Rites of Pilgrimage 3

By Kamerad Steve,

The following day I visit the Nazi Party Rally Ground’s where coach parties of Ziobots were being fully instructed in what to think and how to think it; these types of sightseeing tours are another type of cattle-herding, exercises where the tour guide counts the cattle off the coach, then tells the cattle lie after lie; “this is the Zeppelin Field where the Madman used to rant”, and so on, and then counts the cattle back on the coach again, the Goyim play their roles well, acting like bovine cattle. From the Zeppelin Field I could see across to what is now called Grundig Stadion, all modernist glass and steel, and was likewise once called the easyCredit Stadion for easy corporate assimilation, but this was used for the anti-corporate folk parades of the Hitler Youth! Everything in our modern life has become hostage to the great obese fiat lie and the naming of this stadium is no different; Grundig  is a German electronics company but at least that’s an improvement on the previous corporate sponsors, easyCredit, who are incorporated to TeamBank AG, who are a “Cooperative network company” of DZ Bank AG, which is incorporated with the greatest fraud on Earth! Creating Credit easily out of thin air and then easily “providing” credit to any Ziobot who wants it, and then deliberately restricting it in order to collect all real assets which is what the fraud is designed for in the first place. On their corporate website it states: “No matter whether it is a new car or a new piece of furniture for the home the installation loan takes the needs of customers into account and offers individual solutions.” Now, I was talking to an Austrian taxi driver later on in my Pilgrimage and he was blaming the financial situation on people wanting everything that modern life has to offer in an instant and that they do not consider the future possible circumstances when getting themselves into so much debt, now, he is correct in as far as his comments on the attitudes of people today who have become hostage to the modern materiality but this is a mere side effect of the fraudulent Jewish system of creating Credit from Nothing! The system applies to food, water, housing and all means of life until all assets in the world have been have been swallowed up by the Banks and all through pressing a few buttons on a computer keyboard, a system of digital imaginary assets that are liabilities, a huge pile of liabilities acting fraudulently as real assets! It would be so easy to rule the world with this method, unless you were stupid, in which case you would make a complete mess of everything and just resort to the tried and trusted method of demanding “bail-outs” and trying to make up complicated words to describe what is just easy zeros and ones button-pressing with fingertips. When they talk of “needs” they mean Their needs and when they talk of solutions they mean Their solutions relating only to them, i.e. Jewish world control. You see, the “solution” for them is your slavery and your so-called “needs” help the process along. “Stay flexible with easyCredit“. It really is easy, it’s not difficult to understand this process, the process is very easy.

If you look at the ruins of the Kongress Halle and what is left of the Zeppelin Field, you may think that they display a resemblance to the ancient Roman style of architecture, again, that is because all of ancient history and ancient civilization was German in origin; Adolf Hitler brought the truths of ancient history back to Nuremberg by way of these magnificent creations but, of course, now they have been neglected and defaced – one particular defacement on my visit I saw was corporate advertising boards on the outer granite pillars of the Zeppelin Field, in this instance it was BECK’S, the lager company and SEAT, an automobile company owned by the Volkswagen Group. Still, if you fancy a drink or two, or want to drive somewhere, easyCredit is always there waiting with their button-pressing creation of credit to offer you an “individual solution” to “fulfill your needs”.

A sign at the Zeppelin Field reads: On 20 April, 1945, the 3rd and 45th Infantry Divisions of the 15th Army Corps of the 7th US Army liberated Nuremberg from the rule of the National Socialist Regime. The official celebration of the 3rd Infantry Division on April 22, 1945, on the Zeppelin Field, five soldiers were awarded the highest military honour for bravery in combat, the Medal of Honour. US soldiers were stationed in Nuremberg until 1994. Memories of those years of respect and friendship are still vivid today. The reason Zion uses the term “liberated” is because they belive the whole of Germany belongs to them and that includes Nuremberg – when Germany was truly liberated in 1933, Zion viewed that as being theft from them, hence their use of the term “liberated” in 1945. Note also, their use of the term “regime” which they often use, due to its sinister meaning, in describing a state that lived by the will of the Folk and God. Zion spends time thinking up words with pathetic psychological overtones and undertones, another spoiling tactic that even an average child could think up. As for Allied soldiers being awarded medals for “bravery in combat”, well that is just a sick joke… Allied soldiers are only capable of killing defenceless women, children, the elderly and those who cannot fight back, by dropping bombs from the sky and abusing unarmed prisoners and other cowardly atrocities. If an Allied soldier was faced with a fight with a soldier of the magnificent German Wehrmacht or magnificent Waffen SS, they would drop their weapons and flee. It would not surprise me if there was a covert points system for the killing of German unarmed families; so many points for wiping out an entire village of unarmed German citizens, so many points for dropping a bomb on a hospital and so on. Why were Allied soldiers stationed in Nuremberg so long after the war? Did they think that economic tactics would not be enough until the advent of the Marxist European Union? Zion respects and befriends its little murderers whilst ever they serve their purpose.

Senile Zion, also, no doubt, finds it amusing to just dump one of the two cauldrons, that were originally mounted at each end of the Zeppelintribune. Note, the term “tribune” however, the Roman Empire was German in origin. I walk from the Zeppelin Field to the Great Road, which was originally meant to run north towards the old city of Nuremberg, symbolically linking the German truths of old with the Greatest truths of All, and then on to the Kongress Halle, admiring this magnificent granite creation, one can also see a model of the final resolution of the completed structure, which is now housed in yet another Documentation Center, the Centers of Lies of the All-Lies, which they name “Fascination and Terror” which is yet another example of these losers of Zion playing with words; here they try to give the impression that if you are true and understand truth then you must be merely “fascinated” with the so-called “terror” of the Nazi’s.  I arrive at the Documentation Center, now reader, have you ever come across the kind of person who, possessing no redeemable physical or mental qualities of their own, bullies small children or is cruel to small animals? That same outlook of hatred is the reason why this new Center of Lies consists of an ugly steel structure sticking into one side of the magnificent granite creation. I enter the Documentation Center and am, unsurprisingly met with another huge pile of lies. Firstly, there is a film playing showing nice people innocently skateboarding round the Zeppelin Field area on a  nice bright sunny day, but then suddenly some serious and sombre music plays and the film changes back to the black and white footage of the “Evil Nazis” with their nasty and hateful rallies. This is of course, all meant to give visitors an early impression at the beginning of the tour of the museum, by working the correct patterns already formed in their tourist Ziobotic brains, their mobile software programming. Also set into the floor of the museum is a glass case full of worthless banknotes but is there a proper explanation detailing the specifics and mechanics as to how these pieces of paper became worthless? Of course not. You see, in this world, energy is inherently limited and cannot be created, it can only by transferred, so when you carry out work, you are expending energy and if you are not receiving another type of energy in return then you are being defrauded – these bits of Jewish confetti were created from nothing and given to people in return for their energy. The term “fraudulent” is only scratching the surface of this crime against Nature. Can mountains be created out of thin air? Can oceans be created out of thin air? Do we suddenly wake up one morning and there are five hundred million new oceans and six billion new mountains in the world, and they have all become worthless as well? Can Third Reich Silver coins be created out of thin air? Where are they in the museum? Are they worthless today?


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