Riddle of Mephistopheles

“No. The Jews have not the creative abilities which are necessary for founding a civilization; for in them there is not, and never has been, that spirit of idealism which is absolutely necessary element in the higher development of mankind. Therefore the Jewish intellect will never be constructive but always destructive. At best it may serve as a stimulus in rare cases, but only within the meaning of the poet’s lines: ‘The Power which always wills the Bad, and always works the Good’ (Kraft, die stets das Bose will und stets das Gute schafft). It is not through his help but in spite his help, that mankind makes any progress.”   –   Mein Kampf, Ch. Race & People, James Murphy Translation. (In that chapter Hitler goes on to describe how the Jews were never Nomads, but developed as a parasitic urban class among the cities of the Gentiles. And I might add for that matter, mostly in densely populated European cities during the Middle Ages, and thus migrated from south to north. They are a class who served as a corporation (body of people) for the Dynastic Royals of Europe and the Vatican, primarily in the collection of Taxation and Tribute and management of Treasury.)

In Goethe’s ‘Faust’ when the learned Dr. Faust first meets Mephistopheles, he asks him, “Who then art thou?” Mephistopheles replies, “The Power which always wills the Bad and works the Good.”

Faust then inquires, “What hidden mystery lies within this riddle?” And Mephistopheles answers, “The spirit I, which evermore denies!”

Now, Mephistopheles is like Faust a servant of the “Lord” who in the prologue of the Poem declares that man’s nature would grow sluggish in ‘good’ works were he not stimulated by a Spirit of Opposition, or a Spirit of Negation and Denial. This Spirit of itself does nothing other work the opposite of what it wills!

It is not so easy to understand, it is something that one learns more from experience and then just instinctively understands Goethe’s meaning. In the poem the “Lord” is the Gnostic Demiurge who despises man as much as Mephistopheles does they both conspire to bring Goethe’s Faust undone. The Lord and Mephistopheles understand very well how man can be made to produce works with his energy by being prompted and spurred by ill will in the form of negation, denial, accusation and destruction. The Lord and Mephistopheles have much experience in this and they know that by pressing the right buttons they can use mans own energy to bring himself undone, man’s own works end up working against him, hence Mephistopheles states he can achieve the opposite of what he wills, man’s ‘good’ works end up ‘bad’ which is what Mephistopheles willed. actual destruction can be employed if at first accusation, negation and denial do not produce the desired result.

In real life things are much more complicated than in poems and fables but they can be an introduction to certain concepts and ideas. A perfect example of this is played out in Democratic Parliaments at every hour all over the world. There is a body of people (Corporation i.e. Corpse), those “in Government” and those “in Opposition” and on both sides there modus operandi is the spirit of negation and accusation, etc. Now there is a another corporate body who will embellish and dramatise this action on both sides, they are commonly known as the “Media” and there is another corporate body known as the “private sector and business” and another body known as “police” or “military” and all these bodies and a thousand others work for another Corporation known as “Banks” and the Banks are primarily private establishments run for the privilege of private families both Jew and Gentile. The Banks can use any number of their thousand other corporations to manipulate their agenda for them. So for example if they want to introduce higher taxes, i.e. the velocity at which their “money” returns to them, they advise the workers “in Opposition” that higher taxes are “good” because by collecting higher taxes they will lower the people’s “debt obligations”, the Bankers then hand their workers “in Government” a different script that amounts to political suicide, for example wanting to drastically cut the pension, the Media then get their script to produce bad publicity for those “in Government” and “good” publicity for those “in Opposition”, many other different corporate bodies can then take part in various minor roles and so forth. And then Behold, there is a Democratic election and those “in Opposition” win in a landslide, those “in Opposition” first thank those “in Government” for a “good fair fight” and they shake hands and then those “in Opposition” thank the mystery gods of Democracy! And how wonderful and good it is that the people have voted them in to government and how eager they are to serve the people to the best of their abilities and so the Banks get higher taxes and their fake counterfeit vouchers are returned to them at a greater speed. While all this wasted energy is taking place the Banks have already organized their next 150 odd plans using the same method.

To simplify, remember when you were in school, and the school curriculum is delivered to the teacher and part of the curriculum is a debate, so the teacher organizes a debate and splits the class up into different groups and the groups are given a list of subjects to choose from and they debate the subject ‘for’ and ‘against’. The teacher in this example is much like how Mephistopheles describes his nature, ‘The Spirit of Negation’. The students are made to debate subjects that are totally beyond their control, so it is acting mainly, the students pretend they are in control of the subjects no matter if they are or even if they truly believe they are for or against or negative or positive, the fact is that all their debates are destructive because of the loss of energy, there is just a waste of energy and that is destructive in itself and also the division itself is destructive. Mephistopheles would describe the waste of energy and division as “Good works”.

So, understanding this Riddle is important, because one does not want to inadvertently end working the “good” and doing the “good” works but achieving nothing but the exact opposite.

7 responses to “Riddle of Mephistopheles

  • aufihrhelden

    … and so Margaret Thatcher dies and those on the ‘Right’ say that she was ‘Good’ and those on the ‘Left’ say that she was ‘Bad’ and all it does is serve the never-ending meaningless dabates whilst The Jew sits there with his printing press.

    Some of the ‘people’ who think that Margaret Thatcher was ‘Very Bad’ say that she was like Adolf Hitler who they think was ‘Very Evil’ and some people believe that ‘Truth’ can prevail without the complete annihilation of the inhabitants of the English speaking corporations of the world.

  • delendaestziobot

    When I was in Ushuaia, in 2012, it seemed to me that the British were going to lose the Falklands war, that war is still going, and the British are going to lose. I have seen that it will happen so.

  • aufihrhelden

    These bases that the British and Americans keep all over the world for ‘peacekeeping’ or ‘humanitarian reasons’ or ‘terrorist prevention’ or ‘policekeeping efforts’ are nothing more than devices to ensure that the countries (corporations) of the world continue to retain their corporate status and carry on accepting fiat paper vouchers.

    It’s like the school bully posting his mates in different parts of the playground to take the other children’s dinner money off them.

    Ultimately it always comes down to force (commonly known as war) and for the last few hundred years the cowards have been winning through sheer weight of numbers and access to resources.

  • aufihrhelden

    The servants of Mephistopheles ‘debate’ whether or not to sent their coward slave armies to Syria for more theft, rape and genocide (‘liberation’).

    • delendaestziobot

      They have pressed the replay button; in this case drop bomb on Syria then blame Syria for dropping bomb on Syria, then drop more bombs on Syria, and then send Syrian refugees to Europe. It the same old tired act that just goes round and around, only the humans change, but the method is the same.

      What is Parliament, this Parisian Salon? It is a French game, where there are different “Acts” of “Parliament” which are part of a Parabole as in the Greek term for opposing that renders something useless i.e. paralyse, becuase it is a “Parable”, a fable in other words, told in a parlor, from parle; to place beside and compare, an allegory; to speak as to imply something else in public assembly – Act!

  • aufihrhelden

    Let’s pretend ! A debate ! Does the Zionist B’nai B’rith ‘stay’ in the Zionist EU or does it ‘go’ !! Puppet show !

  • aufihrhelden

    … And it’s the Zionist David Cameron saying ‘remain in’ the Zionist EU and it’s the Zionist Boris Johnson saying ‘leave’ the Zionist EU !

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