Schutzstaffel Credo

The Schutzstaffel (SS) was developed primarily as a politically and ideologically motivated vanguard of the N.S.D.A.P, and as such the SS was the instrument of the Folk through “Will of the Führer”. The SS were to be the incorruptible core that would act under the guidance of Adolf Hitler to recreate a Germanic biological and spiritual unity. The Germanic unity with the Reich would serve as the impetus and foundation for a folk orientated Greater Germania (Reich) with an Aryan Weltanschauung (world outlook) or Aryan Imperium where the SS would be the future Guides (Führers). According to the SS Adolf Hitler was the first principle and the living expression of the unity of the German Volk:

“His simplicity will tolerate no flattery or genuflection. He is not a dictator or autocrat, but a Guide who is bound to his Volk by a genuine relationship of mutual loyalty.”

“The German people has decided to live biologically according to the laws of nature and of life. In racial legislation and in population policy, conditions have been created for a new, healthy growth of the nation. The spirit of particularism and of regional isolation has been exorcised by the living idea of the Reich. The unity of the Reich is embodied in the Person of Adolf Hitler. In his name the dreams and the desires of past generations are fulfilled.”

These quotes are taken from SS-Junkerschule lecture notes, it is what SS cadets were being taught in the “Führer Schools”. Indeed Adolf Hitler was not a “Dictator” with absolute legalized authority ruling over a divided people, he is a Leader or Guide of a homogeneous people forming State, the State being nothing but the vessel which contains the people. The homogeneity is secured by the process of Gleichschaltung, a term that has no exact English counterpart but has been described as meaning – ‘the method which secures, at first perhaps only outwardly (a significant reservation), a political homogeneity of public life.’ Its justification is said to lie in ‘the necessity for removing all conflicting social and political forces which may, in the slightest degree, impair the domination of the unified Leader.’ The Leader or Guide is not seen as a part of the Democratic franchise that seeks the approval of the majority no matter its division, but alternatively represents the unified ideal of the people, whose views are not legislative decrees to be handed down as written laws but whose views express uncompromising eternal truths which act as guidance for the people, the people do not subscribe to the views with a atomistic vote, they support the views with their conscience and convictions. The people as a majority may be called upon by the Leader to endorse or lend support to his views and measures, but the essence of leadership is that initiative as well as decision rests with the Leader, to whom all are answerable and who leads because he serves the whole, as he is the embodiment of the whole unified people.

This political philosophy can be compared to that of the physical world view of Aristotle, in that the primary archetypal body of Man is the universal whole, there are actual different single Men so there must be the infinite potentiality of Man. So in the one Man who is Leader there is the infinite potentiality of all the unified different Men, and this is natural and according to the laws of nature and life. Democracy being contrary to this can be deemed to be unnatural and non-biological, indeed the Democracy is a contradiction in itself i.e. a Man is elected to be Leader by a majority of different men who are not themselves Leaders, the elected Leader than becomes the executor of the majority of different individual men by a conditional mechanism of counting votes. In the Democratic system it is impossible to have a natural Leader even though its mandate is to elect a Leader.

According to the SS Credo the Führer is the individual who responsibly represents the unified whole, he does not represent those who are contrary to the unified whole, the unified whole is not determined by single individual votes but it can be if that is the will of the Führer.

9 responses to “Schutzstaffel Credo

  • aufihrhelden

    The antithesis of one of the quotes above could be attributed to the ‘Ways of Judaism Down The Centuries’ :

    ‘World Jewry has decided live a totally subversive life according to the laws of degeneration and death. In racial legislation and in population policy we will create conditions for warped and sick nations. The spirit of selflessness and togetherness will be exorcised by the subversive ideas of World Jewry. The unity of World Jewry is embodied in the covert and destructive nature of all Jews. In its name we will attempt to destroy the dreams and ambitions of past generations.’

    … and …

    “Our race is the Master Race. We Jews are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our Earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    ~Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister 1977-1983

    … but wait !! …


    Could it be that the contrast between the dark agendas of World Jewry and the true and just principles of the SS-Junkerschule could be there for all who want to see in even sharper contrast due to the advent of the internet and the potential destruction of the paper fiat fraud ?

    Could it be that The Heroes of the SS have won not only in spirit but also in an absolute sense here on Earth ?

    Sunlight is best appreciated after a dark storm, the truth is best appreciated after the effects of all the lies.

    Heil Hitler !

  • delendaestziobot


    Thankyou for your comments. I am busy for the next week or so, but I would like to discuss some points further with you. I will leave some further comments when I have time.

  • niebo

    Kamerad Delenda,

    I read what you said on “birthrate” on AryanFront and was most impressed.

    Do you plan on saying anything on about their “Population and Demographics” page and how their Hitler quotes do not in anyway represent what espouses. is doing much wrong in their “Population and Demographics” page, mainly with the Hitler quotes. They are deadly wrong to associate his quotes with their ideas.

    • delendaestziobot


      Kamerad, please forgive my delayed response. I will not reply on because I was unceremoniously rejected by AS on that platform, a platform that I felt I had contributed to with all my heart. But I would like to speak with you further on this subject, if you reply to this response then I will discuss this matter in private with you, in fact I would like to see you express yourself further on any matter and then I will respond in turn, it is more about you than me in this regard.

  • Niebo

    All is well Kamerad.

    I agree with your views on “birthrate” on AryanFront.

    In addition to honoring unhealthy individuals who do not reproduce, Adolf Hitler said that to not bring healthy children into the Reich was “reprehensible conduct” and declares all births an act of violence against the newborn.

    “Is there a more lovely consecration of love,
    pray, than the birth of a handsome babe,
    glowing with health?”- Hitler’s TableTalk

    That really says it all. I sense would reject this statement. Of all of AS work, his ideas on reproduction are the only pages that seem incomprehensible.

    You’ve said that Aryanism relies on the birth of the Aryan child more than anything, AS seems to project this as a last resort.
    This is just impression I receive.

    Curiously enough, besides talking about hysterical childless mothers losing their heads (which if overpopulation leads to war, I’d glady die fighting then have to endlessly listen to them ahah) “Table Talk” also contains this passage:

    “When a man begets children without having previously enlarged the basis of his existence, it shows a lack of conscience
    on his part. But if he decides that he should therefore give up
    the idea of begetting children, he becomes doubly a sinner, by
    making himself life’s debtor.”

    This statement was made of course when The Reich was expanding in all directions and is reflective of the desperate need for military manpower, but needless to say, it does expand into other realms of the male mind.

    I kind of just shrug my shoulders about the whole exhausting matter at the moment.

  • Niebo

    Is a healthy childless young man barring another being from the joy of life, that is, from the privilege to defend and live the Aryan way ?

  • delendaestziobot

    “Some people think only of their family and house. Others are more farsighted. For my part, I must say that when I meet children, I think of them as if they were my own. They all belong to me.”

    “The National Socialist theory is to make use of all forces, wherever they may come from.”

    “It (The State) must proclaim as unfit for procreation all those who are inflicted with some obvious hereditary disease or are the carries of it; and practicle measure must be adopted to have such people rendered sterile. On the other hand, provision must be made for the normally fertile woman so that she will not be restricted in child-bearing through the financial and economic system operating in a political regime that looks upon the blessing of childbirth as a curse to their parents. The State will have to abolish the cowardly and even criminal indifference with which the problem of social amenities for large families is treated, and it will have to be the supreme protector of this greatest blessing that a people can boast of. Its attention and care must be directed towards the child rather than the adult. Those that are physically and mentally unhealthy must not perpetrate their own suffering in the bodies of their children.”

    “And the State must also teach people that it is an expression of a really NOBLE nature, and an act worthy of admiration, if a person who innocently suffers from hereditary disease refrains from having a child of his own but gives his love and affection to some unknown child who, through its health promises to become a robust member of a healthy community.”

    All quotes taken from ‘Hitler’s Table Talk’ and ‘Mein Kampf – The State’

    In a word – “fecund”, the healthy Individual is naturally fecund. A primary concern of The State is the fecundity of its members.

  • Niebo


    Your last statement,

    “the healthy Individual is naturally fecund.”

    is now self- evident to me.


  • aufihrhelden

    The SS were the greatest organisation of men in all of history.

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