King Ludwig II and The Sons of God.

King Ludwig II and The Sons Of God .     By Kamerad Steve.

Extracts from submission essay to A New Race. The Aryan Essays.

Part of the requirement of being a good, little, faithful follower of Zion in today’s post-modern world is to be totally devoid of any individual character or personality. One must be programmed with a set of instructions, this is vital if one wants to fit into the mass of conformity, if one wants to join the hordes of believers in nothing, if one wants to find one’s place in the rows of suburbia, if one wants to assimilate with the ant-heap of Slavery.

This assimilation can be and usually is natural, it comes naturally, such is the embedded nature of this Zionist world of slavery. One will fall into it naturally unless one is of an exceptional nature. Those who have assimilated themselves will naturally resent those few who have not and refuse to also assimilate. They – the Slaves and Drones, the Ziobots of Planet Zion will say that you who reject their way are not “normal”, that you are “mad”, they will isolate you, they will alienate you, they will ignore you and they will attack you in numbers. In this world of Zion the best and strongest being so very few will be demonized, and the treatment and portrayal of King Ludwig II of Bavaria is a perfect example. The life of King Ludwig is a very good example of the fundamental truth that, if one lives today or has lived in the last few hundred years, then one must either embrace the commonplace evils of murder, rape and pillage, that is the decrepit senility of Zion, or one must, more or less, live in solitude whilst possessing a mind of steel.

King Ludwig II has come to be known as “The Mad King” and yet in reality he was a genius. In Zion everything you have been told is the wrong way round… Albert Einstein was not a genius but was actually mad… This is the result of a senile society trying to hide its own intellectual inadequacies by hiding facts, by covering over the truth with lies. In Zion all things are based on lies; All -Lies of the Allies of Zion!

It was said that King Ludwig “did not know the difference between childhood and adulthood” but they know the difference in the ant-heap of Zion, don’t they? Childhood is attending school and being programmed with all the lies of Zion, and this followed by adulthood, which, if one is a good little Ziobot, will see one starting out on a career (I.e. coma) to promote and further the causes of Zion. Art and Truth are nothing but childhood fantasy! They say that Ludwig was a “lonely and isolated prince” and that is why he lived the way he did – but this “lonely and isolated prince” did not slip seamlessly from “childhood” to “adulthood”, Oh no, he lived for art and wisdom, he lived for Timeless Truths and the resurrection of the German Legend. In comparison Mr and Mrs Ziobot of suburbia live bold and daring lives as estate agents and solicitors.

Nobody understood the above so completely as the Holy God-Man Richard Wagner, of whom King Ludwig was friend and patron. The Master of Bayreuth understood that the King would not last long in this world. The Master commented; “The King is unfortunately so noble, and brilliant, so magnificent and soulful that I fear his life in this world must vanish like a fleeting stream in this coarse world.” Look at the adjectives in that comment; “noble”, “brilliant”, “magnificent” and “soulful” – these are the very qualities that are despised by the masses of the world.

“Oh, how futile is this world. How miserable, how cruel so many men, their lives are centered in the closed circle of triviality. Oh, if only this world lay behind me.” – King Ludwig to Richard Wagner.

“I intend to rebuild the old castle ruins of Hohenschwangau by the Pollat Gorge in the genuine style of the old German knightly fortress…you know the revered guest that I would like to accommodate there, the location is one of the most beautiful that one could ever find, holy and unapproachable, a worthy temple for the divine friend who has brought salvation and true blessing to the world.”  –  King Ludwig in a letter to Richard Wagner.

Schloss Neuschwanstein was built by King Ludwig as a tribute to Richard Wagner, it is white after the Swan Knight Lohengrin, the interior is full of scenes from Tannhauser, Lohengrin, Tristan und Isolde, the Legends of Siegfried and Parsifal. It is a monument and shrine to Richard Wagner, it is noble and true, it is an antithesis of today’s sick and corrupt world. There ought to be a huge statue of The Master at the entrance to the castle with music from his operas playing in the rooms within.

Richard Wagner - Born May 22, 1813, Liepzig Germany

Richard Wagner – Born May 22, 1813, Liepzig Germany

Fairy Tale Fantasy_ Neuschwanstein Castle_ Bavaria_ Germany

The patronage of Richard Wagner by Ludwig II enabled The Master to fully complete the Total Artwork (His Gesamtkunstwerk) – that is, all aspects of art were combined in His operas and writing, a synthesis of the arts, to form a unifying body of work which expresses the fundamental truths of life and existence through art; this has never been achieved at such a level by anyone ever, either before or after Him. The fundamental Timeless Truths that King Ludwig lived for are contained in the work of The Master; Ludwig himself understood that politics and his government duties were merely false concepts and that the work of the God-Man, the ultimate truths, would one day triumph and the best way to serve his people would be for himself to serve one of the Sons of God. Future generations of German people would judge him.


Delendestziobot –

King Ludwig II like all Kings holds a title de jure, which means the King is a figurehead who has little or no actual powers, merely a title figment or office which has no actual practical power. The Third Reich Pilgrim has revealed the true nature of Kings, and this is something that King Ludwig and Richard Wagner knew all too well. King Ludwig managed to, and he may well be the only King who has managed to do so, overcome his appointed status as a figurehead. A figurehead is a fiction, precisely a representation made to feign power. The origin of this figurative office is the prow of a ship, ornamental, the king is a decoration, it is not what powers the ship, obviously. Any Royal House is under Admiralty Law I.e. Hanseatic League.

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10 responses to “King Ludwig II and The Sons of God.

  • HellmanViking

    ” Childhood is attending school and being programmed with all the lies of Zion, and this followed by adulthood, which, if one is a good little Ziobot, will see one starting out on a career (I.e. coma) to promote and further the causes of Zion.”

  • Wotans Krieger

    I am Wotans Krieger, owner of the Aryan Myth and Metahistory blog and would like your premission to reproduce this splendid essay on my blog, giving the original credit of course.

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Wotans Krieger,

    Yes, you can reproduce this essay on your blog.

    This essay is an abridged version of an essay submitted to Hermitage Helm Corpus for a new book entitled ‘A New Race – The Aryan Essays’.

    I appreciated the essay you wrote on your own blog called – ‘Aryan Art and the Disease of Modern Culture’, I was thinking perhaps you would like to extend this essay you wrote and submit to Hermitage Helm Corpus for possible inclusion in ‘A New Race – The Aryan Essays’, giving original credit to you of course. What do you think?

  • aufihrhelden

    The Zionist ‘historian’ Dan Cruickshank creeps around Bavaria and the castles of King Ludwig II feigning admiration for such whilst engaging in attempts at ‘subtle’ propaganda.

    Don’t you understand, you stupid little moron ? You’re not capable ! But it doesn’t matter ! Don’t you understand ? People don’t give a f**k ! Don’t you understand ? People are just like you ! Why don’t you just take it all ? Don’t you understand ?

  • aufihrhelden

    Schloss Linderhof :

  • aufihrhelden

    “It is necessary for me finally to know where I belong, where I can establish my permanent residence, and can care for my family in a practical way. I have been forced to allow many years of my life to be ruled by the blind force of chance, I call nothing mine, and live like a fugitive in the world … I must live where I can be sure of a proper sphere for my work ; this must be the heart of Germany, and I am happy now to have found this chosen place within your kingdom.” – Richard Wagner in a letter to King Ludwig II, dated 1st March 1871

  • aufihrhelden

    König Ludwig II Gedenkstätte am Starnberger See :

  • aufihrhelden

    King Ludwig II – crossing through this world to aid a God Man who was already here.

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