A Rebuttal of Jew Economics

Here is another abridged essay from Kamerad Steve, deconstructing the lies of modern economics. Full educational essays will be published through Hermitage Helm next year. I have added some editorial notes in red for the purposes of this blog.


by Kamerad Steve

The concept of the ‘First Principle’ in any area of life is the most vital of all concepts and must first be understood in order to get to the essence of anything. However, in this life, there are only a few select number of people who possess a real understanding of the pertinent points on what might be termed a truly omniscient basis. These people, when presented with certain facts or a given situation, are able to draw a series of inferences from such and arrive at the correct conclusion within a matter of seconds. Most people resent this level of understanding in the few who possess it, as it often renders their own understanding of things utterly irrelevant; smashes their illusions and some of them may even come to realise that their whole lives have been represented by nothing more than an illusion that was easily smashed.

Nowhere is this more prevalent than in the field of what is commonly known as “money” or the field of what is commonly known as “economics.”

Now, in this world, there are the most servile and insidious of humans known as “Jews” who believe it is their divine right to rule the world, as they believe themselves to be the “Chosen People” of the Jehovah/Yahweh, this is clearly laid out in the Old Testament, The Talmud and The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. One of the ways that they go about this is simply via the use of murder and the direct forceful installation of their regime, such as what happened in Russia in 1917. Another way is via the use of creating fiat currency out of thin air via a central bank, in the form of debt, which inevitably results in all real wealth of a society being absorbed by the creators of the fiat currency.

Creation of Fiat currency and violent revolt were used by the Bolsheviks simultaneously, but the creation of fiat currency must always come first. Lenin correctly stated: “90% of Communism is just the establishment of a Central Bank.” The Central Bank of the Russian Empire was established in 1860. Central Banking was operating in Russia decades before the revolution, and the revolution was a predetermined consequence of the establishment of a Central Bank.

So the First Principle here is that the Jews believe that they have a God-given mandate to rule the world via the establishment of a Central Bank which has the power the create Money out of nothing, and this is called; “Economics!”

The True First Principle of Money is that it is a measurement of Weight! If you were to give a name to a natural and true monetary system, the term – “Free Weights and Measures System” would properly suffice. The Jew has totally corrupted this Principle with worthless and fraudulent lies printed on paper, they want all the weight for themselves and for you to end up with nothing! Under a true weights and measures system each receives a true weight and measurement. Also, in a true system, there would be no continual demand for debt in general sense as people’s “Money” would be of value, people holding value become essentially SAVERS (they would be saving something of value), rather than BORROWERS (which is currently borrowing something that has no value) and thus wealth is maintained.

The concept of ‘Savers’ here is based upon; stored energy, a saver is one who stores energy – Energy = Potential Work.

In my dictionary the following definition is given for the term, ‘economics’:

economics n. the branch of knowledge concerned with the production, consumption, and transfer of wealth.

Now, I will rebut that false definition with the following statement: the terms ‘production, consumption and transfer of wealth’ are concepts that in a real sense can stand alone from so-called ‘branch of knowledge of economics’ because the only thing that is required to ‘concern itself’ regarding the relationship between the three concepts is something that is used to facilitate the transactions between each of them; that something is “Money” and Money is a Weight. Incidentally, my own definition of an “economist” would be; someone who is paid to tell lies. Here are some of the false concepts linked to what most people think of when they hear the term ‘economics’, which the Jews use to deliberately undermine the First Principle of monetary matters, which is ‘Money is a Weight’. All these matters which economists, analysts, newsletter writers and so on discuss are just part of the false Jew paradigm of fiat paper currency deception, it has been this way for so long that people believe them to be a natural and therefore permanent part of monetary life. Irrelevant questions are asked and meaningless debates are engaged in relating to the following false factors which ensure that the First Principles of matters is never addressed:

The Function of a Bank

The above should be merely a utility, a means of facilitating transactions, a strong storage mechanism. All other functions that banks perform today are a direct result of them being able to fraudulently create fiat currency out of thin air, which they call “Money” and then force this money upon the entire world. Indeed, banks were originally merely storage facilities where people kept their precious metals for safekeeping and were given a receipt for such deposits, the first abuses being when these banks started creating receipts out of thin air. In more realistic times such an abuse was considered a great crime which deserved the sentence of death, and banker caught inventing false deposit receipts would be lynched by the nearest high tree.

The word ‘Bank’ itself is derived from just this process of issuing false deposit receipts across a table, or ‘Bench.’ So today when one is asked to “approach the Bench” in a court of law, one is approaching the Bank, the Central Bank, the “Big Bench” one could say, the “Judge” is merely a highly paid glorified banking Teller, who could very easily put up on fraud charges himself by a wise warrior.

The Economy

The term “economy” has been given a wider and wider definition by those who benefit from the corrupt system to enable the system to become more and more all-encompassing. Everything that stems from the power to create paper currency out of thin air is fraudulent – however, if they dress it up with words like “economy” and “finance” and have important looking people in expensive suits talk about it in serious tones on television then it become all so respectable and people believe it to be natural.


Inflation is of course a direct result of the creation ex nihilo of paper currency out of thin air – the more that is created the higher the relative cost of items measured by the paper currency.

Basically: 1+1=2.


The return of fiat currency to source of its creation I.e. the Central Bank.


The inevitable occurrence when the vast majority of real Energy is transferred to Jewish Bankers.


The Banking mechanism which controls the velocity at which fiat currency circulates in an economic system. In the current system compound interest prevents the original debt from ever being repaid. Resulting “default” is the transfer of real wealth to the bank, in this way real farmland is exchanged  for electronic digits.


What do people mean when they use the term “Capital”? Or more precisely, what do they think they mean? Do they mean something tangible, something that can actually be used, or do they mean worthless Jew fiat paper and electronic digits? You see how these terms are used and thrown about with next to no thought over what is actually being said. Money is a weight and all other terms represent mere form with absolutely no substance whatsoever. People who talk of such weights in terms of electronic digits do not understand what money is, they do not understand that the Money IS the Weight! They talk of Money being created but you cannot actually create money, Money is a Weight and Weight is a natural Force common to all.

Goddess of Justice

9 responses to “A Rebuttal of Jew Economics

  • ahnenerbe

    when we pay tax, we are paying a levy – which is means ‘levi’. This originates from Aaron,who created a golden calf for the Israelites to worship. He did this by confiscating all the gold from the Israelites – just like the gold confiscation act in the USA of 1933, which, via WW2 led to the creation of Israel as a nation.

  • delendaestziobot

    Thankyou for your insightful comment ahnenerbe. You need to take that line of thought and disable the Judaic myths, so in truth and to be more precise; it is literary Aaron and the Israelites who originate from the practical invention of “tax” or “Levy”…So what we end up with in fact is two false inventions, two myths, one must destroy both, if you only attack one the other becomes stronger.

  • aufihrhelden

    Regarding the last comment by delendaestziobot :

    Indeed, this concept can be seen with the banks themselves ; I would not be at all surprised if the things you hear about such as ‘money laundering’ charges, ‘mis-selling’ of various ‘products’ and bond fraud were deliberately created by the Jew Bankers themselves. They know that they will only get a token fine (which they can just print from thin air anyway) and a token slap on the wrist whilst, at the same time, actually strengthening the false notion that every single form of fiat (by decree, the Jew decree) currency and debt in the world is not fraudulent when they create it but “legal tender”.

    ‘Now, look, the banker’s aren’t perfect, we know they’ve made mistakes, but to say that the whole industry itself is one gigantic fraud and that banking is the main vehicle which the Jews use to rule the world, is just silly. Now, grow up.’ – say Mr and Mrs Sensible from London or Sydney or Jew York or ……….

  • delendaestziobot

    Slightly different line of thought, but a correct orientation there aufihrhelden. If you take it to its end you will find a “bank robber” trying to steal printed cotton notes, or “filthy rags” as they are known, the “filthy rag” is in fact the great idol of the Israelites and therefore all humanity. It reminds me of the propaganda in that Batman flick with that idiot Heath Ledger playing the Joker; he sets fire to a great big pile of US cotton notes, and he gets called “freak”, colloquially meaning ‘an unnatural act’. The answer is simple: “Its not about money (cotton notes) its about sending a message: everything burns.” I remember AS trying to do a review of this movie and he/she completely missed this important scene. You see if they tell you directly what they know, and you don’t get it, they think its funny, it the same as when little children have “in-jokes”, well these adult humans have their little in-jokes.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, and you will, of course, have noticed that they are so pathetic that they are only able to ‘tell you what they know’ or ‘convey certain messages’ (such as a ‘pop star’ giving flashing hand signals), in the most tenuous of matters just in case someone with intelligence starts to question it – they can just say, ‘no, it wasn’t meant like that’ or something equally childish. But, what they don’t realise is that the masses don’t give a damn anyway as they don’t about most things …

    They want to have their little jokes but as soon as the playing field starts to level … Panic !! …

  • delendaestziobot

    The butt of the joke would be; why would anyone rob a bank, there is nothing in there, the joke being that the masses are to think that robbing a bank is a crime, when robbing a bank is a joke. It’s a very crude sense of hu-mour these ghetto dwellers have.

    Can I also add to all readers, please obtain a copy of ‘An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language’ by Walter W. Skeat.
    You will need this book, it is available through most online booksellers as a Dover publication.

  • aufihrhelden

    The concept of ‘double-entry bookkeeping’ – there is a ‘debit’ and a corresponding ‘credit’ for every financial transaction that takes place. For example, if a greengrocer bought some apples from a supplier on credit, the entry would be, debit ‘purchases’, credit ‘creditors’.

    However, when a bank ‘credits’ someones mortgage account with the amount of the mortgage, where is the corresponding ‘debit’ ? Thin Air !! They don’t teach that in economics classes.

    In fact,regarding the few people in England who have rightly challenged the banks on this massive fraud, one of the demands made of the banks is to see the actual accounting entries of the banks. Indeed, using their own rules, this is compulsory under The Bankers’ Books Evidence Act 1879 but, of course, they never apply their own rules if it doesn’t suit them. In this decrepit world, it’s the rules of the playground remember …

    • delendaestziobot

      It would be like if I printed a picture of me on my printer, and labelled it “good to pay all debts”. And then used my printed picture to pay everyone in the entire world for everything they have. That would be good for me, but not so good for anybody else. That is a snapshot of how the Banking industry works, but it is actually even worse than that, because now I know exactly how this started, where it started and when it started, and I can assure you that once one knows all this, it makes it much worse than an unruly playground, the only way I can describe it would be as stupid, just stupid…Nonetheless I will accurately detail this system so it serves as a summary of charges against a stupid Humanity.

  • oregoncoug

    The Unveiling of the Sons of Adolf Hitler is the judgement of a stupid Humanity. The Aryan Golden Age is also the Last Judgement of Humanity, and Doomsday for the human-all-too-human.

    Our joy shall be their grief.

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