Son Of The Widower by Miguel Serrano. English Translation.


It is my pleasure to announce the release of Son Of The Widower by Miguel Serrano (English Translation). It was a great honor to be involved once again in the production of this Holy Aryan Kristian Text, and consequently one of the greatest literary releases of all times. The text being presented in popular English literary fashion, as simple as the complex original Spanish would allow, but still this translation is relatively complex in structure as would be expected to convey such a highly rhetorical unabridged text with all the grand theological and cosmological themes being contained within.

This translation is as accurate as any man can come to accurate translation! As with all the translation work of Hermitage Helm Corpus, it is simply inconceivable to imagine the English translation of Don Miguel Serrano in any other way than how we present it. Presented as it is, for Holy Europa, for Holy Germania, for the sacred Aryan Lands of our embattled Folk, for the Fifth Reich to come, the Fifth Reich of Kristian Hitlerism, the New Gospel, now given to the four corners of the Earth!

This book, is a small book, but my God is it going to shake the pillars of the world.

Here we come to the hidden way, the way to the Aryan Grail, and none shall pass unless they pass through us…

For expressions of interest please go to Hermitage Helm Corpus

Kulturkampf 88


One response to “Son Of The Widower by Miguel Serrano. English Translation.

  • delendaestziobot

    “For the weapons of our warfare are not humane, but mighty through God for the destroying of dialetical rationalization, destroying the computations of human powers which act contrary to the Gnosis of God, and seek to make prisoner our spirits by which we stand ready to rescue the imprisoned Aryan Folk.”

    2 Corinthians 10-4,6

    In the Spirit of the Fuhrer.

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