Third Reich Pilgrim: Updates

I have decided to make private the previous first draft chapters I have written, they will no longer be available for public viewing on my blog. If any of my contacts would like a copy of any of the chapters please let me know via email. I will leave Chapter I “Thing” only for public viewing and comments on Siddharreich blog. The rest of the chapters of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ will be written, I estimate, by the end of this year, they will remain private until the book is finished. The next chapters will contain some ‘heavy stuff’ so to speak, I have also left some vital information out of the first drafts of the chapters I have published on this blog, I can only tie all the chapters together when I have a completed first draft of all the chapters, I can then begin the final draft and ready it for publication in a book form, which is the preferable medium for ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’. The chapters I am writing now include; ‘Berlin Fuhrerbunker’, ‘SS Castle Wewelsburg’, ‘Strange Stones of Teutoburg’, ‘Hitler’s Munich’, ‘Norvenich’s Arno Breker Legacy’ and ‘Order School Vogelsang’.

Heil Hitler!

In World Kampf!


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