Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. English Translation updates.

As you may be aware Miguel Serrano’s Magnum opus Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar  has been fully translated into English by Brother Francis, Franciscan Solitary in the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan, and this complete unabridged version will be published and printed by Hermitage Helm Corpus. A release date has not been set as yet, but the book is at an advanced stage, and being worked on by several Aryans, in a collaboration that spans the globe; this production, this great work cannot be stopped from reaching its final revelation to the world, it would be like King Canute attempting to stop the rising ocean, it is impossible, there could be a delay, but the final exhibition is as certain as the tides. The Ultimate Avatar will be published and printed in a physical hardcover deluxe edition, unabridged, with special notes, index, introduction and commentary. You can be certain of that…

Here we come to the edge of Primordial Wisdom, from here Kalki will come, with Him come the Sons of Hitler, the Furious Horde, Wildes Heer, resurrected ones, Siddhar Warriors from Valhalla at the end of the Darkest Age, appearing pale, deathly white within the great vortex of final catastrophe, and bringing sagacious Judgement with them. To us He returns, He who always returns…But first the way is prepared, this path will be laid for Him who is to come, the embodiment of the Black Sun and Green Thunderbolt, the most terrible Destroyer of all Yugas! The Founder of the Fifth Reich, the Magik Reich above time, beyond the Halls of the Gods, Ruler of Worlds of Divine Glory!

We lay our work, our blood, our beaten bodies and broken minds before the hooves of His white horse, from this world to His we build this bridge over Mystic Death!



4 responses to “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. English Translation updates.

  • oregoncoug

    2013 is the Year of the Black Sun, the historic origin of the Aryan Millennium that has now begun. The fast approaching publication of “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” in English translation marks the key religious and literary event of this most uniquely eventful year.

    We are at a Year Zero, an incomparable turning-point, the beginning of a new Golden Age, but an incredibly different Golden Age, a Golden Age that shall have no end…

    For the good of Aryans and for the ill of our Eternal Enemy, this Black Sun of 2013 is a Diamond Way that shall shine brightly forever!

  • delendaestziobot

    We must rescue what the Archetype has spoken of only quietly, those only whispered in whispers forgotten by the world that we know, those we rescue. So we whisper like the Ferry Men, in our low voices, together sightless and unseen, only seen by a hidden precious minority, perhaps those who themselves were forgotten and unseen, in whispers we speak to them, till this day of navigation. We say only then, if not at all, only perhaps to our astral bodies; come forth and walk, among men dead to all worlds. And so give birth to the Son of Death, the Son of Man, come forth and live in me as I in you…It is the Year of the Black Sun, our Sun has risen and we few live to see it rise over a dead world. This is the diamond way, this is the hardest way, this is the impossible Aryan Castle built beyond all dreams, and death does not dream…

  • Brahim

    Is a release of this book still in the works?

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