SS Elementary Law of Obligatory Savings

1. The chaos of past centuries has not only blurred the notion of property in the German nation but has also made the notion of getting into debt an honorable and everyday thing.

In Corporations the only Honor is “paying down debt” or the incorporated nation paying back a fictitious debt with real assets, this could be described as chaos, but it really is just theft by deception.

2. Within the staff of the Reichsfuhrer-SS there was created an institution called “Economic Help” which has the task to help those SS men who in the past and in Kampfzeit mostly without moral fault got into deep financial problems through unemployment and the collapse of the economy and make them able to balance out their obligations in the foreseeable future.

Now, in our unfortunate times, we are all born unemployed and redundant, and we have no nation and so we have no economy, therefore we can expect no economic help, and likewise we can have no obligations.

3. But for the future I see it as unsubstantial and impossible that a person would buy more than he can pay for. I think that buying through instalments for 12 months a person should rather save money for those 12 months and then pay for the desired object in cash.

Here the nature of “money” must be defined;  in our unfortunate times, we are forced, due to our lowly position as slaves, to acquire counterfeit notes of “legal tender”, which naturally register as a debt, in order to live at all. We are born in debt, being slaves, and the debt notes themselves belong exclusively to the issuer of the debt notes, therefore we can never by using the debt notes get out of debt.

4. So that we could help the SS man, who despite all economic handling has it hard to materially survive, it is necessary that all SS men would help. Through our own forces we would want to create an account from which it would be possible after one year already to borrow money for an SS man in need which he would then pay back in the forseeable future time without being economically confined by it.

See previous notes.

5. Therefore I order every SS man would give 1 Mark from his salary to the saving account of the SS. The same applies for all full-time SS leaders and SS men. SS applicants, who have as recruits in the action group and Totenkopf units in the first year a lower salary, pay a lower contribution.

What is 1 Mark? In 1937, when this SS law was formulated by Heinrich Himmler, 1 Mark was a standard weight of Silver, Mark in German means Weight, and Third Reich Mark weighed exactly 0.0803 of a .999 fine Silver Troy Ounce, or 2.27646671 grams of Silver. So an SS man was by law ordered to save 2.27646671 grams of Silver per week! That equals 118 grams per year, which is approx. 4 ounces of Silver. To be paid into a general welfare account for SS members.

6. From all non-fulltime SS leaders and men of the General SS I expect that they will go as an example too and pay the contributions in full and voluntarily and therefore will help to achieve the goal.

7. The goal is that the SS would be made economically strong from its own means to such an extent, that it could support and strengthen in friendly spirit the individual SS men and their families through loans and other economic help when needed.

8. I give the task of obligatory savings to the maintenance chief of the SS.

Signed Heinrich Himmler.

5 responses to “SS Elementary Law of Obligatory Savings

  • Hosner

    The person interviewed etsablished a church, an ecclesiastical body, and outsmarted the Jews at their own game – without being erased in the process.
    Through his University he’s prepared to teach others to achieve the same, and achieve it in less time than 23 years – the time he was at it, mostly studying law.
    Because he is an idealist, an anarchist, a lover of freedom.
    Could this be true all the way?
    I guess it all depends on how much he’s charging.
    I am not even interested, but theoretically and philosophically, at least, I am.
    In case any of You are as well – enjoy, it is somewhat interesting to hear about corporations and churches.

  • Hosner

    After posting the above I spent some time reading the articles of the Silver section, and I must confess that my enthusisam for the video, shallow as it was, soon evaporated. Moreover, posting that jewtube piece next to articles that are so full of Tru Idealism and NS beauty suddenly seemed an exercise in bad taste on my part. Nor is the location of my post particularly apposite, I know.
    Besides, to have to pay someone to teach one law and economics in such detail – because that is, seemingly, the only way to reclaim one’s basic humanity, well, that right there should give one reson for alarm. As if we were all born to be lawyers and nothing else. It is an interesting topic for a thinking human being, to be sure, especially since he’s been enslaved for so long, but that is just an extreme situation in our extremely sick society. Besides, the guy in the interview said it himself, the only reason he isn’t in jail, or worse, is because he managed to somehow define his game as strictly private, in other words, he caters to a clique of money hungry individuals who suffer from a superiority complex, that’s all. And the jews allow him to because he happens to have read their IRS bible of 11.000 pages and somehow made sense of it – if there isn’t some other catch at work.
    No revolution for certain, anarchist or otherwise.
    Heil Hitler!

  • Hosner

    *enthusiasm not enthusisam

  • Hosner

    And his sweaty armpits, such an enormous warning sign. Now I am positively ashamed of myself. Snake oil horror.

  • aufihrhelden

    Read ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins of Power’ and ‘Germania’ (Chapter IX’.

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