Koestler’s Khazar Fiction.

Now I am going to have a closer look at the book ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ by Arthur Koestler, who was a Romanian born Jewish intellectual and writer, former Soviet Communist and a British citizen. I read ‘The Thirteenth Tribe’ several years ago and I have it with me now as I write this. The book is often quoted today and is quite popular in some historical circles, alternative news, independant bloggers and so-forth, and especially in American Judeo/Christianity, but also many secular writers and journalists will refer to this book as is it was non-fictional history.

After the first few pages we can see a map, the map is modern and according to its graphic style and fonts it looks as it is as old as the book when the book was first published, which was 1976. But from the description of the various geographical details, the map is suggesting that it is from deep antiquity, for example that there was a ‘Khazaria’ occupying a land area North of the Caucasus Mountains and centered North of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea at a time when the Byzantine Empire existed. This is ridiculous, and it is also spurious. The writer and publishers have a produced a fictional map in the 1970’s and have pretended it represents the geography of Asia Minor and Eastern Europe over thousand years ago, but they have not tried very hard to pretend that the map is old, they have just traced a modern map from the 1970’s and typed over it their fictional geographic details as it suited their hypothesis.

There is no date or title to the map, and no reference, it is clearly a map of fantasy, but it is presented as the only map in the book which claims to have ‘discovered’ a previously virtually unknown ‘Khazar Empire and its Heritage’. Mr. Koestler is claiming in this book that he has traced the history of the “ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became converted to Judaism”, and that this Khazar Empire was wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but that many of these Khazars who once had their own Judaic empire migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western Jewry. So the publishers and Mr. Koestler are claiming to have discovered this ancient Khazar Empire, as if it was fact and a truthful albeit virtually unknown part of History. Yet, before Mr. Koestler has even put pen to paper, there is a fictional and misleading map at the front of the book purporting to be a geographical representation of the distant Dark Ages, but executed in 1970’s typography! For brevity one could discard the ‘Thirteenth Tribe’ and its hypothesis as spurious on this analysis alone. But I will continue because as you will see there are some interesting points to come out of this that are quite relative.

This “Khazar Jewry” hypothesis seems to first appear, being peddled round Tel Aviv universities, in the 1940’s, and most of the theorizing behind it comes from misunderstanding and then some fairly deliberate misrepresentation.

The Imperial Army of Russia were called “Kazaks” (Cossacks), they were state troops of the Czar. In Russian history one will find that “Khan” and “Czar” are interchangeable, and in old Russian folk sayings all the way up to today the colloquial term “Kha-zar” refers to the head of the Russian Imperial State or a representative naturally. The evidence for this is outlined in Vol.1-4. History of the Cossacks. A.A. Gordeyev. However it is viewed from an incorrect but politically correct “Mongol Empire” hypothesis. The true historical version is that the so-called “Mongol Horde” were not an army of horseback riders from the Mongolian plains, but were in fact the regular mounted army of Imperial Russia under the control of the Czars. In other words the “Horde” was not Mongolian nomadic yurt dwellers from the steppes of Asia who incredibly conquered all of Russia and half the known world, but were the regular army of the Russian state. “Horde” (Orda) is the old Russian word for regular army, as “Voysko” and “Voin” originate from the Slavic Church and not Old Russian and were only introduced in the 17th century. The old names were “Orda” meaning “army” or “horde”, “Kazak” (Cossack) and Khan. The reference for this terminology is recorded in An Explanatory Dictionary of the Living Russian Language. V. Dahl, St Petersburg, 1912.

Let me repeat the “Horde” bears no relation to any foreign conquering army, but rather is proven to be none other than the regular Russian army, an integral structure of the Russian Imperial state. The commanders or chiefs of the Khan or Czar effectively governed areas controlled by the Russian Royal families acted as princes who forcibly collected taxes for the king (Czar) in order to support the operations of the state. The ancient Russian state was a united Empire with professional soldiers. The so-called “Mongol raids” or Tartar invasions were just the repressive actions against the area of the empire of Russia who refused to either pay taxes or abide by the rule of the Czar. The Greek word for “Mongolia” is “Mugulion” or “Megalion” which translates as “The Great” so the “Mongolian Horde” is in actual fact “The Great Horde” of Russia.

The confusion in this history of Russia was introduced by the Romanov dynasty who edited official state documents and declared the old regular army of the Russian State “evil” and “foreign” and an “invader of the Russian land.” And eventually this “evil” army of foreigners was transplanted by written means to the distant unknown Orient and far away lands. One can fairly easily understand why the Royal families of Russia would be interested in shifting the blame for their own repressive actions against their enslaved subjects onto a fictional, mysterious, foreign invader, it is a stock standard propaganda method of the ruling classes throughout the ages. It may also be the case that the “Mongol yoke” was a period of time where the Russian military became dominant over the Royal families of Russia, and when the Royals re-gained power from the military they demonized the previous military rule.

According to the Cossack Dictionary and Handbook, A.I. Skrylov and G.V. Gubarev, Cossacks before the 16th century were known as “Horde Cossacks” and lower Zaporozhye was known as the yurt i.e. homeland of the Crimean Cossacks. “Yurt” is a Cossack term and is derives from the Crimea. It is interesting that these Cossacks (Kazaks) are often described as being predominately a Caucasian race with fair white skin, tall, green or blue-eyed, courageous and proud, and were known to wear earrings and other jewelry, and were noted for their remarkable abilities on horseback. Jews of course are not known for their horse riding abilities or for being brave warriors.

The root word of Cossack is “kaz” or “guz” and it translates as “white goose” or “white swan” both famous symbols of European folks particularly the Germanic people, there are many similarities between the Russian Cossacks and the Germanic warrior orders, and none them have anything to do with Western Jewry. Jews are just not known for conquering land on horseback! The word “Russian” from Ross can be etymologically shown to mean ‘people of horses, riders’. Similarities can be seen in the culture and dress of the Prussians and the Cossacks.

I just placed Arthur Koestler’s Khazar fiction back on my book shelf, it has been proven to be false and misleading beyond any doubt.

“Since the Jew – for reasons that I shall deal with immediately – never had any civilization of his own, he has always been furnished by others for his intellectual work. His intellect has always developed by the use of those cultural achievements which he has found ready to hand around him… The Jews completely lack the most essential prerequisite of a cultural people, namely the idealistic spirit. With the Jewish people the readiness for sacrifice does not extend beyond the simple instinct of individual preservation. In their case the feeling of racial solidarity which they apparently manifest is nothing but a primitive gregarious instinct, similar to that which may be found among other organisms in this world.”   Mein Kampf

You see the Jews have never, and can never, as a race create a civilization, they neither can live as a sovereign state or independent kingdom, they have never attained this level, they cannot support themselves and their intellect is solely based on the culture of other races, which is to mean they have no intellect of their own. His intellectual work is merely what he steals from others and misunderstands and misinterprets. There never was an ancient kingdom of Israel, there was never a Jewish kingdom or state or empire, not in ‘Khazaria’ and not in Palestine, never. The Jews were always a degenerate appendage of the Russian and European Royal families. The lessor brethren of the Jewish race are forced to live in less productive corners of the world like Palestine while the elite Jewish classes choose to ply their trade of theft and graft amongst more prosperous Peoples. The beginning and the end of Zionism is the Old Testament, and Zionism is a garbage disposal mechanism for the elite Jewish families who are directly related to all the European royal families of Western and Eastern Europe. Jewry is primarily the result of INCEST amongst a minute gene pool of Patrician Royal Families.

30 responses to “Koestler’s Khazar Fiction.

  • Lineman

    Mr. Delendae,

    Very good post. I have not read the book in question. I have noticed links and PDF’s for it on several WN sites over the years. Usually next to texts like; the Turner Diaries, and 88 Precepts. I intuitively sensed it was laying cover for something jewish and past it over. This book can go in the round file along with Kemp’s “March of the Titans”. I haven’t read it either, however, the fact that it’s promoted by the jew friendly BNP should alone discredit it (it also claims to cover 350 centuries ?? of the white race, which, to anyone with a little Fomenko knows is utter BS).
    In response to your previous post, I think your decision to pull your chapters shows wisdom. It’s a good strategy not to provide critics with drafts when your intent is to publish.


  • aufihrhelden

    The reason why all the ´liberal´ types would rather believen that Jewry is merely a religion rather than a race is that they can then class it alongside all the other ´religions´ and then pretend that all the évil´in the world can be attributed to some opaque classification rather than The Jews as a people. It upsets their weak and cowardly make-up when they are told of the real sinister intentions of this race of people so they pretend that The Jews are not a separate race and, hey presto, suddenly, in their eyes, we can all live together in peace like a John Lennon song !

    They are also able to continue with their deluded views on those ´nasty Nazis´ who did ´horrible things´ to those innocent Jews.

  • delendaestziobot

    It’s interesting, you re-read something you wrote years ago and realize that it is still light years ahead of everybody else. I wrote this back when I still had not beaten the Russian establishment, now I have beaten them like an egg…

  • aufihrhelden

    This is, of course, because your writings are timeless and Adolf Hitler and The Third Reich are also timeless.

  • aufihrhelden

    Jews also like to peddle the (ludicrous, it´s not even worth rebutting) idea that there are no separate races, that race is merely a ´social construct´ yet see how it suits their purpose to also peddle the term ´racism´ which is nothing but genocide on their part.

    There are two things to bear in mind here, firstly that society has become so senile that the essay Á New Race´ on this website should be read regarding this and secondly, ultimately the concept behind such should be German in origin and drawn from The Third Reich.

  • aufihrhelden

    “This whole Jewish world…a blood sucking people…a destructive parasite, this world is now at the disposal of Marx on the one hand and of Rothschild on the other. Authoritarian socialism, Marxist communism, demands a strong centralisation of the state. And where there is centralisation of the state, there must necessarily be a central bank, and where such a bank exists, the parasitic Jewish nation, speculating with the Labour of the people, will be found.” — Mikhail Bakunin [1814-1876]

  • aufihrhelden

    A recent conversation with some inadequates (‘Freemen’ they call themselves) had them stating that The Jews cannot be a race because the Catholics or The Muslims are not a race …

    • delendaestziobot

      Mystery Religion is tax deductable, the Freemen should know that. LOL

      • delendaestziobot

        A religious body is tax exempt, so Judaism is tax exempt like Christianty or Islam or Scientology or whatever, and the reason is the hiding of profits and assets. For example a religious body does not have to reveal its financial status to the public and it is tax exempt! So that is the cause for a religion; the seeking of tax exemptions for a corpus. And that is the mystery of it, because they are hiding that, which would be rather obvious if it was not for a rather large and sustained public relations campaign which confuses the matter in the mind of the public, so it is thought that religions are something other than a tax exempt body hiding profits and assets.
        As for the Jews being a race, well, seeming that their entire history is a fabrication, it would be difficult to define, obviously in light of the revelations of Third Reich Pilgrim, which contradicts all previous publications regarding the Jews, I talk from a position that can only be understood by those, who have also recieved the revelations of Third Reich Pilgrim. One can only understand the Jews when one understands where they originally came from, and their true history, which I have explained in Third Reich Pilgrim. The Jews themselves have no comprehension of their own true history because they have no comprehension of truth.
        “Race” refers simply to family lineage, so if someone can claim a family lineage they can claim a race, if they like. I personally have no race, because I don’t claim a family lineage, I reject that I am a product of a family lineage, because I have recieved no blood from my mother or father, as I have stated in Aryan Angel Blood. My Blood is my Own therefore I have no earthly race, my race is not of this world, and that is the Truth as I have proven. If the Jews want to claim to be a race, then they do so in ignorance like they do everything in ignorance.

  • aufihrhelden

    Of Jews generally, it could also be said that, in fact, Jews are not ‘The Masters of Lies’ because if they were ‘The Masters of Lies’ then they, by definition, would not be known as such because nobody would know they were lying ! It’s like saying someone is a ‘Master Criminal’. The Jews hold sway over the masses but that is hardly a ‘masterful’ achievement as the masses don’t give a damn and are also as stupid as The Jews. Proof is rendered in the pathetic tactics they utilise when having to defend their own lies which, in reality, they don’t actually need to do because it doesn’t actually concern most people who are happy as long as they can remain slaves and as long as that self-hating inadequacy can be forced onto others.

  • aufihrhelden

    There are, essentially speaking, three main areas which The Jew is made to feel inadequate by Ehrean Man – intellect, physically and character/personality.

    Therefore to destroy the intellect, intelligent people are imprisoned and persecuted, to destroy physicality sports are made ‘non-competitive’ and competition is deemed ‘unhealthy’ and playing fields are closed and to destroy character and personality the ‘thought crime’ is introduced and ‘psychology’ is deemed to be a profession and everyone has to step into line or the men in white coats will take you away …

    Jews destroy through envy and hatred because they have nothing of their own worth coveting.

  • aufihrhelden

    The Jew buries his inadequacies under a mountain of hatred of others.

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, and Arthur Koestler, one of the great human intellects of the 20th century, just got crushed like a bug underfoot….Kaiser, Tzar, Khazar….Where is my Nobel prize?

  • aufihrhelden

    Some of the numbers reported to have been killed in the latest Zionist false flag ‘attack’ in Brussels : 13, 26 (divisible by 13) and 34 (3+4=7).

  • aufihrhelden

    From my ‘Vienna Pilgrimage’ essay :

    (In The Heeresgeschichtliches Museum) :

    One of the halls contains the exhibitions ‘War Against the Ottomans’ with a section on Prinz Eugen von Savoyen. There are many interesting exhibits such as a large painting of the Siege and Relief of Vienna in 1683 by an unknown artist, a Turkish audience marquee captured by Prinz Eugen and Prinz Eugen’s Funeral Pall. The audio guide states that ‘The Turkish twice laid siege to Vienna in 1529 and in 1683 and they failed on both occasions.’ – ah yes, but who was the hidden hand behind the Turks, dearly wishing for the destruction of Central Europe ? As in the Stephansdom, the role of the Poles is promoted – here the role of King John III Sobieski is heralded, the guide stating that, in 1683, the Austrian and Imperial German troops were commanded by him and that he also commanded his own troops – the manipulation of people’s subconscious, no doubt, for the lies of the Second World War (‘Heroic Poles’). There is what is described as an ‘Ottoman calendar watch’ from the battle of St. Gotthard – the audio guide says that, ‘it is a Turkish calendar watch (silver pocket watch) seized as booty by Austrian troops. It shows the hour, day of the month, phase of the month, name of the month and the day of the week and it dates from the middle of the 17th Century’ [this sounded, at this point, like more lies relating to the origin of all things] but then the guide informs that ‘engraved on it is the name of two European watchmakers (though it bears Arabic characters) and it was therefore made for the Oriental market in Augsburg, Nuremberg or Prague.’ – Yes, German Augsburg, German Nuremberg. And German Prague. Signage states :

    In 1789, Austria waged its last war against the Ottoman Empire. At the same time, revolution erupted in France. It led to war. Austrian troops and their allies suffered severe defeats in three coalition wars and finally in 1809. Only in 1813 was a grand coalition able to defeat Napoleon’s armies. In 1815 at the Congress of Vienna, a new European order was created. It was to be maintained with the help of Austrian troops. However, the Revolution of 1848 changed everything, and the Austrian Empire itself threatened to break apart.

    Zion tries to maintain a balancing act in its portrayal (commonly now towards the Muslim world) of certain ‘ethnic groups’. It sits there with a furrowed brow, on the one hand attempting to convey the FEAR FACTOR of such evil and dangerous ‘terrorist groups’ (designated terrorist groups !) which have all, of course, been created by Zion itself to further its own pathetic ‘Problem, Reaction, Solution’ methods. Jihad ! Fear ! Taliban ! Sinister ! PLO ! Give Up Your Freedoms ! ISIS ! Security ! Muslim Brotherhood ! Passports ! Questions ! It’s all for the Greater Good ! Terror ! What is his name ? Terror ! Why is he here ? Terror ! Where is he staying ? Terror ! Do you remember the start of this essay ? Sixty-six years later in 2015 : ‘Inevitably another Pilgrimage would mean travelling by air and thus having to engage in the forceful edicts of Zion regarding what might be termed ‘things you have to do before boarding an aircraft’ ; ‘Where are you going ?’, they ask me at security. ‘Austria’, I reply, although, of course, the correct answer would have been, ‘None of your business, now get out of my way.’, but that might have resulted in the Zionist goons being offended and they may have tried to stop me boarding the aircraft because offending ‘The Great Zion’ is, well, according to their unilateral edicts, an offence. Their ‘problem, reaction, solution’ tactics are pathetic and laughable – this is because Zion is a Laughing Stock.’ – but Zion does not realise this, Zion thinks that when the Zionist masses of Britain and America sit down to breakfast with their newspapers, they need to be fed all these lies (Terror !) because Zion does not understand the Nature of its Own masses. They may as well group all the ‘terror organisations’ in the world together as one and refer to them all as ‘The Cuddly Teddy Bear Collection’ – it would change nothing. On the other hand Zion also thinks that it needs to garner ‘sympathy’ for the refugees so they can come and add ‘culture’ and ‘richness’ in creating ‘multi-cultural societies’. Then there’s the ‘Racism’ card … All the major ‘Revolutions’ of this world (which are popularly promoted as such) are instigated by World Jewry. They seize control of a country using force and then hide under the ‘For The People’ banner. From one of the museum’s information sheets : ‘In Paris, on 14 July 1789, an angry crowd stormed the Bastille …’ – the number 14 is divisible by 7, July is the 7th month of the year [the police received the firing order and 89 people lost their lives] – less than three years later the French declared war on Austria but the official ‘history’ does not state that Napoleon had gas chambers because Napoleon was trying to destroy Germany, not defend it. Every so-called ‘Revolution’ has a reason, which can be seen by what takes shape after each so-called ‘Revolution’ – ‘ … the Revolution of 1848 changed everything, and the Austrian Empire itself threatened to break apart.’ They would have felt that the Austrian Empire had served its purpose and that they had no need for it anymore. After the First World War, they got what they wanted through their usual ‘methods’ (pastimes). ‘Of course, the black, red and gold of the German parties in the old Austria were the colours of the year 1848 : that is to say, of a period likely to be regarded as somewhat visionary, but it was a period that had honest German souls as its representatives, although the Jews were lurking unseen as wire-pullers in the background. It was high treason and the shameful enslavement of the German territory … ‘ – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf. Of course, the museum portrays it differently : ‘In the ‘’Vormäarz’’ (Pre-March) period from 1835 to 1848, massive restrictions were placed on personal freedom in the absolutist-ruled Habsburg Monarchy ……….. Only the Revolution of 1848 would bring a new political beginning.’ – A new ‘political’ beginning ? Another step on the road to Zionist dictatorship ! The term ‘restrictions on personal freedom’ needs clarifying – there is NO NEED for Zion, in the world as it stands today, to invent, with a furrowed brow, all these so-called ‘restrictions’ and even less need to actually use ink and electronic digits in the form of so-called (invalid) ‘laws’ and ‘regulations’ because Zion gets its way in the world today purely through ‘Force Applied Through The Will of its Masses’. There are, essentially, three kinds of people who exist in the world ; those who enjoy assisting Zion in its sadistic domination of the world, those who try to resist it and those who don’t care. As long as those who try to resist it are outnumbered by the other two groups then Zion will rule by force, barring an intervention by the German Super Science of Neuschwabenland. Any ordinary fool can rule the world as long as they’ve got the masses behind them and there’s certainly no need to write ‘restrictions on freedom’ down using ink and electronic digits but Zion doesn’t realise this. Because Zion is an ordinary fool.

    • delendaestziobot

      We really must make a book out of your essays, Kamerad.

      The old smoke effects and a little fake blood, and lights, camera, action, the world’s a stage, deus ex zion machina, chimeras of spurious forms…

  • aufihrhelden

    All truth is meaningless because the Imbeciles of Zion rule by force.
    All lies are meaningless because the Imbeciles of Zion rule by force.

    The above comment is irrelevant in this world because the Imbeciles of Zion rule by force.

  • aufihrhelden

    Jewish Bolshevism:

  • K. von Kanwetzburg

    “Khazar” is an entirely fictitious ethnonym concocted by Koestler, or rather *stolen* from the imperial Germanic title of “Kaiser” or “Caesar” in a laughable and rather transparent attempt to make Jews seem important or regal. “Khazaria” would thus be a Jewish rendering of “Caesarea” — again, totally phony, never existed.

    • delendaestziobot

      It is laughably how one sees all the time from the christians: “But they are not the real Jews, they are Khazars, from Khazaria”….. Khazar is taken from Kaiser, same as Caesar and Czar are also taken from the Germanic Kaiser…..The “Mongol Empire” is a joke also…Mongols from the steppes of Asia conquer Europe on horseback???? LOL, that is a good one…It was the other way round the Germanic Prussians came on horseback from the West!!! But the sheer size and vast scope of the lies of history are impossible to combat…There are too many humans and too many lies…And perhaps only a few Men in the world who can see through the lies…

      • K. von Kanwetzburg

        Absolutely right, Kamerad. The Mongol farce is indeed one of the greatest his-storical (or rather hysterical!) LIES ever conjured up. The word “Mongol” has a rather recent past, invented by German scholars in the early 18th century (“mongalisch”), obviously a play on words between “man” and “gaulish”, i.e. Celtic Man. And where, pray tell, is there an ongoing attempt to cover up one of the greatest centers of Germano-Celtic civilization? The Gobi Desert, a place literally covered from one end to the other with the ancient graves of Germanics, i.e. the ones who truly built the “Great Wall” to keep the untermenschen out of the Northlands, and not vice versa. The original name of the Asians referred to later as “Mongols” was “Tartars”, and even THIS is a hidden reference to the Germanic/Celtic people of the Gobi whose mummified corpses are wrapped in TARTANS. So one sees the his-storical bs just keeps getting thicker and more ridiculous by the second… There was a reason my grandmother used to refer to my grandfather’s involvement in the local historical society as the “hysterical society.”

  • delendaestziobot

    The graves of Germany lie in Europe, not in the Gobi Desert…Your Grandmother was right, kamerad.

    • K. von Kanwetzburg

      This is true, Kamerad, of course Sacred Germania is the eternal hearth of the Volk. But it is also true that the Germanic race once inhabited all parts of the earth, long before the creation of the inferior races (the so-called “indigenous”). I believe you have also stated this yourself.

      • M:G

        To futher your point , the Germanic and Nordic races are the results of involution of the divine hyperboreans. The most tragic event is that miscegenation leads to the corruption and degradation of the blood. Present day jews are the result of the terrible mixing and convergence of different races all over the earth, they are the anti-race Miguel Serrano spoke about.

  • delendaestziobot

    Absolutely true M:G, an involution has occurred, and continues to occur, it is a catastrophe..

  • Michael Angel Luna

    “Khazar” in Spain would be pronounced like “Cathar”, what’s the riddle there?

    • delendaestziobot

      “Khazar” they transcribed from “Kaiser”….. Czar and Caesar are also transcribed from Kaiser

      Similar to how they transcribed “Russia” from “Prussia”…. “Persia” also is transcribed from “Prussia”.

      • Michael Angel Luna

        History is so strange. Look at the Rus-Byzantine War of 941 and the parallels it has to WW2, at least in the exoteric sense… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus%27–Byzantine_War_(941)

        Supposedly instigated by Khazars who wanted revenge for persecution of the Jews? War started 1000 years before Operation Barbarossa and ended in 945??? How many times have we been forced into a fake war? I guess the only way to guarantee a war is not fake… to not leave oneself vulnerable to treachery… is to wage it against yourself!

  • delendaestziobot

    Always an interesting subject the Cathars, with many different myths and stories and lore woven in. In essence the concept of the straight Gnostic pure Cathar is right: the God of this world is evil. But then there are so many threads that have been woven into the Cathar story… The code was used for cotton, because cotton rags were the printers base material, and they could be got for nothing! And the pure white cotton burning in the field, because the cotton fields are burnt after crop cycles, so Cathars are also burnt in a field…. I would say also that the Cathars are related to the Protestant Puritans…. Southern Spain is ideal cotton growing country, and the Cotto growing would have been shifted to Spain from France, that would be before it was taken to Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

  • delendaestziobot

    My research has led me to the conclusion that Operation Barbarossa is theatrical, mostly acted out after 1945. But certainly the entire “war” was choreographed. But it is almost impossible to articulate it…. I mean, how does one articulate that? We are talking about an entire human history and all the humans that have ever lived being part of a theatrical show…. Its hard for one individual man to wage war against that….Because it must be understood that the “human” actors know what “war” is but they only simulate it, they dont actually “war” with each other. But they know how to simulate it to make it appear real….But one can simply pick out tank warfare and see that tanks cannot fight against each other on a large scale, they must be choreographed on both sides…. Hitler had probably worked this out by late 1942, and then he is just put out to pasture by the High Command…. Germany in WWII are made to lose just like in WWI…. It would be impossible for Germany to actually lose both wars when they actually won, but, it does not seem to matter how absurd the play is….?

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