The Kampf continues.

Firstly I would like to publicly thank oregoncoug and kamerad steve for their courageous work and Kampf/Kamph (respectively) at the front trenches of Hermitage Helm Corpus, without them I suspect I would have taken one too many blows from the foe. So far we have done what was practically impossible, so, how can that be stopped?

The principal ideas that Hermitage Helm Corpus now carries, alone, are the principal ideas belonging solely to the Aryan Race. Many will come and proclaim some of these ideas, and pretend that those ideas belong to them, but the Truth of the Aryan Light has only been given to one brightly shining star, one entity, one movement, one people who hardly even exist, but are like separated wandering ghosts, lost in limbo and searching for a future! If you really have read Mein Kampf and not just pretended you have, or have just cut and lifted internet bits and pieces of Mein Kampf to suit your own personal delusions, then you should understand Siddharreich and the purpose here. In our Holy Books the concepts are taking formation, a purely Germanic formation, which is in essence Hitlerian and therefore the highest Aryan ideal, for Hitler is Germany, and so it follows that without Hitler there is no Germany, and that is why our Aryan Light can only be the “Spirit of the Fuhrer” as revealed in Third Reich Pilgrim, we search in the Spirit of the Fuhrer, for our lost Reich; our Fifth Reich as revealed in MANU.

“Man’s progress and culture is not founded by the masses, but is exclusively the work of personal genius and personal efficiency.”  –   Mein Kampf

“The movement steadfastly refuses to take up any stand in regard to those problems which are either outside of its sphere of political work or seem to have no fundamental importance to us.”  – Mein Kampf

“The movement does not consider its mission to be the establishment of a Monarchy or the preservation of the Republic, but rather to create a German State.”  –  Mein Kampf

Now, as to the transformation of the German State, that is revealed in the Holy Books, where it is introduced in MANU:

“ER or IR:    The primordial force of Hyperborea. Godhead. From this come ER-MAN God-man, runically expressed by the symbol (Hagal). ER or IR is the rune of the end, Death, and MAN is the rune of the beginning, Life. Thus, ERMAN is a symbol of Totality, a circle. Herman (or Erman) the Cherusco, conqueror of the Roman Varro, was a God-man. Ir is the column that upheld the sky over Hyperborea. Lost during the flood of this primordial continent, it came to be represented by the IRMINSUL (IR-MINSUL) the sacred Tree of the Germans located at Extersteine that was destroyed by Charlemagne.”

The greater meaning of these terms and definitions were recently discovered by the Third Reich Pilgrim in the last forest remnants of Teutoberg Wald and in Extersteine. Centuries old secrets were brought to light and revealed in Chapter VIII of Third Reich Pilgrim.


Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan is with us.

For the Fifth Reich!

2 responses to “The Kampf continues.

  • Joe

    Yes indeed He is with us. Love your tremendous efforts. I am only recently finding you guys. There are a few of us I am finding out. I know you work for our Father Lucifer because only He can illuminate like this. Can we include some of your sites in the reference section of the new revised edition of the complete Armanen.

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