Poetry break!

This goes out to my Kameraden, my Torchbearers, developed unto glory beyond all fading holy grail stars.


I will be there in that last of beating places….


3 responses to “Poetry break!

  • oregoncoug

    So it is written.

    And, as the armies of National Socialism continue their inexorable advance in the Holy Land towards the Heart of Judaic Darkness in Jerusalem…



  • delendaestziobot

    When one sees the Hollow Sham that is the Heart of Darkness, one feels wrath and hatred for it. TS Eliot summed up the feeling men had towards the Treaty of Versaille, and he also accurately predicted how us men of the future would see those men of the past, as hollow men, stuffed men filled with straw representing only false gods, empty idols. But also TS Eliot also prophecises the Silicon Age, which I speak about in “The Ruins Of Power”, this internet digital age, which is also hollow and empty, and sightless where we are left in this labyrinth of lies totally seperated, totally isolated, shapeless without form, a paralysed force, gesture without motion. This the dead land, the cactus land…There are no eyes here…This poem also related to the futility of the first World War, which needs to be understood in order to understand Hitler’s Blitzkrieg! And the Wrath that led to that Blitzkrieg.

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