Filthy Rags


“The Jews stole our silver, gold and bread and left us with this filth instead.”

I took this photo when I was on my pilgrimage, in the Holy Land of Germany, in the dissimulated dokumentation center on Obersalzberg in the Bavarian Alps. One can find many holy relics in the dokumentation centers of Germany, relics much greater than any other so-called “relics” one will find anywhere else in the entire world. During 2011, and 2012 I wrote the greatest book of the 21st Century, a book that makes the biblical ‘Book Of Revelations’ pale in insignificance, basically I have written The Ultimate Book of Revelations, it’s called: “Third Reich Pilgrim Part 1: The Ruins Of Power”. That is just the fact of the pervading matter, and; “truth told with bad intent can beat all the lies you can invent. It is right it should be so; Man was made for joy and woe; and when this we rightly know, thro’ the world we safely go.” as William Blake once said.

Those who have read the books of Hermitage Helm know this, they must be walking Thro’ the world now as if they are Gods on Earth! Never has such Earth shaking knowledge and cosmological secrets been given to so few in such a way that none can see except they and yet it is transparent, noble in delivery, without discrimination in its arrival and timing, above time, from beyond time itself, but in the same form, becoming the thing it will destroy, clothing itself in the power it will diminish, being an eye, being a tooth, being subject to no law but the force of Saturn it will undo, and this all given to only a few…

Back to the oldest trick in the book, or on the subject of the ‘filthy rag’ I have diligently photographed for you and then written about so you understand its meaning, but not in a counterfeit way, but in the way that will use the counterfeit as an example. Say for example an ugly flea-bitten Jew gave you a filthy piece of cotton, that he had just used to wipe the sweat from his armpit, and he wrote in ink on that filthy piece of cotton the word; BANANA, and then he told you to eat it, and pretend that you were eating a banana, would you do it?

Well that’s a good description of humanity, born from the sweat of the armpit of a Jew, and clothed in filthy rages which it worships on its hands and knees, forever, that which is of least value the human has elevated to the highest position, merely because it was told to do so, programmed, just like software programs a computer, in the case of humans – a biological computer, a robotic golem.

13 responses to “Filthy Rags

  • aufihrhelden

    There has just been a video made by one of the official news agencies (Zionist approved) entitled, ‘Church of England takes on money lenders’. Now the aim of Church of England, being a Judeo-Christian organisation, is to try and make debt slaves out of the entire world but, at the moment, they are perhaps sensing some ‘ill feeling’ towards the banking industry so they need to pretend that they have the welfare of their flock (sheep) in mind so they talk of minor incidentals such as ‘taking advantage of people during a period of austerity’ and the level of interest rates and so on.

    The fact is that, if the inclination was there, all the ‘moneylenders’ (they don’t lend ‘money’ because money is a weight and that’s the whole point) could be wiped out immediately as could the whole of the world’s banking systems because all bank loans and sovereign debt are fraudulent when made because there is no consideration (ie real money lent) because it’s all just fraudulently created on a computer ! (See some of the other writings on this website). But nobody cares.

    There were lots of placard waving morons on the video who act as the token dissenting voice but, in reality, nothing gets done because nothing is supposed to get done because nobody understands the first principles and even if they did nobody would be bothered about first principles because the truth would be too much for them and their hatred would not be able to thrive.

    The Church is going where politicians refused to !! Fear Not People !!

    The new Catholic Pope (hired lackey) was also shown in the video doing his bit for the great big soap opera, sorry, the poor.

    The filthy Archbishop of Canterbury is there wearing a poppy (see the essay entitled ‘ANZAC Opium’ on this website).

  • aufihrhelden

    A filthy rag of another type, the Jewish newspaper (lies and propaganda sheet) known as ‘The Daily Mirror’ reports today via its front page headline the following :

    ‘THE TROJAN MOUSE’, ‘Cyber gang’s daring bank raid foiled’

    When these morons, who are so stupid that they cannot even win at a fraudulent game that they created, that they made all the fraudulent rules for and where they call all the fraudulent shots, reach a ‘last resort’, ‘critical’ stage they always rely on their old tried and trusted methods of war and false flag attacks.

  • aufihrhelden

    When they talk of something being ‘priceless’ such as a work of art or precious object they are inferring that these are merely exceptions and that everything else can be measured in terms of fiat from thin air. Indeed, even the objects that they deem to be ‘priceless’ are only deemed such because of their scarcity ; in fact the term ‘priceless’ actually reinforces the so-called value of paper notes because it gives the impression that everything can be ‘priced’ in something created from nothing apart from those things deemed ‘priceless’ and attention is then diverted to the scarcity of the ‘priceless’ objects rather than the worthlessness of the fiat fraud !

  • aufihrhelden

    A man has been arrested in Albacete, Spain after being found in possession of forged euro bank notes which he was hiding inside a box of soap powder.

    Was the man not aware that the creation of fraudulent fiat bank notes from thin air and the subsequent circulation into the economy is an activity to be engaged in strictly by Zionists only ?

  • aufihrhelden

    From The Jewish ‘Zero Hedge’ website :

    ‘When Money Dies’ is the title of a 1975 book by Adam Fergusson, in which he describes the downfall of the Reichsmark in Weimar Germany. A fascinating look at that period of history, one can glean quite a few useful pieces of advice on how to survive a currency crisis. But “when money dies” could also describe the current currency crisis in Greece, in which many Greeks seem to have taken those lessons from Fergusson’s account of the Weimar hyperinflation to heart.

    As though ‘Money’ could ever die (see the essays in the ‘Silver’ section on this website). They’ve lost control of their ‘fiat’ system so they want to give the impression that ‘money has died’ as an excuse to just ram through the ‘666’ chip. Cretins !

    Does the book tell the truths regarding ‘Weimar Germany’ as does this website ??!!

    Stage Show Greece !!

    Possess the Zionists possess the intellectual capacity of a door mat, they need another means of releasing their hatred so they turn to the childish playground joke. An example : the corporation Unilever has a ‘Dove’ range of anti-perspirants and deodorants and all that kind of thing. One of its products is called ‘Silver Control’.

  • aufihrhelden

    Now, of course, the so-called ‘alternative’ media never ever reveal any of the real truths of the world such as those that are revealed on this website and here are two examples from an ‘alternative’ website. A person can actually glean more from some of the comments that are made after each of the so-called essays. No real truths and, of course, the Nazis were ‘evil’.

    A comment from below the article :

    For the record, I believe Rory is sincere in his belief that we are on “The Brink”. That would be a un refutable, rational conclusion if we were in a freely traded, un manipulated market. We don’t have the luxury of that kind of market, therefore a rational conclusion is not possible. In my office, hung in a very prominent place, is a poster with the following quote:

    “When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together in society, they create for themselves in the course of time a legal system that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it.”

    Frederic Bastiat – 1850

    Until the people who rig the system are taken out, the logic of cause and effect will have no bearing on rational conclusions.


    When you are dealing with the lowest common denominator, the only terms of engagement are force.

    The one below features the evil cretin Draghi (he probably thinks his ‘policies’ are working – but they may as well be !!).

    A comment from below the article showing some understanding :

    So I got in my White car, with the “Prviliged” decal firmly affixed to windshield so everyone knows I am coming, and drove down to Draghi the Italian Chosenite’s bank to get me one of them there “negative interest rate” mortgage and auto loans. Looking good: now I will just stay home and let them pay me for living here…are there any negative loans for gas to fill up my new pink Caddy? Put it on my stack of food stamps, willya? Look at yourself closely America…you and the world have a parasitic disease needing remediation. The cure? No dual citizens allowed in government. Ever. Period. Imagine the ridicule if one of these Chosenites peddling “White Privilege” attempted that in China against it’s citizens? Or in Russia. They did the same tactics to ancient Greeks: they were labeled and ridiculed as “Boethos”…Bozos. Look closely at Jezz Bezos. Cass Sunstein. Albert the plagerizer Einstein…Bozos. It is no “coincidence.” They are Clueless in running government: all they know is looting through Media and political manipulation funded by control of OUR printing press. Now we have the story in MSM of the new program Joe “I’m a Zionist too(l)” Biden pushed through for AMERICANS to pay HOLOCAUST reparations to Jewish fakers pretending they survived WORK CAMPS. Gee…I wonder why those “evil Germans” confiscated all the ill-gotten riches their Chosenites accumulated through financial fraud and owning the printing press in Germany? Shame on those Germans: the Chosenites stole it…”fair and square” by occupying government and then legalizing their criminal behaviour. The first step is accepting reality: the International Red Cross records PROVE the a total of less than 250,000 Jews died in those camps, mostly from conditions resulting in Allied bombing of supply trains. Over 40 million died that weren’t Chosenites. Or you can cling to your Chosenite programming and label truth a lie. A choice only you can make.


    The above comment doesn’t go far enough but it takes the piss out of them …

  • delendaestziobot

    All commodity prices have been revalued, but the masses are not part of the revaluation, the masses are not the buyers or the controllers of commodities. Silver and Gold is the monetary system, but not for slaves, slaves receive the paper fraud that they deserve – filthy rags.

  • aufihrhelden

    The school playground indeed – one group of children stands in the corner creating fiat digits from nothing and continually ‘naked shorting’ the precious metals prices. They seem very smug with themselves as they collect all the actual metal for themselves without realizing that all the other children are either laughing at them, enjoying it or just don’t care.

    It needs to be made clear though, which slaves deserve it and which do not. Most of the masses are Ziobots and so do but there may be a homeless man somewhere, say in Vienna, who does not.

    From my ‘Vienna Pilgrimage’ essay :

    ‘The first level of stupidity of the Jews is the fact that they believe that truth matters, they believe that truth matters therefore they go to work obstructing that truth with their usual school playground ‘tactics’ of threats, bribery, murders and unilateral edicts in order to try and block those meaningless truths. The second level of Jewish stupidity is the fact that they are not capable of carrying out such actions without making such a poor job of it that people laugh (at the school bully in the playground, behind his back) at them. The third level of Jewish stupidity is, again, that they don’t realise that the reason they are there dominating the world is due to the Nature of the Zionist Masses. There is a video animation on the website ‘’ which shows a load of grasshoppers looking very smug with themselves regarding their world domination over the ants of the world. However, the ruler of the grasshoppers says : ‘ … there was that ant who stood up to me … ’ The first grasshopper says, ‘Yeah, but we can forget about him.’ The second grasshopper says, ‘Yeah, it was just one ant.’ [Laughter from all the grasshoppers]. The ruler of the grasshoppers then says, ‘You’re right it’s just one ant.’, to which the second grasshopper says, ‘Yeah, boss, they’re puny’. The ruler of the grasshoppers then replies , ‘Hmm, puny. Say, let’s pretend this grain is a puny little ant.’ [Throws the grain at the second grasshopper]. ‘Did that hurt ?’ The second grasshopper says : ‘No.’ [The ruler of the grasshoppers then throws another grain at the first grasshopper]. ‘Well, how about this one ?’, to which the first grasshopper says, ‘Are you kiddin’ ?’ [More laughter from the grasshoppers]. ‘Well, how about this ?’ [The ruler of the grasshoppers then unleashes all the grains upon a group of grasshoppers, burying them]. [The rest of the grasshoppers all look suitably terrified]. The ruler of the grasshoppers then says, ‘You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life !’ This animation is followed by lots of glorious pictures of the Führer and the Third Reich. Let me explain what is wrong with this video. What the grasshoppers don’t realize is that the ants have no intention of ‘standing up’ to them because it is the Nature of the ants to allow the grasshoppers to have the overt power and control because all the grasshoppers are doing is enforcing the Nature of the ants onto the minority who are not of such a Nature. That is to say that the Nature of the ants is being expressed through the Nature of the grasshoppers because they each possess exactly the same Nature. The ‘ant’ that rose up against them was not an ant but a tiger, the tiger being a beautiful and noble animal but also a rare and endangered animal. All world events throughout the history of mankind occur because of this fundamental truth of the Nature of living things. I’ll repeat that : All world events throughout the history of mankind occur because of this fundamental truth of the Nature of living things. In 1940 and in 1941 the Zionist ants massed at the western and eastern borders of the Land of The Tigers because their spiteful and vile and hideous natures viewed this Land of The Tigers with envy and hatred. It is the tiger that is outnumbered by the ants by an essentially infinite factor, those with a hideous nature outnumber the tigers by such and that was the reason for Operation Barbarossa. Adolf Hitler understood the Nature of things so he needed to buy time to prepare for the Inner Earth where the tigers could rest undisturbed and create the super weapons of force and it was the tigers of the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS who gave Him this time. The Jews, for example, no doubt believe that their race is one of exclusivity from which they wield power for themselves but it is nothing of the sort, not essentially, because it is they who are in the ’99.9999%’ along with the Freemasons, the Demiurge and all the rest of the ants because they are all the same, that is to say that they are merely all dunces who wield power through weight of numbers. It is the Inherent Nature of a person which dictates his or her actions – welcome to this world, welcome to the 99.9999%. How far would the Demiurge get if the entire world possessed the Ehrean Nature of Rudolf Hess ? Indeed. So why bother writing ? Why bother indeed. Wagner glorifies Goethe’s ‘Faust’ but then warns that such a work is only providing World Jewry with the idea of what to destroy. So it could be said that, essentially, the only outcome of all great written works of truth is to instruct the Devil in what to destroy ! The intentions good and true are inverted and turned back upon the writers of such ! Why is ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – The Ruins of Power’ the greatest book of the twenty-first century ? Because it contains the greatest truths of the twenty-first century and it could also be said that, for this same reason, it is the most vulnerable book of the twenty-first century.’

    Using the Wiener Philharmoniker silver coin as an example, because of its beauty, the following question may be posed : ‘Should you buy one ?’ Answers vary.

    Zionist who doesn’t understand the ‘Rule by Force’ mantra : ‘No, because we want it all, listen to our propaganda.’

    Alternative websites : ‘Yes, but we don’t understand that our answer is based on only the theories that suit us.’ They then add that the Nazis were of an evil dictatorship.

    Insiders of whatever denomination whether it be for Zion or against Zion : ‘No answer because we’re insiders and you’re not’.

    A person who understands the reasoning and logic behind it all but also knows the way that Zion operates : ‘How the **** should I know ??’

  • aufihrhelden

    It is the way of the Zionist Masses and the insiders of whatever ilk to force the minority (through the force of weight of numbers) to live by what affects them and not what concerns them.

  • aufihrhelden

    Hagen : ‘Give Me The Ring !’

  • aufihrhelden

    From a discourse I am writing :

    Now, in this world, there are some servile, insidious creatures known as Zionists who believe that it is their divine right to rule the world as they believe that their mental and physical inadequacies have been ‘Chosen’ by Satan to do so and all this is clearly laid out in The Talmud and The Protocols of The Elders of Zion. One of the ways that they go about this is simply via the use of outright murder and the direct installation of their regime such as what happened in Russia in 1917. Another way is via the use of creating fiat currency out of thin air via a central bank, in the form of debt, which inevitably (if run by people with average intelligence) results in all the real wealth of a society being absorbed by those running the system. But wait … those two words that I have used – ‘Another way’ – are not strictly accurate because a central bank is at the centre of a communist regime also but that is a much more direct route in that all of the assets are just taken by force and then the populace are issued with false Jewish vouchers by the central bank to use just to stay alive as slaves. The so-called ‘capitalist’ system is the use of these vouchers themselves as the mechanics, essentially through ‘debt’, to fraudulently scoop up all of the world’s assets through their ‘boom-bust’ system of inflationary credit creation following which the central bank would just take on the role of a communist type central bank which would be used to issue false Jewish vouchers for the populace to use just to stay alive as slaves – or they may have some of their communist states ‘destroyed’ in order to make way for a more global ‘capitalism’ which would eventually be destroyed following which the central bank would just take on the role of a communist central bank which would be used to issue false Jewish vouchers for the populace to use just to stay alive as slaves ; however, as I’m sure you’re well aware, the mess that Mentally Retarded Zion has made of such a simplistic system means that they resort to force again and again without realising it. Communism and Capitalism are different sides of the same Zionist coin ; whoever says they are a communist are also saying that they are a capitalist and whoever says that they are a capitalist are also saying that they are a communist. All of them are Zionists. Whatever world events are manufactured throughout world history and whatever so-called ‘political systems’ are imposed and whatever ‘Colour’ or ‘Flower’ ‘Revolutions’ are allowed, the end goal of both is outlined in the quotation by Miguel Serrano towards the end of this discourse.

    [The quotation from Serrano] :

    ‘The beginning of the process of disintegration is already perceptible, with the repeated destruction of the laboriously built international communist apparatus, after which capitalism will follow, with a great crisis being prepared that will cause the disappearance of ‘paper money’ and ‘plastic money’ (‘credit cards’) to be replaced with laser codes and tattoos and ‘bar codes’ in the skin. “Because no-one will be able to buy or sell unless he have the mark of the Beast, 666 …” ; prophecy of more than two thousand years ago, that sinister foretaste of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the Apocalypse, attributed to John’ – Miguel Serrano, MANU For The Man To Come

  • aufihrhelden

    Look at the following evil video.

    When the creature at the start talks, he is talking not about Lehman Brothers but about World Jewry! The stupid bastard thinks he has to lie! But isn’t he wearing smart clothes …

    A definition: ‘financial system’ – a system encompassing things such as ‘money’ and interest rates and derivatives which the ‘Elite’ (HA! HA!) thinks is necessary to rule the world but is not capable of running anyway without the use of force which defeats the object anyway but nobody realises.

    What was the maker of this videos daily routine whilst ‘working’ with and for these criminals? Looking at computer screens? Pressing buttons in a zero-sum game? Yes, for as long as it suits him but then Satan decides that he’s disposable so Satan turns on him …

    Just look at them collecting their possessions in boxes – but a man outside in a cardboard box? He’s just body parts.

    Note the Satanic hand gesture at 1:58. I despise FUCKING HAND SIGNALS. It’s like a DIM-WITTED THICK AS PIG-SHIT, SCHOOL FUCKING PLAYGROUND.

    Look at how many people (child abusers) are wearing smart suits. As I write this some of my clothes have holes in but I don’t rape children. I must be evil …

    There is no difference between Fuld and the rest of the people in this video, they all take their places willingly in the Satanic Pyramid and nobody really objects when they see what’s at stake. EVERYBODY FUCK OFF NOW.

    Do you really think that the maker of this video would act in any way at all upon reading ‘Third Reich Pilgrim – Part I’ or ‘Germania’ (especially Chapter IX)? Of course not. Sick Bastard.

    May the maker of this video rot in Hell forever.

    To repeat from further up the page:

    Using the Wiener Philharmoniker silver coin as an example, because of its beauty, the following question may be posed : ‘Should you buy one ?’ Answers vary.

    Zionist who doesn’t understand the ‘Rule by Force’ mantra : ‘No, because we want it all, listen to our propaganda.’

    Alternative websites : ‘Yes, but we don’t understand that our answer is based on only the theories that suit us.’ They then add that the Nazis were of an evil dictatorship.

    Insiders of whatever denomination whether it be for Zion or against Zion : ‘No answer because we’re insiders and you’re not’.

    A person who understands the reasoning and logic behind it all but also knows the way that Zion operates : ‘How the **** should I know ??’




  • aufihrhelden

    … and why show the tennis court …? …

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