The Great War: 3.

As one can see from what I have written previously, the entire complexion and perspective when analyzing the origins of World War I, have now changed. It has been the tradition to present the powers of ‘Britain’, ‘France’, ‘Russia’, ‘Germany’, as rival powers, as if they were independent rival powers seeking mastery over new colonies and frontiers, a rival imperialism. But obviously they cannot be true rivals if their figureheads, their so called Kaisers, Kings, Queens, Tsars, are all closed related and belong to the same family! But the figureheads have no power themselves, that is why they are figureheads, because according to the maxim established over time; the real powers never reveal themselves to those they have power over. This makes everything extremely difficult for those without power, and extremely advantageous for those with power, which is why this strategy and proven maxim has been so enduring. To be able to position the same family into the various leading roles of world powers, is a demonstration of ultimate power! What talk of “alliances” can there be, when we regard the cause of the Great War? These so-called “secret alliances” as the number one cause, that is the same as the Yanks saying they decoded Japanese diplomatic communications with, and I quote; “Magic”…When it came to the disputed railway track and the freight rates, Turkey was supposedly allied to Germany but the Ottoman Bank was in French hands, and the Berlin to Baghdad railway was not built, but in dispute at that time, and then Turkey became an ally of Britain and France, and then the Berlin to Baghdad was built! As the railway was actually constructed mainly during the 1930’s and completed in 1940.

So the entire theatre of World War I was about a railway owned by secret alliances, who have never been revealed, but share the same family figureheads, that was actually constructed after the war. So France, Russia and Britain, went to war against Germany over a railway line, that ended up being built anyway, so the entire war was futile, because the Berlin to Baghdad railway was completed in 1940! And of course all during this time, from 1888, from the inception of the plan to build the Berlin to Baghdad Railway, right up until its completion in 1940, all the European “rivals” at the time were joint owners and shareholders in the railway, all along the same entities were involved, and regardless of The Great War, the railway was completed. And this new railway along with all other railways at the time contributed greatly to economic expansion, opened new commercial markets, secured sources of supply, and served to politically unify new territories and vastly simplified the logistics of all forms of transportation, especially military transportation.

“We cannot agree to a tariff increase that will be used to build a railway which will be used to discriminate against our goods. We cannot, either permit compromise with our strategic position on the Persian Gulf.”   –  1911, Sir Edward Grey (British Foreign Secretary) to the German Imperial Ambassador

Now remember that the Sir Edward Grey represents King Edward VII and the German Imperial Ambassador represents King Edward VII’s nephew Kaiser Wilhelm II. So it is like I said; a family squabble over freight rates, not even ownership of the line, because it was jointly owned, just a dispute over the tariff, which was resolved in 1940.

It is said that Germany lost World War I, but they were made to lose the war. Germany actually won the war, but that was not the planned outcome, so Germany even though they won the war, declared that they had lost it! Not only did they declare that they had lost the war that they had won, but also declared and signed that not only should they pay for all costs for the war that they had won, but that all Germans forever should pay for the war that they won, they should pay all expenses of the “rivals” they beat, not just for the past but for the future, indefinitely. Now that is pathetic, a pathetic fallacy, but such was the nature of the entire war, it was a pathetic fallacy. Unless you understand that the dispute over the Berlin to Baghdad was resolved, and built, why? Because Germany and Britain agreed to those tariffs after all, they came to an agreement on the freight rates, you see…which was the cause of “The Great War”…Not so great is it? No it was not so great, after all in exoteric terms.

“The yoke of slavery is and always will remain the most unpleasant experience than mankind can endure.” –  Adolf Hitler

Reading this series of posts I have written on the “The Great War” as with all Siddharreich posts will help Esoteric Aryans come to understand, or be better equipped to navigate the philosophical dimensions of the Third Reich Pilgrim, which one must ultimately do if one is to make the leap into the hyper-reality of the Fifth Reich. Which is the only way to enter into Immortality.

5 responses to “The Great War: 3.

  • jmackdog

    “the real powers never reveal themselves to those they have power over.”

    eerily precise of our predicament.

    I am taking my lunch pail back up into the mountaintops high above the demiurge below, to revisit your pilgrimage.

  • delendaestziobot

    Well, I have no power, therefore I have revealed myself through my book. And my book destroys other books, so it is.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay : ‘the real powers never reveal themselves to those they have power over.’

    … and … ‘To be able to position the same family into the various leading roles of world powers, is a demonstration of ultimate power!’

    The above can be summed up with the comment, ‘BEHOLD THE POWER OF THE CRETINS !!’

    The reason why they are able to wield such power is that this dumbed down world is a perfect playground for the pathetic bully-boy cretins to rule over ; they have to hide in the shadows because they are totally incapable of winning any kind of intellectual, factual and truthful showdown. They are scared to death to reveal themselves because how would the masses react if they discovered that their real Masters are probably so in-bred that they would struggle to count to ten ? Actually, they wouldn’t mind but that’s another matter. The school bully positions his cronies into different parts of the playground to take other children’s dinner money through tactics such as intimidation, extortion, threats and violence. And cowardice. The whole world is a playground for the cretins to roam and rule freely and it is no different for these families.

    Real genius stands tall and speaks truth out in the open because it knows its own greatness, real genius speaks the truth out loud to the world, real genius possesses total omniscience, real genius does not need to act in secret. I am referring to The Holy God Man Adolf Hitler.

    But in this world, the 99.9999999% made up of the ruling families AND the masses (but they’re both so stupid they can’t see it) RULE OK and truth doesn’t mean anything.

    • jmackdog

      great analogy torch bearer aufihrhelden !

      I guess that is why they had to protect Killary Clinton in regards to the Bengazi scandal. These powers that be do not want to tarnish the next president in any way.

      we are collectively paying the price right now for what we did in WWII, when we slaughtered our own blood. it will get much worse

  • Carlos

    This is interesting.

    March 9, 2015 by rafikorn
    HIMMLER’S SECRET SPEECH TO GAULEITERS on August 3, 1944 – Part 1
    First ever English language translation Himmler_speech_Poland_1944_of a secret speech for Gauleiters (district leaders of NSDAP) held 2 weeks after the assassination attempt on Hitler by Stauffenberg. Himmler talks about the treacherous and defeatist attitudes activities in the leadership of the Wehrmacht before and during the War as well as about the conspiracy to kill Hitler and take power in Germany. A copy of this speech was deposited by Martin Bormann in the Central Archive of NSDAP and today it is at the Institut for Zeitgeschichte in Munich. It was published in Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte in 1953.
    The speech may appear a little rambling but, according to witnesses, Himmler just improvised it without notes and the only text of the speech was that taken down by stenographers

    REICHSFÜHRER SS Heinrich Himmler Speech on the Meeting of Gauleiters on August 3, 1944 in Posen

    Dear Party members!
    At the beginning of my presentation and my report I would like to state the following:
    I consider it necessary that we, in this narrow governing body of the Reich and the Party, have total clarity over what happened. However, I would like to ask you to communicate to the outside world only those facts which will be made known through the judgments and verdicts of the People’s Court in the coming weeks and months. This speech is what we need for our own guidance and clarification.

    With this assassination attempt on 20. July, for the first time in our history a German officer violated his oath and laid his hand on the Commander-in-Chief to whom he vowed his loyalty. But this was just the last expression of a long process.
    This is a long story. The German general Staff acquired its fame and reputation thanks to the first Moltke. Already the second Moltke – the chief of the General Staff in the Great War – regrettably distinguished himself with a fit of hysteria and weeping upon the beginning of that war, as he was desperate and convinced of a coming defeat.
    Strange things happened during that war. Strange phenomena occurred, which are difficult to explain. It is hard to explain the Battle on the Marne. How to explain the fact that the mutiny of the entire French army remained unknown to the German side and a general offensive was not undertaken. According to most optimistic assessments only 3 or 4 divisions were not involved in this mutiny. It is strange that such an enormous breakdown, such a catastrophe of the enemy gets undetected by our side.
    Another fact which Führer once mentioned: that in 1918 several hundreds naval guns which were mounted on terrain tractors as an antitank weapon remained behind the front. They never appeared on the front line.”

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