Wagner’s Wotan

Wotan speaks, from Scene Two, Act Two, of Die Walkure from The Ring Of The Nibelung. The Pre-Hitlerite Mythos, Songs of the Aryans.


There’s more to tell;

mark what I say;

hear what the Wala foretold!

For Alberich’s host

threatens our downfall;

an envious rage

burns in the Niblung.

Yet I have no fear

of his dusky battalions,

while my heroes keep me secure.

But if once the ring

returns to the Niblung

he conquers Walhall for ever;

by his curse on love,

he alone

can employ

the ring’s enchantment

to bring eternal

shame on the gods;

my heroes’ hearts

he’d win for himself;

he’d make my army

bend to his will,

and with that force

give battle to me.

So I pondered a way

to keep the ring from the Niblung.

The giant Fafner,

one of the pair

for whose work I paid

the fatal gold –

Fafner broods on gold

he murdered his brother for gain.

From him the ring must be taken,

the ring he won as his wages.

Yet the bond that I made

forbids me to harm him;

if I should try

my power would fail.

These are the fetters

which have bound me;

Since by my treaties I rule,

by those treaties I am enslaved.

Yet one can accomplish

What I may not:-

a man, a hero

I’ve not shielded,

whom I’ve not prompted,

foe to the gods,

free of soul,

fearless and bold,

who acts alone,

by his own design –

that man can do

what the god must shun;

though never urged by me

he can achieve my desire!

One at war with all gods,

he can save us!

This friendliest foe,

oh how can I find?

Oh where is this free one,

whom I’ve not shielded

who in brave defiance

is dearest to me?

How can I create one,

who, not through me,

but on his own

can achieve my will?

Oh godly distress!

Sorrowful shame!

With loathing

I can find but myself

in all my hand has created!

This free one whom I have longed for,

this free one can never be found;

for I have no power to make him;

my hand can only make slaves!


But the Walsung, Siegmund,

is he not free?


Wild and free

was our life together;

I taught him to hate the gods,

urged his heart to rebel.

Now when the gods would kill him,

all that he has is a sword;

and yet that sword

was given by a god.

How could I hope

to win by deception?

The lie was revealed

when Fricka appeared:

I stood ashamed;

I had no reply!

So to her I had to surrender…………..

“When the darkest foe of love gains in hatred a son, the gods may know their doom is near.”

(Only the man who is not subject to the law can destroy the law.)

Heil the Philosophical Blitzkrieg of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan!

9 responses to “Wagner’s Wotan

  • aufihrhelden

    The Master created The Ideal, The Master created Siegfried and Siegfried rose from the streets of Vienna …

  • Cedric

    “fearless and bold,

    who acts alone,

    by his own design –

    that man can do

    what the god must shun”

    So prophetic! This so clearly foreshadows the rise of the Fuhrer, who acted outside of time and space, reversing the heavy ooze of the Kali’s time. He was the Sonnenmensch, who acted strictly under his own ideals, bursting up out of the age in Godly rage, his people, our people, screamed through him to reverse the madness, like an Iron Guard he was firmly planted at the edge of an abyss, a black hole — not the Black Hole of the Black Sun — that we were all destined to fall into. But only this way, through losing, could be formed the Blueprint for the Golden Age to come.

    Ah, now in this line did a deeper meaning jump at me:

    Oh godly distress!

    Sorrowful shame!

    With loathing

    I can find but myself

    in all my hand has created!

    In all that the Creator of the Universe, the Architect, has created, he can only see himself reflected back. It is like an endless madness of hallucinatory sport and game! Thus, only a true Aryan who can see through the web truly reaches the end! He does not compromise at a mere “absorption” into his creator. Because he must neglect this offer out of rage! Rage for having been trapped in a body with petty emotions that are far below him, trapped into a world where his brethren suffer like bees on wax paper. Thus vengeance is the only option for this most Noble man. He incinerates the creator through realization of it’s illusory nature and becomes the Absolute Personality. To me, this rage courses through my veins like black fire, the blood memory begins to awaken, and immense nostalgia pours over me. It explodes like ecstasy across my body. Also, Delenda, I am only compassionate to those I sense deserve it. And that “White Think Tank” I felt deserved compassion only because he is of our blood (though remotely, I’m sure). Otherwise, I understand the purity of Aryan Hatred.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Cedric,

    Your above words are most excellent. Only the extremely disciplined warrior attitude you express will bless our Folk with a genuine and real Aryan Knighthood to lead us. Truly this noble attitude is not for our “human-all-too-human” little selves but for our Folk! Not for the “body of corruption” (as the Aryan New Testament expresses this idea) of the common bourgeois but for the Immortal Astral Body of Aryan Warriors.

    The best of our current leaders (like Pope Francis and Syrian President
    Assad) are merely cautious bureaucrats. What this new century and millennium require is something very different: an Aryan Warrior elite aware of compassion but always ruthless under every circumstance. Only “holy arrogance” will lead our Folk into the Aryan Golden Age that is now dawning over our planet — whether anyone is ready for it or not.

    The human race is now being tested by the Black Sun, by the Holy Ghost of Adolf Hitler. Only the best among us will live to tell the tale.

  • delendaestziobot

    “What use is the shiny sharpness of blade
    if the steel’s not hard and true!
    Hey! What a useless thing you have made!
    A mere feeble pin, call it a sword?”

    – Siegfried

  • aufihrhelden

    (Siegfried smashes the sword on the anvil, so that the splinters fly off in all directions).

    ”There, take the pieces, you shameful bungler :
    if only I’d smashed them against your skull !
    How much more must the braggart yet dupe me ?
    He prates about giants and well-fought battles,
    of doughty deeds and well-made arms ;
    he’d make me weapons and fashion swords ;
    he vaunts his art as though he could do aught alright :
    and yet when I take in my hand whatever he’s hammered,
    I can crush the stuff in a single grip !
    Were the knave not simply too scurvy,
    I’d smash him to pieces with all of his smith-work,
    the old and addle-headed elf !
    My anger would then be over !”


    (Siegfried raises his sword and deals Mime a sudden blow ; the latter immediately falls to the ground dead).

    ” Have a taste of my sword, you loathsome babbler !
    Nothung pays the wages of spite :
    that’s whu I had to forge it.”

    Adolf Hitler forged Nothung !!

  • Cedric

    I can feel it Kamerads, it is truly happening!! Even the mainstream now knows National Socialism is the only answer, I have witnessed it spreading like wildfire. My understanding of the truth of the Aryan man is reaching fullness too…
    “Eternal Glory Never Dies”

    • delendaestziobot

      Well Kamerad, I have witnessed many men fall, and the mainstream is fickle and weak. You must save yourself first, before you think about saving anyone else, and that is no easy task, and you are already behind and will remain so. I mean do really think that Esoteric Hitlerism could spread without the Holy Aryan Texts of Esoteric Hitlerism spreading? No, I think not, and National Socialism is for us Esoteric Hitlerism, and there is no spreading of Esoteric Hitlerism without us, so I think you are jumping to conclusions there, Cedric, conclusions that are speculative, and therefore false…


  • Cedric

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Your superior words have been taken to heart. I will re-adjust my focus towards the perfection of my own self, before claiming an awakening of the masses. Though my optimism is clearly naïve, it isn’t entirely false either. I am witnessing seeds of the NS ideology circling outwards from a center point among the masses, slowly growing like trees for some. But to assume that circling is anything but the centrifugal motion of the Black Sun emanating outwards from the revelation of Serrano’s scripture is surely false. My words must be more wise and I should not exclaim false things.


    • delendaestziobot

      “And what do the Gods want? They want that man, the Divya who has fallen, the Vira already seperated from his divinity, should recover it, returning to the lost home, and that they should show him the way though they know he shall never again be a God like them, but something else, something unknown in the Universe. Able to illuminate the darkness of the Creator…They know this; they wait for it and desire it. That is why they help us, thus repeating the eternal story.” – Son Of The Widower: Aryan Kristianity.

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