Economic Alchemy

A short update on recent events in Economic Alchemy, as I am half way through the 3rd Chapter of ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’ and I will blog the first draft in the next few days.

Now, Ben Bernanke has the FED US printing machines greased with pig fat and is pumping out the Jewish confetti faster than a drunk could spend them.

“Yahhh we tull em itz verfffff somting, un dey baleeve uss..hiccup”

As I predicted the Bank of International Settlements has announced that it is planning a return to the Gold Standard, well, they themselves never went off the Gold Standard, they pretended that their world system did, but no, the Gold Standard is still very much in operation, and the Bank of International Settlements which is privately owned and managed has the largest pile of Gold ever. Remember that the number 1 weapon of the Elders of Zion is the “Power of Gold.” Their stack is probably now somewhere in the region of 30,000 tonnes. Gold has always had that nature about it, it tends to find more Gold it tends to be found in Motherlodes! Seeming that the Elders of Zion have spent generations building this Golden Army up, you can be sure that they plan to use it in the most effective way they can think of. They managed to get a good chunk of Gaddafi’s Gold, and Greece did have a large stack in reserve which is now at the Bank of International Settlements, and now of course they have their sights on Italy’s and Spain’s Gold. It is true though that they do not have to release the Golden Army just yet, as long as they have the biological slave army of America and NATO at their disposal, they can still enforce their Fiat system. They only will use their Golden Army if they have to.

There is a problem though, and Himmler and Hitler worked this out, which is why the Third Reich was on a Silver Standard and why they hated Gold. The Elders of Zion have no Silver! In fact they owe Silver, they are short Silver.

The Silver stockpiles now located at the COMEX in America have declined 40% in the last few months alone, and there is a staggering 440 MILLION OUNCES outstanding, that is physical ounces that have been paid for in paper fiat contracts and have not yet been delivered. There are only 27 million ounces registered in the COMEX deposit vaults. To gain any sort of time left for them, the Elders through their commercial fronts of JP Morgan Chase and HSBC, must issue Short Options on non-existent Silver and sell it into the COMEX and LBMA at discount prices in an attempt to drive the price of physical Silver down. Because Silver is used in industry to a far greater degree than Gold, Silver has become more rare than Gold, especially in bar form because all the Gold has basically been stored whereas to the contrary Silver has been used up in industry, there is very little Silver left in reserve in physical bar form. Without the constant intervention and manipulation of the Silver price by JP Morgan Chase and HSBC on the COMEX and LBMA, the Silver price would rocket well above the price of Gold, and would of course cause the complete destruction of the FED US $ itself, and the complete loss of Alchemical Power that is stored in the Elders Golden Hoard!

Hail Lucifer!

23 responses to “Economic Alchemy

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  • Miecz Elizejski

    The Jews make money so ridiculously complex and the concept of economics so convoluted so that only they can understand their arbitrary rules. It is rather amazing that honorable economics is so much simpler! True “economic transparency” that the controlled news often talks about is not making their methods known, but making them simple and honest again.

  • delendaestziobot

    When the secret of the magic trick is revealed it seems obvious, and it is simple.

  • aufihrhelden

    They say that ‘regulators [lapdogs] are investigating the precious metals markets’. In actual fact, the only ‘investigation’ that needs to be done is to demand sight of the collateral that should be provided on all these ‘sale contracts’, whether it be bars of silver, gold or indeed, barrels of oil, or whatever, then when collateral is not produced (which it can’t be because the amount of gold and silver to cover all these contracts has never been mined, ever, by a factor of many, many times) try them all for treason and then execute them.

    They have no intention, however, of truly investigating anything but THEY THINK (Dumbo The Demiurge thinks) that they need to give certain impressions when, in reality, people don’t care ! Gold could be $0 or $1,000,000,000,000 of fiat vouchers, it doesn’t matter because THE WEIGHT ITSELF is not allowed to ACT as wealth in the way it should because force is used against all those that try.

    Dumbo The Demiurge doesn’t realise that there is NO NEED to even bother with a ‘financial system’ of any kind (it’s not even capable, anyway), it could, through The Jews, just demand that people line up at any given designated place and hand over all their possessions (property and chattels) immediately. Orderly queues would be formed.

  • aufihrhelden

    From the essay : ‘Seeming that the Elders of Zion have spent generations building this Golden Army up, you can be sure that they plan to use it in the most effective way they can think of.’

    In recent months there have been more reports allowed (‘allowed’ being the correct word as Jews control the media) on the subject of gold price manipulation. Of course, only certain truths are ‘revealed’, they only scratch the surface, by definition there is nothing to compare with the truths revealed on this website. The morons have got themselves into such a mess with their fiat fraud they may now believe that some kind of gold ‘standard’ is required so they probably believe that some media preparation is required, they are too stupid to realise that people don’t care, people want to be slaves and people don’t care what money is.

    Organisations such as GATA (Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee) probably play a part in this reporting just enough information to make them seem credible opposition – Zion likes to set up disguised ‘opposition’ groups, I imagine they think it’s clever.

    And what of this word ‘standard’ in this context anyway ? Money is a means of exchange, energy received in return for energy expended, anything else is fraud yet they use the term ‘standard’ as though a certain element of mere ‘backing’ by a precious metal in order to accommodate the same old fiat fraud can represent any kind of standard.

    Heil Hitler !

    • delendaestziobot

      Yes, this is the reason why, monetary matters were not fully revealed to the general masses during the Third Reich, because they don’t want to be enlightened on such matters, in fact on any matters other then having their belly full i.e. bread, and the means to get their belly full i.e. work, so Hitler ran the campaign on Brot und Arbeit, anything else would be too much to understand for the masses. At Siddharreich we reveal not in order to save the masses from their miserable fate, but in order judge and then to condemn them to their miserable fate. There is no response to the Truth of Eternity, because in the human masses there is no Truth, it is not in them, therefore they are condemned to mortality forever, which is to say death. And this Judgement does not come from above the masses, but from beneath them. But the human masses will be of use, they will be used to prove the Sons of Hitler Righteous and Eternal!

  • delendaestziobot

    Monetary matters, were only a concern to a small elite minority in Germany during the 1920’s and 1930’s, the majority had no concern for how the banking system operated as long as they were fed and comfortable. The situation today is infinitely worse than what it was in Germany in the early 20th Century, of course, and no political platform could be made because there is no Nationalism or Socialism anywhere in the world today, and there has not been since 1945, nor will there be in the future, because Nationalism and Socialism are dead and buried and have as much power as a brass buddha statue.

  • delendaestziobot

    Of course to create a situation of hunger and distress takes a huge amount of effort, because the natural state of the human masses is excess in food, drink and leisure. In all society, hunger has been the exception, and often in the past, hunger was organised from the top down at great cost and effort, as the state of hunger was abnormal, especially in the early twentieth century. Today there is no Nationalism or Socialism and no need for the general masses to engage in such 20th Century politics, because the shelves are overflowing with food, and there is more drink than can be drunk, and more leisure time than there are humans to waste it. The idea that the heirloom political doctrine of Nationalism and Socialism can be preached to a leisurely consumer driven symposium is absurd. Likewise, the idea that an Aryan Vision and Value can be adopted by the mass of sudra humanity is absurd. That is why the message of Siddharreich, and that of Esoteric Hitlerism is designed only for an elite; the Heroes lost in the weak froth and foam of the Human Symposium, those looking for an exit when all other exits are closed.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, that is the worst thing when people are given the knowledge and the facts of the grand fiat fraud but they just throw it back in your face, it is worse than inertia, it is facilitating evil. The worst thing of all is that they don’t just want themselves to be slaves, they want the rest of the world to be like them and this is the reason for all the wars and it stems from the hatred of themselves which they then take out on others.

    It may seem like a paradox but in the early stages of the fiat fraud, that is when the people of a ‘nation’ lose the most because that is the moment that the fiat power takes hold, once it gets to a stage of modern day Britain or America then the masses of those ‘nations’ (corporations) actually start to support the fiat system more and more and the military that upholds it because if the whole world system crashed there would be no more cheap imports of food or fuel for these masses as self sufficiency went out of the window somewhere (gradually) along the fiat curve and they now rely on imposing false fiat on the rest of the world. Once it gets to a certain stage then they have nothing left to lose as they have nothing real, nothing of substance left (in every possible meaning of that word substance) so they have to support the fraud to the end. And they have learned to love their captors.

    A practical example of this in todays world would be Russia cutting off the natural gas supply to Britain because Russia has started to demand precious metals for such supply and Britain is no longer self sufficient in natural resources and Russia is refusing to accept the British pound off the printing press or the US dollar. So the Jew press cranks up the anti-Russian propaganda. But never mind because ‘Britain’s Got Talent !’

    Notice the Jew television and film industry likes to give the impression of late eighteenth/early nineteenth century poverty.

    ‘The Germans during the Weimar Republic would call it ‘Jewish Confetti !’ What do the drones call it today ; Credit ? Money ?’ – Third Reich Pilgrim, p29/30

  • delendaestziobot

    Yes, it has taken humans thousands of years of deterioration to get to this absurd situation, where the entire human world can be exchanged in a nano second for electronic blip or 1 gram of polypropylene. It is so good it is Alpha+++! And humans are so stupid and dissimulated they need a computer program to run this magical alchemy, they can’t even do it themselves! Humans, both Jews and Gentiles, are not even capable of failing without the assistance of computers, they need something to design their own failure, by which they can fail by…Now that is stupid.

    Also, Kamerad, great point about the media industry liking to portray anything but the present time as poor and darkly ignorant. It is true the cities were cess pits, but the majority lived in the country, not the city in those times, as you know I have already talked about that elsewhere. But as a whole the people, the masses, are much poorer today than they were, and they are ignorant like never before, and they will continue to deteriorate, because that is the natural way of humans.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes, the control of the supply and demand of the fiat (Jewish confetti) fraud ensures that all the assets will end up with the bankers and those who do not control the printing press (the masses) end up in smaller and smaller areas and with less and less land.

    One of the media’s favourite television series (and films) to use to portray the poverty and squalor of late nineteenth century/early twentieth century England (in this case London) is Sherlock Holmes. Smog, twenty people to a room in dangerous tenement blocks, beggars everywhere, no social security, more smog, indifferent middle/upper class. It is Jewish propaganda used to promote meliorism. Look now, however, you can have a massive flat screen television made by The Chinese, you will never have to sacrifice anything … No, really ! …

  • aufihrhelden

    … and then there is talk of China and Russia introducing what they call gold ‘backed’ currencies. Now, let’s assume that the ‘nations’ (so-called) of China and Russia (or the forces that really control them) do introduce gold-backed currencies where a small amount of gold accounts for X% of each ‘unit’ of exchange and that the rest is created from thin air. Then let’s assume that the part that is created from thin air floats on the international currency ‘markets’. There are no markets, however, just morons at The Federal Reserve and JP Morgan and the like who press buttons to suit their purpose. Now, the buttons that they’ve been pressing recently have been deliberately weakening the Russian Ruble as ‘punishment’ for not behaving themselves over Ukraine which means Zion can just buy up Russia’s natural resources for even less Rubles. Now presumably Zion would use this exact same process with the new gold backed currency, ie use the ‘strengthened’ US dollar to buy up all the ‘weakened’ Rubles and then just immediately (with ‘weakened’ Rubles in hand) demand all the gold that backs this new currency so Russia immediately loses all the gold that it has been storing for this brave new world and Zion adds to its hoard !!!!

    A clean break away from the fiat fraud to a pure weights and measures system is the only answer for those who genuinely oppose the Zionist fraud. It has always been that way. Then prepare for war as Zion utilises the only option it is mentally capable of. It has always been that way as well.

    • delendaestziobot

      Recent theatrical events in corporations of Ukraine and Russia relate to currency exchanges for both Ukraine and Russia, they being devalued, so the price rises and more of their resources can be consumed at a faster rate, the theatre of war and revolution relates only to higher prices which means a devaluation of currency. Which corporation the theatre is conducted in only relates to which currency is being devalued at which time. Gold is the true currency of those who control all other fiat currencies, so there is no need to introduce a “gold backed currency”, the gold standard is still their currency, it’s just that the public have been told the opposite, because the vulgar public must always be lied to, that is the rule of the patriachs.

  • aufihrhelden

    Yes and they probably feel that the gold they take is probably safer in their vaults rather than in a vault of one of their puppet corporations. And the corporations never make a clean break away from the grip of the patriarchs (see the essay on ‘Iran Sanctions’ on this website, it was, of course, never done), only The Third Reich did that and The Third Reich, of course, was not a corporation.

    Perhaps The Elders don’t feel the need to utilise their gold hoard in the best possible way, perhaps they’ll just instruct the masses to roll up to have a chip implanted on their arm.

    The pathetic tactics that, for centuries, the patriarchs use is indicative of their in-bred status (see ‘Third Reich Pilgrim’). It is true that people despise others whose undesirable character traits they see in themselves. The patriarchs hate the masses because the patriarchs hate themselves and the masses remind them of what they see and hate in themselves. But that is nothing compared to the hatred they had of Adolf Hitler and The Nazis because the truth, courage, beauty, intellect and genius of Adolf Hitler and The Nazis must have been akin to them holding up a great banner to these families which read, ‘LOOK HOW INADEQUATE WE MAKE YOU FEEL’.

    • delendaestziobot

      Russia has been handing over all its resources including all its gold since the Moscovy Trading Company established it. And that is not going to change, it will just continue the way it has done for centuries. The masses have never really taken part in trading, trade means to surrender, so the masses surrender their goods under either force or deception, that is trade. The masses; they take what is given to them, just like dogs eat what they are given to eat by their master, if they are given crumbs, then they eat crumbs, if they are given a whole carcass, they eat the whole carcass until they make themselves sick. The Patriachs were a strange race, they believed that if the masses looked on them then they would be turned into one of the masses, they believed that the light comes from the eye and possesses what it sees, therefore they would never allow the slave masses to see them. All visible Royals are in fact from the masses, originally selected for their ugliness and deformities both mental and physical to adorn shiplore as figureheads.

  • aufihrhelden

    … but, of course, it’s all irrelevant, all this knowledge is irrelevant, omniscience and brilliance are irrelevant because if you walk down any street in London or New York you will see people who are doing things such as going to lunch and being alive and going to the cinema and being alive and going to work and being alive and driving to places and being alive and buying televisions and being alive and talking and being alive and hating Hitler and being alive ….

    • delendaestziobot

      The mortal world only exists to be overcome by the Immortal, this is where the Absolute I becomes aware of its Immortality, by overcoming all that is mortal, no glory can be made of human kind, neither glory found in this mortal world, glory is the light of another world, another place. Here in this world is only a battle ground to train eternal warriors, this world serves no other purpose. The Kristallization of this energy into this body is only for Battle, the Dead will not mourn the living but defeat them in a hard battle, and he who wins without having to fight is strongest. Which is to say We will do Battle they way We want to, not the way the foe wants us to, for they know not what Battle is.

  • aufihrhelden

    Of course, the number of (non-existent) ounces ‘outstanding’ is irrelevant to Zion as long as Zion has the mass support of essentially the English and French speaking worlds and the services of its slave, coward armies. This Zionist world today is so Imbecilic, that is to say that the Zionists are so Imbecilic, that it is actually better to take the opposite view to the Truths of The World revealed on this website ! How to understand the real workings of the world today ? One needs to think like an Imbecile ! One needs to comprehend the mind of the school bully in the playground, that is to say, the Mind of The Moron !

    ”Can I have my silver, please ?”, asks the suspicious holder of a contract.
    ”NO”, yells the Zionist Imbecile. ”And if you ask for it again, you’ll be assassinated !”

    The infinite nature of numbers is the ‘Get-Out Clause’ for the Imbeciles of Zion.

  • aufihrhelden

    Here, Zion combines its centuries of Imbecilic propaganda with its centuries of Imbecilic ‘financial’ fraud. In the episode of ‘The Professionals’ (British TV series) called ‘Hijack’, first broadcast 30th November 1980, the chief of the organisation ‘CI5’ (played by the Zionist Gordon Jackson) states :

    ” … a lot easier you know, and safer, to do what the other dealers do, stick it in a vault in London, do all your transactions on paper … ”

    The school bully in the playground : ”We’ve got it now ! We’ve got it now ! Na Na Na Na Na Na ! And if you ask for it back you won’t get it, we’ll beat you up instead !! You’ll just get crappy paper ! Na Na Na Na Na Na !”

    Such are the mental limitations of the Zionists :

  • aufihrhelden

    The senile imbecilic Zionist Jim Rickards has his say again:

    The above sees Rickards trying to pretend that there are different countries and different ‘sides’ in this world. He thinks truth matters! As though the Elders trying to use their Stolen Golden Hoard (as Torch Bearer Karl informs) would ever benefit the Masses! But, of course, the Stupid Senile Elders will always have their biological (WILLING) slave armies behind them, it’s ESSENTIALLY called the ‘English Speaking White Race’. Force is all they have and just a cursory glance at real history over the centuries shows who has provided the vast majority of it.

    Anyway, Rickards tries to inform that the computers are going to provide a nice fair golden system for all those involved … he even promotes his book! Hey, Rickards, what about the books of Hermitage Helm Corpus?? No answer?!?!

    Just one fraud for another Jim?!

    Rickards thinks he has to appeal to the Masses who are either on his side or just don’t care with lies that he’s not even capable of telling! None of them are …

    The website above, Silver Doctors, by the way, is just fraudulent controlled ‘opposition’.

  • aufihrhelden

    Look at some of the historic silver charts and the amount of time at which it spends around the $16.66 mark. 666!!

    I bet these cocaine-addled dim-witted cretins in their top-dollar apparel think that they possess the intellectual capacity of Karl Friedrich Schinkel, Jacob Leupold and Henry Ford all rolled into one!!

    Shall we all pretend not to notice?!

  • aufihrhelden

    It’s at $16.66 again!!

    Let us Laugh at Satan!!

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