Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

“If the Hero passes through this test, if he manages to survive it, on the other side, in the Valhalla of Wotan, his Valkyrie, together with the Father of Heroes will reunite his scattered pieces, revive his glorious flesh, now of Red Vajra, immortal, allowing him to go to a region to which only his Valkyrie can follow him, for “she is his only companion and there shall be none other, not even within this dream never before dreamed…” His Way has no name, it is now the Non-existent Way of the Green Thunderbolt.”  –  Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

We are indeed privileged to now have a complete English translation of Miguel Serrano’s Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar. The single and most comprehensive book yet written on Esoteric Hitlerism and Serrano’s most important work. Kamerad Oregoncoug’s translation from the original Spanish text is inspired and brilliant. For the English speaker like myself, Oregoncoug has switched a light on in what was once previously an inaccessible dark room – the thoughts of the great Miguel Serrano. For anyone who has not read Miguel Serrano before because of the lack of an English translation there is now available the complete Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

This book is required reading for any true Aryanist, National Socialist or Esoteric Hitlerist.

The first English Translation of  Miguel Serrano’s Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar, is currently in publication and will be available in printed soft and hard cover versions through ‘Hermitage Helm Corpus’ in 2013.


Miguel Serrano

5 responses to “Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

  • Lineman


    I have read just Part 1 and 2 of the five parts. Its already changed the way I view my personal history, and the age we live in now. This work brings together with clarity many things and ideas I thought of separately. Currently, I’m at the portion of the book where Serrano discusses Runes; their significance, power, and basic application. The use of which by the Third Reich is now clear.
    I consider Miguel Serrano (as with Savitri Devi) very much “verified” spokesmen of Third Reich. As such, when Serrano speaks of Esoteric Hitlerism it is as it should be (as opposed to David Myatt).
    Its level one reading for every student of National Socialism.


  • Lineman

    Had we a formal structure, I would not hesitate to nominate, Herr OregonCoug
    for commendation.
    Well done OC, “SIEG HEIL”

  • oregoncoug


    Thanks to Kamerad Lineman for the commendation! However, as you may have noticed, the Tribe has struck and done its usual mischief. Lulu has, perhaps all-too-predictably, discovered “content issues” in our alleged Land of Free Speech and “someone,” as Lulu put it, has objected. I am pursuing my options and, as the Gods have decided, this literary labour is going to be a true Kamph of the Aryan Will. It may take all the support we can get.

    I will keep you posted here at Siddharreich!


  • delendaestziobot

    It would be funny if did publish it, it did seem rather convienent on their part as Serrano makes their knees shake and their hearts stop beating. Now the tribe can read their own English copy, I would not be suprised if one of the big belly chiefs had a heart attack on the spot after turning the first page. That was probably the “someone” who objected. I would like to send each of the big-belly tribe chiefs a personal copy of ‘Ultimate Avatar’ for a little bed-time reading.

  • aufihrhelden

    Gotterdammerung, Third Act :

    Hagen : Give the Ring here !

    (He moves towards the dead Siegfried who raises his arm threateningly. All stand motionless in horror).


    Brunnhilde : I heard children whimpering for their mother since they’d spilt some fresh milk : but I heard no sound of a worthy lament befitting the greatest of heroes.

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