All roads lead to ….?

And the answer is not Rome! Well, not the ‘Rome’ located on the Italian Peninsula, there is an Italian city called “Rome”, however that Rome does not seem appear on any maps before the 17th Century A.D. even those maps are suspect, the maps of ‘Latium’ printed in Amsterdam or London and the like by various engravers and map makers are about as trustworthy as the people who produced them. Italy has only existed as an independent state from only the 19th Century A.D. Like the Balkan States, the Italian Peninsula was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire (Habsburg) and French Kingdom up until the 19th century.

N.A. Morozov was the first to point out the hopeless geographical location of ‘Rome’, from a military perspective, it’s a bit like modern day Jerusalem, it is about the worst location in terms of military defence. A short study of the alleged Rome and it defences as a city leads one to conclude that the city would have fallen under the first planned military siege, because Rome simply has no defensive installations at all. Rome is also practically landlocked, what is called the ‘Tiber River’, is really a creek or a seasonal stream at best, it is not a ‘trading river’, its not a river capable of carrying cargo to ocean going vessels. The ‘Tiber River’ is actually a man-made canal that was dredged and constructed in the 17th and 18th Centuries, it was designed mainly as a sewer and drainage outlet. And that alone excludes present day ‘Rome’ in Italy as being any major capital of Legend!

The greatest “river” of the “ancient” world!

14 responses to “All roads lead to ….?

  • oregoncoug

    Apparition of Saint Michael in Constantinople

    The second Great Manifestation of the Archangel Michael was to Emperor Constantine in the year 314. For three centuries the Roman Emperors, at Jewish instigation, had persecuted the Aryan Catholic Church, coming to regard the True Aryan Christians as enemies of the human race. More than twelve million martyrs gave their lives for Kristos in those times. Finally the time of peace came with the conversion of Emperor Constantine, and that peace was prepared by Saint Michael, the Archangel of Holy War.

    The Emperor had returned to the city near to the Temple of the Goddess Vesta. Then in dreams an angel appeared to him and said: “I am Michael, Prince of the Celestial Armies and Protector of the Christian faith. I wage war against the impious to gain the Victory.” So the contemporary historian Sozomenus said about Constantine. The Emperor built a church in the area of the Apparition, the Michaelion, and then nearby he later built the City of Constantinople within which there were some fifteen churches in honour of Saint Michael.

    There is another story that says the following: When Contantine confronted Maxentius, Saint Michael appeared surrounded by many angels to help him and secure the Victory. In the noontide sky there appeared a fiery Swastika surrounded with this inscription: “In this sign thou shalt conquer!” In the upper part of the Swastika were the first two Greek letters for the Name of Kristos. Constantine was ignorant of what these letters in the sky meant, but Saint Michael appeared to him in a dream and commanded him to put this sign on a standard to be carried at the front by his armies during the decisive battle. The Emperor obeyed and guided by the Holy Swastika went forth to fight his enemies near Rome. The battle was terrible, but Maxentius was defeated. In his flight he fell into the Tiber and died. Constantine won the Victory on October 12, 312. The Victor entered triumphant into the Eternal City with the Swastika at the front of his armies and in this same year he issued the Decree by which he granted Peace to the Church. This first Great Apparition of the Archangel is told by Eusebius, first historian of the Church and contemporary of Constantine.

    According to the historian Nicephorus, Saint Michael appeared to Constantine two more times. In the third Great Apparition Michael said to him: “How greatly you have been favoured in battle!” And the Emperor, recognizing the favours he had received, ordered a New City of the Eastern Empire to be built in Old Byzantium, then to be renamed Constantinople. This capital was solemnly dedicated to Our Lord Jesus Christ with this legend: “To Thee, O Lord Kristos, I dedicate this City” and Nicephorus stated that the Archangel then said to him: “I am Michael, Leader of the Angelic Hosts of the God of Battles, Defender and Protector of the Faith of Kristos. I shall protect and help you in the wars you shall wage against impious tyrants, assisted by my Armies.” Later, in 626 against the Avars and in 674 against the Arabs, the Imperial City was saved by the Mother of God and by Saint Michael. Therefore various Churches were consecrated to the honour of this Highest Marshall, Saint Michael the Archangel.

  • delendaestziobot

    Snorri Sturluson who penned the holy Eddas, thought that Constantinople was Troy in Aesir (Asia Minor) and that King Priam was the great grandfather of Odin and that the Vanir lived on the banks of the Don river.
    Constantinople is a true city of Legend no doubt, an Imperial City, a CzarGrad, it is a Troy or a Jerusalem, a New Rome. but as to where old Rome is? well one would have to go North, and then either East or West.
    But someone is having a laugh somewhere because the present day Tiber is a man-made sewer and “Rome” in Italy is a literally a shit hole! And not more than 500-600 years old, maximum!

    The only reason I can think of to build a wall around Rome in Italy in the Middle Ages would be to lock the inhabitants in. The idea of running global empire from Rome is absurd, it is impossible. You don’t build a city on swampy mud flats surrounded by hills, and then build a wall of soft clay tiles around your city. Any invader would just claim the high ground and rain down fire on the little shit hole below and watch the whole city go up in flames. Rome is undefendable.
    Perhaps they were just locking people up in “Rome” Italy, perhaps that is where they locked the jews up in the Middle Ages, and then they called it “Rome” as a joke!

  • delendaestziobot

    I just remembered that “Barbarossa” is usually passed off as a Frederick II and Holy Roman Emperor apparently he drowned in a river returning from a crusade, but it was apparently in the Goksu River! Instead of Maxentius?. This story has been recycled a number of times. But if there was a crusade then it must be a river near Constantinople, because that is where any Crusaders would have gone, I mean there would be no point to go to Syria or Palestine, there is nothing in Syria or Palestine at the time. I have come accross the ‘drowning in the river’ story several times, its like the redactors of the Middle Ages were similar too Hollywood script writers, the same plot devices keep being recycled around and around.

    I talk about this in Third Reich Pilgrim, how Hitler is the true Barbarossa, and all the other past Barbarossas are merely a desire in the psyche of humans, to achieve something that they are not, they can never be. There is only one great Crusade, which is why Hitler named it Operation Barbarossa. I mean what is there in comparison to Operation Barbarossa?

  • oregoncoug

    Yes, Kamerad Delenda, our religion is supernatural and every Aryan European man is the Kristos and Lucifer each in his own unique way. For many centuries now there are certain areas that our Folk and their religion have wisely left to the personal liberty of each individuals’ imagination: especially exactly what “Eternity” is like, how we each regard our own ancestors and the ins and outs of how we appreciate our vast Aryan history. WWII is truly the GREAT War, the Fuhrer is all our heroes all in one and, in our history, the important thing is that we appreciate it, not the endless fine details of exactly how each of us is best able to enjoy that most edifying adventure. These are areas meant above all for our encouragement and delight.

  • Niebo

    Pan Slavic Russia must destroy the jewish gangsters in their lands and then all roads lead to Jerusalem and a Crusade will come FROM Russia.

    Just look at how the jews continue to destroy you Russia, Poland, Ukraine!:

    What more needs to be seen from Israel!?

    I see actual strength and potential in Putin, though maybe i’m playing the fool.
    A Russian, Turkish, Syrian force is enough to crush Israel, and the American forces in Iraq if need be.

    American forces seem content to wander the Afghan mountains and cannot touch Russia from there, Iran would simply defend her borders.

    American soldiers attacking Siberia via Alaska? Russia could not afford to give an inch here, for America would do this only to stir China into wanting to protect it’s influence in the region and hence into conflict with Russia.

    Any Yankee movement from South Korea and South Korea will be crushed.

    I don’t see anything but the suffocation of American forces abroad, should conflict begin

    The European mainland will do nothing and they know it, and though the greater the silence of the Germans, the more my optimism grows, while of course if they choose to do nothing it won’t affect Russia.

    It’s easy to project these ideas outwardly for I’m looking at a map. Of course the jewish- zionist gangsters must perish in North America, but here I’m looking out my window.

    “It is one of the achievements of National Socialism that it
    was the first to face the Jewish problem in a realistic
    National Socialism has tackled the Jewish problem by
    action and not by words. It has risen in opposition to the
    Jewish determination to dominate the world; it has attacked
    them everywhere and in every sphere of activity; it has
    flung them out of the positions they have usurped; it has
    pursued them in every direction, determined to purge the
    German world of the Jewish poison.”- Hitler/Bormann

    Kamerad Coug,

    I believe you said the SS was essentially unknown in ’33 and appeared like a phantom force to become the most feared force in the world!


  • Niebo

    The German people are painfully quiet, I can’t believe they can go on like that.

  • delendaestziobot

    I would say that the Corporate States (Nations) of the world are of no value and its simply none of my concern what happens to any of them, because the Corporate States are not living, they are simply fictitious entities that no man is responsible for, so any claim present so called “Nations” have is null and void according their own laws, the living have no reponsibility to a legal fiction created ex nihilo. The situation is no different to what Cerventes describes in the comical Don Quixote, delusional folks fighting windmills!

    The NSDAP was well aware that the land of Israel was of no significance, and the idea that Germanic Crusaders went to Syria thinking it was the “Holy Land” where Christianity was founded is absurd, Christianity as it is depicted in all relevant sources of history has a purely European origin! I mean, look at the “Sea of Galilee”, It is not a Sea for starters it is where the River Jordan widens into a pond, there are no fish in the River Jordan, and no fishing, the only thing one could catch would be an eel or cat fish if you were lucky, but course according to Mosaic Law Isrealites are forbidden from eating these. No fishing in the “Sea of Galilee” folks, neither will you find a single fish with scales, not now, not ever!

    On the scale of things we are talking about a miniture stage set, like Rome is a fictional microcosm with no connection to the history it claims as its own. Greece is the same, even worse perhaps, been trading off lies for centuries, as if “Ancient Greece” was the origin of all civilization, wow, what a grand imagination folks must have! Creating false histories is one of the biggest industries in this whole godless world!

  • oregoncoug

    @Niebo: In my opinion our present geo-politics is similar to 1920. That would make Putin like von Hindenburg, a political leader who will have to go along with the military forces rising around him. I see the same for the Chinese Politburo, Iranian mullahs and populist leaders in Latin America: All of them are like the Republican leaders of Weimar Germany, just dust in the wind being blown by military forces way beyond their control.

    What really matters is the nature of the forces rising in and around the General Staffs in Russia, China, Iran, South America and the like, because the politicians in those countries must do as their General Staffs want. A straw in the wind is that the favorite book in such military circles these days is Mein Kamph. That is a pretty heavy hint of which way the geo-political winds are blowing.

    What’s different from 1920 is that the Avatar’s Advent occurred then in 1920, so this time it is the Sons of the Avatar who are now appearing on earth. We are the ones with the wind at our backs, fire in our souls and worlds to conquer. Soon when their hour strikes our SS will return, though perhaps this time with more Slavic accents.

    As for Old Jerusalem, we can’t defeat Evil unless we go to where the Evil is located, something that hasn’t changed much in the last two thousand years. If the Baathists of Syria and and Nasserists of Egypt aren’t National Socialists, they soon will be. And Putin owes nothing to Israhell
    except some pay back.

    As for the Germans, they’re a lot like the Swiss in 1920. They’re disarmed and weak and will go the way the winds blow hardest. That great quiet we hear now in Germany is the quiet before a Great Storm they see coming in from the East, a storm whose name is “Adolf Hitler.” The Fuhrer’s Spirit is returning to Deutschland!

    In Berlin today, it’s so quiet “you could hear a pin fall.”

    I’d say that Zion is in for a rough ride, because National Socialism is beginning to rumble…

    (P.S.: Obamy is no Franklin Roosevelt either.)

  • delendaestziobot

    Late last night I worked out the answer to the riddle; “all roads lead to…?”
    I had agreed with Fomenko that Constantinople was New Rome and was also known as ‘Jerusalem’, but I did not agree with Fomenko that Moscow was Old Rome. Obviously Rome in Italy is not the Old Rome that controlled a global empire. But what I realized last night even came as a shock to me, it is truly amazing, the answer as to where Old Rome is was literally staring at me the whole time as I looked at this particular map I had, I think it is not really that hard to work out, but I am going to put this big suprise in Third Reich Pilgrim, not that the book needs any more arsenal, but its better in the book than just hung out to dry on a blog.
    Truly the answer to the riddle is like opening Pandora’s box, what else can I say?


  • Horatius Cocles

    “Any invader would just claim the high ground and rain down fire”:
    well,Rome was built just on that high ground,the Seven Hills,as Rome is sometimes called.
    So if an invader reached the “high ground” it means that they had already invaded Rome without any need to “rain down fire”.

    Conquering Rome meant conquering those Hills;
    just like gauls tried to do,but failed in conquering the Capitolium.

    In short,study.

  • delendaestziobot

    Rome is built on the boggy marshes, ponds and seasonal flood plains down in the valleys, however the soil is almost completely useless and very poor wet clay, the high grounds completely surround Rome, like the Sabatini Mountains and the Alban hills. There are these things called topographical maps, and Google earth, or you can to Rome yourself….Because Rome is in an undefendable position any invader only has to take the hills and highlands and surround Rome cutting off all roads and supply routes, all that needs to be done then is move forward torching everything as you go, until you reach the weak mud-brick walls, you either smash them down or just lob fire over the top and burn Rome to ashes. but why would anyone bother, Rome occupies the worst land in Europe, that is why Rome is literally a Sewer that nobody wants.

  • aufihrhelden

    delendaestziobot comment, 20 June :
    ‘I would say that the Corporate States (Nations) of the world are of no value and its simply none of my concern what happens to any of them, because the Corporate States are not living, they are simply fictitious entities that no man is responsible for, so any claim present so called “Nations” have is null and void according their own laws, the living have no reponsibility to a legal fiction created ex nihilo.’

    The antithesis of the above would be the natural recreation of The Holy Lands of Germania, the ‘taking back’ of all lands stolen in the past which would bring together the German Speaking Peoples (The Fuhrer’s Greatest Wish) in a state of Common Law, in a state of mutual respect for one another, in a state of sound money, which would be looked over by an Aryan Elite in The Spirit of The Fuhrer ; that would be the guiding light practised at The Thingstattes throughout the land, The Spirit of The Fuhrer.

    The Tributes at the Feldherrnhalle in Munich would be in place as before, the centre of Berlin would be modelled on Albert Speer’s designs and Schloss Falkenstein would finally be built at the ruin near Pfronten according to plans held at Schloss Herrenchiemsee.

    The identity of lands according to the blood of the people instead of the creation of unlawful corporate fictions according to the agendas of The Jews.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, referring to Germania as the “Holy Lands” is actually the Truth of the matter, and from that solid foundation, one like yourself can see far into the possibilities of the future.

  • delendaestziobot

    @Horatius Cocles,

    Your latest comment has been deleted and you are sent to Spam.

    Reason: Displaying imperfect induction of facts and maintaining absurd hypotheses.

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