Printing order for Third Reich Pilgrim Part1: The Ruins of Power is complete. The printing order for Miguel Serrano’s MANU: “For The Man To Come” (English Translation) is approved and will be completed in the next two weeks. So everything is on schedule for release on 12:12:12, our galactic deadline! The first editions of these books will be of extremely limited release, if you are not reading SIDDHARREICH, then you will not know how to get them, at least for some time. I must say I was tempted by a more egalitarian approach I.e. ‘Amazon’, and that the availability of these holy books should be via equal opportunity, but I was able to see through this, and my decision was aided by the response of Gentiles, the Gentiles total inability to cope with the rigorous demands of these Aryan holy books. I am not exaggerating when I say that these books have already claimed casualties, and the growing power of these magikal books is such that they can break the minds of men into pieces, petrify them and leave them completely redundant, or they can develop men into stronger Aryans, and leave no middle ground for the fearful to occupy. These books demand to be exclusive, they may look like other books, and deliberately so, but they are not like other books, these are books that can destroy other books, the anti-book has come!

I must say I was also tempted by ‘ebooks,’ so convenient, don’t even have to worry about printing, don’t even have to pay for printing, no need to concern oneself with physical items, no need to worry about post and distribution, it can all just be done over the internet, nothing more to do but watch the account register digits for every unit sold online! But here I see a reduction in the potency of the magikal words, and our books are magikal pieces in themselves, they need to be handled, they need hands upon them, for the increase of their potency, they need to be physically circulated; they need to be placed, and seen, and moved and handled…

It is an honor for me – an unknown blogger from Australia, to be able to release my first book along side Miguel Serrano’s own last literary masterpiece, it is no accident that this is the case, one can see that Miguel Serrano is one of the most influential men of the last 50 years, and his books have been published all around the world in several languages by many of the largest publishers and printers worldwide, and yet his greatest work has sat waiting for 23 years as a maligned and forbidden text, inaccessible to all English-speaking peoples, and the Spanish text itself was even notoriously difficult to find, and practically impossible to locate in a physical book hard copy. This is about to change, and this change is the greatness behind the 12:12:12 predictions, one might of looked for South American prophets regarding this seminal date, but what the profane will not understand is that Miguel Serrano was behind it all along and that it was his work that will come into its full realization upon this very date. I have spent four years in pursuit of this end, that all I have done will come down to this galactic deadline, a magikal time, a magikal adventure written from the guidance of stars long forgotten, souls still gleaming with trembling light in the cold dawn of New Age, a mystery beyond all mysteries is unravelled, and only the elect few are there to witness the majesty.


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9 responses to “Updates

  • Notc88

    I am looking for information on how to order MANU, I am in need of 2 copies. Is there any updates you can offer on the process to obtain?

  • delendaestziobot

    The first editions will only be available through a private eBay page, and a PayPal account will be needed and a mailing address, books will be sent through standard postal services. Later when Hermitage Helm Corpus has worked out its Association Incorporation, an international courier service will be used for distribution along with professional book seller facilities.
    The first edition books are paperbacks, printed in Australia using sustainably sourced stock paper and covers, books are provided with ISBN numbers and ISSN numbers. Legal Deposits have been sent to the National Library of Australia for cataloguing CiP, and books are copyright under Australian copyright acts.
    The reason why I will be handling an extremely limited private distribution of ‘Manu’ and ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ for the first editions, and for the 12:12:12 release, is because it will ensure exclusive release to Siddharreich readers, it is because I want only certain men to have the access to recieve these Holy Books of Aryan literary conquest before anybody else, so they can read them before anybody else, and those that do read the books first, they can be assured that they are the only ones who have them and have read them, because only I have all the physical copies (and also the electronic copies) of the first editions at this moment, and this is extraordinarily rare!
    So, tommorrow I will post details of the eBay page and books can be ordered from there.
    For those who I have already written to regarding their books, as I have already promised, I will be sending postal packs out on the 13:12:12 to the mailing addresses provided.


  • delendaestziobot

    No eBay page now, see Hermitage Helm Corpus page on this blog for futher details.

  • Shane

    Hello, for a long time I have felt segregated from the rest Of society, I have come to understand this is because I do not belong to this so called culture,my blood is pure and I wish nothing but to feel closer to my people and my furher. Please advise me on how to further educate myself on the history and truth of my heritage

  • delendaestziobot

    Go to Hermitage Helm Corpus page.

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