Grave Stone of Miguel Serrano

Today I visited the grave of Miguel Serrano, which is in the General Cemetery of Santiago Chile. The cemetery is very large, it occupies an entire suburb of Santiago and has its own streets and subway station. I thought this morning when I arrived that I might just be led by some sixth sense straight to his grave site. As much as I like wandering round in cemeteries, after an hour or two I decided to go back up to the entry and inquire on the digital touch screen directory. Miguel Serrano´s grave is located in ‘Patio 52’ and is relatively easy to find on the print out map. I came upon his grave and greeted the old master with Aryan salute and “Heil Hitler!” I sat beside his grave stone, it was of a particular shape that I felt an affinity towards, its natural shape reminded me of one of the great granite pillars of the Fitz Roy range I had seen in Patagonia. Serrano’s special rune was engraved in black on its rough surface, it is a sign of great magic and power. I drew the sign in my notebook and wrote – ‘The Stone of Serrano’, I then read out a few lines I had written earlier that seemed significant for the moment. I sat there by his stone for some time in the shade of a small tree, bees hovered over the green succulent leaves and small flowers of the ground cover, the sky was blue and luminous, in the hazy warmth of noon-day I felt very relaxed and calm at this sacred site of pilgrimage.

Monument to Chilean National Socialists. Cementerio General, Santiago Chile

Grave Stone of Miguel Serrano. Cementerio General, Santiago Chile.

I have added a new link to connections: ‘Aryan Beobachter’, as soon as I saw this new blog I knew it was authentic National Socialist and Aryanist, the aesthetics and design are excellent and inspired, clearly designed by someone well versed in National Socialism, the written content also of high quality propaganda, Goebbels would be proud. It is impossible for the foe to imitate such work, if they could then they would not be the foe. After a many years in propaganda one can just tell the difference almost at first glance.

Forever Forward Torchbearers!


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