The Birth of Genius

Richard Wagner – Born May 22, 1813, Liepzig Germany

“Whoever wants to understand National Socialist Germany must know Wagner” – Adolf Hitler

The Fuhrer as Parsifal


“The essence of all Nordic western art has been revealed in Richard Wagner” – Alfred Rosenberg


“Every real effort, all truly sufficient force to carry through the great regeneration will never arise other than from the deep core of a true religion.” – Richard Wagner



12 responses to “The Birth of Genius

  • aufihrhelden

    All Hail Richard Wagner !! All Hail !!

  • Niebo

    Kameraden ,

    I was interested that of all the Jews, Wagner recognized the redemption of Ludwig Boerne alone.

    Does anyone know much about Boerne and his say in this revelation?

  • delendaestziobot

    Desperate for that Wagnerian spirit aren’t we, that larger than life, untouchable, undaunted, fearless, heroic spirit! The essence of great Aryan art is revealed in Wagner. I remember when I first heard Wagner, I was about 14-15 and I saw John Boorman’s film ‘Excalibur’ and the score was Twilight of the Gods by Wagner, it had a profound effect on me, it was a great interpretation of King Ar-Thor and the Grail. Aryans must always reinterpret. That is the path Miecz should have gone down, he should try to harness the Wagnerian Spirit, that is the way to great Art!

    The stamp of Parzifal from 1933 is a very important stamp, and the whole Wagner postal stamp set is brilliant art, I have collected about half that set, I have many Third Reich Stamps I have collected over the years, the Parzifal stamp is quite difficult to get and usually expensive if it is mint, and of course I only like the mint stamps.

    The true Round Table is like you see in the pic. with a circle and The Guide in the centre.

  • Niebo

    Remember, along with Parsifal,
    Galahad and Bors achieve the Grail.

    Parsifal’s story is surely theirs too.

  • aufihrhelden

    In 1826 Richard Wagner travelled from Dresden to Prague in a hackney carriage and commented on the ‘broken German language of the people’. Prague is in Bohemia, Prague is German, it was stolen from Germany (as well as other lands in Europe) and is now part of the Bastard Czech Republic. I believe, also, that what is now known as Prague Opera House was originally called ‘The New German Theatre’. The Master also travelled from Dresden to Prague the following year in 1827 this time on foot …

  • Niebo

    An old OregonCoug story from,

    For the Kameraden:

    The original legend tells us that Arthur, King of the World, had inevitably lost the Holy Grail, a treasure of divine origin which can only be seen by the noble and pure. This results in shadows overtaking the land, beginning a Dark Age.

    A desperate crusade begins to recover so valuable a treasure, attended by the most valiant, noble and honorable knights. Through terrible battles and various combats almost all of them fall dead, only three are left alive: Sir Galahad, Sir Bors and Sir Parsifal. This last, knight Parsifal, known to have the purest heart, his chastity and legendary lineage giving him the face of a Saint, was loved by his people and had an incorruptible loyalty towards his king, who by the way had lost the gift to see the Grail for fatigue, exhaustion and betrayal had made him weaken and lose faith in his primary mission, falling into the deadly trap of worldly suffering.

    Those who are weakened by illusory fatigue fall into the fatal trap of abandoning the fight. Predestined to be warriors, there is no sense of peace or tranquility, the mission of those elect is to live inventing strategies to defeat the sinister enemy. Those who live trapped in the animal passions of joy and sadness succumb to the harshness of that age, as there exists a purely earthly personality, an “I” that seeks personal gain and encourages fun and pleasure, desiring power, because to inferior material men nothing is left them than to seek powers on this sick earth. Contrary to our I, there is a “He,” the warrior spirit alien to the material world, inspired by the ideal. He guides us to the most beautiful struggle, putting aside selfishness and personal welfare, for with the flags we carry we can do the noblest deeds, sacrifice for what we love, giving our lives if necessary.

    Sir Parsifal was able to recover the Grail, this gift of the Gods that only a few get to win. The rest will fall along the way, the final victory will go exclusively to the pure, not to the ambitious seeking personal gain, but to those who fight to the end without expecting anything in return, only the victory of the noble ideal.

    By a comrade from Chile, the land of Miguel Serrano

  • aufihrhelden

    ‘I am convinced that nobody’s really interested in me, I must be mad, this continual, vulgar tormenting thirst for life and, deep down, so profound repugnance. Life – I am forced to construct it for myself artificially so as not to have it constantly before me in all its unpleasantness. Why should all this suffering ever be interposed between me and the peace I yearn for ? Giving myself up to my work. But I want to endure because I must. I do not belong to myself, my pain and suffering are only the means by which to attain an end that is superior to all.’
    – Richard Wagner.

    One of the most maligned men in history. He who finds Himself maligned is true and just.

    All Heil The Maligned !! May Their Truth Rise !!

  • aufihrhelden

    22 May 1813. All Heil Richard Wagner !! All Heil !!

  • aufihrhelden

    22nd May 1813. All Heil The Prophet of Bayreuth !

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