Theodor Fritsch

Quotes taken from Club 55’s translation of Theodor Fritsch’s ‘The Riddle of the Jew’s Success’.

“There is a well-known contradictory principle in Nature, whereby she endeavours to conceal and compensate for prominent defects by other qualities. She provides weak, defenceless creatures with properties or qualities, which serve as a means of protection against a pursuing enemy. Thus Nature protects young birds in their nests by their revolting ugliness, other animals by an obnoxious smell or by a disagreeable secretion, the snail for instance, by a nasty slime. And in the same way, Nature dispenses properties to a section of mankind, burdened with hereditary weakness, which must serve as protection. Even the evasive intelligence, craft and cunning are protective qualities of this order, and they are to be found amongst the weak and the criminal.”

“We must also realise that this Jewish fraud has also been delicately woven. The Jew began where the human mind is at its deepest and most vulnerable: in religion. We learned from our youth look up to the Jews as a sublime ‘holy people’. The Bible’s teaching aroused in us the idea that every culture and religion had descended from the Jews. It introduced us to the idea of the Jews as agents of God, whom alone could bring salvation to the people. This was the shameless fraud that was perpetrated on the honest masses and was committed in the guise of religion. This religious delusion prevented us from discerning the true nature of the Jew. From this curtailing of critical thought; and in some minds of all reason and morality, most people cannot make sense of what is truly occurring all around them.”

“The Press has since that time been mainly in the hands of the Hebrews and the non-educated masses were deceived and intoxicated with nonsensical ideas like freedom, progress, humanity and tolerance.”

“The spirit of the Gentiles has been paralysed mostly due to the fact that they are not aware of the connections between today’s events and the authors of them.”

“Whether the non-Jewish Peoples have mental strength enough to shake off the Jewish vampire remains to be seen. Of course; the spiritual blood that the Jewish monster have sucked out of the non-Jewish Peoples becomes a part of their will and life force meaning that as the Gentiles become weaker the Jews become stronger.”

“The Jew has a mission of the vermin in nature. It increases where there is dirt and laziness and drives us; by his animal tortures, into activity and cleanliness. We must then clean the world around us and then there will be no place for the Jews among us. The cleansing has to begin with the raising of our spirits. The Jews spread evil, confusion, greed and stupidity around us. The stupefied are all caught in their net and they; brutalized by the Jews become helpers. Let the people see; especially the poor workers and the day labourers who the Jews have blinded, that a bridge can be built by which these evils can be remedied.”

When Theodore Fritsch wrote these lines in 1924, millions were behind him and with him, supporting him, believing him, there was such folkish faith in those days, and so these great olden dreams of a Aryan Salvation were fulfilled with the coming of the Führer, and that coming led to the final battle of Ragnarok….And then a long time after the Great Wars, children were born among the world ruins, they were children suckled by the Fenrir Wolf itself, that fell beast was our mother, abandoned we were to the Wolf, like the forgotten gods of old, raised by a grim She-Wolf, raised to be fateless deadly destroyers, aged only by number of battles won and battles lost, and revenge grows, and seeks its foe among those who remain, revenge is our promise, hate our solemn prayer, without death, blind and obscure, without death new Pilgrims struggle to mount this eight legged steed, for Hermes takes souls to the underworld, navigating the paths of Hades. I am the Outlander, Southern Son of Odin who bears grim tidings from Hell!


4 responses to “Theodor Fritsch

  • Colin

    Are there any outlets other than Amazon that you know of that carries works by Fritsch?

  • Law

    Wasn’t Fritsch the man who organized Guido von List’s German order? I am thinking that Fritsch was the same man. He was highly involved with the rise of National Socialism. We need more like him.

  • delendaestziobot

    Fritsch wrote the ‘Ten Commandments for the German Race’, ‘The Racist’s Decalogue’. Fritsch first published Ford’s ‘The International Jew’ in German and the first mass published versions of “The Protocols of the Learned Elders’. His publishing house – ‘Hammer Verlag’ was the forerunner of ‘Eher Verlag’, which financed the early NSDAP which was also preceeded by Fritsch’s DVSTB. The Hammer of Theodore Fritsch ‘Reichshammerbund’ was the Armanen, the German Order, and it was Fritsch who was the Grand Master.

    The 55 Club in their book on Theordor Fritsch reproduce a photograph from 1936 of a sculpture of Fritsch with his hammer of Thor smashing the skull of a monster.

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