MANU: “For The Man To Come” Miguel Serrano. English Translation

The first English translation of the forbidden text of Miguel Serrano’s MANU: For the Man To Come, will be available by 12:12:12 through Hermitage Helm Corpus in association with The Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan. The first edition unabridged hard copy book, translated into English from the original Spanish by oregoncoug, will be in print soon after Third Reich Pilgrim, and before 12:12:12, as has been promised. It is a great honor for me to have been involved in the publishing of this most important of literary conquests, Miguel Serrano’s MANU is an anti-book, a God-spell, a Gospel, but unadulterated, unlike the old Gospels which have been gravely mutilated, the new Gospels we present are untouched by corrupt human hands, naturally to achieve this purity for the Western English-speaking world, the cost in personal sacrifice has been great, and it is not complete yet, but I seriously doubt there will be anyone capable of stopping this coming to fruition. Imagine if you will, a dying man, crawling through a desert, he has in his hands a book which he has carried through the most tragic of disasters, clutching it with his dying hands, it contains his last words, unable to speak this dying man hands you his book, that is MANU! That is the man to come! In many ways it may be better, or to be more precise less shocking, to read MANU before Third Reich Pilgrim, as some type of initiation, but then again you are going to be thrown into the deep end no matter what, whether it is feet first or head first, what’s the difference? It’s still the deep end.

“Our vision of the world, or Weltanshauung, is simple and grandiose, a Cosmic War. To explain a simple fact is very difficult, above all when it comes to translating it into the language of the rational mind. They used a poetic language with a cosmic poetry absorbed by other groups of men, other minds, or by parts, or by parts of the brain that have been atrophied by lack of use. There are various brain centres in man, within the physical body and outside it. My books also reactivate those other brain centres, and therefore must be understood beyond pure rationality. Superior women will find themselves especially capable of this, since contrary to men they think best with the emotional cerebrum, with the sympathetic plexus. But with this Weltanshauung, our Cosmogony, the reader will have to understand  with the Brain of the Spirit, with the Super consciousness, in opposition to a collective conscious. A personalized Superconsciousness.” – Miguel Serrano – MANU

Right, without a reading of Miguel Serrano there is no understanding Esoteric Hitlerism, there is no understanding Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich and National Socialism, without Miguel Serrano there is no way you can be initiated in to Aryanism, there is no way you can be Aryan unless you come to this understanding, because at this stage, at this time there will only be a few, only the least of the least, those that the Lord of UnCreated Worlds calls upon in the darkest hours, His shock troops, His Children of World Ruin, His Storm Soldiers! The ones who alone can destroy an entire world, just one can do such a terrible thing!

“Oh Heroes! Oh, Vira! We have arrived at the end of these pages of stone, as if we had sailed beneath the waters in the direction of the disappeared Continent of Hyperborea, beneath the ice of the soul aboard Caleuche, with the Man to come, awaiting Return and Ressurection…I have been joined in this Adventure by my Valkyrie of Hyperborea, with her blue eyes, two windows into the uncreated light, she who fights for me, within me.” – Miguel Serrano – MANU


MANU: ‘For The Man To Come’ was released on the 12-12-12 by Hermitage Helm Corpus in association with the Brahmanic Order of Kristos-Lucifer-Wotan. For details and expressions of interest go to Siddharreich ‘Hermitage Helm Corpus’ page.

24 responses to “MANU: “For The Man To Come” Miguel Serrano. English Translation

  • John

    Alex Kurtagic at working to translate the whole trilogy.

    Good luck with your work.

  • delendaestziobot

    John, have not produced any of Serrano’s translations as yet, but if they do good luck to them, however I think they have bitten off more than they can chew.

    The Serrano trilogy is a major project in every respect, how major? Well, much greater than the four Gospels, and unadulterated. Esoteric Hitlerism is not some obscure fringe cult, it is in fact the Sacred Religion of the Aryan Universe that has come to this world and that demands Obedience, Loyalty and Honor! Serrano’s trilology makes up part of the indispensable knowledge of our Folk and for the new Millenium. This may not be the best way for the Voices of the Aryan Gods to come to us, through another book, and through us nobody’s, but we have lost all other forms of communication, there is no other way, IT IS THE ONLY WAY THAT THE ARYAN GODS ARE GOING TO GET SOMETHING OUT OF ARYAN MAN!

    This is not some literary curiosity for eggheaded hu-mans, this the very helm of Man’s Destiny! And only finest of silver threads is left to pull ourselves up by…

    And I don’t need any luck, I am not rolling a dice here!

    Heil LUCIFER!

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘Wotan is, in reality, no more than a declining spirit. He is the symbol of the intelligence of his era whilst Siegfried is the man [we wish] to see ; the man of the future, without fear and seeking love. He could not be created by Wotan, on the contrary, he could only be created by the eclipse of Wotan.’
    – Richard Wagner

    The Man to Come : Siegfried, driven on by The Spirit Of The Fuhrer.

  • oregoncoug

    Yes, Kamerad aufihrhelden, Manu is Siegfried, and also Parsifal. Both the Druids and Wotan’s priesthood were infiltrated by judaics, much like the Churches have been in more recent times. The corrupt ancient priesthoods had to be burned out root and branch, much like the Jew-Christian priests will be by us.

    The Spirit of the Fuhrer is the one true Lucifer-Kristos-Wotan. All judaic similitudes shall be destroyed by fire. That is the Aryan Way.


  • pedri

    Please read the book “el misterio de belicena vilca”

  • delendaestziobot

    I will put that up, but I would like to get Oregoncoug’s ideas on that website. My thoughts are initially without knowing the full details is that Master Miguel Serrano was ultimately not compatible to Nimrod de Rosario. I am not so interested in their personal disagreements, but there is a significant difference in their lives, writings and philology. My first instinct is to be drawn to those differences rather than where they clearly shared the same ideas, although it was Master Serrano who was doing the sharing.

    So lets make this crystal clear, we are not “Gnostics”, we are NAZI’s.

    I appreciate your offer to read this book, but it would be more desirable for you to read our books first, and for you to come up to our level rather than us go down to yours. There is no doubt we are occupying similar territory especially in economic theory, but…

    I start to think of, well, a more noble approach… I mean, you see the title of this thread post: MANU “For The Man to Come” Miguel Serrano English Translation, so why would one leave a comment linking to another totally different book, in Spanish?
    This post is about the English Translation of Miguel Serrano’s writings, shouldn’t it be self evident that the comments should be in keeping directly with the subject matter?
    If one considers it, one could apply a description of “Spam” to your comment. I am looking for a reason not to.

  • Theseo

    I too recommend it, delendaestziobot.

    I have read almost all of Serrano’s works,
    Good choice of Manu, it’s his best work.

    Fear isn’t exactly aryan…

    You recommend us to read your books, which ones?


  • Falk

    That is right, Delenda. We are not ”Gnostics.” I was sucked into that bondage. Overcoming it is a necessary step one must take to become a true Nazi. If you take a look at, it is basically ”Gnostic” — anti-Race, anti-Nature.. A servitude to weakness. Ever since `they´ ( note; AS ) rejected you, has become more and more ‘above Time’. By rejecting you ( and OC ) they have lost all force of LIGHTNING!

    It appears to me as though they are trying to attract pacifists – indeed, it’s a Gospel of PEACE. What we need is a Gospel of WAR.

    ”So, let the Wheel of Action and Reaction roll on crushing every second generation! We intend to answer hatred with hatred, revengefulness with greater revengefulness. We are quite satisfied with the law of the jungle, and have no craving for peace whatsoever, in this life or in another, if there be another — or others.” Savitri Devi

  • aufihrhelden


    A fine quotation there from Savitri Devi, just by reading that one comment you can see that she UNDERSTOOD and that she was possibly the Greatest Woman Of All Time.

    There are too many people in the world who, whilst being essentially good people, do not understand the NATURE of the struggle involved ; they will talk about the way thimgs are and the way things were with a very good accurate understanding but they do not comprehend the means that need to be employed to destry such evil. Whether it be social matters, monetary matters, ‘lawful’ matters, health matters or anything, there is a world of difference between theory and force.

    If Player A knows that Player B is cheating at cards yet is not prepared to do anything about it (or cannot do anything about it) then Player A may as well not know at all.

  • oregoncoug

    This topic is an extremely important one for us. Richard Wagner pointed out that religion is the main wellspring of human motivation and energy, so we need to get our religious direction right or we will fail and be wasting our time. Even Martin Bormann was careful to respect the New Testament moral code and we shouldn’t be more anti-Christian than Martin Bormann was. Of course Kamerad Bormann didn’t “live up” to that code, but that is an essential aspect of the New Testament moral code itself: No one “lives up” to it and that isn’t the purpose of a truly noble moral code. It is meant to inspire us to reach higher, never to congratulate ourselves that we are “there,” at least not until after we are dead in our Holy Kamph for National Socialism.

    Basically Rosario de Nimrod was a disciple of Miguel Serrano who betrayed his Master. Nimrod had talent and some of his skilful uses of Don Miguel’s symbolism show that he could have been a worthy disciple if he had the pure soul to achieve such an exalted status as that. Unfortunately Nimrod chose the low road and adulterated Don Miguel’s celestial wisdom for decidedly nefarious and ignoble ends. It does not give me any pleasure to have to disabuse Theseo’s admiration for Nimrod de Rosario, but his noble admiration is misplaced and should be reserved for truly worthy teachers like Savitri Devi and Don Miguel himself.

    Again, Nimrod’s use of Miguel Serrano’s symbolism is skilful and we can see in Nimrod’s book some of the ways that Esoteric Hitlerist symbolism can be applied to literature. So our writers might gain some literary images and concepts from Nimrod, but nevertheless the actual spiritual content of Nimrod’s book is entirely inimical to Esoteric Hitlerism. In truth, Nimrod’s book relates to the writings of Don Miguel much like the Talmud relates to the authentic Aryan Bible of Jerome. Therefore, much like the Talmud, unless we have some unusual literary reason, Aryanists should avoid the writings of Nimrod de Rosario like the deadliest of poisons!

    The reason for my hostility against Nimrod de Rosario is that the purpose of Aryanism and Esoteric Hitlerism isn’t to win popularity contests but rather to gain power in the true interests of our Aryan Folk. By accepting Nimrod we could gain considerable popularity with many New Age and Traditionalist wealthy dilettantes, but we would lose our reason for being: to be powerful warriors and benefit our Folk by gaining power for their sakes and for the sake of their Aryan God. Hard power and easy popularity are two mutually exclusive goals.

    I should also mention that in South America the followers of Nimrod today actively persecute the family and followers of Miguel Serrano. That is another good reason for my hostility against Nimrod. But if we were not in conflict with the dilettantes, then something would be terribly wrong with us. Sometimes holy hostility is a comfort to Aryans.

    Kamerad Falk’s comment above tells it like it is. True Aryan gnosis is something very good, but Gnosticism as such is extremely harmful to any warrior elite. Peace is something we achieve for our women and children, and our Holy Aryan Dead have earned their warrior’s peace, but for we living Aryan men peace is something we ourselves must treat only with contempt. For us there can be only War to the end, until our last breath in the Kamph for National Socialism and Esoteric Hitlerism. Because we are not women, children or dead, but living Aryan warriors in the service of the Living God of our white Aryan Race, Lucifer-Kristos-Wotan.

    We fight for Peace for the sake of the weak who need it, for those who should be the contented citizens of an Aryan State, but for us the Holy Writ still applies:

    “Do not think that I have come to bring peace to the earth; I have not come to bring peace, but the sword.” (Matthew 10:34)

  • Falk

    You are very wise, OC..
    Gnosis is one thing, and modern escapist ”Gnosticism” another. True Aryan Gnosticism is the Path of A-Mor. If I may quote your own translation of el Ultimo Avatara [ which I can’t thank you humbly enough for! ];

    ”Dualist Gnosticism is something profoundly anti-Germanic and anti-Aryan. Esoteric Hitlerism claims to let loose combat in every world and plane of manifestation, on every front at the same time”

    By simply viewing reproduction of healthy Aryan children as a crime and violence, `they´ ( AS ) fail to represent this. It is anti-Pagan – which he himself admits, a purely ascetic way out for cowards. It’s an illusion. Sun, and no Lightning at all. contrasts to Hitlerism as does ‘Crusade against the Grail’ to ‘Lucifer’s Court’.


    I’ve recognised you spell Kampf as ‘Kamph’, even in The Ultimate Avatar, out of curiosity – why is that?


  • delendaestziobot

    I have edited all inappropriate comments in this post and deleted all unnecessary links.

    Theseo, there is an old proverb:
    “don’t put the cart before the horse” you need to understand that.

    Falk, do you speak German? Hermitage Helm Corpus is looking for a German translator for new translation of Mein Kampf.

  • aufihrhelden

    Falk, your comment above : ‘It is anti-Pagan – which he himself admits, a purely ascetic way out for cowards. It’s an illusion. Sun, and no Lightning at all.’

    Yes, they are ascetic in the sense that they ‘make-believe’ that no real force, no Holy Hatred is required, they abstain from that, they abstain from any form of lightening. People can venture down numerous dead ends in order for them NOT to see the real truths, therefore they don’t have to take any REAL action. They want the sun but they think the sun can exist without the lightening or perhaps they wish to leave the lightening to others.

  • Falk

    I’m afraid I do not, Delenda. But even if I did, I would not have the competence for such a celestial undertaking. I must add; I am still young, far younger than all of you at least I am sure, and I am still in the process of learning.

    Ja, aufihrhelden, asceticism in proper definition is NOT bad at all. For all sakes, ofcourse, neither is the Sun (!!!) But, just as Nietzsche said, ”For a tree to reach Heaven with its branches, it must first touch Hell with its roots.” I mean, we are not exactly flagellants, are we?

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Falk,

    Overall we might say that if German is the more muscular and relentless speech of Parsifal and his Imperial Knighthood, then English is the speech of Sir Galahad, the bark of Holy Warriors, the language of Roman military decorum and panache. English is the language of sublime resplendent courtiers and Crusaders, while German is the language of the Wolves of Valhall. Hence in standard English the final-ph ending is preferred to the final-f ending of standard German. “Kamph” is slightly more sculpted and classical, whereas “Kampf” is a little more steeled and Gothic and the former spelling is more consistent with English while the latter spelling is more consistent with German.

    Each of these two great languages has its own genius so they shouldn’t be mixed together without some good reason. For example, the Holy Name of Adolf clearly requires to be spelled as Our Beloved Führer signed it, but the spelling of “Mein Kampf ” depends on whether we want to emphasize the original German or not. “Mein Kampf” is how the Führer wrote the title of our Holy Fifth Gospel, while “Mein Kamph” is how the sacred title would be spelled in standard English. “Kamph” is acclimated to English, while “Kampf” speaks of the original German; Kamph equates more with the Aryan Struggle, while Kampf equates more with the noble deeds of the Reich.

    This also ties in with our contemporary need for a new translation of Mein Kampf into English. As excellent as the translation of James Murphy may be, Murphy’s translation is more an introduction to reading the German original than an expression of the Fifth Gospel of the Aryans written with all the power and grandeur of the English language. The translation of our Fifth Gospel into standard English is still a task waiting to be done.


  • delendaestziobot

    “The Supreme hallucination is the Demiurge, product of Kaos, which is behind Nothingness.”

    “The great mistake that humans, and also the sacred warriors of this Sacred War too, is to think they are confronting something similar to themselves. It is not so, because they are fighting against a mechanical invention, a genetic robot; monster without a soul, without a life of its own.”

    – Miguel Serrano. MANU “For The Man To Come”

    Now, as the Galactic Deadline draws closer I am going to be busy for the next few weeks, so I won’t be blogging as much.


  • oregoncoug

    May flights of Lucifer’s angels remove every stone from your path during this critical time of the passing of one Great Year into the next lest you should stumble.

    The prayers and blessings of the Aryan Race are with you in these most holy days and hours of the Black Sun.


  • Falk

    Thank you for the explanation, OC. English is indeed a great and Noble language. A German speech with a harmanious Roman tune! Just think, what other language would suit our Germano-Romanism better than English? But being abused as it is ( as the lingua-franca of Zion ), I abhor having to converse in this language. If the Jew is the Black Death flea, then the Anglo is the rat carrying it.


  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Falk,

    This is another extremely important topic for our Aryan Warrior education. What is our language to be with what literary canon and what specific heritage of civilization? I am in absolute agreement with the sentiments you express in your latest comment of 11.6-12, but we need to comprehend that your attitude, far from being anything new, simply and clearly expresses the historic view of those who created the English language, our Aryan Norman nobility. The racial problem of the Anglo-Saxon goes back to the beginnings of Aryan Britain into the remotest mists of Ancient Germany.

    Basically in our heritage we have “peasants” who are in truth “little aristocrats” and therefore Aryans, but also “churls” who are none other than the common herd so rightly disdained by our great Kamerad Nietzsche. And the churls who are essentially beyond all hope are the Anglos (Anglo-Saxons) to whom you refer. Of course there are noble Anglo-Saxons, we hope such as Woden’s Folk, but they do have to come to terms with their own Norman heritage and acknowledge the radical racial superiority of Norman over Saxon in their British heritage. They can do this by studying the lectures of the late Mr. Jonathan Bowden with Germanic seriousness.

    Our European system of racial breeding is not Hinduism and has always taken what was best from the white European peasantry into the nobility. Hence the best of the Anglo-Saxons are also Germanic, but again the Anglo-Saxon must come to terms with 1066 and the Norman Conquest. There is nothing more revolting than insolent Anglo-Saxons! Even the Juden themselves are slightly less disgusting and that is something very evil indeed.

    The problem with English is that the language is nothing without standard literary “Parisian” French. English exists as a language with standard French or it doesn’t exist at all, the latter being the general condition of so-called “popular English” at the present time. Without literary French the English language descends into something very like Yiddish as just another Khazar dialect from out of the degenerate Russian Empire before the Germans purified those lands in the Ragnorok.

    Hence Aryan English is the language of the Norman nobility in vivid contrast against the gutter-speech of the Anglo common herd. At least for all practical purposes Aryan English is also the language of the historic French aristocracy (namely, Old French) as well so that Aryan English and Aryan French are best understood as essentially one and the same language in its two standard dialects. Both English and French are dialects of the same language that might best be described as Aryan Norman, the language of the historic Norman nobility of our European West. Old French is Norman and both standard modern French and English are simply variations of it.

    Then this Norman Anglo-French speech is the true complement to, in particular, Aryan German and Aryan Spanish. And what holds these three Aryan language communities together linguistically is none other than our actual historic language of Aryan Latin, the language of the Roman Empire, Roman Church and European aristocracy throughout the long history of our Aryan European civilization. Therefore behind the inspiring music and drama of Wagner and Mozart there is the seminal music of our incomparable divine Aryan Civilization, the music-drama of Old Roman Chant, the sounds of which mean the bloody removal from our sacred lands of both Judaic fleas and Anglo rats!


  • aufihrhelden


    The Frederick Nietzsche quote, ”For a tree to reach Heaven with its branches, it must first touch Hell with its roots” :

    Yes, but, of course, many trees, once they touch Hell with their roots have no intention of attempting to reach heaven. They start to develop, over the centuries, unadmirable characteristics, which then spread like a disease, infecting other healthy trees to such an extent that good, healthy trees are seen as unusual and become resented, even despised, and demands are made for them to be cut down. The Willing Slaves of Zion stand ready to serve with chainsaws in hand.

    I am, of course, applying the analogy to people.

  • Falk

    Interesting, OC. There is great truth in what you say. As a non-Anglo I can’t say I place any greater interest in English history, but my amateurish opinion was that Albion started to become Albi-Zion first during the Norman invasion, certainly that was when Jewry first established itself on the to-be Bastion of Zion. But this is nothing new, the Juden also followed the Aryan Ostsiedlung, and even further back – the Gobi exodus. Today Anglos reject their Norman heritage, and in coincedence they are indeed the most disgusting specimens on Earth, and as you say, not even rivalled by the Juden themselves!

    Aufihrhelden, Well said. Those are even greater foes than the aforementioned!


  • aufihrhelden


    Yes, the Anglos are unwavering in their support of all things sadistic, and because it is they who have called down the thunder, because it is they who wish to annihilate all that is good and true in the world on behalf of World Jewry, because the very nature of their existence is to physically murder and enslave all that is good and true then there, by definition, are no grey areas (and can never be). That is the nature of things, if they are not destroyed themselves, then they will destroy the world.

    Incidentally, there are a group of people in England who (naively) refer to themselves as ‘Freemen’ who talk of the term Albion regarding Britain but, of course, they don’t want to know when it comes down to the subject of Zionism or The Jews.

  • delendaestziobot

    The nature of the British Isles is that of the Ram and Ewe, so sheep, kept on islands by Nordmenn (Norman) I.e. Hanseatic League. The Human population was not considered to be of any value other than its relations to sheep, the history of the British Isles is a part of the history of the production of Aries. Unfortunately the British humans missed out on the Peasants Revolts, but what they did get was a play so that they could pretend they had an actual Peasants Revolt, and in that play there is a Jack Straw, John Bull, Wat Tyler, Tom Miller, Hob Carter, which are pseudonyms, and the play is a comedy. No, there was no Peasants Revolt in Britain, but there was a play about one. Britain was a Serfdom and remains a Serfdom to this day with a simpleton for a figurehead, it was founded by Hamburg and Bremen but today it is under New York.

  • delendaestziobot

    “Now if someone were to take this globe and show it to the people of Britain or Scythia would a single one of those barbarians fail to see that it was the product of a conscious intelligence?” – Cicero

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