The Year of Wagner


2013 is the The Year of Wagner, over this year, the 200th since the birth of that old Germanic Wizard of Bayreuth, his spirit looms large. The timeless, ageless, Poet-Composer, the Warrior-Poet stares down on these dimly lit days where the stage-craft of senile dramaturgists with their mechanical puppets, their bizarre troupe of automatons dance and act to a tired old tune. No doubt He looks down in dismay on this circus.

It was Richard Wagner more so than Nietzsche who made possible the appearance of Adolf Hitler, indeed one could say that the Wizard of Bayreuth conjured up Adolf Hitler out of the depths of the Aryan World-Soul. But certainly it was also the cosmic clash of those two Germanic Titans – Wagner and Nietzsche that provided the Promethean spark that would ignite the fertile German soul and set fire to the brightly burning star of the Son of God – Adolf Hitler. More than any man it was Richard Wagner who foresaw the coming of the Führer, the re-awakening of the one who comes back; his Siegfried did come alive!

“Where there is no Want, there is no true Need; where there is no real Need, no necessary Action. But where there is no necessary action, there reigns Caprice; and where Caprice is king, there every vice will blossom, and every criminal assault on Nature will take place. For it is only by the barring and refusing of real Need, the preventing of the true Need from being satisfied that a false Need, an artificial Need can take over. The satisfaction of an artificial Need is luxury; which can only be bred and supported in opposition to, and at the expense of real Need.” –   Richard Wagner – The Artwork Of The Future.

“As Man, in all his life and all his relations to Nature, acts only from a necessity peculiar to his own individual being, he unwittingly distorts the character of Nature herself when he conceives of Nature behaving not according to her own necessity but to that of Man.”   –   Richard Wagner  –  The Artwork of the Future.

“Although the splendid type of Siegfried had long attracted me, it first enthralled my every thought when I had come to see it in its purest shape – Man, set free from every embellishment. Now, for the first time, also, did I recognise the possibility of making him a hero of a drama; a possibility that had not occurred to me while I only knew him from the medieval Nibelungenlied. But at like time with him, had Frederich Barbarossa loomed on me from the study of our history: he appeared to me, just as he had appeared to the Saga-framing Germanic Folk, a historical rebirth of the old-Pagan Siegfried… but it always seemed to me that Frederick Barbarossa would be nearer to the heart of the Folk than the more humane Siegfried… If on the other-hand, I wanted to really construct the Mythos, then, for its ultimate and highest form, quite beyond any modern poet, I must go to the source, to the unadulterated Mythos, which only the Folk had ever sung of, and which I had discovered among them in full perfection -in the SIEGFRIED!   –   Richard Wagner – A Communication To My Friends.



Hail, bright sunlight!

Hail, fair sky!

Hail, O radiant day!

Long was my sleep;

but now I wake:

Who is the man

Wake me to life?


I have braved dangers

Blazing round your rock;

From your head I unclasped the Helm;

Siegfried wakes you

Brings you to life.

12 responses to “The Year of Wagner

  • lohengrin

    All Heil The Master On The Holy Day of 22 May 2013 !!
    All Heil The Spirit Of Richard Wagner !!

  • aufihrhelden

    Today at The Royal Opera House in Ziobot London, the dirty Jew Stephen Fry will host a “battle” between who is supposed to be the ‘greatest’ between Wagner and Verdi as they were both born in the same year.

    The reason for all of this is that they want to give the impression that The Greatest Artistic Genius Of All Time Until The End Of Time can be compared with someone else, they want to try and dilute the message of a Man Sent From The Heavens.

    The event is screened on the Jew newspaper, The Guardian’s website.

    All Heil Richard Wagner !!

  • aufihrhelden

    … and how can they even start to compare anybody with a man of such total omniscience ? Composer, writer, librettist, architect, philosopher – others specialised, he understood worlds. His specialism was whatever He chose !! It is rare for someone of such an artistic genius to also understand the truths of the world and to incorportate these truths into his art.

    Everybody else could be controlled but He made them tremble, so they tried to destroy him but a King understood who, in the end, paid with his life.

  • aufihrhelden

    In 1813, in Bayreuth, the writer Johann Paul Friedrich Richter said, ‘Up to now Apollo has given the gift of poetry with his right hand and that to music with his left to two so widely separated people that we are still waiting at this moment for the man who can compose both the text and the music for the genuine opera.’

    Later that same year, He was born.

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘A precocious revolutionary in politics I was no less a precocious revolutionary in art. At that time the provincial capital of Upper Austria had a theatre which, relatively speaking, was not bad. Almost everything was played there. When I was twelve years old I saw William Tell performed. That was my first experience of the theatre. Some months later I attended a performance of Lohengrin, the first opera I had ever heard. I was fascinated at once. My youthful enthusiasm for the Bayreuth Master knew no limits. Again and again I was drawn to hear his operas ; and to-day I consider it a great piece of luck that these modest productions in the little provincial city prepared the way and made it possible for me to appreciate the better productions later on.’
    – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, p26

  • aufihrhelden

    Absolutely Immense :

    Heil Germania !

    Heil The Holy God Men of Berchtesgaden and Bayreuth !

  • delendaestziobot

    “Hear this one thing!
    we need a man
    who lives without protection
    who is free from the rule of the gods.
    He alone
    can accomplish the deed
    which, although it will save us,
    the gods are forbidden to do.” – Wotan. Act 2, scene 1, the Valkyrie.

  • aufihrhelden

    Comment on you-tube : ”Yes, absolutely amazing. I have spent much of the night listening to everything by this guy. Why he is not more famous I do not understand.”

    … because of envy and hatred and because His works contain the truths of the world and of history.

  • aufihrhelden

    Gotterdammerung (near the end of Act III) :

    Hagen : ‘No brain can help you, no hand can help you, only Siegfried’s death can help you !’
    Hagen (to Gunther) : ‘May he fall for your good ! Tremendous power will them be yours if you win from him the ring that death alone would wrest from him.’
    Hagen : ‘His death will serve us all.’


    Protocol VII of The Protocols of The Elders of Zion :
    ‘We must be capable of being in a condition to resist any opposition with a declaration of war against any country that has the effrontery to cross us ; and if such neighbours in turn decide to unite against us, we must respond by provoking a world war.’

    Hagen is Zion, Siegfried is The Fuhrer and The Spirit of Germany and Richard Wagner possesses (present tense) a Blood Memory that saw it all.

    Zion’s use of the term ‘effrontery’ is an effort on their part to try and conceal their inadequacies because a man on the street with average intelligence and average capacity for reason is feared by Zion lest he discover any truths so imagine how much they fear The Holy God Men. The term ‘effrontery’ is also used by Zion as they believe that, in this world, Genius should bow down to Stupidity.

    Hagen is Zion, Siegfried is The Fuhrer and The Spirit of Germany and Richard Wagner possesses (present tense) a Blood Memory that saw it all.

    They use the term ‘country’ but, essentially, the only country (land) that truly opposes Zion is Germania and Neuschwabenland.

    Hagen is Zion, Siegfried is The Fuhrer and The Spirit of Germany and Richard Wagner possesses (present tense) a Blood Memory that saw it all.

    All Heil The Holy God Men !!

  • aufihrhelden

    From Rites of Pilgrimage, abridged version partly published on this website (October 2013), a slightly extended part thereof :

    I walk down through the Tiergarten to Tiergartenstrasse and arrive at one of the finest sights in Berlin, a magnificent statue of Richard Wagner by Gustav Eberlein which was unveiled on 1 October 1903 ; protected from the elements by a large cover, He gazes out across infinity and eternity with the knowledge and wisdom that even The Gods could not match. It’s as though one of the two figures below Him is at a loss to comprehend what is going in the world and what has gone on in the world yet the other figure below Him waves her arm towards the stern wisdom and the truths of the world, sat above her. It is often the case in this world and in life that a living being that exists on this earth will often reveal its own true nature and its real ‘reason for being’ by the way it acts and by its own subconscious actions ; often, one can gauge this quite accurately if one possesses a perceptive nature and if the truth resonates within a person to begin with. There is Truth and there is Justice and there is Beauty and there is Glory which can all be seen within the gaze of The Two Greatest Men That Ever Lived ; one is represented in the statue above and the other is Adolf Hitler. Now let us venture briefly to the dark side, the product of The Demiurge. Let us mention one of the Creatures of Satan, Evelyn de Rothschild ; now, because pressing buttons on a computer keyboard and calling these electronic digits ‘money’ and then forcing these electronic digits onto the rest of the world then just resorting to the old tried and trusted methods of war and murder if certain parts of the world object to it, requires the intellectual capacity of a plank of wood then that will clearly show through when you are being interviewed, you subconsciously develop a threatening, cowardly nature, which, in this case, is what specifically shows through when this creature Evelyn de Rothschild is being interviewed. The nature of The Jew is Satanic and that is the first principle ; the lies and the monetary fraud that The Jews engage in are merely vehicles to facilitate their domination of the world but how they must hate themselves because they must realise themselves that they are lacking in every area of both intellectual and physical achievement so they need a front to convince themselves, more than anyone, that they should rule the world so they concoct the ‘God’s Chosen People’ concept. Now presumably, if you are reading this, you have at least some understanding of the truths of the world and, presumably, you do not murder and rape non-Jews and, presumably, you are an intelligent person and that is why the threatening glances that Evelyn de Rothschild casts whilst being interviewed on television are meant for you and that is why Evelyn de Rothschild hates you. One can only wonder at the amount of unease and insecurity that is felt by this cretin as he tries to comprehend the weight of the gaze of the two Holy God-Men, Adolf Hitler and Richard Wagner …

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jew Stephen Fry creeps around The Bayreuth Festspielhaus feigning admiration for such whilst engaging in attempts at ‘subtle’ propaganda.

    Don’t you understand, you stupid little moron ? You’re not capable ! But it doesn’t matter ! Don’t you understand ? People don’t give a f**k ! Don’t you understand ? People are just like you ! Why don’t you just take it all ? Don’t you understand ?

  • aufihrhelden

    Hagen killed Siegfried by stabbing him in the back and tried to blame it on a wild boar …

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