The Wizard Of Fiat

We are witnessing the final years of the Fiat cotton/paper inspired “Nation States”, the “United Nations” which since 1945, have been one and all – Corporations. The Nation State is not only long dead, but like dinosaurs, never actually existed in the first place. Those that still believe in “Nation States”, as if Nations are actual entities are delusional, like 99.999% of Humanity is delusional, they even believe that “dinosaurs walked the earth”. The Wizard Of Fiat has NO POWER, and as you have not been told, when you were just a little child, back then it was not made clear to you that the Wizard Of Fiat has NO HEART, NO BRAIN, and IS A COWARD! You were not told that, it was not explained to you, why? Because most likely you are part of the 99.999% of humans which cover the earth like a lurid algae bloom, green as the ink you worship. But those 99.999% are not required for any future action on earth, they are like the waste-product of Munchkin Land, an Ooze that has been left over from another Ooze. The masses of humans are going to always act like a drowning man, who flails around wildly looking to hold onto something, perhaps someone elses leg – so they both drown, in their own algae ooze, well, if a useless human ziobot attached itself to my leg, I would give it one good hard kick in the head and send it to the bottom of the algae covered sea. Amazingly this humongous waste disposal unit that humans, or Munchkins, or whatever, are not capable of running, is a despicable racket that could come to an end in a cotton-picking minute, it could come to an end but it does not, even when it is exposed for what it is, and the curtain is pulled back and the all-too-human assistants run for the exits fumbling for their car-keys, there being no honour among heartless cowards who have no brains. I am reminded of the astronaut who used to take his extremely expensive car-stereo with him on his trips to the moon; “Hey Joe, why take that damned stereo with you every time we go to the moon?” “Because it cost a month’s wages, that’s why, and I don’t want it stolen, do you know how many cars are broken into in that stupid car park?” “No”, “Too many, too many to count.” And even more stupidly, or less,  I am not sure, I am reminded of Arnold Schwarzenegger in that movie ‘Twins’, where he says “and its all cotton”, as if ‘all cotton’ means it’s good. But it is not good, comparably, unless good means the same as cheap, as in supermarket cheap, then it would be good, relatively. But only in terms of digits printed on cotton by the Wizard of Fiat, which is not good, so it is not good, which means I am right in the first place, and Arnie is definitely wrong with his devotion to cotton. Moses was never on Mount Vesuvius, that is a fact, because Moses is a River which is not even in Italy, let alone Egypt, but even if the fictional Moses came down from Mount Vesuvius or Mount Sin-ai, as Jew and Gentile call it, than it is a cotton idol that was worshiped and not a gold one, to say it was gold can only be fiction because humans generally worship cotton or paper idols rather than gold idols or any other idols made of any other material, and that is fact attested to by the witness of Time itself. The Wizard Of Fiat was in control you see, and he was an Artist who was proficient in the use of Cotton and Paper and of course, Ink…I did not want to mention that, because I would then feel as if I would have to explain it, Ink, that is, and if I explain Ink, well, I don’t want to, that I leave up to the Third Reich Pilgrim, do you know that the Third Reich Pilgrim wrote the greatest book of the 21st Century? Did you know that? If you are part of humanity you would not know that. Anyway I write all about Ink, its his-story, and about Alchemy, and other insignificant stuff. Like Dorothy’s Silver slippers, only Hollywood could put Ruby slippers on Dorothy, it was for the Technicolor effect of the Silver screen, you see, but it is not Alchemically correct, as Frank Baum’s book would tell you. Which just goes to show, that the lies of the screen are greater than the lies of the book. Now the Silver slippers were the Silverites transformed under paper and ink and bound into a book, now in those days you could not put truth in a book, you had to lie, to make something Vulgar (public) was to get a truth and then twist it into a warped old lie, and only then could you be Vulgar, or Public, telling the truth was simply not an option, in those days, you had to lie, no lie – no publish, simple as that. Anyway the Silverites wanted to dance cheek to jowl with the Gold misters, and they reckoned 16:1 as a ratio, fair it seemed, so said the “16 to 1’s” folk, 1 OZ of Gold for 16 OZ of Silver, that was being proposed, in the Land of OZ, because OZ is one ounce. But the Gold misters said to the Silverites that this arrangement would be beneficial for the Munchkins, and why should they do anything for the country bumpkin Munchkins? Why not just follow the tradition and go Vulgar, I.e. lie, deceive those stupid little Munchkins with a simple trick, a school yard sleight-of-hand, thus proving that the Bumpkins were really, really, stupid Munchkins all along, and deserve their pathetic abused state. Why should the Silverites stand up for the midget bumpkins? Let them fight their own fights! And so there was a deal done and the magic flowed with paper and ink and there was a great cyclone of money creation and this cyclone picked up the houses of the country folk, and up they went in inflation, and then they came crashing down! And it was as easy as taking candy from a baby. The Bumpkins really were Munchkins after all… And so they ended up in the Land of Ooze with a Green Ink City surrounded by anodyne fields. And the only way that Dorothy and her pathetic little party of country bumpkins can escape that wicked world, is if she clicks her Silver slippers and makes a wish, because that was all she had to do in the first place as she always had her little slippers made of silver on her little feet, but she did not know how to use them, it was magic. Poor naive little Dorothy, she had a viable truthful currency all along and didn’t even know it. In another allegorical sense we see Dorothy as America, Tinman as a heartless under-employed industrialist in need of oil, Scarecrow a farmer typically uneducated, and the Lion, the military portrayed as a bunch of cowards.

If you think this sounds rather strange and funny, it’s because it is, because there was a secret deal made and an inside joke, and the human masses are the butt of the joke! Hahahah…They really are stupid after all, and by the time they get the joke, they will be the butt of another joke, that they will not have any idea about just as they did not know about the last joke until it was revealed to them. Imagine being the butt of someone elses joke for 100 years! Just imagine, it’s magical.

22 responses to “The Wizard Of Fiat

  • aufihrhelden

    Indeed, ‘The Wizard of Fiat has NO HEART, NO BRAIN and IS A COWARD’ – they have no inherent strenghts or virtues or courage of their own hence the need to spend all their time and energy in trying to mould the Human Masses in their own image and dumbing the Human Masses down to their own level of intellect.

    One of the most important things to understand is the contrast between the LAND (and the relationship to it of the people thereon) and that of the modern, corporate nation ‘states’. The further away from The Laws of Nature (and hence The Third Reich) that a ‘nation’ becomes, the more Jewish and decrepit it becomes.

    Jewish ‘Nations’ States – ‘I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of XXX paper/cotton, otherwise known as, essentially, thin air.’

    Third Reich – one Reich Mark equals approximately two and a half grammes of silver.

    Do you see their need for perpetual ‘naked shorting’ of precious metals in order to keep the ‘price’ (their price) down ? If anybody tries to walk away from it, they just send in their slave, coward armies.

  • delendaestziobot

    That’s exactly right aufihrhelden. They have to dumb down the masses, they themselves are dumb, and their jokes are the schoolyard jokes of sniggering little brats!
    They have no power, no brains, no heart and are one and all cowards!!!
    I can honestly say that my hatred of humanity knows no racial or class or gender distinctions, I hate them all equally, my hatred does not discriminate.

  • oregoncoug

    Our Lord Lucifer fights, dies and resurrects for his Kameraden, never for the “Munchkins” and “Bumpkins”. The latter are scruff, bark, dust, debris, the rejected garbage of Nature: Creatures of the Demiurge Jehovah, aka Yahweh.

    Aryan holy hatred does not so much curse as destroy. We are the creators and destroyers of worlds.


  • delendaestziobot

    “Hate is my prayer, revenge is my battle-cry.”

  • aufihrhelden

    In-bred stupidity notwithstanding, if you were given a printing press on which to create the world’s fiat currency, you could actually calculate (given such information as the ‘pricing’ of the world’s assets in the said fiat paper, the amount of debt taken in each wave [Boom, Bust] in relation to the world’s total assets extant, the amount of defaults related to the total collateral of those debts, the interest rates charged, the tax rates charged, the types of taxes charged, the velocity of the fiat paper and the world’s [manipulated] commodity prices) how long it would take before you owned every single asset in the world.

    Or you could just kill everyone who refused to play along …

  • aufihrhelden

    It was this Christmas period, one hundred years ago in 1913, that the Jew Federal Reserve (false name) was set up in order for them to create ‘money’ (bits of paper) from thin air and then force them onto the world through violent means thereby ensuring that eventually all the world’s assets would eventually be owned by World Jewry (in theory). They think they need to give themselves a false mandate, ie to ‘combat’ inflation and to ‘fight’ unemployment (problem, reaction, solution – they deliberately create the problem, then they provide a reaction which gives the solution that World Jewry wanted all along). They’re so stupid, they don’t realise that there is no need to keep up this mandate (lie) any longer because, certainly in the last few years, the people of America either support them or just don’t care.

    A sign of the level of Jewish intellect : they enacted this unilaterally enforced edict during the Christmas holidays thereby hoping nobody would notice and hence avoiding an intellectual confrontation. But not too many people in that country are like Henry Ford or George Lincoln Rockwell.

  • aufihrhelden

    You can, at least, carry fiat bits of paper around in your pocket and use them for transactions, despite them representing mass fraud. World Jewry doesn’t like this and, as it has made such a mess of the current system, why not just jump straight to electronic tagging where every transaction is monitored ? BITCOIN !!!

    Again, the joke’s on them, as they feel the need to ‘market’ it in a certain way but there’s no need because the people of Britain and America all suffer from the Stockholm Syndrome and can’t wait to be chipped ! Me next ! Me ! Me ! No me !

    They can just turn off someone’s chip so then they can’t buy food so they just starve to death. This would give boundless pleasure to World Jewry until they find out that it does, in fact, give boundless pleasure to the victims ! The ‘victims’ also take pleasure from attacking each other but they never attack or criticise the Masters of Zion.

  • aufihrhelden

    They also talk of ‘mining’ the BITCOINS !!

    As though pressing buttons on a computer keyboard is mining !

    The extraction of metals (for example silver) requires the use of things such as machinery and manpower and explosives and exploration and thought. That is why (combined with the nature of a metals use on the supply side) metal is scarce to varying degrees especially silver. People don’t like the idea of physical effort because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work. Very few people think because it is the hardest work there is. I believe it was Henry Ford who made these two statements.

    Money is a weight (see the essay on this website) and when it is ALLOWED to be a weight you can then hold ‘financial’ freedom in your hand. If you have a ‘BITCOIN’ (the word ‘coin’ is a misnomer as well) then you are a slave to whoever is creating it from nothing (NOT mining it) behind the scenes.

    All these so-called ‘solutions’ being offered, none of which fulfil the fundamental requirement of a fair medium of exchange to compensate for effort expended. They also talk of ‘backing’ a currency with gold – a 5% backing is 95% fraud as someone somewhere is gearing up a gold supply(which they will have gained from the fiat fraud in the first place even if it is indeed genuinely backed) and creating a multiplied factor from nothing.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Zionist Bank of England talks of the possibility of raising interest rates in 2015 – they create the gilts and bonds, or whatever you want to call them, out of thin air and then they create the funds out of thin air to purchase whatever bonds or gilts foreign nations do not want (which is getting bigger all the time). The higher the interest rate, the more interest payment they have to create from thin air and it’s got to such a stage now (idiots left with no option but to print trillions) that they think they need to keep the interest rate as low as possible so they can ‘save’ a trillion here or a trillion there. In reality though, people don’t care how much it costs for a loaf of bread as long as they can remain slaves but the ‘government’ thinks it needs to portray a certain line of thought.

    In the world today, great knowledge and even great intellect are as meaningless as truth itself unless these characteristics are put to work in aiding the Return of The Furious Horde from The Inner Earth.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay :

    ‘Amazingly this humongous waste disposal unit that humans, or Munchkins, or whatever, are not capable of running, is a despicable racket that could come to an end in a cotton-picking minute, it could come to an end but it does not, even when it is exposed for what it is, and the curtain is pulled back and the all-too-human assistants run for the exits fumbling for their car-keys, there being no honour among heartless cowards who have no brains.’

    Even when it is exposed for what it is people still don’t give a damn. Actually because Tinman has moved to Asia this fraud has got to such a stage that it actually suits the Munchkins of the corporation of B’nai B’rith to keep the whole thing going because their current lifestyles basically rely on a giant photocopier and the cowardly military working drones and pressing buttons – they gain more from nothing once the point on the curve has reached a certain point and everything of real value has been taken from them so the only thing they now have to lose is everything !

  • aufihrhelden

    The creature James Rickards talks of ‘The Death of Money’ – you see they were going along nicely playing their button pressing game of creation of ‘money’ from nothing, they were really enjoying it, this child’s game of creation of ‘money’ from nothing, all they needed to do was to learn what buttons to press like a child on an Z-Box or whatever they are called …

    … But then they f****d it up ! …

    … you see, the term ‘The Death of Money’ was never a term they were ever going to use until it all started to go wrong for them because they thought they had it sewn up but now they have to use a different agenda, or rather different tactics ; because they’ve got themselves into such a mess with the current system, they suddenly want to go straight to the lowest common denominator (as Jews always do) and try and ram through the one world mark of the beast in short order so they have to pretend that their original system constituted ‘money’ (that their false fiat fraud represented ‘money’ and hope that nobody mentions that money is an agreed exchange for energy expended) and that, therefore, it is ‘money’ that has died and, OH LOOK !, the one-world, globalist chip is the ONLY SOLUTION !! They have to give it pathetic names like ‘Special Drawing Rights’ ; a ‘basket’ of currencies all nicely weighted by nice men and women in suits (a basket is something that your nice granny might carry so it must be nice and cosy and nothing like the evil witch in Snow White). Pathetic.

    Me : So James (or may I call you Alberich), can I have a question and answer session with you regarding Daly versus First National Bank of Montgomery, The Third Reich Silver Standard or the real meaning of money ?

    Alberich : death, accident, false, lone gunman, flag, keep it shut, Chosen, war, People, …

    Me : The Talmud has various references to excrement so why don’t you just forget about doing something you’re not capable of (despite all the rules and the odds stacked in your favour) and just enforce an ‘excrement system’ upon the entire world and leave it at that ?

    Alberich : Prison, arrest, Chosen, keep it shut, People, Zion, kill, poison, unfortunate, cover-up, accident …

    Me : Laughter.

    Alberich : Anger.

    If any of you reading this decide to read or view James Rickards, then you may an antithesis straight afterwards, an antithesis of greatness, beauty, brain power and creativity, therefore I direct you all to The Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde.

  • aufihrhelden

    Siegfried to Mime : It’s enough for me to set eyes on you, to know that there’s evil in all that you do.

    Everybody have a look at Mario Draghi.

    The overriding attitude towards such scum should, of course, be hatred but one can occasionally find the time to laugh at this mentally retarded cretin and the actions that him and his kind are continually forced to undertake to try and save their pathetic system. Of course, when they resign themselves to the fact that the constant pressing of zeros on computer keyboards is beyond their capabilities, they just kill people instead.

    It is perhaps unique in the history of the universe that, here on planet earth those with the power can be held up as objects of ridicule by those without power who understand ; and this is all due to the way power is gained.

  • aufihrhelden

    Mario Draghi is a Monster.

  • aufihrhelden

    Some ‘alternative writers’, or their ilk, recommend a 5% ‘cover clause’ of gold to fiat paper to ‘solve’ the current difficulties.

    Imagine if one of those people booked a three week stay in a hotel and paid in advance – if I was the hotel proprietor I would kick them out after one night before telling them that I was operating a 5% cover clause. If they complained I would shoot them half a dozen times in the head and inform the local police that it was a suicide.

  • aufihrhelden

    Here is another good example of the stupidity and complete lack of any intellectual capacity of the Zionists. The cretin Willem Buiter, who is the ‘global chief economist’ (economics is just a term made up to try and make playing space invaders appear to be an intellectual pursuit) at the criminal Citigroup has made comments in a ‘research note’.

    Let’s examine some of the utterings of this retarded moron :

    Buiter says gold is unlike any other commodity, and the only thing that comes close to it is Bitcoin and other virtual currencies. Gold is costly to extract from the ground and refine to a degree of purity, it’s also costly to store and has no real use as a producer good, and other alternatives are out there for industrial uses.

    [He wants to convey the impression (remember Zionists aren’t capable of dealing in absolutes, they can only try and convey impressions) that a real precious metal such as gold (called precious for a very long time because it isn’t as plentiful as say, copper) possesses the same intrinsic value as something which as no intrinsic value such as ‘Bitcoin’ because ‘Bitcoin’ is created from thin air at the whim of, well, whoever creates it. He thinks gold is costly to extract because he is talking in terms of fraudulent paper fiat vouchers (many gold miners are struggling at the moment because as the gold price is permanently and vastly manipulated, which the cretin doesn’t mention and their costs rise due to criminal fiat inflation, which the cretin doesn’t mention and they struggle with their criminally created from thin air ‘debts’ and the interest payments upon such, which the cretin doesn’t mention, they start to make large losses in terms of the fiat fraud which the cretin doesn’t mention) but, under a true weights system, the measure of the opportunity coast would be ascertained by the level of the energy extracted. By stating, also, that gold is costly to store, he undermines is whole argument but doesn’t realise it. Gold’s ‘use as a producer good’ is irrelevant because it has always been a measure of value of the exchange of such goods, that is an agreed upon measure by willing parties – silver acts as both, of course, but he wouldn’t mention that.]

    Buiter : “Gold has become a fiat commodity or a fiat commodity currency, just as the U.S. dollar, the euro, the pound sterling and the yen…are fiat paper currencies and as Bitcoin is a fiat virtual currency,” said Buiter. “The main differences between them are that gold, like Bitcoin, is very costly to produce, while the production of additional paper money has an extremely low marginal cost.”

    [See how he attempts to convey the impression that there’s nothing unlawful about the term ‘fiat’ (fiat means ‘enforced by decree’ which today means ‘enforced by Zionist decree’ which means no level playing field whatsoever which is what they need) ; using words like ‘commodity’ and ‘currency’ alongside the word ‘fiat’ is designed to try and muddy the waters in the hope that nobody questions the fact that false creation is not real. Where do the ‘currencies’ you mention come, from, Buiter ? How are they created ? Look at the word ‘become’ – ‘as if by magic’ it ‘became’ !! The false ‘pricing’ of something real and valuable in terms of fiat fraud has just suddenly ‘become’ (by manipulation) just like the very thing in which it is ‘priced’ !!! ‘Bitcoin’ is costly to produce ? And listen to this, the very thing that enslaves the intelligent people of the world (whom Buiter despises) that is the constant creation and then subsequent withdrawal of fiat fraud in the form of debt (Boom, Bust) is perfectly acceptable because it’s ‘easy’ and cheap for THEM to produce !!!]

    ”Count up the deposits of commercial banks with the central banks, which together with currency in circulation make up the monetary base, as fiat money, then the incremental cost of fiat base money creation is zero”, he said.

    [‘Deposits’ and ‘currency in circulation’ and whatever other phrases are dreamt up in their caves do not and can never constitute a monetary base because they are not money because money is whatever two or more willing parties agree upon as an exchange and, historically, gold and silver have fulfilled this role. Now then, Buiter’ what is the incremental cost of your ‘fiat base money creation’ to those who do not operate the printing press, the vilification of the intelligent incrementally compounds to what exactly ?]

    “Even though I view gold as pure bubble, that bubble may well be good for another 6,000 years. Its value may go from $1,200 per fine ounce to $1,500 or $5,000 for all I know. Investing a vast amount of money in something whose value is based on nothing more than a set of self -confirming beliefs will make for an exciting ride,” said Buiter.

    [The term ‘bubble’ is another word made up by Buiter’s ilk in order to try and hide the real nature of their Boom/Bust fraud and in order to try and hide their games of manipulation. Gold is a finite metal. Sand is also finite but a lot more plentiful than gold. None can be a ‘bubble’ because they are real but he wants to convey the impression that gold can be IN a bubble when measured in terms of their fiat fraud. Actually, it’s the total antithesis due to the mass manipulation of precious metals prices but they want to give you the wrong impression so they compare the actual ‘price’ of gold down the years with a price that it ‘would’ have been if it had followed the US Consumer Price Index which is also vastly manipulated another mass fraud !! Trillions off the printing press anyone ?? Also, the value of an ounce of gold is an ounce of gold, it doesn’t matter whether the ‘price’ is $600 or the Satanic Jewish number of $6,000,000 – it is the so-called ‘pricing’ itself which constitutes the fraud itself. He is trying to give the impression that their fiat fraud is what a person uses to ‘invest’ and that IT is the measure of all things. He wants to convey that the TRUTH is nothing more than a set of ‘self-confirming beliefs’ ; that people who understand the TRUTH are merely only ‘confirming’ to ‘themselves’ their own deluded beliefs. They should be locked up in an asylum, shouldn’t they Willem ? He uses the term ‘exciting’ as an attempted masking adjective.]

    Of course, the level of Zionist absurdity here is the fact that there’s no need for Buiter to make such comments because Zion just does what it wants anyway (the lowest common denominator) which means that there’s no need for Zion to try and run a system which is 99.999% in their favour (which is not enough and which they are inherently incapable of) anyway !!

    If I sent my comments to any well-known (Zionist) newspaper there would be about as much chance of them being published as a twenty-five stone man running a marathon in under one hundred and fifty minutes.

    Willem Buiter should be made to run across a desert to a gold mine, then made to dig and drill and dig and drill and dig and drill then, when he’s too exhausted to move shot in the head and his body hung from The Fraudulent Bank of England. If anybody thinks that that is ‘inhumane’ then they either haven’t understood a word of what I have written or they are evil themselves.

  • aufihrhelden

    The motto of Zionism : ‘Never, ever, ever let the best man win. We can never win so we must avoid at all costs all and any semblance of free competition, therefore nobody ever wins therefore we remain.’

  • aufihrhelden

    Hey Zion,

    Why don’t you inform the world that your greatest friends and supporters (the masses of Britain, America and France) have all got jobs and are all millionaires then place the price of an ounce of gold and the price of an ounce of silver at ZERO, thereby declaring that your bits of paper and electronic digits are so almighty that gold and silver are not fit to be purchased with such ?!?!

  • aufihrhelden

    Judeo-Christian Slaves like to turn the other cheek. The fiat cheek has been slapped for a while now (it could go on forever because will accept anything but Zion doesn’t realise this) so perhaps it’s time to turn the other cheek, the Bitcoin cheek and let them start slapping that … !! …

  • aufihrhelden

    Is Zion singing about its stolen gold hoard? Laughing at Zion.

    Kylie Minogue thinks that she has to keep the hatred inside. Laughing at Kylie Minogue.

    Kylie Minogue reminds me of a couple of people who work in an office – they are members of the Zionist Masses as well.

  • aufihrhelden

    A Green Ink City … Here is Sheffield in England:

  • delendaestziobot

    Interesting vid on the changing city-scapes and infrastructure to make way for changes in technology.

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