The Journey From Error To Truth

Extracts from essay: The Journey From Error To Truth. by Kamerad Steve

This world consists of essentially just one Truth, and that is all, it consists of essentially just one light, and that is all, it consists of essentially just one true and narrow way of life, and that is all, and in this world there are only a very few who are able to comprehend the essence of this on a truly omniscient basis. In this World of Zion there is a journey to be undertaken; if one wants to discover this one Truth, or more importantly; if one wants to discover that one is essentially of this Truth. There is a journey to be undertaken, a journey from the darkness of Error into the light of Truth!

A superior Aryan would have an inherent natural antenna for discerning what is right and what is true, the truth would resonate within them, something like a transmission being received by a specialized antenna attuned to a particular radio wave. They would be able to recognize lies as well, block out false spurious transmissions, and they would use their own natural inbuilt abilities to gather more and more truths, more and more knowledge and, as time passes, their superior intellect, sacrificed unto itself would shine as a beacon of light, as would their superior courage and their superior ethics and their superior uprightness, that would eventually lead them to proclaim: ‘The Truth is The Third Reich, The Truth IS Hitler!’ This conclusion is arrived at by just a very limited few in the world, its essence is understood by just a few people in the world and these truths are only ever carried out by just a few people in the world, people who are essentially Aryan and correspondingly Germanic. It is no coincidence that the Third Reich arose in Germanic lands and that its people were of Germanic descent, and that its Führer was essentially Germanic.

“In nearly all of them was a strain more or less marked, is some of them so strong that, that though the name was still an English name and the traditions those of a purely English lineage of the long past, the physique and character had become wholly Jewish.”  – Hilaire Belloc

Know that for the Aryan Folk to live again, in us, those few, who feel ourselves to be of the dead, for the Aryan to come alive and set out on the journey from Error to Truth, it is essential that the Deutsches Volk be awakened! That those who were dead, come alive, and live! This has always been, this is how it can only be, and this is why Germany has been and still is targeted for destruction, and the essence of Germany IS Hitlerism, for Hitler is the eternal Guide of the Deutsches Volk. It is the agenda of all war to hide or destroy this Truth. It is for reasons above that the two most important words ever spoken in history are; “Deutschland Erwache”

The journey from error to truth has only been completed once, in all of history, in the purest of forms, and that was by the Third Reich, it was by Adolf Hitler. The Truth is The Third Reich, the Truth is Adolf Hitler. Other parts of the world where people are decent and true, owe the Germanic Folk and the holy lands of Germany for leading and showing the one true way for all others to follow, if they indeed can. They were the Torch-bearers of Truth, these are the truths that cannot be rebutted. The World owes Germany!



6 responses to “The Journey From Error To Truth

  • Falk

    Ja! As has been said, ”Germany is Hitler, and Hitler is Germany” so what does that make us if not.. Germans?

    AS and his servants seem to think ( or at least want to think ) that NS is a universal and multi-cultural conglomerate. No! It is not bound by the confines of the State, but it is not universal. National Socialism is Hitler and Hitler is Germany!

    Therefore, Deutschland über alles, Arya über alles!

  • oregoncoug

    Heil, Kameraden!

    Magnificent and most noble writing, Kamerad Steve. It is good to see that a great writer is now born among us. May the Valkyries assist you!

    Kamerad Falk: Yes, you are right. Although every province among our Greater Europe, Imperium Europa, the Pan-European Fifth Reich of Arya, has its unique contributions to make, in truth our one true citizenship is German. First, last and forever, WE ARE GERMANS.

    My labours translating the remainder of “Adolph Hitler: The Ultimate Avator” into English is proceeding apace. By spring we should also be able to make that most incomparable Holy Writ of the Aryans available in published form for our select Aryanist elite, alongside “Manu: For the Man to Come.” Only then will these Holy Scriptures of our Most Holy New Revelation become available to the lesser mortals of this world. As justice dictates.


  • Falk

    Yes, I also envision Imperium Europa, and long for it. Germany died in 1945. The Bundesrepublik is Anglo-American colonial territory that merely occupies the ruins of the Third Reich, and in no instance shall it be referred to as ‘Germany’. Our homeland shall henceforth only be reffered to in a metaphysical and historical sense. While Greater Germany shall remain our spiritual homeland, with Nürnberg as its restored spiritual capital, I believe that the actual power will lie in the Slav lands of the East. The Sun has set on the West, and is about to rise in the East, and then woe to the judaized West as it awaits its merciless deathblow at the hands of the coming Scourge of God and his Wildes Heer. This time, Chalons will fall. The future of the Reich lies in the East!

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Falk,

    Your reference to Attila, Founding Father of the Holy Land of Germany, is apt. Germans are Huns, the sons of Attila. We bear the name proudly. The true destiny of Europe and Germany has always been in the East, but now more than ever. True Germans will return to our roots in the Slavic Lands of the east. Together we Europids will realize the Dream of Attila: to be Imperium Europa, Fifth Reich of the HUNS.

  • delendaestziobot

    Atilla the Hun is actually also Jan Ziska, follower of Jan Hus, but that also could be a Protestant propaganda similtude, it’s difficult to tell. Raphael worked for the Medici crime syndicate, so its definitely Pope Leo X involved in the 16th Century paying off the Kingdom of Hungary, for something or other.

  • Miles_H

    Hello, Pilgrim.

    Check the inbox on your YouTube channel.

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