Adolf Hitler: In His Own Words

Here are some quotes from early speeches of Adolf Hitler in Munich in the 1920’s.

“What we want is not a State of drones but a State which gives to everyone that which on the basis of his activity he has right to.”  

“Now as ever: Freedom does not come from above down, it will spring up from below…”

“The State is not a plantation where the interests of foreign capital are supreme. Capital is not the master of the State, but its servant. Therefore the State must not be brought into dependence on international loan capital.”

“We National Socialists are – God’s truth.”

“On one point there should be no doubt: we will not let the Jews slit our throats and not defend ourselves.”

“The old parties train their youth in the gift of the gab, we prefer to train them to use bodily strength. For I tell you: the young man who does not find his way to the place where in the last resort and destiny of his people is most truly represented, only studies philosophy and in a time like this buries himself behind his books or sits at home by the fire, he then is no German youth. German Youth, I call on you! Join our STORM DIVISIONS!”

“The Jews are a people of robbers, they have never founded any civilization, everything that they have is stolen.”

“No! A thousand times NO! Here there can be only two possibilities, either victory or defeat.”

“Strength lies not in the dead weight of numbers but solely in Energy!”

“The mightiest thing which our Movement must create: for these widespread, seeking and straying masses – A NEW FAITH! Which will not fail them in this hour of confusion, to which they can pledge themselves, on which they can build so that they may at least find once again a place which may bring calm to their hearts.”

“He who today fights on our side cannot win great laurels, far less can he win great material goods. It is more likely that he will end up in Jail. He who today is leader must be an idealist, if only for the reason that he leads those against whom it would seem everything has conspired.”




13 responses to “Adolf Hitler: In His Own Words

  • oregoncoug

    These quotes of the Fuhrer have an extraordinary timeliness to us. This decade has an almost eerie resemblance to the 1920s, at least in so far as National Socialism is concerned. The same temptations to democratic mirages and the same truth that the STRONG (those who are so meek they will be disciplined Warriors for the Truth) will inherit the earth. This isn’t a time for demonstrations and petitions to re-elect Obama. It’s a time for forming the ranks!

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, the true meaning of ‘meek’ is ‘supple’, ‘fluid’. It is the element of water; look at the force in water, see how it attacks the low and empty and avoids the full and high, it adapts to its surroundings, it adapts to the earth in its formation and when it strikes it strikes directly at the weakest part. Meek does not mean weak, it means supple.

    Another way of saying it is “the reed that does not bend will break”

    Protests and demonstrations are for the weak, for the democratic drones of Zion.

  • Miecz Elizejski

    Good post, Kamerad.

    I am planning a separate page on my blog with just Hitler quotes, titled “The Wisdom of Hitler.” It truly is timeless and universal – Aryan.

  • delendaestziobot

    Ja, good idea kamerad Miecz, it would be worthwhile to do that.

  • Lineman


    I’m reminded when I read the quote, third from last, how difficult it actually was for the Fuehrer to establish the original Nation Socialist German Workers Party. It was not just for dramatic purpose when he states,
    “He who today fights on our side cannot win great laurels, far less can he win great material goods. It is more likely that he will end up in Jail…”
    As you know well, imprisonment and worse, was a very real reality. The Fuehrer carried in him tremendous courage and commitment and is a fitting example for us all.


  • aufihrhelden

    The first response by oregoncoug includes the quote : ‘These quotes of the Fuhrer have an extraordinary timeliness to us.’. – May I also add that these qoutes also have an extraordinary timelessness to them, Adolf Hitler, of course, being the Leader For All Time.

    May I also take the liberty of adding some quotes ON the Fuhrer which I have copied from the comments section of various You-Tube videos which were originally uploaded by ‘The Lindgrenn’, whose channel was removed by those who are not capable of fighting on a level playing field (much like the British/US soldiers of Zion) :

    This January 30 [2012] marks the 79th anniversary of the coming to power of the greatest man of our era. A man who dared more and achieved more, who set his aim higher and climbed higher, who felt more deeply and stirred the souls of those around him more mightily, who was more closely attuned to the Life Force which permeates our cosmos and gives it meaning and purpose, and did more to serve that Life Force, than any other man of our times.


    Instead of what would have been a new Golden Age for the White race and the planet as a whole, we have the Jew Age, with all its attendant horrors. We live in a world of lies and corruption. The Jew does all in its power to suppress the truth about what happened in Germany in 1933 by using its vile Holohoax to misdirect the attention of the people of the world. It will be a painful process breaking free from the control of this parasitic life-form but it must be done.

    What an absolute tragedy. This great prophet of modern times cast as a villainous devil. His magnetic presence will always draw followers though, even decades and centuries after his death. One day he will take his seat in history as the titanic figure that he was and appreciated for his very rare passion and talent. Just as with the followers of Jesus who were tortured and persecuted, Hitler’s adherents will one day rise up and take the world by storm.

    The truth will come out like wildfire, wait and see.

    The people behind the Third Reich saw that the Jews were up to no good and they were simply protecting Germany from that. Now that the Jews have won, this world is going to the dogs with their Liberal bullshit of multiculturalism, radical feminism, and portraying the virtues of having a family as outdated in the modern world. Because what exactly the Jews want is for the Gentiles to lose their values while they (the Jews) remain a cohesive unit. That’s the real Holocaust. HITLER WAS RIGHT.

    Heil Deutschland and Adolf Hitler!

    They had it coming and they have it coming again, it’s just a matter of time.

    The genuine love he had for his country and his people is touching. I can’t believe all the lies we’ve been told about him.

    TRULY, the MAN OF THE CENTURY!  Heil Hitler!

  • aufihrhelden

    The Man Of The Nineteenth Century : Richard Wagner

    The Man Of The Twentieth Century : Adolf Hitler

  • oregoncoug

    The Man of the Twenty-first Century: Parzival, the Man to Come

  • aufihrhelden

    The Fuhrer possessed total omniscience, a will of iron and the God like fighting spirit of the truthful but perhaps His greatest achievement was his willingness to sacrifice His entire life for truth and justice and for good.

    Heil Hitler !

  • aufihrhelden

    What annoys me the most about certain ‘Freemen’ (there’s no such thing but they like to think they are because the truth is too much for them) liberal types who find it easy to protest against ‘men in suits’ and the ‘corporations’ is that when faced with obvious truths relating to Him they will make comments such as ‘Well, he did some good things’ or ‘Some of the things said about him were lies’ or some equally opaque and insincere comment. ‘Liberal’ equals hatred, look closely at these ‘right on’ ‘loving’ types and see how much they despise their own intellectual and physical inadequacies so much so that they direct their envy and hatred onto The Heroes of Germania. They hide behind disinformation sites such as David Kike and Alex Jones but, make no mistake, they are essentially Jewish even though they may not realise these sites are essentially Jewish. You can even see DISAPPOINTMENT spread across their faces the moment they grasp a flicker of truth but then they quickly shut it out and fight against it and in that moment you know they are born of hatred and not of truth.

    Heil Hitler !

  • aufihrhelden

    Notice the painting of Siegfried at the 1:37 mark in the video and notice also pictures of Siegfried throughout the rest of the video ….. :

  • aufihrhelden

    ….. and here ….. :

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