The Great War: 2.

The more human brains used to manufacture a deception the more complex the deception will be. Greatness in overcoming the complexities of mass deception is achieved by individual genius, and individual genius is always conscious of its own abundance.

Padua – Pavid – David,

Father Jahn was a Hun,

Prussia – Prusia – Persia,

Raise the withered arm to figurehead,

Padua – Pavid – David

learn this is the law of pain,

Prussia – Prusia – Persia,

learn Lenin and Stalin arrived by train.

Speaking of trains, back to WWI, The Great War; the main reason for it in exoteric terms, in material terms was trains and railway tracks. There was a negative attitude promoted in Britain against German trains, actually it was much more than just a negative attitude, it was more like a frenzied hatred for all German railway locomotives, why? Why all the hatred for German railway locomotives? I don’t know, it is irrational, totally illogical on behalf of the British, but then again the British are not known for their Logic, they are known for responding to newspaper headlines in a predictable manner. British newspapers declared that German railways were bad and British railways were good, and so that is what the British people believed. They believed that international German trade was bad and international British trade was good, they believed that democratic principles spread be international trade was bad if done by a German but good if done by an Englishman, and doubly so if it was done via rail, because rail was the latest and greatest technology of the time in which we are writing about. In the end WWI did not have any economic or democratic benefits for either Germany or Britain, but these are the reasons commonly believed to be the reasons of the war. It would not have been difficult to understand this pre-WWI, as there is not logic in destroying nations because of an argument over freight rates between nations who are interlocked by railways economically. It makes even less sense if one understand that the same corporations, syndicates and trusts which owned the railway tracks of Britain also owned the railway tracks of Germany, railways were international joint affairs, put it this way; neither Germany nor Britain could build railway tracks and railway locomotives without joint co-operation, the railways systems were interlocked from their inception, it was a joint affair, and international. Of course this also applied to all British and German trade and economics, it was interlocked by more than 50%! Which when calculated mathematically meant any economic damage to Germany had an equally damaging effect on the economy of Britain. So therefore Britain cannot claim that WWI was either started for economic or democratic principles.

Alfred Lansburgh publisher of Die Bank wrote that the result of Kaiser Wilhelm II’s tour of Palestine was the construction of the Berlin to Baghdad railway, the great fatal product of German enterprise which was more responsible for the ‘encirclement’ of Germany than all other German political blunders put together. The ‘encirclement’ was the policy of Britain’s figurehead – Edward VII, designed to isolate Germany with an anti-German alliance. So the exoteric conclusion here is that the argument of freight rates on railways was an argument between two related figureheads? As Kaiser Wilhelm II was the grandson of the Queen of the British Empire and Edward VII was the Kaiser’s uncle, so perhaps a family squabble over family possessions, and the price at which family possessions are leased to family members, that would be like me having an argument with my uncle because I wanted to use his car for a day, and we could not decide on a lease rate, and that argument leading to a war that involved the entire world, a World War! It’s hard to fathom, especially when Kaiser Wilhelm and his uncle were on such close and familiar terms that they even dressed up in each other clothes, just like Kaiser Wilhelm liked to do with his close cousin Tsar Nicholas II, that Royal travelling troupe of deformed actors loved to dress up in each other clothes, they thought it to be a most enjoyable game.

Lenin talked about how the railways between 1890 and 1913, all over the world, crisscrossing various real estate interests, were the summation of the basic Capitalist industries: Coal, Iron, Steel. Those industries born in the Ruhr, but we have the palimpsest of the Middle Ages the Coal, Iron and Steel Guilds had a visible inscription that first had to be erased in order to discover beneath it another inscription giving the real meaning of the document. Which stems from banking practices, and it was banking monopolies, syndicates, cartels and trusts that encouraged the formation of railway companies, a transport undertaking between interlocking real estate interests, the line of the railway was to run through land which was obtained by the bank so that when the line is laid down the bank sells the land to the railway company, the railway company is already owned and in debt to the bank, and is reliant on funds from the bank to buy the land and build the railway. And this is how the Berlin to Baghdad railway was built, like all other railways were built.

7 responses to “The Great War: 2.

  • jalexandermaximilian

    Goddamn! What a circus clown freak show of a family. Inbred and vile. Deciding the fates of millions, neigh billions! And they play freaking dress up! “Oh golly posh, look at me in uncles clothes! Oh tee hee, a billion will die, but who cares mummy owes me!” Sickening.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ahh yes, that is the Spirit Kamerad Jake! Goddamn indeed, actually the first cousins- George V, Tsar Nicholas and Kaiser Wilhelm, whom were all just figureheads after all, because a figurehead has no power, and obviously if one family can occupy all the Royal offices of different Kingdoms all over the world, obviously there is a higher power above them, see Third Reich Pilgrim, the higher powers, seeming that the Royals are just a travelling troupe of inbred deformed actors, all related to each other, with no power, then the real power is invisible, not wanting to be seen. Now Jewry is the managerial class of the Banking industry, and the Royals, are a replacement for the old Patriarchs whom Jewry used to serve, the old Patriarchs were invisible also, but the “Royals” who replaced them were just a family of actors, and their role is only ceremonial, they are figureheads, whose heads would appear on minted coins, that is the figure-head. This does not happen so much now because the acting jobs were cut, made redundant due to cost cutting, although not in the Shipping Corporations, they kept their figureheads, and still hire out their Royal figureheads to the media for media events, mainly in Britstain and the colonies where the populations are still impressed by fancy dress-ups and parades, pageantry, and the like, that comes from the oppression of not receiving an intellectual enlightenment that took place in continental Europe and jumped across the Atlantic to Amerikwa – it jumped right over Britstain, and so Britstain and its colonies like Australia and India and Iraq and South Africa and the Sudan, and Canada and Egypt, and Nigeria and Burma, these intellectually backward colonies like the parent Corporation Britstainia missed out on the Enlightenment, so the populations there still back in an 19th century or earlier frame of mind are still impressed with a fancy dress-up, the Brits especially, they love fancy dress-ups.

    • oregoncoug

      The above comment is extremely insightful. Kaiser Wilhelm was a good man with good intentions, King George V was a villainous monster with the worst intentions and Tsar Nicholas was a weak sentimentalist who meant well but was catastrophically mediocre. They were powerful men but nevertheless not the ones actually in control. Hence on one level WWI was a combat between the good Kaiser Wilhelm II and the evil King George V but on a deeper level it was a plot by the Juden to divide and destroy much of the remaining Aryan (or Ehrean) remnant among the White Europeans.

      This also has to do with how during those years the previous aristocratic and peasant classes among our European peoples were maturing into a more perfect Folk identity that combined the best of both the aristocratic and peasant farmer-worker classes into a morally superior classless Folk society conscious of its racial heritage. In this rise to historic adulthood the old nobility contributed truthfulness, the farmer-worker peasants contributed universal compassion and the entire Folk grew nearer to their historic clergy with a greater seriousness and moral sensitivity.

      This historic process achieved a high degree of perfection in Fortress Europa and the many nations associated with her in the years before and during the Second World War. Hence the achievement of a Folk identity is something in our past, not something still awaiting us in our future. After the Ragnarok of ’45 the emphasis went from the numeric quantities of our Folk society to the quality of the individual and the achievement of the Absolute Individual of Esoteric National Socialism, or Hitlerism. These absolute individuals are heir to the many virtues of both our peasant-worker and aristocratic ancestors that are combined in the greater harmony contributed to us by our historic clergy, whether Pagan, Protestant or Catholic..

      But the upshot of this healthy ancestral pride is that the existing masses, elites and Churches must therefore all be condemned and utterly annihilated down to the last sub-atomic particle. The greatness of our heritage ought to awaken in us only the greatest contempt and loathing for everything contemporary that now unfortunately surrounds us.

      In brief, our own time is the apocalypsis, the Unveiling of the incomparable Divine Wrath and Beauty of the Sons of God, namely the Sons of Adolf Hitler. When the godly descends down onto this fallen world and achieves the Ehrean Golden Age on earth, the effect is not the sentimental happiness of what preceded, but rather the wailing and gnashing of teeth of Ziobots and other such poisonous garbage.

      They are not happy to see us.

  • delendaestziobot

    Folk identity is indeed something in the past, certainly we have arrived at that conclusion….The Return of the Einherier means that each is an Ultimate Battalion, each Individual who has returned to earth for this Judgement is an Ultimate Battalion in himself/herself. So the Folk has condensed or been distilled into the Absolute Individual. As Hitler said: in war time the noble and the good die while the worst of man lives on. So we come to the reality of our times, where the best of the Folk has died long ago, but now they have returned, but as Individuals….

    • jalexandermaximilian

      It is quite the predicament. I am often left bewildered. I love the ancient memories and things our forebears left behind. But I feel little if any connection to most people now. Even those who claim to fight for its restoration. They lack an understanding of the age they are in. They think the system they despise is run by people who can be destroyed and replaced by another system. They have no idea how deep the corruption goes, and to whom or what it may lead. They fail to recognize the global power of the enemy, and think Putin and Obama are working for different goals. How blind they are.

      • oregoncoug

        Actually this dilemma of restoration vs. apocalypsis is the central religious and magical challenge of our time.

        The entire General Apostasy and White Treason imagines that everything can be put right by some superficial Marxist/Masonic reforms that imitate the past. Supposedly the apostasy/treason can be dressed up and somehow repeat what Constantine or Charlemagne or Charles V or Louis XIV or the Empress Victoria achieved. Or perhaps repeat the Marxist successes of the New Deal or Great Society or Reagan’s Dawn in America (both Johnson and Reagan worshipped the Fabian Mason/Marxist F.D.R.) and all will be well again.

        Both Obama and Putin are working for the apocalypsis without any intention to do so. They do this because they are trapped in a historic return like that of the Weimar Republic or Late Republican Rome. Anything they do only digs their hole deeper towards inexorable apocalypsis because the serious obstacles against authority have been smashed (by us) and therefore authority must reassemble (in us).

        But only the Hitlerists understand that this appearance of authority must come from above and not from below. Because now the last Judaic heresies have been crushed and the Juden are at the end of their malevolent road. They will destroy each other and fade away into the night of complete assimilation and extinction. And then the legitimate White Hebrew European heritage will continue in the Nordic Roman Pagan/Catholic celibate priesthood, where it belongs.

        Therefore authority can reassert itself as authority has always wanted to do but never before been able to do: Radically without any compromise with this dark and fallen world. There is no longer any need or logic for such compromise. This time the Judaic poison (what Norman Lowell calls “the Jesus Poison”) must be removed completely and without the half-measures that were still unavoidable in the past.

        This total elimination of the poisonous Judaic darkness is the apocalypsis, the long-awaited Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler. Their light, which is the true Lucifer’s Light, is also the medicine that saves the benighted human race. The destruction of the existing human race is the best thing that could happen to humans. Only then can the human race get on with its own destiny freed from the bondage of the Talmudic lies of the Demiurge Jehovah (also known as Satan, the false Lucifer).

        So truly there can be no replacement by another system. The New Earth of the Ehrean Golden Age is not a replacement for the existing darkness. It is the Luciferian Dawn that eliminates the existing darkness with a New Heaven and New Earth. Nothing is replaced or reformed because the Golden Age descends from above and destroys the reigning darkness of Zion (aka yiddishkeit).

        Good and Evil are as mutually exclusive as darkness and light. They are eternal enemies at war until the Ehrean Good vanquishes the Judaic darkness and hurls it down into the eternal justice of Hell.

        Our hope is in the Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler, or the Absolute Individuality of the Divine Authority of We. Every other possibility has already been utterly and forever destroyed.

      • jalexandermaximilian

        Indeed! What times we live in! Thank you for your insight.

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