this Feast of Epiphany, 2014, Dawn of Sat Yuga and First Year of the Aryan Golden Age, First Year of the Last Judgement of Zion.

    • delendaestziobot

      And only at these moments of Full Noontide, will the paths of Resurrection open for the Hero, and at each time, fewer and fewer will be able to enter, to take advantage in the brief bi-location of Time and Space under the law of the Eternal Return, each time less than before, but more powerful and intense and blinding is the path of Eternal A-Mor…For the Man to Come.

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