Third Reich Pilgrim, coming in 12-12-12

THIRD REICH PILGRIM – Part 1 – The Ruins Of Power

           The fifth draft of ‘THIRD REICH PILGRIM – The Ruins Of Power’ was completed on the transition of Venus, since then I have worked intensively on the book, or more accurately; Holy Writ of the Aryans, this Holy Writ; I have now completed the seventh draft…And soon it will be printed and bound and by 12-12-12 the first edition will be available, of course first to those who have followed my blog, they will be first to know how to obtain an early copy of this 21st Century Holy Writ. 

 I have entered into the battlefield of thoughts, on the deadliest of all battlefields I wage my war, a battlefield where there are no rules, no laws, and no standards. My writing is a philosophical Blitzkrieg, my thoughts come as magikal weapons that shred entire histories to pieces. Nietzsche asked: “How much Truth can a mind bare? How much Truth can it dare?” Well, without a hint of modesty, old friend, I answer; ‘THIRD REICH PILGRIM, The Ruins Of Power.’ What is forbidden? Truth is forbidden, therefore THIRD REICH PILGRIM is the most forbidden of all books, it is in truth the clearest of observations, it is as if an eagle picked up a pen and wrote what he saw below him. Where Nietzsche fails is where I succeed, and Nietzsche fails on his founding and final maxim: “Dionysus versus the Crucified.” I have succeeded with my counter, my thrust; “Hitler versus Humanity.” If Nietzsche philosophised with a hammer, I philosophise with a flame-thrower! No deadlier weapon than fire, remember that. I do not write because I draw satisfaction from writing, I don’t derive pleasure from writing, I have no desire myself to put finger tip to keyboard, I consider writing a chore, one would only write with any joy if one was paralysed and could do nothing else. And the feeling writing gives me is like a paralysis. So welcome to my paralysis, my introduction to the greatest book of the 21st Century, the anti-book, the anti-dote – ‘THIRD REICH PILGRIM – The Ruins Of Power’; the Grim-Reaper of the Black Arts, the Fenir Wolf at the end of the age of the written lie.

SIEG! Holy Lucifer!

My Loyalty IS My Honor!



‘THIRD REICH PILGRIM Part 1: The Ruins Of Power’ was released by Hermitage Helm Corpus on the 12-12-12. Go to Siddharreich page; ‘Hermitage Helm Corpus’ for details and expressions of interest.

4 responses to “Third Reich Pilgrim, coming in 12-12-12

  • Sylla

    I need this book to show me the righteous path!! Let me know how to obtain it!

    I admire your diligence and your borderline fanaticism when it comes to these issues and this is a compliment! We need to be fanatics if we are to achieve anything in this morally bankrupt world!

    I myself have set grand designs for my future.
    Maybe I shall share them with you some time…

  • delendaestziobot

    Greetings Sylla,
    Thankyou for your interest and encouraging words.
    I will post details of the online booksellers and release dates when things are finalised, at the moment everything is on target.


  • Sylla

    Good to hear Kamerad!

    I have one question though, I’ve seen you post quite often the words: Hail Lucifer in your signature. May I ask why, or what does this symbolize?

    Sieg Heil!

  • delendaestziobot

    ‘Lucifer’ is a word that has come to mean many things for many people, I use this word in its true meaning, as celestrial wisdom in opposition to Jehovah/Yahweh – The Demiurge, the God of Israel. Those who are under the spell of Judaism will always use the word ‘Lucifer’ as if it is some form of evil god or evil angel. The word itself ‘Lucifer’ is Latin for “Light bringer” and usually designates the star Venus, which is called a “planet” which means “wanderer”, Venus is the harbinger of the dawn and evening, the ‘morning/evening star.’
    The Hebrew corruption of the word “Lucifer” enters through Isaiah 14:12, from there the legends and spells have grown in potentcy. The Hebrew corruption of the word Lucifer is related to a speech deficiency with the word “hell” which is the Germanic word for ‘shining’, ‘light’ or ‘to be clear’, the word “hell” with the jewish tongue became “halal”, and ‘shine’ became ‘to boast’ or ‘make a show’ ‘be foolish’, ‘show off’ etc.
    In Esoteric literiture Otto Rahn jouneyed quite far down this path, but then made a critical error, the Third Reich Pilgrim quickly retraces these steps but then makes a giant leap past the “Cathar” trap which is itself a corrupted word that has become a corrupted legend. The Cathars are actually the 16th Century Puritans, who are called “Cathari.” But there is a double deception, so here it gets really tricky, the Cathari were representatives of the London Weavers Guild – the worshipful company of Weavers. From here the Third Reich Pilgrim takes aim at the Weavers Guild and scores a direct hit.

    Heil the Light of Lucifer!

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