“I cannot also help thanking those of our foes who, without knowing what they were doing, have so kindly made it possible for me to come to Germany. They too – for once – acted as instruments of those unseen Forces that are already clearing the way for the ultimate triumph of the Swastika.”   –   Savitri Devi,  3 October 1948.

Amazing that one young woman in 1948 alone arrives in the Holy Land after it has been utterly annihilated, the greatest armies ever assembled are shattered, millions have perished more are irreparably damaged, and one young woman declares the ultimate triumph of the Swastika! Now that is vision, that is courage, that is what it means to be Aryan! And what is more is that she was right, she saw it first, she never saw anything but ruins and damage and destruction, but she saw the ultimate Victory, she saw the ultimate plan! That is Esoteric Hitlerism.

A kamerad has recently returned from pilgrimage in Germany, his second pilgrimage in the Holy Land. For any genuine Aryanist or NAZI this is an essential undertaking, pilgrimage to Germany is perhaps at this time the greatest act of commitment to the ultimate plan, to the vision and destiny that is Adolf Hitler – The Shaper of Worlds!

It is always actions that speak louder than words, in the SS members were instructed to say nothing unless they were giving or following orders, we are very far removed from those glory days but we must be able to comprehend what it was that they did. When men get to the level where they can act without speaking as a group then things get done, actions take place that lead to change, when actions follow from actions the effect is infinitely more powerful than mere exchanges of words and symbols. The only words and symbols needed are either those that are constructed to destroy other words or symbols or those that inspire actions and direct energy into the deeds of destiny.

In Europe today I can see no excuse why an individual would not go on pilgrimage to Germany! This is not “replacement theology” this is truth, in truth the Third Reich was the closest man ever got to the “kingdom of God”, and in truth the land in which this happened is historically the Holy Land and there is no other. Now I can understand for those who live under the ‘Tyranny of Distance’ or because of financial limitations are unable to go on pilgrimage to Germany, but those true NAZI’s who do not live in Europe would probably give up their right eye to be able to. It’s hard for me to even remotely comprehend the advantages one would have being born in Europe…No, there is really no excuse, and what a great action it is going on Pilgrimage to Germany to see the sacred sites of the Third Reich, it is Revolution, it is Reformation, it is the act of initiation into the eternal deeds of the Universe, it’s like stepping from one decaying redundant World into a New World of infinite possibility! Just when you thought there was no adventure left and the world was at an end and there was nothing left to discover, you realize that you have discovered the ultimate adventure, like the Three Wise Kings who followed a new star, or as if you were a knight searching for the Holy Grail itself, more glorious a prize than any other, a treasure greater than any other treasure!

“Suppose ye that I came to give peace on the earth? I tell you No; but rather division”   –   Luke 12:51

“But ye shall receive power from the Holy Spirit coming upon you; and you shall be my witnesses in Holy Land  and unto the ends of the Earth!”   –   Acts 1:8

Memorial to the crucified in Berchtesgaden.


Mt Kehlstein and the Eagle’s Nest


Land of the Fuhrer


’nuff said

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