I am in the middle of producing an English translation of Miguel Serrano’s ‘Son Of The Widower’. I estimate it should be in paperback in approx. 1 month published by Hermitage Helm Corpus. ‘Son Of a Widower’ makes a more seamless transition from Serrano’s Hitlerist Trilogy to Third Reich Pilgrim, and considering the correct chronological order, in more ways than one. In the book will be included 2 of Serrano’s  last interviews and an important letter, this will make a compilation that will produce a slim, handsome, inexpensive paperback, that will be considered to be Aryan Apostolic Canon or Holy Writ; formal decrees like Manu, Ultimate Avatar and Third Reich Pilgrim, with more to come, that set out the early functioning and shape of the Fifth Reich. Why the Fifth Reich? Well, because the Fourth Reich transcended these lower parts of the universe, and if you are reading these words, I tell you; you were not required for that to happen, and or you were part of the Enemy, I.e. Corporation America and Corporation Britain or Corporation Russia or whatever decaying piece of Corporate shit-hole you robotically slave for… If you support or have any faith in these obsolete Corporations then I can also tell you that your long and steady rate of decline into redundancy and brownish filth and degeneracy will continue until it is no more.

“National Socialism was always Hitlerism, and Hitlerism always had an esoteric background. At the end of the 1930’s and during the war years it was not possible or convenient that this theme was widely known. However, after the war and its apparent loss, there was no other way for Hitlerism than the esoteric development.”   – Miguel Serrano

“Whoever sees National Socialism only as a political movement, understands nothing. National Socialism is more than a religion, she is the Will to create the Superman.”  – Adolf Hitler

‘For The Man To Come’

For The Fifth Reich

9 responses to “Updates

  • jmackdog

    Excellent, looking forward to it. Do you know how I can find an English version of the Ultimate Avatar ?

  • Cedric

    Will the Fifth World or Reich be seen in our lifetime? And how does it work into the Vedic and Greek descriptions of the Kali Yuga? I have found that the Vedic description of the Kali Yuga perfectly mirrors our current societal condition. . . however most sources agree that the end of the Kali will be somewhere in the year 4000 A.D. and will be marked by 100 years of chaos prior to the start of the next golden age. So when will the reckoning of the new era dawn, and what will the nature of it be?


  • delendaestziobot

    You don’t have to play the role of a discerning consumer, the books are available from the National Library of Australia and the State Library of Victoria, so that may be an option for somebody who wanted to read the books, but not purchase them, but I assume you would have to be an Australian resident for that option.

    I will answer just one question of yours anyway;

    Q. “How does it (The Fifth Reich) work into the Vedic and Greek descriptions of the Kali Yuga?”

    A. It dosen’t.

  • voiceoffortitude

    This is someone you know from aryanfront.

    • delendaestziobot

      Obviously this someone has not read ‘Manu: For The man To Come’, because if he had he would of read the chapter from that New Aryan Gospel- ‘The Atomic Bomb Does Not Exist’.

      I fail to see how someone can claim to be Aryan and yet not have come into physical contact with the New Aryan Gospels. How is that possible?

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