Which English Translation of Mein Kampf should I read?

There is only one English translation of Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf that was authorized by Adolf Hitler and approved by the Third Reich for publishing: The James Murphy 1939 Edition. The Irish academic and translator James Vincent Murphy translated Mein Kampf from about 1935 – 1939 in Germany after receiving approval to do so from Adolf Hitler who owned the copyright to his book. James Murphy was an Irish Catholic Priest who had travelled in Germany and Italy, and had close contacts with many National Socialists and Fascists. He would later be accused after the break out of war as having “Nazi sympathies”.

There is no other approved English translation, certainly not legally or officially approved, because the copyrights to Mein Kampf were illegally claimed by the Bavarian municipality after the fall of the German Reich. Which is to say the authority of Mein Kampf is now and has been in the hands of a servant of the United Nations and a natural foe of Adolf Hitler, since the fall of the German Reich. All the other English translations of Mein Kampf are misleading and damaging to anyone with a genuine interest in Adolf Hitler or National Socialism, English translations by the likes of  Ralph Manheim and more recently Michael Ford, give a quite deliberate false representation of Hitler’s ideas and the National Socialist Weltanschauung. There can be no comparisons made between James Murphy’s 1939 translation and other versions since then, one is genuine and approved and the others are spurious and unauthorized. Even James Murphy versions produced after the 1939 version can be tainted with spurious material, not as bad as the others, but still it may not be the genuine English version. There seems to be more Mein Kampf versions popping up like mushrooms in the dark, each with its own fanciful story behind it and there will be more on the way no doubt. In the future there will be an English version that rightfully and truthfully claims the Mein Kampf translation inheritance but I don’t believe we are anywhere near that stage.

If one wants to be absolutely certain they have the genuine 1939 James Murphy English translation than one has to only get their hands on an original copy, which is not that hard. They are available on eBay or Amazon and last time I looked one could be got for about $80, although they often go for much more than that and depending on the condition and book binding they can fetch anywhere from $100 to over a thousand dollars.  There are online versions available which can be viewed for free or paper back re-prints for $20-$40 Ziobux, there are some good re-prints available these days for a very reasonable price.

My James Murphy 1939 edition I purchased from eBay, it is a hard cover, the condition is OK, spine is broken and it is being held together with sticky tape at the moment, but I plan to get it re-bound because the pages are in good condition. It has over 200 illustrations, which is the Hutchinson Illustrated Edition, and it cost about $140 Ziobux several years ago. Original James Murphy 1939 Editions will only get harder to find and cost more in future so they can be considered a good investment.

Anybody who is a English speaker with a genuine interest in Adolf Hitler or National Socialism should only be using or referring to the James Murphy English translation of Mein Kampf, the others are not just bad translations they are spurious and misleading.

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  • Miecz Elizejski

    What edition is the one that Aryanism.net has available for PDF download? That is the version that I have.

  • oregoncoug


    The translation into English available at Aryanism.net is the James Murphy translation that Kamerad Delendaestziobot so rightly recommends. The Translator’s Preface and several title pages are missing, but EVERYTHING in the Aryanist.net website’s on-line version of this most Holy Scripture is completely accurate and trustworthy.

    I believe that for similar religious reasons my translation of that other Holy Scripture of the Aryans, “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar” by Don Miguel Serrano, should also be the ONLY English-language translation in use by our Aryan Race. Together these translations of Mr. Murphy and myself are alone able to provide our European Folk with the absolutely required faithfulness to the original texts of these two incomparable Holy Books. Other translations may have their uses as pedantic variations for erudite scholars, but they must forever lack all value for the one single reason that Aryans can have to read and live these two uniquely sacred scriptures: ARYAN RELIGION.

    Variability is Power and therefore we reject the judaic sickness of monotono-theism. Nevertheless the noble union that is Ultimate Racial Purity and Divine Truth belongs to our Aryan Reich of Holy Europa alone. Ultimate Truth is unique and can henceforth only be found through the authentic holy writings and speeches of Our Beloved Fuhrer Adolf Hitler and His Almighty Herald and Mage Don Miguel Serrano.

    So it is spoken. So it is done.


  • delendaestziobot

    Ja, Aryanism.net has the James Murphy version.

    In the translators preface James Murphy describes the crucial word ‘Weltanschauung’ as meaning “outlook on the world” – in German this outlook on the world means a whole system of ideas associated together in organic unity – ideas of mankind’s life, values, cultural and religious ideas, politics, economics, etc, in fact a totalitarian view of man’s existence. The predecessor for the National Socialist Weltanschauung was the Catholic Weltanschauung, which is why it was the Catholics who first came to understand the preaching of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist world view, and why it was a Catholic priest who was best placed to translate Adolf Hitler’s words in Mein Kampf, considering the great difficulty in translating from German to English.

  • oregoncoug

    Kamerad Delenda,

    Then, as a one-time priest, it is both Father and Mr. James Murphy! The National Socialist Weltanschauung is not different from the Catholic Weltanschauung. That must be why a Franciscan Solitary was also placed to translate Miguel Serrano’s words in Ultimate Avatar. That is why National Socialism and Aryanism do not leave behind the Universal Compassion for all sentient beings of our European Roman Universal Reich. Our Blessed Aryan Dead are forever with us. Both of these Weltanschauungen have been utterly destroyed by the same Eternal Enemy and now live through the same Aryan Rune magic that only exists within the miraculous Spirit of Adolf Hitler.

    With the annihilation of Aryan Christianity and the Aryan Nation-States over the past half century the two Weltanschauungen have become one: the Esoteric Universal Aryanism of Lucifer Christ, God of the Ultimate Avatar, Our Divine Fuhrer Adolf Hitler,

  • Miecz Elizejski

    “The translation into English available at Aryanism.net is the James Murphy translation that Kamerad Delendaestziobot so rightly recommends. The Translator’s Preface and several title pages are missing, but EVERYTHING in the Aryanist.net website’s on-line version of this most Holy Scripture is completely accurate and trustworthy.”

    Thank you, Kamerad Oregon Coug.

    I must admit, when reading it for the first time, I was very much surprised in places! From all the years I had heard about “evil Nazis” I had expected Hitler to be a firm and demanding, yet effective, but ultimately just a hardass akin to a drill sergeant. However, Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” is probably the most eloquent piece of political writing of all time, and it is also not just “political writing,” but wholly transcendent.

    I look forward to your translation of Serrano’s work, but unfortunately it will take me a little while before I can get to it.

  • delendaestziobot

    One of our main problems at the moment and for the last 500 years is a misconception with the nature of the Catholic Church and this goes back to the disaster of the Gutenberg Press of Mainz and the Reformation of Luther. Even the likes of Savitri Devi were not able to comprehend this, but only for lack of correct information, which I cannot hold against her. With the onset of the internet there is becoming less and less excuse for lack of understanding.

    Let me make it clear that I have as much beef against the new Heathens as I do against the new Christians, which brings us back to Adolf Hitler as the Ultimate Avatar of Lucifer the Christ!

  • TruthWillOut (@TGSNTtv)

    “The Greatest Story NEVER Told” – Adolf Hitler.
    A Game-Changing Documentary of Epic Proportions. This new film has for the very first time shown the true story behind the most reviled man in history. Be prepared for a Paradigm Shift experience.
    “There will come a day when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and the truth will triumph again.”
    – Joseph Goebbels

  • Tom

    I’m looking for the most authentic translation of Mein Kampf. I’ve heard good things re: authenticity for two translations in particular: The Ford Translation, and the Murphy Translation. Any opinions on the Ford Translation?

    My main concern about the Murphy translation is that Wikipedia (which may not be accurate) states that while the Murphy translation was indeed commissioned by the Reich, Murphy later fell out with the Reich and left Germany. As such, I’m concerned that some bias may have crept into this translation. This is the excerpt from Wikipedia:

    “A previously unknown English translation was released in 2008, which was prepared by the official Nazi printing office, the Franz Eher Verlag. In 1939, the Nazi propaganda ministry hired James Murphy to create an English version of Mein Kampf, which they hoped to use to promote Nazi goals in English-speaking countries. While Murphy was in Germany, he became less enchanted with Nazi ideology and made some statements that the Propaganda Ministry disliked. As a result, they asked him to leave Germany immediately. He was not able to take any of his notes but later sent his wife back to obtain his partial translation.[21] These notes were later used to create the Murphy translation. The Nazi government did not abandon their English translation efforts. They used their own staff to finish the translation and it was published in very small numbers in Germany. At least one copy found its way to a British/American POW camp. It is the only official English translation produced by the Nazi government and printed on Nazi printing presses.”

    Any information would be most welcome.

    • delendaestziobot

      The Murphy translation is the best we have, it is the only English translation that was approved by the Third Reich at the time. The illustrations, are rather cynical, they were later added by another publisher, the originals being destroyed in Britain. Many stories revolving around James Murphy. Murphy was best placed at the time to do the translation, it is the English translation we recommend. I have not read as yet the so called “official nazi translation” but I am suspicious of it, firstly it was released in 2008, with a story attatched to it stating that the original was found in a POW camp after the war, but also saying it was “rediscovered only recently”, as soon as I read that, anywhere not just with this book, but any book, if I read that I am instantly suspicious and assume then it must be spurious. It is also an abridged version….Oh hang on, the publisher of this so called “offcial version” is Elite Minds Inc, I will not be reading or buying this spurious translation! It is a fraud probably commissioned by the ADL, I would say. Its definitely a spurious edition. So I am right in the first place, the only English translation approved by the Third Reich was and still is the James Murphy Englsih translation. As I said try to get as early an edition as possible, and keep in mind that the illustrations were added later by another publisher, and are rather cynical in parts.

  • aufihrhelden

    Note the excellent search facility :


    Torch Bearer Karl,

    Could you add the above to the links on the right hand side of your web site when you get back ?

    Heil Hitler !

    And for a contrast ! :


    Perhaps the above could be added to the links as well …

  • Charles. M.

    The James Murphy translation published outside of Germany is not the official translation. The only official english translation was published by the NSDAP in 1940 for the invasion of England. Here is a copy of it:


    • delendaestziobot

      Well that is debatable. I mean the “official” version having no known translator and issued only to British POW’s in Poland….Nice story though…Again…The main source is the James Murphy edition, which, as I said, was the only official version, of course, there are unscrupulous types who may paste and copy later, after the war, and then claim that their version is the true version, just having a Franz Eher stamp on it does not mean anything in the world of unscrupulous publishers. The fact is, if the “Stalag” version was the official version, why did they need to copy the James Murphy edition….And that is a rhetorical question…I don’t need an answer.

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