The Historian of The Twenty-First Century

The Historian of the Twenty-First Century

By Kamerad Steve

The Jewish world of Zion is based on lies, the very fact that you have come to this website is, of course, by virtue of the fact that you are aware of this, and the very fact that you have come to a website such as this is by virtue of the fact that you cannot find the truth elsewhere.

Imagine a game of chess; each player starts with the same number of pieces, the rules are the same for each player and everything is out in th open. The more games are played, the more the ability of the highly talented player over the less talented player will show through. The Jews wish to inflict their nefarious agenda upon the world totally, so, in a continuation of the chess analogy, they want to move all their pawns in the same manner as a queen, they want to take one of their opponent’s pieces off the board in total disregard for the rules of the game. they want to cheat in other words. Indeed they need to cheat if they are to win. If they did not cheat they would lose.

The nature of Jewish lies requires only a sick and twisted demeanour and the means to gradually dumb down the masses, so, eventually the “dumb Goyim” will all, indeed, be as dumb as the Jews themselves. They want to have the vast majority of the masses believing that elephants can fly and giraffes as well, therefore control of media is one of the most important planks of their agenda and is outlined in the The Protocols of The Learned Elders of Zion (Its chutzpah when they called themselves “learned”, its like someone calling themselves a mathematician because they can count to ten.)In reality there is no high level of intellectual capacity required in propagating massive lies or disregarding rules.

So they set about obtaining the media and then set about controlling the media; the newspapers, radio, the film industry, advertising, publishing, almost all forms of communications that they did not invent in the first place. And as there control intensified over forms of media for the masses, there became media for the upper-class Goy, media for the middle-class Goy, media for the working-class Goy, media for the male Goy, media for the female Goy, media for the child Goy, media for the adult Goy, media for the gay Goy, media for the criminal Goy, media for the student Goy, media for the public Goy, media for the sensible Goy, media for the irresponsible Goy, media for the Goy on the left, media for the Goy on the right, media for the Goy in blue, media for the Goy in red, media for the home improvement Goy, media for the fashion conscious Goy, media for homeless Goy, media for career Goy, media MEDIA MEDIA!!!!!!

And they are all playing by different sets of rules that the “learned” elders are not playing by, because they are cheating, you see….

 Perhaps it was The Providence of the Almighty that Adolf Hitler was not born fifty years earlier than He was, that He did not become Chancellor of Germany in 1883 instead of 1933, that because the technology at the time was able to be fully utilised, His speeches were captured forever. The strength and bravery of the Waffen SS and the Wehrmacht were also captured for ever, the glorious rallies and the Will of the People were also captured forever, the work of Leni Riefenstahl was also captured forever, and these things can now be seen at will on the Media of today, by anyone who has such will and inclination to view such things. To this day and in the future Aryan State the Fuhrer is still with us, His words can be heard and His Spirit can be felt!

Adolf Hitler, The Historian of the Twenty-First Century.

All Heil The Spirit of The Fuhrer!!

Heil Hitler!

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