Hans Horbiger

 “I am quite well inclined to accept the cosmic theories of Horbiger. It’s not impossible, in fact, that ten thousand years before our era there was a clash between the earth and the moon that gave the moon its present orbit. It is likewise possible that the earth attracted to it the atmosphere which was that of the moon and that is what radically transformed the conditions of life on our planet. One can imagine that, before this accident, man could live at any altitude – for the simple reason he was not subject to the constraint of atmospheric pressure. One must also imagine that, the earth having opened water rushed into the breach thus formed, and explosions followed, and then diluvial torrents of rain – from which human couples could only escape by taking refuge in very high regions. It seems to me that these questions will be capable of a solution on the day when man will intuitively establish the connection between these facts, thus teaching exact science the path to follow. Otherwise we shall never raise the veil between our present world and that which preceded us.

If one takes our religions at their beginning, one discovers in them a more human character than they subsequently acquired. I suppose religions find their origin in these faded images of another world of which human memory had retained the distant image. The human mind had kneaded such images together with notions elaborated by the intelligence, and thus the Churches have created the ideological framework that today still ensures their power.

The period stretching between the middle of the third and the middle of the seventeenth century is certainly the worst humanity has ever known: bloodlust, ignominy, lies.”    –     Adolf Hitler

“Horbiger considers a point of detail in all this. He declares that the element which we call water is in reality merely melted ice (instead of ice’s being frozen water): what is found in the universe is ice, and not water. This theory amounted to a revolution, and everybody rebelled against Horbiger. The fact is men do not wish to know.”   –   Adolf Hitler

“I shall construct, as a counter to the pseudo-science of the Catholic Church, an observatory in which will be represented the three great cosmological conceptions of history – those of Ptolemy, of Copernicus and of Horbiger.”   –   Adolf Hitler

– All quotes taken from the English translation of the Bormann Vermerke, the translated text being ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’.

We still have to rely on rather crude English translations, I don’t see the situation changing so at some stage I will have to take a couple of years off in future to learn fluent German and just do the English translations myself.

I have added a link in connections to a website with an introduction into Hans Horbiger and World Ice Theory.


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