The Apotheosis of Miguel Serrano

Today is the 4th Anniversary of the apotheosis of Miguel Serrano, his Vimana transfiguration into Aryan Deity as he willed it to be, his great escape from the cycle of Eternal Return. He has become a God, in the elite service of the Ultimate Battalion and his Master and the Most High God Himself Adolf Hitler. And now through his written Gospels, which have been bequeathed to his true spiritual heirs, He commands the Aryan Race on this earth which is now his realm, and this demands OBEDIENCE…. and it is an insult to Deity to disobey Him, whom is now elevated above you in every possible sense!!! Miguel Serrano – the Kosmic Resurrected Hero, the Ring-Bearer who was chosen by the Führer Himself aboard the Ghost Ship to the Poles, an Einherjar of the highest Warrior order in all the universe is commanding you, who dares disobey? Who dares to disobey this Divine Warrior who is now armed with eternal power? Who dares question the Work of the Gods?

Oh, I say to you, by the light of the Black Sun hung on this Kosmic Tree, it is Miguel Serrano who is now clothed in Triumph and eternal Glory greater than anyone of us can imagine, that he has chosen to deliver a message to this decrepid suffering world, is proof indeed that this Man has become a God!

Heil Serrano!

Heil Hitler!

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