Imitation of life

With the inevitable debacle of faulty reasoning and spiritual blindness comes the opportunity to make examples that may possibly provide the orientation needed towards a new belief and action through inspired reason and spiritual awareness…maybe, possibly, a pair of dead eyes may open! May the dead eyes be opened!

Firstly lets look at an example of delusional imitation, remembering that he who understands a thing can control it and ultimately destroy it or overcome it:

Imitation Aryanism

If you did not know already is basically an example of Imitation Aryanism, in other words it’s not Aryanism but an inferior copy masquerading under certain borrowed words and terms that are used in a dissimulation, the words and terms are used to convey the exact opposite of the their true definition and meaning. So in the imitation, in the dissimulation the true racial new order Aryanism of the NSDAP is twisted into a Marxist inter-national anti-racial old order! All the ideas in imitation Aryanism of could be taken out of the pages of Freemasonry archives or perhaps the Paris Commune, or just post-modern Marxist theory, the fact that the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler are totally misunderstood is to be expected that is just the faulty reasoning and spiritual and racial blindness of Marxist theory or the like, it may be said to be similar to Strasserism, but much, much worse, like everything today, our situation that we must confront is a thousand times worse than it ever was, but as the old saying goes; “such is life”, one can try no matter how difficult things appear to be. is not the only imitation, oh no, if only it was that easy. Today we have a multitude of imitations, us real NAZI’s are even called, well – “Nazi’s”, as if it was a derogatory term! Well one must understand that one cannot be a National Socialist today, the NSDAP ceased in 1945, and it was not for export, it was of course merely a technical political propaganda term – “National Socialism”. This political term can only be used now in a historical sense, it has no relevance to the present situation. The NSDAP – The German National Socialist Labour Party, was a coined name and the reasoning behind it was that Adolf Hitler wanted to draw support for his racial Aryan Germanic Weltanschuanng from existing ‘Nationalist’ and ‘Socialist’ supporters and political practitioners, there was a divide, you see, engineered of course into left and right, standard statecraft in other words, and Hitler saw this, so he wanted to outmaneuver his opponents and beat them to the planned synthesis of the left and right, put it this way; Adolf Hitler especially after the aborted Beer Hall Putsch entered the political arena with the plan of beating his opponents at their own game, but at the same time within his movement he developed a Racial Elite, hand-picked and totally exclusive, because of this, because of the development of the SS, Hitler avoids becoming merely a competitor in the existing old world democracy. Now, according to the faulty moralism of, Hitler should not have done this! Well that is another example is it not? You make your decision as to who is right and who is wrong. Hitler went into popular parliamentarian democratic politics, and when he and his followers had gained understanding and control of that system they utterly destroyed it, they tore it all down, the NSDAP and Adolf Hitler destroyed the very system of government that put them into power, all along they had worked in secrecy and exclusion on developing Hitler’s Weltanschauung, or his world order of Aryan supremacy!

“If the social programme of the movement consisted in eliminating personality and putting the multitude in its place, then National Socialism would be corrupted with the poison of Marxism, just as our national-bourgeois parties are.”    Mein Kampf p. 389.

You read that? Good, because I don’t use false quotes.. Now read this, it follows:

“Hence the People’s State must mercilessly expurgate from all the leading circles in the government of the country the parliamentarian principle, according to which decisive power through the majority vote is invested in the multitude. Personal responsibility must be substituted in its stead. From this the following conclusion results; the best constitution and the best form of government is that what makes it quite natural for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.”  Mein Kampf  p.389

Right, let’s go back a step or two:

“The racial Weltanschauung is fundamentally distinguished from the Marxist by reason of the fact that the former recognizes the significance of race and therefore also personal worth and has made these the pillars of its structure. These are the most important factors of its (The Movement’s i.e. Hitler’s) Weltanschauung. If the National Socialist Movement should fail to understand the fundamental importance of this essential principal, if it should merely varnish the external appearance of the present State and adopt the majority principle, it would really do nothing more than compete with Marxism on its own ground, for that reason it would not have the right to call itself a Weltanschauung.”   Mein Kampf  p.389

Just so Hitler cannot be accused of being totally deceptive, he wrote exactly what he planned to do and published it so that anyone with the inclination to understand could find out if they wanted to what he was really planning to do, not just form an impression from public propaganda and political statecraft, both of which are traditionally deceptive by nature, war is after all traditionally in this world based on deception. The only way to prevent the continuation of that world deception is to understand it, gain control of it, and then destroy it…

This is YOU!

 Now contrary to the imitation of, I will talk about “immigration”. Firstly do not think that the Foe has put too much thought into this, it will be much thought for you to think your way out of your position, because you are in the inferior position, you are fighting the “up-hill battle”, for those on top there is no effort required at all, they just let things continue as they have always been, but if you want to change the situation, it’s going to take a Hitlerian effort, of course it does not appear likely that we will achieve even a fraction of that Titan, but again, we have to try, otherwise it will be a sad day for us when we walk into the Halls of Valhalla. Right, you see how in the Immigration essay at they just reinforce the meme but use it to dissimulate “National Socialism” and in particular Hitler, as if Hitler would be in support of LOL, ahh no, wrong. The meme would be – you are to be identified as “non-immigrant” and those coming from another “country” (Corporation) are “immigrants”, as if they are genuine immigrants and you are not! Absolutely absurd, the damned THEATRE OF UNREASON! Firstly understand this: we have had on this earth a dominant world government since about the 13th-14th Century AD! It is literally the Old World structure, of course that will not equate with your “history” books, but it is a fact, there has been a world government for hundreds of years, it is nothing new. Within the Corporations today and before in the Nations the law is that any human who agrees to follow the laws and statutes of a particular Corporation or Nation can do so and obtain citizenship – REGARDLESS OF BOUNDARIES! Let me repeat; any person in the world can seek and obtain citizenship of a Corporation or “Nation” or “Country” or whatever they are calling themselves, without actually being within the boundaries of the Corporation or State. This is to say – there are no boundaries recognized, they do not exist, they only exist in statecraft or deceptive political games to be dissimulated for the consumption of the profane masses, basically the masses, that is the status of you and me, we are no more than a landless hired-help, actually we have no status at all other than “beast”, you and me are called “two-legged beast” born for the yoke of slavery, that is the position of the Aryan, if the Aryan does not like that fact, than he/she will have to do something to change it, but don’t delude yourself. Have a look at, in the comments these dilettantes are discussing where their fictitious citizens from their fictitious new Aryan National Socialist States will be spending their holidays! That is called delusional, “Delusions of Grandeur”, I would call it. Immigration, for some perspective, let me say; Jews were never nomads! I repeat – Jews were never nomads, and definitely not desert nomads. The origin of Jews is in the capital cities of Europe, this is something I discuss in ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’, I define what the true nature of cities are, but for now remember Jews begin in European centers of trade, pretty much the first human inhabitants of those great central trading centers. Now practical instruction: when the subject is presented to you, the subject of the left-right, thesis – anti thesis, you should be getting the hang of it by now, you have to beat them to the synthesis, you got to beat them to the punch – God damn IT! Don’t take a side like some profane village idiot, but traverse, jump em’, use it against it them, hold up a mirror and let them see their own foolishness, their own delusion, their own weakness and fallibility. look – Immigration vs Non Immigration, the debate presented, the true Aryan response is: What language are you talking? Do you understand the words you are using? Are you literate? The States of the world recognize no borders and yet they claim to determine the ability of persons to cross borders? What borders? According to their own laws the boundaries do not exist. The term used for this debate is based on the word “Migrate” it is derived from Latin – meare, and it means to travel, to pass, to move along. Your context in which you use language is faulty and makes no sense, you say that there are two types of persons – one travels and moves along and passes through and another in opposition to this does not travel or pass or even move! There is no logic in your words and no linguistic basis for them, therefore your debate is based on faulty reasoning and illiteracy. And there is nothing else for me to add because I cannot help you. 

20/88 – “We are the torch-bearers, we carry the Aryan light forever forward in the Spirit of the Führer, Sieg Heil!” 

15 responses to “Imitation of life

  • Niebo

    You are right kamerad,

    “Become fluent in the official language of your new country as quickly as possible. Speak only this language in public, and whenever possible at home also.”- AS

    The more I read’s Immigration page, the more I realize its targeted audience is NON-Aryans

    As if an Aryan would be troubled by another Aryan speaking a language he did not understand. It’s like saying one should not discuss science in public, lest a non-scientist Aryan may hear and not understand the scientific terms.

    And what is the official language of the country I was borne into?

    The so called “officials” of this country demonstrate the relevancy of the word official in this context; it is nil.

    The most widely spoken language in my country is English, quickly becoming the only remnant of the heritage of a people who have all but abandoned themselves.

    And part of their sinking legacy is the fact that,

    in the “U.S.A.” and elsewhere,

    the English language does it’s best to get you smacked, because the “officials” (Maniacal English speakers poised to murder), know you understood their terrible orders and yet you ignore them.

    Of course there are times that call for the use of a singular language, but,

    “Speak only this language in public, and whenever possible at home also.”- AS

    That would be all the time wouldn’t it?

    Ironic that AS has also shunned kamerad O.C. who always stressed the purity of language, and now submits to a stranglehold of language.


  • delendaestziobot

    The target auidence for AS would firstly have to be a non-English speaker, because anybody that speaks and writes English would soon surmise that is ABSURD!

    What about this one:
    “The Swastika’s unifying power lay in the fact that, not being a historical German symbol, it represented a fresh start for a whole society, as oppossed to requiring any one part to unilaterally bend to any other part.” – AS

    What? The Swastika IS historically a German symbol and more importantly an Aryan symbol! And what happened to adopting the “official language” now changed to a “fresh start for the whole society”, as if the language of a people is not important just a a new symbol???? That is worse than absurd, that is madness.

    Or Hitler referring to himself as an “immigrant” to Germany? False. Hitler – a native German re-united the German Reich!

    And of course AS finally gets to his Bolshevik trump card:
    “This is trivally achieved by the establishment of a labour-backed FIAT CURRENCY LEGALLY DEFINED TO HAVE ZERO VALUE OUTSIDE ITS COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.”

    Finally the Bolsvevik has to get down to this, because that is what a Bolshevik is: A fool who repeats the bankers lies, just in a round about way.

    No need to worry about about Fiat currency having zero value, that is absolute, of course the value is zero, therefore the circulating currency of a Bolshevik state will always be ZERO! No need for a “Legal” definition.

  • Niebo

    AS has fallen, I wonder just how large his audience is…

    I’ve been weary of the English language because I’ve been weary of the English people. I must be eternally grateful though, at least the English Aryans have left us a language pure enough to “weed out the Bolsheviks”!

    I wonder if a new language will begin growth this century…

    I’m trying to learn Polish, my Polish dictionary actually states “robotnik” as the word for “worker”, this is the tragic truth for the Slav languages.

    Adolf Hitler was always a conqueror, never an immigrant.
    “This is trivally achieved by the establishment of a labour-backed FIAT CURRENCY LEGALLY DEFINED TO HAVE ZERO VALUE OUTSIDE ITS COUNTRY OF ORIGIN.”-AS

    Impossible, since silver, nickel, copper, etc. have a value no matter where they are in the material universe!

    Reminds me of the stories of the soviet workers who thought tools and machines existed no where else but the u.s.s.r.

    God knows what else that could lead a man to think. It wouldn’t be a stretch to think that many former Soviet citizens died believing the Caspian Sea to be the largest body of water in the world.

    This truly frightening, sickening bolshevism must die!

  • Niebo

    There seems to be more to the idea of native language than I first thought. There is a disconnection in hearing many different languages when walking through a town, depriving that town of a unique personality. Of course some would call that “diversity” uniqueness, but i care not for it.

    It is difficult to shed the American indoctrination of the melting pot, which has pooled over all across the earth. It is nothing but the normalization of racial chaos.

  • delendaestziobot

    Kamerad Niebo,

    At present all languages are decaying rapidly, but none of the languages presently being used will be adaquate for communication in the future. Aryans have a language, a ‘native’ language if you will, and it is the Runes, the Runes are like an alien technology that us Aryans today have forgotten how to use. The humans have no need for anything more than very basic communication signs, 1’s and 0’s is enough for them, even then they themselves will eventually need assistance from their machines to form even basic communications. Humans have designed and programmed the machines in their own image, they are machines themselves, they simply see their machines as an improvement on themselves.

    “Robotnik” for “worker”, yes, technically “serf” is what my dictionaries say, it is a word of Slavic origin, Czeck to be specific.

    On this earth; “Work” is uniform motion overcoming an opposing force.

  • Niebo

    Kamerad, do you know the source of this Wagner quote,

    “I hate this fast growing tendency to chain men to machines in big factories and deprive them of all joy in their efforts — the plan will lead to cheap men and cheap products.”

    I’d like to know if Wagner wrote more on this…

    God be with you in your work

  • aufihrhelden

    Part comment from a quote from the essay : …. ‘Personal responsibility must be substituted in its stead. From this the following conclusion results; the best constitution and the best form of government is that what makes it quite natural for the best brains to reach a position of dominant importance and influence in the community.’ Mein Kampf p.389

    Of course, personal responsibility, is resented by the ‘Marxist types’ because that implies a certain amount of freedom – they would rather everyone have to rely on ‘the state’ for their slavery rather than personal responsibility for their freedom.

    Regading the best brains rising to dominance, surely that’s not fair – for where would The Jews be then ? The current system of perpetrating false flag attacks which a ten year old child could see through and dominance through the dumbing down of a populace, which are as stupid as they are, is surely more preferable … ?!

    The most important point I would make regarding the essay is that I feel that a very important point (qualification) needs to be made to avoid any misunderstanding.

    Part comment from a quote from the essay : ‘The racial Weltanschauung is fundamentally distinguished from the Marxist by reason of the fact that the former recognizes the significance of race and therefore also personal worth and has made these the pillars of its structure. …’

    I think that someone could make a point regarding what might be termed ‘immigration’ but he might mean it purely from the racial and cultural perspective, without realising the form of the existence of modern ‘nation states’ ; in fact, it could be said that the racial and cultural factors represent the substance of things and the ‘policies of governments’ merely the form. But, of course, if a LAND is swamped with ‘immigrants’ then, whatever the ‘legal situation of the nations’ might be, the racial and cultural make-up of that land is still being knowingly destroyed by The Jews. Whatever the situation regarding (albeit, of course, false) nation states, that LAND is still being destroyed, the ‘significance of race’ and therefore the ‘personal worth’ referred to in the quote is still being reduced.

    So it could be said that the ‘nation states’ are merely a ploy, through the allowance of ‘immigration’ (movement from one corporation to another) to destroy LANDS (the race and culture thereof).

    I think that this is recognised by The First Son Of God in the Finale to Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg, which I posted under the ‘The Battle For Art’ essay on this website.

    So, in essence, The Jews ploy is to create a false legal system with no racial or cultural basis which facilitates movement of different races and cultures in order to destroy all races and cultures and rule over a homogenous mass of zombie-like slaves.

    I feel that the most important term I have used in this post is the word ‘land’ – that is in the context of Blood and Soil. It, of course, exists, it is there, but its careful preservation can be destroyed under a ‘false, foreign rule’ as the God Man put it.

  • aufihrhelden

    … and, of course, the most obvious example of The Jews imposition of false ‘national’ borders, in order to destroy the natural existence of the identity of a LAND and its peoples is the false ‘national’ border which currently exists between modern day Germany and modern day Austria.

    ‘… Accordingly, the so-called self-sufficiency of this Land of Austria, founded in the peace treaties and contingent upon the mercy of foreign countries, was to perform the function of preventing the formation of a genuinely great German Reich and hence block the path of The German Volk to the future. I hereby declare for this Land its new mission. It corresponds to the precept which once summoned the German settlers of the Altreich to come here. The oldest Ostmark of The German Volk shall, from now on, constitute the youngest bulwark of The German Nations and hence The German Reich …’

    ‘,,, Hence, in this hour, I can report to The German Volk that the greatest orders of my life have been carried out. As The Fuhrer and Chancellor of The German Nation and The Reich, I now report to history that my homeland has joined the German Reich.’

    – Adolf Hitler, Vienna, 1938.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, kamerad, that is correct, the idea is to focus on the destroying the false ‘national’ borders which have been imposed artificially.

  • aufihrhelden

    … yes, and by focusing on the preservation of the racial and cultural make-up of The Lands, one would, by definition, also be focusing upon destroying the false ‘national’ borders which have been imposed artificially in an effort to destroy the very Lands themselves, which they falsely claim to represent.

    Any borders which would exist would be based on the preservation of race and of culture thereby heeding the words of Hans Sachs in ‘Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg’.

  • delendaestziobot

    No, I would not agree with the notion of “preservation of racial and cultural make-up of The Lands”.

    One must go back to the essential truth of National Socialism – the creation of a new man, a new race, because everything else is a lie to be overcome. “Race” “Culture”, from our position, these must be futuristic ideals, there are no races now, just a one great stinking heap of decaying humanity!

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, perhaps I should have used the word ‘renewal’ of racial and cultural make-up of The Lands, rather than ‘preservation’. You would be creating anew for the future but the principles that would guide you would be from the past (to a certain extent). A guide for the New Race of the future would be The Third Reich (of course, The Third Reich being the greatest renewal of all time) and the Heroes as depicted on the walls of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein such as Siegfried, Lohengrin and Parsifal.

    The Truths of Richard Wagner and Adolf Hitler are, of course, timeless.

    Perhaps one could use the phrase, ‘Timeless Truths for a New Race’.

    And one has to start somewhere, if only biologically – one must take what one can from this heap of decaying humanity and try and overcome the lie. Weimar Germany (the work of The Jew) was turned into a Paradise by the Will Of A God Man.

    Yes, a Futuristic Ideal of a Fourth Reich of Timeless Truths ! One must, of course, Destroy to Create.

  • delendaestziobot

    Perhaps if we had something worthy of being preserved, then we could keep it, preserve it, but we don’t have anything, therefore we must PREVAIL instead.

  • aufihrhelden


    Prevail and then renew – but what about the specifics, the mechanics of such ? To that end, I found your conversation with oregoncoug under your ‘Zionist Correct Speak’ essay relevant, especially this from oregoncoug :

    ‘Kamerad Delenda,

    Kaos covers the world and our Aryan Geo-Genisis is gathering amid the ruins. I imagine the place will be Arya or Imperium Europa centered in Europe but including the Americas and Oceania. The means will be the Germanist Rune Wisdom of the SS focused by the Romanist Kultmysterium of the Reich into an Aryanist Knighthood modeled on the Montsalvat of Wagnerianism. The Knighthood must concern itself with nothing but the military arts and religion as befits a true noble race. When their only love is the true love of Aryan racial purity, then the Geo-Genesis will occur. Basically when truthful Germanism and universal Romanism are forged together into the cold compassion of Aryanism, the Aryan Folk will be born in Holy Europa. At present the most intense locatons are in Russia and Chile and, more broadly, in the Slavic Lands whose spiritual center is Vienna and Berlin and in Nordicist Latin America headed by NS Madrid and Rome.

    As for the Far East and Islam, they should provide back up for Arya but only Arya has the spiritual strength to deal with the Juden and Western decadence. I think they are too evil for Islam or Neo-Confucianism to deal with effectively. It’s our “karma” and ours to deal with as our Holy Swastika involves crucifixion and that is too much to expect other less hardened Folks to go through. Only we Western Aryans are born for the Holy War against the Juden and their Gentile slaves. And only our Folk will have the privilege to enter into the Golden Age of Arya because we alone will have paid the price and earned the Ultimate Aryan Victory.


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