The Black Sun Of Esoteric Hitlerism!



This is how one uses the Black Sun symbol, which is a symbol of Esoteric Hitlerism, it does not belong to any other movement, it only belongs exclusively to Esoteric Hitlerism, and that is why its origin is Wewelsburg Castle in Germany! It is not an American symbol, or an Italian symbol or a Fascist symbol, neither does it belong to the Administrative Courts of the United States of America.

“The Black Sun is found behind the Golden Sun that shines visibly, the Sun of Hitlerism, this wheel activates the transcendent life of the Aryans that does not end here.”   –   Miguel Serrano

“Oh, Black Sun!

Absorb me in thy light


Faster than light from

The Golden Sun

And take me up into

The inexistence of

The Green Thunderbolt

Where the Maestros dwell

Of my Maestro

And the highest Guides of

Esoteric Hitlerism

Enflesh me into thy existence

More real than all existing

And help me to realize

Impossible dreams

The Resurrection of the A-Mada.

The return of the Führer, Adolf Hitler

The re-creation of Esoteric Hitlerism

And possession of the Archetype

Until the consummation of his Myth

And his Legend

In Resurrection with the body of

Immortal Varja.

Let me return to the Black Sun.”   –   Miguel Serrano

That is what the Black Sun means.

It is hard to believe that anybody could be so stupid as to use the Black Sun symbol publicly and not have any clue as to what it means, I find that hard to believe, our propaganda has been too successful for that to be the case, no one can plead ignorance here, too late for that. It could only be that the Black Sun is being used by dupes or foes in a deliberate attempt to neutralize its magikal power, an attempt to render the symbol impotent by misuse and vulgarization. These attempts will fail, for the Black Sun of the Aryan Dead is designed so it will be a curse to those who misappropriate it, a curse to those who make vulgar the sacred signs of Hitlerism!


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